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Dairy & Poultry Trade Mission to Zambia

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  25 April 2017 to 30 April 2017 - All Day Event
  Chisamba, Zambia

Are you a Dutch entrepreneur in the dairy or poultry sector? Join the Dutch trade mission to Zambia! Important part of the mission is to participate in the Holland Pavilion (27-29 April) at the major regional trade fair, the AgriTech Expo Zambia.

Participation in the mission is a great opportunity to introduce companies and organizations in Zambia and the region to Dutch knowledge and technologies in the dairy and poultry industries. Recent market surveys show that there are opportunities in the poultry and dairy sectors for Dutch businesses.

The Dutch Export Combination (NEC) is organizing this mission on behalf of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Holland Pavilion at AgriTech

The Agritech Expo Zambia is a B2B platform for professionals in the agricultural sector. The 3rd edition in 2016 attracted over 17,500 visitors and more than 165 local and international exhibitors.

The Holland Pavilion at the Expo Agritech in Chisamba (about 100 kilometers north of Lusaka) can be used by parti

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Holland Pavilion - Agritech Expo Zambia

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  27 April 2017 to 29 April 2017 - All Day Event
  Chisamba, Zambia

Dutch Poultry and Dairy businesses will be at this year's Agritech Expo Zambia at the Holland Pavilion.  The Agritech expo is a business-to-business platform for agricultural professionals, from small-scale farmers to commercial enterprises, to engage and conduct business with some of the world’s leading suppliers to the agricultural industry.

The Dutch Pavilion will include exhibits and presentations by Dutch businesses. This will give attendees the opportunity to view and discuss products from outside their local market.  There will also be a match-making session for pre-selected Zambian businesses with Dutch businesses.

For more information, contact Ms. Chali Nyirenda

This is brought to you by AgriProFocus, Nederlandse Export Combinatie / Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN).

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Can technology help to make fresh food available and affordable?

Poor dietary diversity in developing countries can be a key contributor to health problems because it increases the likelihood that people are not getting sufficient nutrients. Making fresh food more safe, affordable and available provides an opportunity to increase the variety of foods they eat and reduce malnutrition. Herbert Smorenburg, Senior Manager at GAIN writes.

The main drivers of dietary diversity are availability and affordability of micronutrient-rich foods such as horticultural crops, animal-sourced foods, pulses, and nutritious grains. Availability and affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables in particular, due to their seasonal production and perishable nature, present one of the greatest challenges. Without suitable technologies, such as pickling, fermenting, drying, cooling and freezing to conserve, store and process nutritious foods, the cost of such foods, and therefore the cost of better, diverse an

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New Book is Available Now for DOWNLOAD

Agricultural Innovators in Ethiopia: Lessons from the Food Security and Rural Entrepreneurship Innovation Fund

Click HERE or Go to

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Affordability & Financing Models for the Smallholder Market

A playbook for enabling smallholder farmer customer uptake of products and services

June 2015, USAID and Fintrac

'Given the financing gap, and the fact that most farmer income is used to meet basic needs, businesses serving smallholder farmers must rely on innovative methods to enable customers to purchase products and services. Without doing so, companies risk having a limited market for their products and services.

There are a number of promising affordability and financing strategies available for companies to offer customers outside of traditional commercial lending. In many cases, companies can couple these strategies with product and service delivery to offer a comprehensive solution that increases customer adoption.

This playbook will assist partners in understanding the variety and viability of the strategies available to help customers afford a product or service and will help t

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Our business is renewable energy and energy efficiency management. We are new next generation service provider and a contributor to healthy sustainable living. Refic Environment Communications provides Environment Systems with clean technology solutions and offers services in environment communications, equipment matching, equipment selection, import and export of solar powered agri-farm equipment, solar electric tractor technology and attachments.

In Refic, resource planning is our core activity and this makes a difference in what we do. Refic helps create the bridge to match specific environment problems with complete innovation; relying on the expertise and experience of tier one innovators in clean technology. We combine clean technology solutions and machinery in environment management.

