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The AgriProFocus network is an international multi-stakeholder network with Dutch roots representing entrepreneurial farmers, private sector enterprises, governments, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations in the agrifood sector.

We are active in 13 countries in Africa and South East Asia, and link 22.000 agribusiness professionals worldwide. We are the go-to network for innovative entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains, that effectively link agribusiness and development.

We offer:


+ Network maps on specific trends, issues, topics identified by members or donors
+ Business 2 Network matchmaking events and activities
+ Online platform with member profiles and resource databases
+ Member coalitions and member partnerships around identified opportunities


+ Innovation & Learning Labs
+ Newsletters
+ Agribusiness Monitor


+ Bottleneck identification and joint analysis of what works and doesn’t work
+ Change Labs on key challenges, with reflection workshops, and scenario planning
+ Putting identified bottlenecks and opportunities on relevant (inter)national agenda’s
+ Joint Campaigns

A dedicated team (see Who to Contact) supports the network and is ready to connect you to 22,000 entrepreneurial people from the agribusiness sector worldwide.We can help you with information, contacts and establish links with (inter)national businesses and organisations in our networks.

If you have any questions, please contact us through: or read our FAQ.


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Factsheet: The 2017 factsheet can be found HERE

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Workshop: Nutrition-Sensitive Ag. through Homegardening

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  31 May 2017, All Day Event
  EU Delegation (Across the street from Desalegn Hotel), Addis Ababa

The EU/AgriProFocus Innovation Community on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture invites you to the first workshop of this year to discuss the topic of homegardens. This first workshop will be organized in collaboration with the Homegardens Network. In the morning, we have different guest speakers talking about their experiences with homegarden projects and how homegardens can contribute to better nutrition while also talking about the success and failures in their implementations. Working group discussions will be held in the afternoon to exchange knowledge, best practices and challenges regarding homegardening and its impact on nutrition.

This full-day workshop will be held at the EU Delegation, on Wednesday 31 May from 9AM-4PM.

Since space is limited, we will allocate space for interested people on a first come, first serve basis.

If you would like to participate, please register with Ms. Ursula Truebswasser,, or with Mr. Pierre-Luc Van Haeverbeke, pierre-luc

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hello everyone my name is endriyas and I am a corporate EHSS manager for Ethiochicken  the biggest poultry producer in Ethiopia. I am very excited for the journey ahead and for the chance to meet all of you!!!1

La patate douce à peau orange pour améliorer les revenus et la nutrition, Nigéria

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Vermicomposting uses worms to aid the decomposition of organic material, as they provide the aeration by burrowing through the pile. This type of composting is more suitable for smaller quantities of organic waste and has the most restrictions for types of food waste.

In commercial composting, large scale compost turner machines are used.

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Assessment of Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Competency of Mid-Level Agriculture Graduating Students in Ethiopia

Mesfin Goji1, Mebit Kebede1, Firew Ayalew1, Ephrem Daniel1, Endris Mekonnen1, Kefyalew Muleta1, Elizabeth Thompson2, Tadele Bogale1

1 Jhpigo Ethiopia country office, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 2 Jhpiego head office, Biltmore, USA or, PSE Advisor for Nutrition


More than one third of all stunted children under five lived in Africa. In Ethiopia 40% of under five children are stunted. As part of the country’s multi-sectoral approach, nutrition-sensitive agricultural practices are getting more attention to overcome malnutrition and improving nutritional status of women and children. Nutrition-sensitive interventions that invest extensively on human resources, especially on nutrition education, have a greater possibility of effecting positive nutritional change.1-4 Given the shortage of trained nutrition service providers in cou

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New Job Opportunites - Ethiopia

Please find new job opportunities form different organizations. The date in the bracket is the deadline for application and click on the job to read more details and requirements. Good Luck!

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA)

Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Consultant (May 27)

One Acre Fund

Ethiopia Innovations Associate/Manager (May 31)

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Senior Advisor, Supply Chain Management and Safety and Security (June 8)

Population Services International (PSI)

Strategic Information Director, Ethiopia (June 16)

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Challenges of poultry sector in Ethiopia discussed

On April 28, 2017 at Azzeman Hotel, all stakeholders of the Ethiopian poultry sector were invited to discuss on the challenges and opportunities of poultry. This happened on the Poultry Platform Meeting organized by Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG), in collaboration with Ethiopian Poultry Producers Association.

Dr Thomas, advisor to the Ministry of Livestock and Fishery, made a speech on behalf of HE Minister Dr. Fekadu, indicating the current status of the sector and government plans. He said, " a lot of work is ahead of us."

Owner of a private poultry farm, Genene Tesfaye, made detail presentation explaining current challenges of the sector from the side of agribusiness owners. He mentioned that poultry challenge in Ethiopia lies in many areas such as market, feed, vaccine, lack of training, and legal system. He also said, "Government always promises, but no solutions yet."

