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moderated by Sylvia Natukunda Mwesigwa

This group serves for exchange and learning on Horticulture in Uganda, Materials available are open to all. 

Uganda has fairly well distributed rainfall and moderate climate and is capable of producing most of the tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, or even temperate fruits and vegetables in the higher altitude areas. The industry relies heavily on imported seeds for vegetables, such as okra and hot pepper. Ugandan fruits in particular are reported to be sweeter and less acidic than those produced in other countries in the region; however, only a small percentage is of export quality. Small scale rain-fed farms of smallholder farmers dominate the sub-sector.

As a network organization, AgriProFocus Uganda members/stakeholders are committed to unite and complement each other in a shared goal: promoting farmer entrepreneurship contributing to increased food security, value chain development and poverty reduction. In this, with over 4000 registered stakeholders online, AgriProFocus Uganda has positioned itself as a key partner of horticulture stakeholders given its continual involvement in the fruit sub-sector and now the horticulture sub-sector.


1. To lobby and advocate for policy enforcement and changes in the horticulture sub-sector

2. To coordinate stakeholders in the horticulture sub-sector to strengthen the sub-sector

3. To be the center of information for the horticulture sub-sector

4. To increase the visibility of the platform online and offline

5. To seek and promote innovations and technologies that can be adopted in the horticulture sub-sector

Current stakeholders

Current stakeholders in the Horticulture Multi-stakeholder Platform include; SNV, VECO East Africa, Uganda National Farmers’ Federation (UNFFE), Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA), aBi Trust, Nabagereka Development Foundation, IFDC, Solidaridad Network, Zuri Model Farm, Afribanana Products Ltd, Pelum, RUCID, NARL, UGOCert.

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Photo of the week in TMEA weekly scope

The photo shows: Women working at Africado, a TMEA Challenge Fund recipient based in Arusha, Tanzania, packing avocados for export.

TMEA = Trade Mark East Africa, a key initiative fostering regional trade in the Eastern African region. The weekly scope is available online through this link.


You may try to subscribe yourself if you have an interest to read more about regional trade.

Women working at Africado, a TMEA Challenge Fund recipient based in Arusha, Tanzania, packing avocados for export.


Horti-LIFE Study Tour to Kenya

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  16 January 2017 to 20 January 2017 - All Day Event

The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) Ethiopia is organizing a study tour to Kenya from 16th to 20th January 2017. The tour is being facilitated by SNV Kenya and AgriProFocus. Consisting of representatives from Federal Government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources representatives, Regional Bureau of Agriculture and SNV Ethiopia staff, the delegation would like to learn from the Kenya experience in the horticulture sector development. SNV Kenya and Ethiopia are also implementing horticulture projects (HortIMPACT and HortLIFE respectively), with funding from the Embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  

Objectives of the study tour 

++ To share and learn from SNV Kenya's experience in implementing horticulture development projects across the country

++ To learn from Kenya's experience in horticulture sector development. 

About Horti-LIFE and HortIMPACT

Horti-LIFE started in January 2016 and is being implemented by SNV Ethiopia. The project was formu

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Burundi : Un cultivateur invente la conservation des tomates

À l’Est du Burundi, les tomates sont en abondance pendant la période d’août et septembre. Cependant, les producteurs et les productrices ont du mal à conserver leurs tomates pour les vendre plus tard. Une grande quantité de tomates pourrissent.  

Après de nombreux essaie ,M Vital NDUWIMANA producteur de Tomates a découvert une méthode de conservation de la Tomate écologique et qui ne coûte rien. Découvrir son histoire ici

Yves Tshibangu C'est vraiment ingénieux de ça part je suis fier de lire le fruit de la mise en pratique de cet observation.

1 day 19 hours ago

ELYSE MUHORAKEYE Merci Freddy de partager cette technique avec d'autres producteurs c'est cela l'avantage du réseau. J'ai partagé la video de cette technique sur notre page facebook https://www.facebook.com/agriprofocusburundi/


19 hours 19 min ago

Guigonou Freddy PADONOU Merci. Puis-je partagé la vidéo sur notre site internet (www.act-dev.org)?

