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Posted 1 month 5 days ago

A Senior Programme Design and Partnership Manager needed by Restless Development

Restless Development is looking for a Senior Programme Design and Partnership Manager

Job title: Senior Program Design and Partnership Manager

Location: Kampala

Salary: Gross annual salary of UGX 80,485,115
Preferred start date: February
Length of contract: 1year renewable
Visa requirements: Restless Development will provide the relevant permit/visa to work in Uganda
Reports: to Country Director
Direct reports: Grants Coordinator and 1 Programme Manager
Expected travel: Some travel to regions possibility of travel for donor meetings within Europe

Interested candidates, please find the, Application details at this link

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Posted 1 month 1 week ago

2 Gender Field Officers needed Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd

Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd. is one of the leading coffee exporters in Uganda. We contribute to the professionalization of the coffee value chain from field to cup. Our Farmer Support Teams work with coffee farming households to improve coffee production and livelihoods. We are expanding our gender programme and are looking for 2 Gender Field Officers to strengthen our team.

Location: Mbale and Paidha

Duration of contract: 4 years, with a try-out period of 6 months

Starting date: 1st February or March 2017

Deadline for application: Monday 23rd January – 5:00 pm

Main duties and responsibilities

-Contribute to the development of the gender strategy;

-Plan and execute gender workshops for champions;

-Follow-up implementation of household plans;

-Set-up and coordinate VSLAs;

-Monitoring and Evaluation; Technical reporting;

-Coordinate integration of the gender programme into Kyagalanyi’s Farmer Support Teams; and

-West Nile: Coordinate the stop chi

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Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago

Here we are! Graduation of 2016 candidates 

Anne Marie Kortleve Congratulations to all graduates! 

2 months 3 weeks ago

Angelica Senders Congratulations indeed!!!

2 months 3 weeks ago

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Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago

A Gender coachee presenting his case study at the closing workshop today 

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Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago

Today AgriProFocus Uganda is having its closing workshop for the 4th AgriProFocus GVC coaching trajectory 2016. Reflecting on key lessons and successes gained during the trajectory. More to come. 

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Posted 2 months 4 weeks ago


The government of Uganda under the leadership of the Ministry of Water and Environment is in the process of developing a national Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience (SPCR). The SPCR reflects the choice of Ugandan stakeholders to adopt a programmatic approach to mainstream climate change adaptation into national and local plans and strategies, with a particular focus on strengthening the resilience of rural and urban communities and their socio-economic infrastructure, as well as building the capacity of national institutions and empowering non state actors to be fully engaged in the process. A team from MWE has been engaged in national and regional level consultations on the SPCR process of which some of you might have been part of.

In order to further extend the opportunity for stakeholders' engageme

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Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Richard, can you also put as an event, so it will be added to the calendar automatically? Thanks!

2 months 4 weeks ago

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Posted 3 months 1 day ago

The Youth can transform the Agri-food sector

In an effort to attract more youth to venture into agriculture and reduce on high levels of unemployment, the African Development Bank (ADB) is planning to train over 10,000 youth in agribusiness in a five year project to start soon. Some of the areas of touch will include; incubation support services, skills in innovations, marketing skills among others. All is aimed to encourage and motivate youth to do agriculture not as hobby but as business. The Youth are encouraged to start their own Agribusiness enterprises, such that they can also employ others and this will in the long run reduce on the unemployment levels.

The AfDB plans directly fit into the AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness strategy; we believe that the youth can potentially be successful entrepreneurs through peer-to-peer learning; for they have something to teach as well as something to learn. Therefore; inspiring youth the agri-food sector leads into more successful yout

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STEPHEN OBORE this is great when is this project kicking off im in great support of it and would as well like to take part in it

2 months 4 weeks ago

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Posted 3 months 1 week ago

Farmers to open Bank accounts in order to access financial services.  Finance Fair Kasese in Progress. 



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  23 November 2016, 08:30-16:30
  Golf Course Hotel-Kampala

Bank of Uganda, with pleasure, invite you to the 6th Financial Information Sharing Group Meeting (FLISG) Meeting scheduled to take place on 23rd November 2016 from 8.30 am to 4.30pm, at Golf Course Hotel Kampala.