The discussion continued with question

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For your updates on progress in job and wealth creation in Africa through agribusiness incubation by the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN), World Bank,FAO, CTA, the African Union, African Development Bank (AfDB), IITA and more strong partners, here is your free copy of the AAIN Digest e-version from the AAIN Secretariat. Policies and strategic partnerships that give the springboard to agri-prenuership and job creation through innovative agribusiness. The time is now. Get your free download here:

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Ethiopia seeks to boost honey production

Industry experts say the beekeeping sector is still a long way from harvesting its full potential as it is hampered by outdated, low-yield techniques, periodic droughts and uncompetitive prices.

Read the reporting by Sarah Jones from TRT World

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Horticultural exports – a threat or a boost to food security?

This article (PDF) in Rural21 Journal assesses the impact of horticultural exports on food security in the exporting country. Horticultural produce is mostly destined for high-income countries and it contributes to food intake there, however it is unclear what their food security consequences are in the countries of origin. Many countries that have become important suppliers of horticulture produce to the world market – such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru and India – have high rates of poverty and food insecurity within their borders, and especially so in rural areas. In this article, a variety of direct and indirect effects of horticultural exports on food security in these exporting countries are discussed. Four components of food security are considered: food availability, food access, food utilisation and stability. The authors con

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Dr. Alula Pankhurst on Rural Youth Dev. & Entrepreneurship

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  01 June 2017, 17:30-19:00
  BlueMoon Initiative, METI Building, Bole area (Between Edna Mall and Atlas Hotel)

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Fireside Chat with the well-known Dr. Alula Pankhurst and his co-researcher Catherine Dom on“Youth Development & Entrepreneurship: Pathway to Independence” on Thursday June 1stfrom 5:30PM – 7:00PM(walk-in and registration from 5:00PM) at the office of Dr. Eleni's BlueMoon Initiative.

This Fireside Chat is organized by AgriProFocus' Youth in Agribusiness Community in cooperation with the BlueMoon Initiative. In the form of an interactive session of knowledge sharing and question and answer moments, Dr. Alula Pankhurst and Catherine Dom will share their research findings on the topics of:

1) Youth transformation to adulthood and independence

2) Young women’s economic participation

3) Successful youth entrepreneurship

These research findings are part of a 20+ year longitudinal study of community change in rural Ethiopia of which Dr. Alula is the lead researcher. The purpose of sharing this highly valuable research is to provide all actors that ar

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform – Highlights 2016

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP or the Platform) has published its highlights of 2016. This third year of the Platform was marked by several important achievements: interaction and dynamics within the Platform intensified; the requests for support to knowledge trajectories increased; more traffic was visible on the website; and approximately 60 research consortia are now up and running.

Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) for the increasing global population poses an enormous challenge to governments, NGOs, researchers, and the private sector. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the F&BKP in 2013 to improve the Dutch contribution in this challenge. The Platform has contributed to long-term and systematic changes for FNS by facilitating the exchange of available knowledge, the co-creation of knowledge and as such by enhancing the use of knowledge. This has been done by connecting research, policy and

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Towards a global research and learning agenda for inclusive agribusiness

Report by Food & Business Knowledge Platform of the workshop on March 7 & 8, 2017

Beginning March some 35 experienced practitioners came together to consider how to learn more effectively from the wealth of work being done on inclusive agribusiness, and to formulate key points for a global research and learning agenda. By the end of the workshop six collaborative action priorities for taking the inclusive agribusiness agenda forward were agreed upon.

The workshop “Towards a global research and learning agenda for inclusive agribusiness” took place in Brighton to foster strategic action in the field of inclusive agribusiness. Participants represented the full range of parties working on inclusive agribusiness: private sector, knowledge institutes, donors & implementing agencies, governments from the Global South, producer organizations and NGOs. Initiaters of the event were Seas of Change, the Global Donor Platfo

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How to Raise the Market Share by Increasing Corn Grinding Machine Research Efforts

Corn Grinding Machine Research Efforts si more and more significant than corn grinding machine manufacturing, which is a common idea recongnized by users and corn grindiing machine manufacturers.

For the corn grinding machine, there are still lots of problems for us to solve. But the primary problem is how to increase the research efforts to improve the cost performance and customers' satisfaction. Of course, under the premise of rising raw material prices and labour cost, we only can intensify the equipments research efforts. For thecorn grinding machine manufacturers, only by increasing the technical research efforts, can they improve the products quality, increase the market share and gain good public praise.