18 hours 44 min ago

ELYSE MUHORAKEYE Bien sûr Freddy, tu peux la partager

18 hours 19 min ago

Guigonou Freddy PADONOU Merci

18 hours 12 min ago

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WTO Menangkan Gugatan Amerika dan Selandia Baru atas Pembatasan Impor Pertanian Indonesia

Organisasi Perdagangan Dunia mengabulkan gugatan Amerika Serikat atas Indonesia. Batasan impor produk agrikultur yang diterapkan Indonesia buat melindungi petani lokal dinilai melanggar perjanjian dagang internasional.

Organisasi Perdagangan Dunia (WTO) mengabulkan gugatan Selandia Baru dan Amerika Serikat terhadap Indonesia ihwal regulasi impor produk pertanian. Kedua negara menuding Jakarta melanggar aturan dagang internasional, dengan memberlakukan pembatasan impor terhadap berbagai produk agrikultur seperti buah-buahan, sayur-sayuran, daging sapi dan ayam.

Dewan penyelesaian sengketa WTO memutuskan 18 aturan pembatasan impor yang diberlakukan Indonesia "tidak konsisten" dengan Perjanjian Umum 1994 tentang cukai dan perdagangan (GATT 1994). Organisasi yang mengawasi aktivitas perdagangan di 164 negara anggotanya itu mendesak Indonesia "untuk mengambil langkah yang sesuai dengan GATT 1994."

Sejak 20

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What are the investment opportunities in the Horticulture Sector?

 AgriProFocus and the Royal Netherlands Embassy Trade Office commissioned a video on the investment opportunities in the Horticulture sector in Zambia with the aim to facilitate business linkages between Zambian horticulture value chain players and Dutch horticulture and allied businesses interested in doing business in Zambia.

Here it is!  

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What are the investment opportunities in the Horticulture Sector?

 AgriProFocus and the Royal Netherlands Embassy Trade Office commissioned a video on the investment opportunities in the Horticulture sector in Zambia with the aim to facilitate business linkages between Zambian horticulture value chain players and Dutch horticulture and allied businesses interested in doing business in Zambia.

Here it is!  


Afrisem Field Days

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  16 January 2017 - 09:00 to 17 January 2017 - 16:30
  Afrisem Doli Estate Usa River Arusha

Come and walk with the experts in vegetable growing. A wide range of vegetables on show for indoor and outdoor growing, drip irrigation, mulching, trellising, hydroponics. Tomato, melon, cucumber, sweet pepper, ngogwe, aubergine, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, radish, lettuce, fennel, hot peppers, spinach, ...

Make an appointment.

Contact: Abel Kuley ( 0677000405)

                Mathew Ngoma (0677000404)

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La Foire régionale de l’Intégration, Benin 2016

Du 25 Novembre au 10 Décembre, le Bénin a abrité la foire régionale de l’UEMOA. A ce titre le Togo et le Burkina Faso étaient largement représentés par des entrepreneurs agricoles avec des produits innovants. Le Bénin, pays hôte n’a pas fait piètre figure ! Des produits et équipements innovants ont été exposés.

L’équipe de AgriProFocus ayant visité les stands a été attiré par quelques produits innovants tels que la mini-provenderie, le gari, la purée de Palme Fenou, la purée de tomate…

DEMBELE Oumar et les equipements c'etaient quel  genre 

1 month 3 days ago

Tania Attiba @DEMBELE Oumar, équipement de transformation agroalimentaire (rappe, mélangeur, etc), mini-provenderie

1 month 1 day ago

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Call for proposals 

Competitiveness & enterprise development project: deadline 30th November 2016

Herewith attached is a call for proposals for the matching grant facility offered by Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU).  Sectors of interest are horticulture, tourism, coffee, grains, pulses, edible oils, fisheries and ICT

See Fourth call proposals attached for details

Good luck!