The theme is: “Rethinking Financial Literacy to strengthen Financial Capability in Uganda”.

The objectives of the FLISG Meeting are to:

1. Provide an overview of achievements and current status of financial literacy activities by Bank of Uganda in conjunction with development partners and stakeholders.

2. Discuss pertinent, current and relevant aspects on Financial Literacy in line with the set theme.

3. Share experiences, showcase resources and share financial literacy best practices.

In addition, space will be provided to showcase financial literacy resources you have developed. (Stalls with tables and chairs will be set up for that purpose). If you would like to participate in the market place, please respond by midday on Wednesday 16th Novemb

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Posted 3 months 4 weeks ago


October is gone and many areas in Uganda are failing to receive the required rainfall amounts and in areas where it has rained, many crops have been devastated, leaving many homeless and with no any other alternative source of livelihood. The question is: What is Government doing to avert the situation?

It is traditionally known that, Uganda's economy is largely dependent on Agriculture. Not only dependent, but also rain fed agriculture, where farmers have to wait upon God to send rain on the land for food.

Under normal circumstances, October is supposed to be the peak of rains but unfortunately; many areas are still experiencing severe sun shine that has caused crops to dry up thus rendering the second planting season a loss. The question is: how responsive is the National Disaster Preparedness and Management Policy in managing such disasters and the vulnerability of the affected population?

It is reported that, some people h

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National Dialogue on Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill, 2012

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  27 October 2016, 14:00-17:01

PELUM Uganda the lead organization for the AgriProFocus Policy group has organized a National diaolgue to debate on the question; Does Uganda need a law to promote or ban GMOS?

You are all welcome to participate, share your views and recommendations. The dialogue is today the 27th Oct, at Hotel Africana -Kampala.

Come one, come all!

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Posted 5 months 21 hours ago


Story telling is a scientifically-proven way to capture a listener's attention and hold it. It makes your pitch unforgettable. So, tell your story and tell it right. You're bound to gain attention, and the funding will follow.

Whether you're looking for investors or to get people interested in your business, your victory depends on your ability to explain what makes your business unique and to catch your listener's attention in less than 2 minutes. One of the most important things a businessperson can do, especially the founder or the general manager or someone who is at the center of the business daily operations is sales and learning how to speak about the business to others. This therefore these two things become the main target for every business that wants to grow.

Are you an entrepreneur? Company? Cooperative?, today AgriProFocus, SNV -The Netherlands Development Organization, B-Space and Netherlands Uganda Trade & Inve

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Bernard Mugume Am glad I will be part of this interesting sessions and i hope to network with investors and financiers to boost Focus Youth Forum Association in agriculture

4 months 4 weeks ago

Alphaxrd Gitau This is great. We are looking at doing this in Kenya as well with the youth. Would be great to learn from your experience.

4 months 3 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard I have not seen an immediate impacting event like PAINT, where clients confirm they are converted, where agribusinesses pitches turn into stories

4 months 2 weeks ago

Alphaxrd Gitau This is great Richard. We need to do this more.

4 months 2 weeks ago

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Posted 6 months 17 hours ago

"The AgriProFocus Gender trajectory helped us to ensure a 50-50 men and women participation in the management and ensuring quality coffee". Said Mr. Umaru Male, the Scheme Manager -Mt. Elgon Project-Kyagalanyi.

Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd, after participating in the AgriProFocus Gender trajectory 2013, they developed a Gender activity profile in improving coffee quality within their coffee farming communities. This profile is meant to help men appreciate that women also a big role to play in the family coffee business.

 Below in the picture (left is the Gender profile and right are women and men sorting Coffee together at Kyagalanyi Coffee unit -Mbale). 

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Posted 6 months 18 hours ago

AgriProFocus Coachees took a trip to Kyagalanyi Coffee Unit in Busano subcounty-Mbale District.

The visit was to see the participation of women delivering coffee to the marker. Previously men used to take coffee too the market but now women are being encouraged to take coffee to the market.

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Posted 6 months 1 day ago

Collaboration between Non State Actors and MAAIF strengthened.

Today marks the end of a two day Joint Agricultural Sector Annual Review (JASAR) that started on Monday the 29th to 30th August 2016, happening at Speke Resort Munyonyo. The event brings together Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), Civil Society Organizations, farmers, private sector and development partners under one roof to evaluate the performance of the Agriculture sector as well as discuss the areas of improvement in the sector at large.

