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Posted 1 week 2 hours ago


Tanzania just as other countries in Africa has the youngest population and each year, thousands if not millions of young people enter the country’s workforce without success. This highlights the great challenge of youth unemployment but also seen as an opportunity for them to engage in agriculture and agribusiness, a sector commonly termed as the villagers’ job. Which sounds less interesting in Swahili – Kazi ya kishamba. Good news is, the youth are now eager to join the sector with vigor and ambition. Thanks to various initiatives such as SNV Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) that arouses the interest of youth and keeps them sustainable.

In their quest to expose employment opportunities to youth in Agriculture, SNV OYE, Agriterra and AgriProFocus joined forces on 13th and 14th May 2016 and organized a Youth Roadshow in Arusha Tanzania aimed at exposing youth to various opportunities available in agriculture and agribusiness

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JEROME MMASSY Its true Hilda, as one of the participant, I was really impressed with the Workshop and it has really shaped my thinking. I have just started to develop my projects to start practical orientation.Thank you very much!! - See more at:

6 days 22 hours ago

Katarina Mungure Well summed up Hilda, Thumbs up to the team...

5 days 4 hours ago

Johnson Yessaya Mwambola The idea to start with Field visit in day one was best idea and it gave youth practical thing to go home with...i hope this will be adopted in other region where Youth roadshow will be taking place....congratulation to the team of organizer.

6 hours 24 min ago


2-2 Trade International Training Session 2

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  23 August 2016 to 26 August 2016 - All Day Event

Are you responsible for the local sourcing of your company?

Are you supporting farmers or producer organizations who deliver to traders, processors or other companies?

Then the 2-2 Trade approach for Farmer – Firm relations is what you are looking for.

Join our training and e-coaching trajectory!

You are invited to participate in the first open 2-2 Trade training and e-coaching trajectory that will be organized during the months July, August and September 2016.

The trajectory can be attended by a maximum of 20 participants.

What do you get:

- Five e-coaching and e-feedback sessions: from June 2016 until September 2016

- Training session 1 : 4-day session from 11-15 July 2016

- Training session 2 : 3-day session from 23-26 August 2016

The 2-2 Trade approach concentrates on business relations between farmers and firms and aims to improve these through a structured, yet flexible process. 2-2 Trade focusses on agreements and differences of perception between farmers and firms in a specific busin

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Posted 1 week 5 days ago

Conférence sur l’entreprenariat agricole des jeunes au Niger :

AgriProFocus Niger dans sa dynamique d’accompagnement des jeunes a tenu une conférence sur l’entrepreneuriat agricole et les opportunités pour les jeunes. Cette conférence entre dans le cadre des activités du bureau régional du Niger de l’Association Internationale des Etudiants en Agronomie de l’Université Abdou Moumouni Dioffo de Niamey qui a sollicité AgriProFocus. La conférence a eu lieu  le 11 mai 2016 à la faculté d’Agronomie avec la participation 68 personnes, dont 10 étudiantes.

L’objectif de cette conférence est de :

• Cultiver l’esprit d’entreprenariat chez les jeunes,

• Permettre aux étudiants de créer leur propre entreprise et saisir les opportunités,

• Développer l’Agrobusiness.

La cérémonie d’ouverture a débuté par le mot de bienvenue du SG de l’IAAS de Niamey,Mr Daouda ,suivie de la présentation de l’agenda de la journée. Le Doyen de la Faculté d’

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Posted 1 week 6 days ago

Ca y est ! La 3ème édition du salon agricole et financier AgriFinancier a démarré aujourd'hui.

Au programme, la cérémonie d'ouverture en présence de l'Ambassadeur du Royaume des Pays-Bas près du Bénin. Ensuite, s'est tenu le prémier paniel sur les mécanismes publics de financement de l'agriculture.

L'après midi est réservé pour les rencontres d'affaires autour des plans d'affaires entre promoteurs agricoles et institutions financières.

En attaché, le programme du salon

Roel Snelder Bon chance a tous

1 week 5 days ago

SALOUFOU Moussabihatou Merci Roel

1 week 5 days ago

Marcel Coffi Djihoun salut à tous!!!, le salon continue jusqu'à demain vendredi 13 mai 2016. nous vous attendons

1 week 5 days ago

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Posted 2 weeks 6 days ago

Rwanda youth urged to venture into agribusiness 

A new initiative, the Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), has been launched to drive efforts geared toward changing youth mindset on agribusiness.