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Solidaridad is a global network organization with expertise in developing sustainable market oriented commodity supply chains, farmers training, certification and credit linkages. Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa Expertise Centre (SECAEC) is one of the Regional Centres of the Solidaridad Global Network; registered and based in Nairobi, Kenya since 2008 and is currently implementing development projects in a number of commodity value chains including Coffee, Cotton, Horticulture, Livestock, Sugarcane and Tea as well as Artisanal Gold mining. SECAEC operates in seven countries including Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

Solidaridad with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kampala, AgriProfocus Uganda, the Uganda Fruits and Vegetables Exp

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Pemenang Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp

Tiga tim akan diundang ke AgriProFocus Network Event tahun depan!

Hack-a-farm Innovation Camp di Yogyakarta tanggal 7-11 November berlangsung sukses. Sepuluh tim yang beranggotakan mahasiswa dan siswa SMK bekerjasama dengan kompak. Selama program digelar, peserta berdiskusi dengan berbagai organisasi mitra agar semakin dekat dengan persoalan pertanian. Misalnya: tantangan petani dalam pengolahan hasil pertanian oleh Asri Saraswati (Agradaya), tantangan pertanian organic oleh Tantyo Bangun (Kecipir.com), pendidikan dan pola dagang oleh Tauhid Aminullah (Wikikopi), tantangan petani Indonesia oleh Qomarunajmi (Sekolah Tani Muda), tantangan petani global oleh Maula Paramitha (AgriProFocus Indonesia) dan masih banyak lagi.

Untuk mempertajam problem statement dalam proposal mereka, peserta diajak tinggal bersama keluarga petani salama dua hari di Minggir, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Peserta kemudian melakukan hackathon selama 36 jam non-stop untuk mewujudkan p

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Dewi Purnamasari Maaf sepertinya terjadi kesalahan redaksi yaitu juara 2 dan juara 3 tertukar, mohon ditinjau ulang :)

1 month 2 weeks ago

Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Terima kasih Mbak Dewi atas ralatnya, sudah saya edit. Salam.

1 week 3 days ago

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Rwanda Best SMART Project 

Thumbs up to our member and CEO of Rwanda Best, Mr Jean Claude Ruzibiza 

Rwanda Best, Wageningen University, Bosman van Zaal, Hoogendoorn, RijkZwaan, Koppert and Holland Greentech are working together in Rwanda to support growers to reach the next level.

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Many farmers have been asking about the appropriate spacing for the small purple passion fruits. Today lets share about it.

Small purple passion fruits (local purple) require an open space with limited shades to help them get enough sunshine. When a passion fruit farmer is planting, its important to consider appropriate spacing as it has a bearing on the cost and life span of the orchard.

The most appropriate spacing is 9 x 9 ft or 10 x 10 ft.


1. Wide spacing Eases vine growth on the trellis thus giving you more flowers and fruits.

2. Prevents early orchard suffocation leading to delayed pruning.

3. Promotes airation of the orchard which in turn reduces disease outbreaks.

4. Delayed pruning leads to saving on the side of the farmer. Pruning is costly and therefore the later you it, the better.

5. Easy control of pests and diseases. With wide spacing and limited growth, spraying is easy and each part of the plant is reached thus keeping away pests.

6. Less su

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10 local flower exporters for Amsterdam expo

Rwanda will participate in the upcoming 7th International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair (IFTF) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The week-long expo, that kicks off tomorrow, will attract over 500 sectors stakeholders, including farmers, exporters, investors and experts from across the world. The country will be represented by more than 10 local companies with view to position Rwanda as an upcoming flower and horticulture producer.  

