Ethiopia AgroEcology Platform

moderated by Sarah Assefa

In order to support and accelerate the mainstreaming of AgroEcology in Ethiopia, Tufts University /AKLDP together with AgriProFocus have initiated this Platform for Knowledge exchange on AgroEcology topics during 2016 and 2017. The main reasons are (1) the demand among many different stakeholders for such a programme of knowledge and experience exchange and (2) the wish to accelerate the adoption of AgroEcological practices.

You can register to become a member of this platform via this link: Agroecology Platform Registration Form. Only your name and organisation will appear on the member list below.

For more information, please contact Sarah Assefah at

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Posted 21 June 2017 at 03:20

Land restoration in Ethiopia

A project to restore the land in Tigray, Ethiopia has created opportunities for livelihoods for young people who had been leaving in droves.

Ethiopia is suffering from severe drought, but there is water in Gergera. 20 years of restoring its hills and river valley has brought life back to this area of the Tigray region in the country’s far north.

Gergera watershed covers 1382 hectares in the kebele (Ethiopia’s smallest administrative unit) of Hayelom in Atsbi-Wonberta district in the eastern zone of Tigray.

Read the full article from The Gardian

Photograph: Cathy Watson/ICRAF


Conservation Agriculture Experience Sharing and Networking

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  02 June 2017, All Day Event
  Golden Tulip Hotel, Addis Abeba

Conservation Agriculture Experience Sharing Workshop June 2, 2017, AA

Conservation Agriculture Workshop Objectives

· To share conservation agriculture research and experience from 5 regions in Ethiopia.

· Interactive and participatory conservation agriculture learning among stakeholders.

· Networking for supportive relationship building to enhance conservation agriculture practice and scaling efforts.

We have invited practitioners from different regions to share their experiences implementing conservation agriculture. We have also invited researchers to share their research findings. Demonstrations of conservation agriculture inputs (tools and cover crop seeds, etc. will be on display. Posters regarding conservation agriculture research and activities are welcome.

The morning is dedicated to practical experience sharing by conservation agriculture practitioners in Ethiopia. The afternoon consists of conservation agriculture research presentations and round table discuss

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History of Agroecology in Ethiopian Agriculture Policy

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  28 April 2017, 03:30-05:00
  Africana Restaurant and Bar, Carl Square, Addis Ababa

A presentation on the history of Ethiopian agricultural policy and institutions shall be given by Dr. Demese Chanyalew on Friday April 28th at 3:30 pm at Africana Restaurant and Bar (Carl Square, near the South African Embassy). After Q&A pertaining to the presentation subject, participants are invited to network over drinks. To attend, please RSVP to

Dr. Demese is an independent consultant based in Addis Ababa with over 25 years of research and consulting experience covering agriculture sub-sectors, and agriculture sector-wide analysis and policy. His clients include UNECA, USAID, World Bank, COMESA, EU, AfDB, international NGOs, UNDP and FAO. Dr. Demese’s analysis and reviews have shaped the Ethiopia CAADP program, and he remains a key resource person for REDFS and donors involved in agricultural development and food security in Ethiopia. He holds a PhD from Kansas State University.

This event is organized by the Agroecology Network and its lead partners,

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Posted 22 April 2017 at 03:27

Indigenous Agroecology in Konso, Ethiopia

In Konso, communities have been terracing for over 600 years. The steep hillsides of Konso are sculpted by generations of human hands that have carefully laid stones in line with the natural horizontal contours designed to catch and keep the soil and water necessary for viable hilltop agriculture. Agroforestry has been combined with other forms of intercropping to keep the terraces in-tact, the soils fertile, and diversified nutrition available year round: For example, perennials like cassava are planted at the top of the stone terraces to support the terrace structure with their roots; in the cups of soil between terrace walls, crops such as beans, maize and sorghum are planted amongst one another; trees such as coffee, moringa, acacia, and terminalia are interspersed at greater distance along the terraces.

In addition to formation of terraces, various other water management techniques are actively used. To catch and sink runoff, circ

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Posted 20 April 2017 at 03:09

Farm Africa Seeks a Programme Manager for Integrated Approach to Improving Rural Livelihoods

In Ethiopia, Farm Africa will be implementing a project entitled ‘Integrated approach to improve rural livelihoods, empowering communities and partners programme’ which is funded by SIDA (The Swedish International Development Agency). This project will be implemented by Farm Africa and the Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Associations (UEWCA). The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to achievement of the Ethiopia's Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTPII) through agriculture business development, capacity building in project implementation and delivery, civil society strengthening and embedding climate smart practices in identified development interventions.