Speaking at the launch of the forum in Kigali, yesterday, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the minister for youth and ICT, cited mindset as the most crucial aspect holding back the youth from engaging in agribusiness.

As the key driver of the country’s economic growth, agriculture sector employs more than 70 per cent of the population.

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Posted 2 weeks 6 days ago

NEW YEP ROUND! - Apply before 1st of June 2016

Co-funding opportunity for Dutch organisations and their partners, that are interested in a Young Expert position for min 1 or max 2 years for their international Water and/or Agrofood project.

Are you a Dutch organisation registered in the Netherlands or do you collaborate closely with a Dutch organisation and you are interested to recruit a Young Expert for 1 or 2 years on your Water and/or Agrofood project, YEP might provide you an opportunity. 

Take the test here to see if you are eligible to apply. Countries in which the young experts can placed are mentioned here. Next to financial support the YEP programme provide an intensive learning and coaching trajectory for the Young Expert.

Young Experts have a BSc or MSc degree and a maximum of 8 years work experience of which 4 relevant. For more info on or contact me directly.

Wycliffe Ondoro A chance for the young experts. This is a worthwhile opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

2 weeks 6 days ago

Georges Djodji Akibodé NEW YEP RONDE! - Appliquer avant le 1er Juin 2016 possibilité de cofinancement pour les organisations néerlandaises et leurs partenaires, qui sont intéressés par une position Young Expert pour min 1 ou max 2 ans pour le projet de Agrofood leur eau internationale et / ou. Êtes-vous une organisation néerlandaise enregistrée aux Pays-Bas ou vous collaborez étroitement avec une organisation néerlandaise et vous êtes intéressé à recruter un jeune expert pour 1 ou 2 ans sur votre et / ou projet Agrofood Eau, YEP peut vous donner l'occasion. Faites le test ici pour voir si vous êtes admissible. Les pays dans lesquels les jeunes experts peuvent etre placés sont mentionnés ici. A côté de l'appui financier du programme, YEP va fournir une formation et de coaching trajectoire intensive pour les jeunes experts. Jeunes Experts ont un BSc ou MSc degré et un maximum de 8 ans d'expérience de travail dont 4 pertinent. Pour plus d'informations sur ou me contacter directement. - Voir plus:

2 weeks 4 days ago

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Posted 3 weeks 5 days ago

Dialogue with the Farmers

On the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair

Batu, 27 April 2016

On March 2015 AgriProFocus Ethiopia and OXFAM GB, in close collaboration with Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization, organized in Batu a successful agribusiness finance fair which farmers took the stage. Read more about the previous Finance Fair HERE.

Yesterday, April 27 2016, the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair was organized in Batu with the objective of extending the dialogue started on last year’s Finance Fair between the farmers themselves and the relevant stakeholders. On this Finance Fair also the farmers were given to express their challenges relating to access to finance and agricultural extension services and to present their achievements with the support of OXFAM GB and Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization.

The event which included a panel discussion with two paper presentations and an exhibition by different organizations, o

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Posted 1 month 3 days ago

An inspiring sustainable business, Sabahar Ethiopian Textiles

Kathy Marshall, owner and general manager of Sabahar, inspired the community managers from AgriProFocus (gathering in Ethiopia at the moment) with her entrepreneurial spirit! She used to work for an international NGO, but in 2004 decided to switch to a business approach. She started her silk-business with only two spinning wheels in her own house. Kathy explains: “Nowadays, we buy the silk from over 200 (female) producers in Ethiopia and export fair trade silk textiles worldwide."

Kathy explained the three core values that guide Sabahar:

• Sustainability: We support and train artisans to apply their ancient skills to modern, fresh designs. By providing the bridge between the artisan and the global market, we provide reliable income for families.

• Innovation: Weaving is an ancient craft in Ethiopia but silk was only introduced to Ethiopia about 15 years ago. We adopt traditional technologies to new fibers and products. We

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Posted 1 month 3 days ago

How to improve activities for AgriProFocus network members?

This is one of the topics of the communication and M&E training for our AgriProFocus colleagues happening now in Ethiopia. All AgriProFocus networks are sharing best practices around events, communication and monitoring and evaluation.