Read more HERE

Related article: Rwanda to participate in 7th Int’l Horticulture trade fair

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Are you looking for a new export market for your horticulture business? (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

In an effort to promote Dutch business in Zambia and increase exports of horticulture products from Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands organised a Horticulture Export Promotion Seminar on 5th October in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Various stakeholders from the business community, agricultural companies, agro finance institutions and horticulture producers attended the seminar to provide practical information about horticulture market intelligence, EU import regulations and financing options for SME's in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

For those that could not attend, here are the presentations:

Access to Finance for SMEs in Zambia
Roveg Fruit BV - Netherlands (Potential Market)
Private Sector Development Tools: Dutch Support to Promote Bilateral Trade and Cooperation
The Dutch and European Horticulture Markets: Where are the best opportunities?
Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs: PUM Nethe

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Sentra Hortikultura Sulawesi

Kecamatan Tambolo Pao, Kabupaten Gowa, Sulawesi Selatan merupakan salah satu sentra hortikultura di Sulawesi. Banyak tanaman yang dihasilkan misalnya wortel, tomat, daun bawang, dan sayuran lain. 

Di siang hari, kami para petani makan siang bersama di ladang. Jika kamu butuh informasi lebih lanjut tentang sentra hortukultura di Sulawesi Selatan, jangan ragu kontak kami: Gapoktan Butta Gowa. 


Horticulture Area in Sulawesi

Distric Tambolo Pao, Gowa, South Sulawesi is known as horticulture area. We produce carrots, tommato, leek, and other vegetables. 

During farming, we like to take a break and enjoy lunchtime  together. If you need information about horticulture in this area please do not hesitate to contact us: Farmer Group Butta Gowa.

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Siapa bilang pemudi Indonesia hanya ingin kerja di kantoran? Hehehehe, but not for me, perempuan juga pasti bisa berkarya dalam pertanian.

Dahulu, setelah lulus dari IPB dengan notabene jurusannya yg pertanian banget, yaitu agronomi dan hortikultura, pastinya ingin bekerja sesuai dengan background jurusan, tapi apa daya tuntutan hidup yang tinggi untuk bertahan hidup, yah apapun kerjaannya dicoba ajah. Tapi alhamdulillah setelah lulus, dapat kerja dari dosen untuk mengelola ADC sarongge, Cianjur dalam mencari pasar retail dan petani mitra. Namun, akhirnya banting setir juga, hehehe. Mungkin perempuan biasanya lebih takut untuk mengambil resiko ini. 

Alhamdulillah punya teman yang punya kebun luas di Cipanas dan ingin mencoba berbisnis. So, kita kerjasama deh. Awalnya dapat kuota menanam baby buncis Kenya 100kg/hari. Lama-kelamaan, kita pun ingin mengembangkan diri dengan tujuan untuk menjembatani petani mendapatkan pasar potensialnnya, yait

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Riah Badriah Yups, saat ini msh ekspansi pasar lg. Untuk produknya konvensional biasa mbak, tetapi produknya tidak mengandung bahan yg berbahaya karena petani kami sendiri sudah mengenal prima 3. Kami memberdayakan 10 orang petani. Banyak petani yg ingin bergabung dg kami, tetapi pasar kami pun blum cukup menampung produknya. Untuk itu, ekspansi pasar msh kami lakukan sampai saat ini. Memilih pasar pun hrus memiliki kriteria yg memang ingin membantu petani kita..

3 months 1 week ago

AgriProFocus Indonesia Menarik, membantu petani seperti apa yang dimaksud kak? Bisa dibilang usaha ini punya misi sosial juga ya. Bisa cek ini juga http://agriprofocus.com/post/57fdbaa9a93f256dc159cdb9

3 months 1 week ago

Riah Badriah Yah bisa dibilang seperti itu. Kalo kita sukses, petani pun ikut sukses. Biar sama2 sukses. 💪

3 months 1 week ago

Ence Suhana mantap teh

3 months 5 days ago

andy hendraswanto salam dan semangat petani modern dari wongcilik.com

3 months 2 days ago

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Did you know that...

Statistics indicate that from 2010 to 2014, the quantity of imported horticulture goods has been steadily increasing? 

In 2014 alone Zambia imported vegetables worth US$412.6m (ITC Trade Map). On the other note Zambia exported vegetables worth US$ 11.5m creating trade deficit of -US$ 401.1m.

What can we do to make the Zambian Horticulture sector more competitive?  

AgriProFocus Zambia conducted a study in 2015 mapping the Investment Opportunities in the Horticulture Sector. Read it HERE!