For more information on the Programme Manager position for this project, please see the document attached. Deadline for application is April 25th.


Unlocking the Potential of Ethiopian Soils for the SDGs

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  30 March 2017 - 09:00 to 31 March 2017 - 17:00
  EIAR, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Annual conference of the Ethiopian Society of Soil Science. Event open to old and first-time dues paying members.

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Posted 15 March 2017 at 12:19

Declaration and Way Forward from the Addis Abeba Conference on Food Systems

Representatives from our Agroecology Network participated in the conference entitled, “Changing Food Systems in Africa: Agroecology and Food Sovereignty and their Role in Nutrition and Health, that was organized by AFSA, IFOAM, AfrOnet and partners and held last November in Addis Abeba. Attached please find two outcomes of that conference - a declaration from the conference, and a document outlining the strategic way forward.

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Posted 16 February 2017 at 11:59

PROLINNOVA Participatory Innovation Training (PID)

At the Farmers' Conference Center in Kenya, Prolinnova is presently holding a training on Participatory Innovation Development (PID) in farmer-led agricultural research. This training involves techniques for building appreciation of the roles that farmers play as scientists and researchers, and ways that multi-stakeholder platforms can be built to support farmers in developing and sharing farmer innovations. PID is a wonderful approach for agroecologically appropriate technology development: innovations begin with context-specificity. 

This training is designed to build capacity for the Promoting Local Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security (PROLIFaNS) project they are now implementing in Ethiopia, Ghana Kenya, Cameroon and Burkina Faso. Beyond the scope of this project, participants of this training are committed to sharing PID approaches with other interested farmers and organizations working with farmers in their home co

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Posted 7 February 2017 at 10:21

Report: How to amplify agroecology

17 november 2016

A report by ILEIA brings together the insights from a landmark meeting on building the agroecology movement. Over 70 individuals shared the fruit from decades of hard field work, research and activism.

They came together to discuss factors for successful amplification of agroecology, as opposed to traditional ‘scaling up’, and identified key lessons from their work.

The four day Agroecology Learning Exchange took place in Uganda and was organised by the AgroEcology Fund and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa in May 2016.

ILEIA facilitated the event, and also compiled the rich insights of the meeting in this new document.

You can download the report via this link. 

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Posted 4 February 2017 at 01:19

Monpellier Panel Report on Soils in Africa

About Ethiopian Soils it says the following:


Total land area:1.13million km2

Average fertiliser use:17 kg/ha

Degraded land area:26%

People affected: 21 million, equal to 29% of the population

Hotspot characteristics: high population pressure on land and forests, farming on steep slopes and frequent food crises caused by unreliable rainfall

Loss of topsoil: one billion tons annually

Soil productivity losses: at least 20% over the last century in large parts of the country


Soil erosion and nutrient loss from farming and grazing: $106 million

Deforestation: $23 million

Loss of livestock capacity: $10 million

Total: $139 million or equivalent to 4% of GDP

You can read the whole Montpellier Report here:

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Posted 27 January 2017 at 12:45

Farming for Biodiversity Solutions Competition:

Unsustainable agricultural practices remain one of the greatest threats to ecosystems and biodiversity. As the global population grows, so too does the demand for food – requiring production increases and potentially even greater impacts on the environment. Widespread land use and agricultural practices must change to reduce these losses. Yet, behavior change in this field is often inhibited by lack of awareness of solutions and of biodiversity’s value for the agricultural sector.

Solution Search is designed to change that. Some innovative solutions have recently emerged that bring farming in harmony with the natural environments that surround. Some have increased the biodiversity of plants, animals, insects and more on the agricultural land itself. This contest seeks to identify, reward and spotlight those successful approaches. In doing so, Solution Search will also increase awareness of biodiversity, its value and the m

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ECHO East Africa Symposium

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  07 February 2017 to 09 February 2017 - All Day Event
  Arusha, Tanzania

ECHO East Africa Symposium

February 7-9th, 2017 Arusha, Tanzania

Potential topics are listed below:

- Conservation Agriculture

- Horticulture

- Innovation in Farming Practices and Techniques

- Best Livestock Practices

- Good Development Practices

Speakers for the sessions will include presenters from around East Africa.

For more information or to register, follow this link.

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ECHO East Africa Symposium

February 7-9th, 2017 Arusha, Tanzania

Potential topics are listed below:
- Conservation Agriculture
- Horticulture
- Innovation in Farming Practices and Techniques
- Best Livestock Practices
- Good Development Practices

Speakers for the sessions will include presenters from around East Africa. 

For more information or to register, follow this link.

