Knowledge Base

Below you find an overview of all the themes we're exploring as a network. Through the filter on the right you can also check the themes of other countries.

Gender in Value Chains

Gender in Agriculture is an important topic in Ethiopia. AgriProFocus supports several gender approaches, with training, workshops, and secretariat for Gender-Network development. There is specific training for Gender in Agricultural Value Chains, please click to find more information below.

Farm-Firm Relationships

AgriProFocus fosters exchange between professionals working with farmers' organisations worldwide. By sharing experiences and knowledge and through dialogue, we aim to increase inclusion of smallholder farmers in agricultural production chains. How? Find out here!

Soil Management

Here you find publications and workshop reports on Soil health management, including conservation agriculture, climate smart technologies, rockdust/lavameal

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

This Innovation Community started in March 2016 and aims to bring actors from different sectors together to exchange knowledge and experience on nutrition sensitive agriculture. Publications, workshop reports and announcements can be found here as well.

AgroEcology practices

A new platform in 2016 and 2017 supported by Tufts University/ AKLDP and AgriProFocus, discussing and exchanging knowledge and Best Practices in AgroEcology. like conservation Agriculture, Climate Conscious Agriculture, push-pull technologies, etc

Youth in agribusiness

In Ethiopia we are in the process of creating a platform of partners, who together facilitate and accelerate that youth find employment in all sorts of activities within agricultural value chains.