Our company, have negotiated the rights to assemble and export electric tractors from Ontario to exclusive markets. We are sourcing domestic distributors. Our patented electric tractor, is the first

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Adapting to climate change: Dutch network members exchange

AgriProFocus Share-a-Slice meeting with network members - 20 April 2017

This informal gathering of AgriProFocus members was hosted by Heifer Netherlands and members exchanged experiences about their interventions to deal with the challenges of climate change in food and agriculture.


ScopeInsight’s Maryse Blom started with the statement that ‘professionalism is the key, also for climate smart agriculture’. ScopeInsight has developed several tools to assess the professional quality of agribusinesses (incl SMEs) and trains partners in LMICs to use these effectively. The organization is a business intelligence provider, scoring companies on 8 clearly defined dimensions. As a separate service, they facilitate aligned capacity building that is provided by a group of organisations in the AMEA alliance. This set of services to support capacity building of farmers and SMEs in the agrifood sector is key as a basis to also tac

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FSRE Innovation Fund Closing Event

A book launch & a learning opportunity

Important Presentations of the event are attached below.

On Tuesday 18 April 2017, AgriProFocus, in collaboration with ICCO Cooperation, organized the closing event for the Food Security and Rural Entrepreneurship Innovation Fund at Golden Tulip Hotel, Addis Ababa.

FSRE Innovation Fund has been financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ethiopia. The Fund has been managed by ICCO Cooperation on behalf of AgriProFocus, which in parallel has organized learning events and conducted coaching visits to the innovation projects as part of a learning trajectory.

74 innovative projects

The morning session of the event was dedicated to the final learning event where innovators of the 74 innovative food security projects attended. The innovators were presented with lessons on topics such as access to finance and future investment strategies. Victor van der Linden presentated on how to access financing opportuni

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What is commercial composting?

To figure out how large scale composting work, we should have a basic understanding on what a Large-scale Composting Site/Factory consists of first? Obliviously, large scale composting factory always have professional workers, abundant supply of raw material, spacious outside area for organic materials fermentation and advanced & effective fast composting technology.

How to pile the composting materials? How to fast compost the organic materials? What kind of composting equipment is best available for industrial-scale composting? The answers to those 3 questions will exactly simplify the secret of industrial composting’s success!

Compost Pile Constructing → How to Pile the Compostable Materials?

Composting Machine Choosing → What Equipment is Best Available for Industrial-scale Composting?

Large scale composting sites must reply on large composting facilities, such as WINDROW TURNERS, to realize fast decomposition. Speaking of windrow turners, we should know their cla

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Help needed! What are the main obstacles when starting out in farming?

Dear all,

My name is Lucy van Rijswijk, I am currently working on my graduation project together with my colleague named Rick Relou. We are both students at the HAS University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, studying "International Food and Agribusiness (Lucy) and "Agribusiness and Administration" (Rick).

As we are busy with our graduation project we would really appreciate your help! We would like to know from you what you see as the main challenges or obstacles when starting out in farming. Below, you can find our survey and it would be great if you could fill it in please.

Thank you in advance!


Rick and Lucy

Anne Marie Kortleve I am sure there are some members of our community that would like to help you! Jacob Olanya or Marion Alyek, can you share their request on the AgriProFocus Uganda Facebook and Twitter as well?

5 days 10 hours ago

Jacob Olanya Hello Van+Rijswijk Lucy i would be glad to share this with  people on our other platforms including social media. I too have taken the survey. :) 

5 days 7 hours ago

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Results Measurement for Sustainable Private Sector Development Course, August 2017

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that we will offer the Results Measurement for Sustainable Private Sector Development Course in August 2017. This 5-day course will take place in The Netherlands from 14th to 18th August 2017.

This course targets intervention and results measurement staff and managers that are working in Private Sector Development programs. The course offers a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of all aspects that practitioners need to set up a practical results measurement system for internal learning and communicating credible results. Many practitioners have benefited from this reputed course over the past seven years. The course is offered by HPC and MDF, with Hans Posthumus and Phitcha Wanitphon as lead trainers.

Course information can be found through this link. For more information, see also or email Hans Posthumus at


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Modern Project on Establishment of Fish Feed Production Plant:

The most economic way for fish farmers or feed plants to get high quality fish feed pellets at lower cost is to establish their own fish feed production line with the advanced fish feed machine, processing technology and nutritional formulation.