For example, we shared experiences and challenges around the soil campaign held in 2015 in Ethiopia for a big and diverse audience and the example of the EKN-RVO Learning event held in Nairobi, which was 2 days and for a specfic targetgroup (food security projects funded by EKN). We discussed the various phases of event-planning and shared many experiences. We also discussed on how we can improve this online platform and how we can best interact wit hand inform our members on important issues related to agri-entrepreneurship. We finalise this week with optimising our monitoring and evaluation to learn from the input from our members and visitors.

Georges Djodji Akibodé Comment améliorer les activités des membres du réseau AgriProFocus? Ceci est l'un des sujets de la communication et de la formation M & E , qui se passe maintenant en Ethiopie pour nos collègues AgriProFocus. Tous les réseaux de AgriProFocus partagent les meilleures pratiques autour des événements, la communication et le suivi et l'évaluation. Par exemple, nous avons partagé les expériences et les défis autour de la campagne du sol qui a eu lieu en 2015 en Ethiopie pour un grand et dversié public et l'exemple de l'événement EKN-RVO apprentissage tenue à Nairobi, qui avait duré 2 jours et pour un Groupe cible specfic (projets de sécurité alimentaire financé par EKN). Nous avons discuté des différentes phases de la planification d'événements et partagé de nombreuses expériences. Nous avons également discuté de la façon dont nous pouvons améliorer cette plate-forme en ligne et comment nous pouvons mieux interagir pour informer nos membres sur des questions importantes liées à l'agro-entrepreneuriat. Nous finalisons cette semaine avec l'optimisation de notre suivi et d'évaluation à apprendre de l'entrée de nos membres et visiteurs.

1 month 2 days ago

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Posted 1 month 1 week ago

Investment; “Let Your Money Grow”

Yesterday, the 15th of April 2016, marks the end of a five day ‘Training of Trainers’ course in Financial Literacy. AgriProFocus in collaboration with GIZ AGRUFIN and The Hunger Project organized this course for her stakeholders under the Innovation Community on Access to Finance with an overall objective of equipping participants with skills in financial, savings, loan, planning for old age and investment management.

The trainers who also primarily train and support rural agricultural producers along different value chains; are influencing behavioral change in personal /financial management and planning matters. This is in bid to build self-assurance in making decisions to one’s financial issues, as well as build confidence of agribusinesses in dealing with financial service providers.

This training has reminded me of the need to increase my savings in order to prepare and plan for my old age” says Irene Sekamwa Kajoro.

Sylvia Natukunda Mwesigwa This is good especially for our farmers

1 month 6 days ago

Jackline kobugabe Congratulations my fellow Trainees!!! It was Marathon.. "Don't let DEBT become a way of life, You can still survive without students Loans, emergency loans and mortgage." Develop a SAVING Plan!!!!!

1 month 3 days ago

Moses Komagum It was enriching for my personal money management. I loved it! To fellow transformed, let's impact on others seriously.

1 month 3 days ago

Moses Komagum Farmers be ready to tap into this knowledge, skills and confidence...

1 month 3 days ago

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Posted 1 month 1 week ago

Successful FSRE Learning Event on Horticulture

Challenges and Opportunities

Today - April 14, 2016 - an interesting learning event, which brought together important stakeholders in the horticulture sector in Ethiopia, took place at Dreamliner Hotel, Addis Ababa.

The objective of the event was to provide a learning opportunity for the 4th round FSRE Fund Innovation Grant winner projects. AgriProFocus who is responsible in organizing FSRE Fund Learning Events for projects being supported by the Fund has recently taken a new approach – connecting projects with similar value chains for a better understanding of common challenges and opportunities. Accordingly, a few months ago a Learning Event for poultry projects was organized.

Today’s event focused on horticulture. To meet the objective, a number of horticulture development stakeholders from both the Government and private sector, as well as from NGOs, were part of the learning event. The diversity of the 26 participants has pla

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Nicole Metz Further resources on horticulture: 1. Report and video from regional horticulture event East Africa (Rwanda, Nov 2015) 2. Lots of relevant background papers on horticulture (fruit & vegetables) in low and middle income countries: 3. Interesting case study about Ethiopia, is included in a study report on the role horticulture can play for food security: Enjoy reading!