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Regional Symposium on Agroecology for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in Europe and Central Asia

Recommendations from the participants

23-25 November 2016 - Budapest

Recognizing the role that agroecology can play in achieving food security and reducing malnutrition in the framework of Sustainable Food and Agriculture, FAO organized the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition in Rome in September 2014. Following this International symposium, FAO has taken the initiative of convening multi-stakeholder Symposia at the regional level.

In opening, H.E. José Graziano Da Silva, Director-General of FAO highlighted the importance of exploring the transformative potential of agroecology:

“Business as usual is not an option. We have to innovate and transform agriculture. We need to be more productive using less resources. We need to generate less environmental impact. And we have to go beyond sustainable intensification. Increasing the efficiency of farming

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From November 24- 26 we enjoyed a very interesting conference here in Addis Ababa, CHANGING FOOD SYSTEMS IN AFRICA, organised by IFOAM  and AFSA, the Alliance for Food Soceriegnty Africa. The title having a double meaning: food systems are changing worldwide, but also do we need to make the change because of adaptation to climate change and increasing biodiversity.  

During the conference we created the new narrative: 

  • We can feed the world with agroecology; we produce enough food PLUS we have a very positive impact on nutrition, health, biodiversity increase, water saving, prevention of soil erosion and land degradation, adaptation to climate change
  • 70 % of the food in the world is produced by smallholder farmers. When we support them to grow this food more agroecologically we even have a surplus.
  • Agroecology works with family farmers, is person centred and therefore is socially and culturally stabilising. Instead of industrial ag

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Seminar Agroekologi Nusantara

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  29 November 2016, 08:00-16:30
  Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) Dramaga

Sebagai ilmu pengetahuan yang dipraktikkan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari oleh jutaan keluarga petani khususnya oleh perempuan petani di seluruh dunia, agroekologi merupakan bentuk produksi pertanian yang proses mengatur dan membangun komunitas untuk menentukan nasib sendiri. Melalui agroekologi, masyarakat bersama-sama mencari solusi untuk menghasilkan pangan yang sehat dan mensyaratkan masyarakat memiliki akses dan kontrol terhadap sumber daya lokal seperti tanah, air dan benih. Tujuan agroekologi adalah untuk mencapai lingkungan yang seimbang dengan hasil yang berkelanjutan, didukung oleh kesuburan tanah, regulasi musuh alami melalui desain diversifikasi agroekosistem dan penggunaan teknologi rendah input.

Oleh karenanya, agroekologi bukanlah praktik pertanian alternatif, namun sebagai gerakan sosial yang dilakukan oleh petani untuk memperjuangkan sumber daya lokalnya agar tetap terpelihara memenuhi pangan mereka dan sekaligus menjaga keseimbangan alam. Agroekologi dapat memberi maka

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Symposium on “Rainwater-Smart Management in Sub-Saharan Africa”, Nairobi, Kenya, 1st-2nd February 2017: Call for Papers

The deadline to submit an abstract (of 200-words)  for the Symposium on "Rainwater-Smart Management in sub-Saharan Africa" is October 30, 2016. You may contact Josep de Trincheria at for more information.

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Organic products as game changers in consumer market!

This challenge is designed for innovations in the area of agricultural processing. Submissions should consider product innovations from organic origin for the food consumer market. For example, ideas could be in the area of organic honey products from packaging, food products or equipments using organic materials.

The SEWOH Innovation Slam competition is looking for your innovation in agriculture. Every person or organisation is welcome to submit their idea. The winners will receive up to 120,000 ETB to implement their idea during one year.

How to apply: Participants apply by filling out the application form on:

Apply before: October 16th 2016

For questions, please email

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Posted 23 September 2016 at 02:13

We had an excellent finalising workshop of the University of Padua course, today, Friday 23 september 2016.

The purpose of the course was to come up with Sustainable and AgroEcologically compatible Development options in Ethiopian and sub Saharan Rural areas. The participants were all Ethiopian professionals from various organisations, among which Universities of Hawassa, Mekele and Addis Ababa. They have worked in 4 groups during the week and produced very relevant material, which we will share in the AgroEcology Platform. For now, please read the Summary of their work HERE. 

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Posted 20 September 2016 at 02:06

The Course on Sustainable and Agroecologically Compatible development options in Ethiopia, y by Padua University, started with a great day on AgroEcology. Yelleke de Nooy gave an interesting presentation on the WHY and HOW of agroecology. Sarah Assefa, also of AgriProFocus, organised the inventory of projects on the MAP with Agroecological zones. For a start we already have more than 20 projects! 

The good thing about this map is that we can compare - and learn from each other's interventions - in similar AE zones.