Handelsmissie Myanmar: ontdek de nieuwste ASEAN markt

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  07 June 2017 to 09 June 2017 - All Day Event

Heeft u ervaring met zakendoen in de ASEAN-regio? Wilt u de kansen en mogelijkheden in Myanmar verkennen? Ga dan mee met de eerste handelsmissie naar Myanmar van 7 t/m 9 juni 2017.

Tijdens de missie maakt u kennis met deze unieke markt, die een sprong in de tijd maakt. Op het programma staan netwerkevenementen, bedrijfsbezoeken, matchmaking en presentaties bij relevante instellingen.

Opkomende markt

De Nederlandse Ambassade in Myanmar en de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland ( kunnen u ondersteunen om de stap naar deze jonge markt te zetten.

U ontmoet ondernemers die de stap al hebben gezet, zowel start-ups als multinationals als Shell, De Heus, Heineken, Unilever, East West Seed, Control Union, Royal en Haskoning DHV.

Volgt u de ontwikkelingen in deze nieuwste opkomende markt in Azië al langer en heeft u interesse om deze van dichtbij te leren kennen? Dan bent u van harte welkom om aan deze eerste regionale handelsmissie deel te nemen.


De missie is gericht op bedrijven d

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The business case for gender-smart solutions in the private sector

Executive briefing International Finance Cooperation (IFC)

Equality of economic opportunity between women and men drives productivity, profitability, and performance. This executive brief of IFC provides examples and figures showing how managing talent of people (men and women) in a company’s workforce and in its supply chain pays back, and how women form an interesting potential market.


How in Indonesia farmers’ coffee productivity increased by 92 percent, improving ECOM’s access to a key commodity, as a result of IFC’s partnership with ECOM Agroindustrial Corporation targeting women coffee farmers in Indonesia.

How in Nalt Enterprise, a Vietnamese garment manufacturer, staff turnover fell by one-third after the establishment of a women’s clinic and a daycare for employees’ children.

How in Papua New Guinea (were employees lose an average of 11.1 work days per year as a result of gender vi

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alassane bagayoko Coolll image and job!!!!!!

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Watermelon: Recommendations for Maintaining Postharvest Quality

This 4 page publication by Trevor V. Suslow of the California University gives you a short overview of recommendations of maintaining post harvest quality of watermelon. He a/o touches the following subjects: Maturity Indices, Quality Indices, Optimum Temperature, Optimum Relative Humidity, Rates of Respiration, Rates of Ethylene Production, Response to Ethylene, Responses to Controlled Atmospheres (CA), Physical and Physiological Disorders, Pathological Disorders, Special Considerations, Maturity and Quality and Disorders.

To access the publication please follow this link.

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Technical Analysis on Municipal Solid Waste Composting

The second step: Composting, organic Waste treatment

Pre-sorted organic matter is transported through the hopper and conveyor to the main fermentation tank. The main fermentation can be carried out in open air or in a fermentation bin, and oxygen is supplied by means of mixing or forced ventilation. The manner of supplying air depends on the type of fermentation tank. The decomposition of the initial fermentation material is carried out by the most suitable temperature of the thermophilic bacteria (growth and breeding temperature of 30 ~ 40 ℃). With the increase of temperature, the bacteria can be highly efficient decomposition of the supply of oxygen and the degree of good insulation of the stack. And then it will enter the cooling stage. The temperature, risen to the beginning of cooling, is known as the main fermentation period. The main fermentation period of MSW aerobic composting is about 4 ~ 12 days using compos

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Drum Mower - AGROZENIT

> Mostly Designed for smaller and middle farms.

>One of the Most durable designs for Hay Harvesting Mowers.

>Quick and simple Replacement of blades.

> Low power Requirements.

> All in Excellent mowing conditions.

>Durable and robust Construction Ensure Long and trouble-free operation.