1 month 5 days ago

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Posted 1 month 1 week ago

Mission de redynamisation du réseau AgriProFocus Niger à Maradi et Zinder :

AgriProFocus Niger et le cadre de collaboration et de dialogue des organisations paysannes du Niger, acteur stratégique dans la dynamique paysanne nationale du Niger, mais également dans la mobilisation des autres acteurs, ont organisé une mission conjointe pour la redynamisation du réseau AgriProFocus Niger à Zinder et Maradi du 03 au 09 avril 2016.

La mission a également servi de cadre pour responsabiliser les deux régions dans l’organisation des deux foires prévues dans le plan annuel 2016.

Lors de la mission des ateliers et des rencontres stratégiques ont été organisés. Les ateliers ont réuni, plus d’une soixantaine de personnes, représentants: les organisations paysannes, les services étatiques, les entreprises, les ONGs, les institutions de financement, les institutions de recherche et autres acteurs agricoles.

Les ateliers se sont déroulés en quatre phases :

• Présentation du r

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Posted 1 month 2 weeks ago

Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness

The youth in Agribusiness working group has been vibrant in Tanzania since 2013 aiming at influencing an enabling environment for youth to engage in agribusiness through mindset transformation of youths and firms. With 4 youth roadshows in Mtwara, Morogoro and Dar es Salaam, the impact has been so far fulfilling. However, more has to be done in order to attract more youths to the sector.

The working group met on 18th March to review 2015 activities as well as plan for 2016. The following were the major achievements for 2015:

· Youth roadshow in Dar es Salaam that gathered more 130 young agriculture professionals including youths from SNV OYE (Opportunities for Youth Employment)

· 2 youth benefited from the cassava program in Lindi and Mtwara

· Tanzania Graduate Farmers Associations (TGFA) linked with the Tanzania Agriculture Development Bank for possible financing of the association members agri-related activities

In or

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Faraja Augustino Thanks Madam Hilda hope to benefit much from the two roadshow in Northern part of the country

1 month 2 weeks ago

Hance Richard Melchior Dear Hilda, Congrats for the best work. Keep It Up.

1 month 2 weeks ago

Mabiru Almas jamani tunawapata wapi ili tushirikiane na nyie?

3 days 44 min ago

Hilda Okoth Habari ya leo Mabiru. Tunapatikana Arusha. Ila tunashirikiana na wadau wetu waliopo sehemu mblimbali za nchi. Tafadhali usisite kuwasiliana na sisi kupitia or Tutafurahi kusikia kutoka kwako na kushirikiana na nyie.

1 day 10 hours ago

Posted By in Gender in Value Chains Uganda
Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago

Today 31st March, is the last day of the AgriProFocus Uganda, 4th GVC Trajectory   Kick off Workshop 2016. The participants came from all over Uganda and between them work on over 12 different value chains, including chilli, soya bean, apiary,cassava and horticulture.

GUMIRA CHARLES Am happy to be part of gender in value chain coaching trajectory organized by agriprofocud Uganda. I have learnt different tools used to identity and analyse gender based constraints in value chains. This will help in design interventions that are gender specific.

1 month 3 weeks ago

betty adur Am happy to be part of agriprofocus team working to unlock women potential in decision making, access and having control over resource to allow for total development of the house holds and the country at large.

1 month 3 weeks ago

Racheal Nabbira I feel delighted to be part of the gender trajectory this year.I have got the opportunity to learn various ways and tools that can be used to mainstream gender in the various value chains .Looking forward to developing skills and disseminating this information to our small holder farmers to boost incomes and effectively manage and control resources from the grass roots.

1 month 3 weeks ago

Nkwatsibwe Adams I missed the opportunity

1 month 3 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard Adams, you have not missed yet, you can book to participate in the 5th trajectory, 2017

1 month 3 weeks ago

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Posted 1 month 3 weeks ago

A day out with the young agribusiness entrepreneurs

Agriculture is the major sector in Kenya yet young people do not want to venture in it to sustain themselves and create employment. The youth will always think of agriculture as something to do when they retire from offices. There are many parties coming together to ensure that the youth are empowered to venture into agribusiness and promote food security in the world.