As you may all be aware that; the aspirations of Vision 2040[1], the National Development Plan (NDP II) and Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan (ASSP) is to transform Uganda from a peasant to modern prosperous country. This is set to be realized through strengthening the country’s competitiveness for sustainable production, wealth creation, employment and inclusive growth. These development frameworks identify increasing production and productivity, va

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4th Gender Equality for Sustainable Development Conference

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  27 September 2016 - 08:30 to 29 September 2016 - 17:00

Women and youth continue to face challenges in their efforts to access financial products and services for their economic development. Limited access to other capital assets and resources necessary for production such as land has also limited women and youth in venturing into agriculture as a business. It is from this starting point that We Effect and like-minded partner organisations for the last 10 years have been organising conferences to provide opportunity for sharing, learning and forging partnerships for development and specifically to step up women and youth involvement in development programmes.

This year the annual conference is organised by We Effect, Men for gender Equality Now (MEGEN), the Alliance Africa (ICA) and GROOTS Kenya and will be held in Nairobi from 27 – 29 September 2016. The three days’ engagement will offer a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, learn and network with policymakers, financial service providers, small-scale entrepreneurs,

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Posted 6 months 1 day ago

“If you want your marriage to last, then do not ask for accountability from a husband” said a coachee.


In Iganga District, the Eastern part of Uganda, women say that coffee is a man’s crop including all the proceeds that come from the harvests. Women feel they do not have the moral authority to ask a man for the accountability of how he used the money. Yet women are expected to play a central role in harvesting, drying and sorting. But always forgotten when it comes to selling and spending the proceeds. It is said that; in case a woman tries to ask a man of what he used the money for, she will be shuttered and rewarded with a man marrying another woman, a practice that has left many women economically disempowered. A coachee from EADEN -Iganga -Gorett shares the plight of women in the coffee value chain.

It is now 5 months down the road since the kick off workshop was held (March), and in order to meet coaching needs and objectives, a learning event is orga

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Posted 7 months 5 days ago

Civil Society Organizations and Cooperators Petition Government

Whereas the Cooperative Movement has had various challenges in the past years, at least today, we see a slight increase in the formation and registration of new cooperatives as well as old ones being revived. There is a deliberate effort by Government towards the revival of the cooperative movement and recognition of the cooperative agenda as evident by the appointment of the Minister of state for Cooperatives

Notwithstanding, the cooperative movement continues to limb due to unresolved policy and institutional related issues, such as; unclear and weak regulatory framework, absence of the cooperative personnel at all levels, department being underfunded to implement the Cooperative Policy 2011 among others.

It is against such a back ground that, the Civil Society Organizations and Cooperators country wide petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, on the 28th June 2016. The petition reflected 10 demands which include the fol

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Posted 7 months 5 days ago

Government to Insure Farmers against Risks

Uganda has released 5 billion shillings as part of Governments' plans to support the implementation of the Agricultural Insurance Scheme. This will be implemented by 10 insurance companies under the Uganda Insurers Association. AgriProFocus has also been identified as a key player in this process and will closely work with this Association to increase public awareness through AgriProFocus organized events, fairs and the on-line platform.

The scheme targets farmer groups, associations, larger farmers and ranchers who have suffered a number of Agricultural challenges and risks such as excessive rains, fire, flooding, drought, pests, diseases and limited access to finance among others.

All categories of farmers will benefit however emphasis will be on the small scale farmers with potential of transforming into large scale farmers. The scheme is therefore to help them be credit worthy and encourage them to access credit from financial servic

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Posted 7 months 2 weeks ago

Youth Livelihood Program to become a co-operative

The livelihood fund projects are set to be turned into co-operatives to ensure sustainability.

This was revealed by the State Minister for Youth, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, in Sheema District last Friday. She, added that, the Ministry is in talks with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives on how to nurture the projects that, have benefited from the Livelihood program into co-operatives.

This is timely, currently AgriProFocus Policy group is in talks with the Department of co-operatives on how we can collaborate and double our efforts to encourage the youth form themselves into producer groups/associations and then graduate into co-operatives.