Sander Mager

Managing Director

Amstelveen, Netherlands

About Me

Starting February 1, 2016 I have the privilege to be the Managing Director of AgriProFocus. I have a Masters Degree in Ecology from VU University Amsterdam and post-academic training in Transition Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In my professional career I have worked for all four sides of the so-called Dutch Diamond (corporate sector, government, academia and civil society). I was Vice-President and Director of the Learning Program of TransForum (a public-private innovation program on sustainable agriculture), I worked as senior strategic adviser for the Ministries of Economic and of Foreign affairs, as lecturer at VU University Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University, and more recently as an independent consultant at Licence to Grow. I strongly believe that innovations and agri-entrepreneurship can and will fundamentally and sustainably change food systems worldwide.

Skills and Expertise


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