It is with this reason that AgriProFocus Kenya in partnership with USIU-Africa’s Global Agribusiness Management and entrepreneurship (GAME) Center hosted a youth in agribusiness trendsetter’s caravan on 24th March 2016. The event was held at USIU-Africa and was officially opened by Professor Francis Wambalaba from USIU-Africa.

One of the most interesting activities that took place during the forum is the ideation through simulation. The simulation activity is a practical guide to running a successful enterprise. Youth in the forum found the activity very involv

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Annette van Andel Great event once more!

1 month 3 weeks ago

Sanya Wandera Would you share a full report on this! To help us understand the kind of resolutions made, how feasible are the innovations, how practically are they scaling up the stated sectors.

1 month 2 weeks ago

Jillian Kanaiza Makungu Hi Sanya, We are working on a report which will be shared soon. Thanks Much

1 month 2 weeks ago

Michael Ondialla Photos too? ;-)

1 month 2 weeks ago

Posted By in AgriProFocus Rwanda
Posted 2 months 4 days ago

The Agribusiness Club Meeting of 18 March 2016 was Wonderful!

On the 18th of  March 2016, AgriProFocus Rwanda in partnership with Spark organized an Agribusiness Club meeting around 5:30-8pm local time. This exciting event aimed at at introducing the Agri-BDS Network Association and the new AgriProFocus Rwanda Country Coordinator to the network.

Given that the event was planned to be on Friday in the evening, the time that most of people like; “the beginning of the weekend", organizers prepared different kind of drinks and snacks so that people enjoy their weekend while networking with each other, exchange business cards, share business experiences.

The event attracted 71 participants including but not limited to: Agri-BDS network members, AgriProFocus Rwanda coordination team and other key network members & partners.

After the introduction remarks, the Assistant Coordinator and the facilitator of the event Mr.Anatole Majyambere invited Mr. Desire Mushumba the Progam Man

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Sajji RYAKUNZE Thank you Elyse for sharing , this was so interesting !

1 month 3 weeks ago

Posted By in AgriProFocus Burundi
Posted 2 months 2 weeks ago


AgriProFocus Burundi à travers sa Communauté d'innovation genre en partenariat avec l'Association des Femmes Entrepreneurs du Burundi AFAB ont organisé un événement pour célébrer la journée Internationale de la femme célébré chaque 8 mars. Le thème choisit pour cette journée est "Egalité des opportunités dans l'agribusiness au Burundi".
L'événement s'est tenu à la détente et a connu une participation de 121 personnes issues des organisations des producteurs, des entreprises privées, des Institutions financières, des organisations internationales et locales intervenant dans l’agriculture ainsi que les représentants des ministères.
La journée était partagé entre les conférences débat sur trois thèmes qui sont les suivants ; « mettre en valeur la contribution de la femme à la sécurité alimentaire ; Changement climatique au Burundi et agriculture ; et groupement associatif, une optio

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Annette van Andel Je suis tres fiere que vous avec organise cette evenement pour celebrer la journee internationale de la femme. Egalite des opportunites, tres important!

2 months 1 week ago

Cabinet GLOBAL NOVAT Oui aussi très content pour vous pour cette activité. Mais je pense qu'on ne doit pas toujours attendre le 8 mars pour organiser ces gens d'événements. Les femmes rurales acteurs de l'économie locale sont dans le besoin de ces événements bien sûr dans leurs langues locales et non en français ou anglais pour ce sentir appartenir à ce monde remplir d'inégalité. Citation «... si les femmes disposaient du même accès à ces ressources que les hommes, elles produiraient 20-30 % de nourriture en plus… » – La FAO au Travail 2010-2011/AGRIPROFOCUS Chez nous à GLOBAL NOVAT, outre l'expertise en Ingénierie Agricole (études techniques, économiques/stratégiques en agriculture) ; Innovations Technologiques en Agriculture et Vulgarisation/Conseil Agricole; TICs en agriculture, l'entreprenariat, nous travaillons pour l'intégration du genre pour le développement des chaines de valeur agricole., 0022966264461

2 months 1 week ago

Cabinet GLOBAL NOVAT Yes also very happy for you for this activity. But I think we should not always wait for March 8 to organize these events people. Rural women actors of the local economy in need of such course events in their local languages and not in English or French for that feel part of this world complete inequality. Quote "... If women had the same access to resources as men, they would produce 20-30% more food ..." - FAO at Work 2010-2011 / AGRIPROFOCUS GLOBAL NOVAT home, in addition to expertise in Agricultural Engineering (technical, economic / strategic in agriculture); Technological Innovations in Agriculture and Extension / Agricultural Council; ICT in agriculture, entrepreneurship, we are working for gender mainstreaming in the development of agricultural value chains., 0022966264461