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Small Containerised Feedmill

Containerised systems are a unique, high-tech and efficient concept developed by Ottevanger Milling Engineers. A modular design with all the necessary feedmill equipment, electrical installation and process control equipment. The main components of the installation are installed and tested at our factory in the Netherlands and require a minimal installation time on site.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers offers the small containerised C3 series for up to 3 tons per hour. The C3 series can be extended into a C3-2. The C3-2 produces 2 tons pellets and 1 ton mash feed per hour. Small modular solutions are built into a 10 ft. or 20 ft. container frame. The container frame also serves as a supporting structure and is easy to install in areas with limited space.

Benefits of small containerised mills

  • All components are reliable and tested
  • Minimal installation time on site
  • Easy handling
  • Complete with support frame
  • Assembled and checked in factory before dispatch
  • Saving on civil and building costs
  • Low energy

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I-PLAN goes Vietnam

Last week I was in Vietnam, where I also participated in the Regional Food Security Conference ‘Let’s get to work. Building a food secure future’. In her key-note address vice-Minister Marjolijn Sonnema rightfully added the word ‘together’ to the title: building a food secure future together. 

I had the pleasure to present a good example of working together: a project our network is developing together with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the PostHarvest Network (PHN) and BoP Innovation Center. This project aims to establish an Indonesian Postharvest Loss Alliance for Improved Nutrition (I-PLAN).

Food losses

In the developing world most food losses take place before consumption and most remarkably, post farm gate between production and consumption. While loss is most often translated to tonnage of primarily staple foods wasted, postharvest loss and waste most dramatically impacts the perishable nutritious foods, which when lost translat

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A tool for assessing the gender-responsiveness of agribusiness initiatives

Evidence demonstrates that greater attention to addressing gender inequalities in the design and delivery of services or labour recruitment results in improved productivity and more sustainable outcomes. 

But, how to do this? Projects and companies can use the tool decribed in this blog in which Clare Bishop introduces a clear analytical tool with simple scores, spider diagrams, and comparisons, to help think through the spectrum from gender blindness to gender transformation when designing or assessing an intervention. 

The tool helps to: (i) analyse their current performance on gender-related activities at the field level and in project management; and (ii) identify future areas for action. The results of the study piloting this tool will be available in a forthcoming issue.  I found this tool in the Newsletter: What is New in inclusive business part I Click here to download this N

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Prioritising climate-smart agricultural interventions at different scales

Published by Agricultural Systems, February 1st, 2017  

This special of Agricultural Systems focuses on prioritising climate-smart agricultural (CSA) interventions at different scales. Currently, there are few tools that can comprehensively evaluate the range of potential technologies and practices and their possible impacts on food production, environmental sustainability, and mitigation in any context. Therefore, what remains is the prioritization of interventions for investment and broad dissemination. There is a growing body of work by several CGIAR centres and their partners on tools and methods that can be used to prioritise CSA interventions and investments at a range of spatial and temporal scales. This special issue brings together nine papers describing a wide range of approaches and tools. One of the papers (PDF) by Notenbaert et al. describe a generic framework for evaluating and prioritising poten

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Share a Slice: Climate Resilience - wat werkt voor boeren?

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  20 April 2017, 17:30-19:30
  Arthur van Schendelstraat 500, Utrecht

Climate Resilience van boeren verhogen, wat werkt?

Klimaatverandering vormt een groeiende bedreiging voor de mondiale voedselzekerheid. Het ontwikkelen van adaptatiestrategieën valt niet mee: de diversiteit in landbouw vraagt ​​om verschillende en vaak zeer context-specifieke oplossingen. Welke strategieën passen wij als AgriProFocus leden toe? Wat kunnen we van elkaar leren? En waar vullen we elkaar aan?

Het AgriProFocus netwerk organiseert maandelijkse Meet&Eats, door en voor leden, na werktijd, onder het genot van een stuk pizza. Heifer Nederland is de host van deze tweede Meat&Eat in het kantoor van AgriProFocus in Utrecht. De aftrap werd gedaan door BoP Innovation Center met het thema Inclusive Business. Hier kan je meer lezen over de eerste meet-up.

Het programma is als volgt:

17.30 - 18.00 uur : Inloop en een lekker stuk pizza

18.00 - 18.15 uur : Pizza Pitch van Heifer, Soil & More en SCOPEinsight

18.15 - 19.15 uur : Inleiding thema door Heifer + discussie

19.15 - 19.30

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