Win Tone has been devoting itself to manufacture more qualified corn processing equipments with competitive prices. Quality is our life and research and inn

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Agri-tech startup Zazu, a digital marketplace connecting farmers to buyers

At 4am in a public transport ‘kombi’, our founder Perseus witnessed an 80 year old lady carrying produce to market. She knew that if she didn’t wake up in time, or walk the 1 1⁄2hour to the road, she would miss the best buyers from the market. But she had a phone to communicate with her grandchildren, about her journey. So he came up with an idea - markets that come to you. Irregardless of location.

What started out as a way to pass market prices to smallholder farmers in emerging markets, is now changing the lives of many farmers across the world.

Zazu helps everyone make competitive decisions on buying and selling. Zazu will continue to simplify the value chain with one of the planet’s most valuable resources: food.

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 This compost windrow turner can efficiently mix and stir the organic materials and meanwhile it can crush the caking of the materials so as to provide a good place for the zymophyte’s development and make the organic materials obtain a better fermentation. So it is the indispensable compost system for the harmless treatment of the livestock manure compost and organic fertilizer production.
The organic fertilizer compost turners, with low cost & high production efficiency, save plenty of manpower and material resources. They aim at carrying out the harmless and recycling treatment of animal manure, agricultural waste, sludge and industrial organic waste. Thus, it is obviously an indispensable equipment in the organic fertilizer compost systems.

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New Book Available for DOWNLOAD

Contract Farming in Ethiopia: Concept and Practice

Please read the foreword and download the book below, also take a look the brief presented by Wim Goris, AgriProFocus Network Facilitator, at the book launch on 19 April 2017.


In agricultural development, Ethiopia and the Netherlands are strategic partners. The government of Ethiopia pursues its growth strategy by emphasizing agricultural transformation. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) is supporting Ethiopian ambitions for food security and agricultural growth. This cooperation aims for an intensification of production and processing, which are necessary to feed the growing population and for export earnings.

AgriProFocus Ethiopia is part of an international network with Dutch roots. AgriProFocus promotes the network approach as a growth diamond of collaboration between farmer entrepreneurs, companies, governments, knowledge institutions, consultancies, financial

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Presenting the AgriProFocus network in Rwanda

Our network members share their experiences regarding our Linking, Learning and Leadership services! 

AgriProFocus is an international multi-stakeholder network in the agri-food sector consisting of farmer entrepreneurs, private sector enterprises, government, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations. By bringing these stakeholders together, their collective impact increases. Active in 13 countries in Africa and South-East Asia, and linking 22.000 agribusiness professionals worldwide, we are the go-to network for farmer entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains.

AgriProFocus Rwanda has 1600 members and in this video they explain how they have benefited from the AgriProFocus Linking, Learning and Leadership services.

Featuring in this video:

1. Sajji Ryakunze, Country Coordinator - AgriProFocus Rwanda

2. Jasper Spikker / Business Advisor - Agriterra

3. Pieter Dorst / Head of Development Cooperation - The Embassy of the Kingdom

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Leah Banda Great work Rwanda!

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Innocent SIMPUNGA Good achievement , 

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Can seeds help smallholders diversify?

Summary and video of the 3rd Food For All talks session under the WBG-Netherlands Partnership

On April 13, the third Food for All Talk (#FFATalks) under the WBG-Netherlands Partnership took place. Ethel Sennhauser, Director Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank Group, welcomed guest speakers from Access to Seeds Index and East-West Seed to discuss the role of seed companies in helping smallholder farmers diversify into growing vegetables for income and better nutrition.

In this third edition of the Food for All Talk series, Ido Verhagen (Executive Director of the Access to Seeds Index) and Mary-Ann Sayoc (East-West Seed company) shared their experiences on what seed companies can do for smallholder vegetables farming.

East West Seed’s tailored business model focuses exclusively on smallholders, and extends far beyond seeds – they offer knowledge transfer on the farming system, thereby creating the basis for future sales. Ms. Sayoc not

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Business Drinks: Third of 2017

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  25 May 2017, 17:00-18:30
  Black Rose Lounge, Addis Ababa

Business Drinks: Third of 2017

Dear members and partners,

We are pleased to announce the third Business Drinks of 2017 which will be held on Thursday 25th May at Black Rose Lounge, Addis Ababa.

Confirm your attendance using this LINK.

As you all know, AgriProFocus Ethiopia and Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) have been organizing these bi-monthly Business Drinks since 2015. The events have created the opportunity of bringing together and connecting agribusinesses, agricultural development agents, government actors and research institutes. With the interesting one-minute pitches and informal talks and meets, members and partners have gained visibility for their programs and strengthened their respective networks.

Therefore, you are cordially invited to attend the event. In this an hour and half event, starting from late afternoon 5:00 PM, you will have the opportunity:

- To meet new people in your line of business and share ideas and experiences.

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