2 months 1 week ago

NSENGIYUMVA Janvier Bien pour l'organisation de cette activité aussi importante. Il faut aussi savoir que la main d'oeuvre au niveau du secteur agricole c'est la femme, donc il faut investir dans la femme pour augmenter la production

2 months 3 days ago

Yacouba Zanga Koné Félicitation à vous pour l'organisation de cet événement à l'honneur des femmes. La femme reste et restera au cœur de la promotion de tous les segments du développement agricole surtout si les événements de ce genre contribuant à faire sortir son travail de l'invisibilité sont promus.

2 months 2 days ago

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Posted 2 months 2 weeks ago

Le mardi 08 Mars 2016, l'HÔTEL DU CINQUANTENAIRE DE SIKASSO a accueilli le 3 ème salon du Finagri.

Son Excellence Monsieur Konimba Sidibé, Ministre de la promotion de l’investissement et du secteur privé a présidé la cérémonie de lancement de la troisième édition du Salon du Financement de l’Agriculture. Il avait à ses cotés, le gouverneur de Sikasso, le député de la région, le président du conseil régional, le maire de Sikasso, le président du conseil de cercle, et les services déconcentrés et décentralisés de l’état. Cette cérémonie qui a mobilisé près de 378 acteurs, a marqué ainsi le coup d’envoi de trois jours d’activités de promotion de l' entrepreneuriat agricole, faite d’échange et apprentissage mutuel entre acteurs du secteur. La FINAGRI demeure un incontournable lieu de rencontre et d’échange entre acteurs financiers et porteurs d’affaires avec pour cette édition près de 200 plans d’affaires à discuter dans le cadre

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Posted 2 months 2 weeks ago

AgriProFocus Corporate Annual Plan 2016

The world of 2015 has shown us that interconnectedness is the norm. More than ever, we depend on each other for our safety, economic development and food security, for example. The Global Goals For Sustainable Development are a timely and urgent backdrop to take up many of the present challenges together. In the light of its mission to promote farmer entrepreneurship, AgriProFocus has a solid basis to contribute to: Goal 2: Zero Hunger; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 13: Climate Action; Goal 15: Life on land. 

Policy pillars Dutch government

The AgriProFocus network underscores the key policy pillars for food security of the Dutch government: eradicating hunger and malnutrition; sustainable and inclusive growth of the agricultural sector and creating ecologically sustainable food systems. Within this broader policy framework, AgriProFocus supports the Dutch government pledge for increased coherence. More in particular the

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Humphrey S. Chilewa Great. This is a good platform to discuss issues related to agricultural development. Together we will be able to make a difference.

2 months 1 week ago

Cabinet GLOBAL NOVAT I share with joy, Selected objectives AgriProfocus occurrence in Goal 2: Zero Hunger; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 13: Climate Action; Goal 15: Life on land, to contribute to the eradication of hunger and malnutrition; sustainable and inclusive growth in agriculture and the creation of environmentally sustainable food systems. In Benin, the Global Novat firm will actively collaborate with AgriProfocus Benin for achieving these goals in metrs possible. Yours Ms Anne Marie.

2 months 1 week ago

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Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago

Agri Business Development Services Providers (Agri-BDS) workshop

On Friday, 26th February 2016 a second Agri-BDS workshop co-organized by AgriProFocus and SPARK took place at Chez Lando Hotel and attracted 56 members. The purposes of this event were to present the work done by the Agri-BDS Steering Committee, the Agri-BDS registration pathway, share comments and discussion, choose the network’s committee and discuss the way forward.

In her introductory remarks, Ms.Maia Gedde, the Country Director of SPARK recalled:” the Agri-BDS network has been initiated in order to increase the professional standards of the services delivered in Agriculture, facilitate network members to learn from each other, work together, share experience, network more and find solutions together.”

During the presentation of the work done, Mr. Laurent Ulimubenshi, the Secretary of the steering committee highlighted the objective of the Agri Business Development Services Providers network which is:” To accele

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