Gender in Value Chains Tanzania

moderated by Hilda Okoth

Women play crucial roles in agriculture value chains. However often times their contribution remains invisible. This leads to inefficient chains. In order to make value chains work for both men and women there is need to build expertise of value chain actors and supporters on gender and value chain.

The AgriProFocus Tanzania Gender in Value Chain Program aims at improving gender equity in agricultural value chain development through a coaching trajectory that provides on-the-job guidance to value chain professionals to pit gender sensitive ways of working in practice.

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AgriProFocus Tanzania Seeking a Gender in Value Chain Analysis Consultant 

Deadline: 30/03/2017

SNV-Netherlands Development Organization is the lead organization in the implementation of the Inclusive Business in Sunflower Value Chain project with a consortium pf partners namely, Mbeya Sunflower Oil Processors Association(MBESOPA), Jackson Group, Women Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania ( WOPATA) and AgriProFocus Tanzania. 

The role of AgriProFocus in the project is to take lead on integrating a gender perspective in the sunflower value chain development. Consequently, AgriProFocus is currently seeking to hire a consultant to carry out an in-depth Sunflower Gender Value Chain analysis aimed at highlighting the specific roles of men and women throughout the value chain, and identify opportunities and challenges to balancing benefits in this chain between men and women.

Summary of the Assignment 

Assignment Name

Gender in Value chain Analysis

Value Ch

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The 'Mushroom Lady' is growing change in Tanzania

In Tanzania, women are the caretakers of the land. Dressed in vibrant African prints under the hot, unforgiving sun, day-after-day, they plant, weed and harvest the fields. With limited technology, these chores are time-intensive and exhausting. In the evenings, they carry home the day's harvest to prepare for the family’s dinner. They then sell what they can at the local market. The next morning, they start over again.

Even though farming here is a way of life, many rural villages in Tanzania lack nutritional diversity because they eat the same foods day-after-day, meal-after-meal. With their role in the field, women are the nutrition gatekeepers to these communities. And yet, too often, they are not land owners. They are not household decision-makers. They lack access to tools, financing and education needed to push forward. They are not empowered. Even worse, these gender customs are barriers to breaking the cycle of poverty and maln

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Men and women make way for gender equality in Tanzanian village – Land O’Lakes & USAID Initiative

Women dressed in vibrant African fabric are sprinkled across fields of tea, coffee and banana trees. This is Tanzania, and these women are the caretakers of the land – and of their families. 

And yet, for women like Isabella Mwile, hard work in the field and raising children doesn’t necessarily make her a partner at home. Traditionally in Tanzania, men are the decision makers. However, in Isabella’s village of Mbaka, in Rungwe district, these traditions are changing.

In January 2015, leaders of Mbaka village acknowledged Isabella’s leadership qualities and selected her to attend an Innovations in Gender Equality (IGE) training-of-trainers course on women’s’ and girls’ leadership in agriculture. With funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Land O’Lakes International Development, the IGE program facilitated this session wi

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