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Posted 1 month 2 weeks ago

Gender in Value Chains Trajectory IV

AgriProFocus Zambia's Gender Trajectory has welcomed it's fourth cohort in 2017! We kicked off this nine-month trajectory with a three-day workshop and participants from SNV, the Cotton Association of Zambia, the Dairy Association of Zambia and a new gender coach, Mr. Knox Kalubi. The aim of this workshop was to equip the participants with the knowledge, skills and tools on how to mainstream gender in their work and activities. It was an eventful three days as participants experienced an enlightenment in their perspective of gender and it's application in value chain development. Click here to read more about the kick-off workshop and the journey our participants and coach will be embarking on! Also for a more visual effect, follow this link to check out pictures on our Facebook page. For any questions and information on how you can take part in our Gender in Value Chains Trajectory, don't hesitate to email Maumo Mubila on:

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Posted 1 year 2 weeks ago

Regional Dairy Consultative Meeting: Zambia

On March 10th, 2016 SNV Netherlands Development Organisations through its M-DIP project funded by GIZ in partnership with AgriProFocus Zambia and the Dairy Association of Zambia (DAZ) hosted a Regional Dairy Consultative Meeting at the Zambian College of Agriculture in Monze (Southern Zambia). This meeting attracted farmers, cooperatives as well as representatives from the government and the private sector. The aim of this meeting was to discuss and develop solutions to the challenges faced in the dairy sector. The key challenges participants pointed out were as follows:

1. High cost of milk production

2. Traditional breeds cannot produce as much milk

3. Inconsistent milk collection schedule

4. Inadequate milk storage tank capacity

5. Main collection centre are too far for farmers

These challenges will further be discussed at national level through a National Dairy Platform scheduled for May 2016 The Dairy Association of Zambia will be lobbying

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Posted 1 year 2 months ago

Gender Track III Kick-off Workshop

AgriProFocus Zambia held a three-day kick-off for the Gender in Value Chain Coaching trajectory which took place from Monday 15th February to Wednesday 17th February. Participants were coached by Gender specialist Namwinga Mumbi. During this workshop, participants were involved in various thought-provoking activities and were introduced to a number of tools and strategies to develop a gender inclusive value chain. Participants left the workshop with a lot of insight into:

        - The importance and benefits of a gender inclusive value chain

        - Key concepts for analyzing agricultural value chains from a gender perspective

        - How they can apply the tools in the Gender in Value Chains toolkit

        - How their current gender action plans can be improved

At the end of the workshop, participants applied eve

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Cabinet GLOBAL NOVAT Hello dear Maumo Mubila. Thank you for this AGRIPROFOCUS Zambia organized training. This training as you had highlighted that will include gender in the value chain and therefore different players have sustained and equitable income. Cabinet GLOBAL NOVAT, suggest you get really involved with structures (office, NGOs, center) at the base to a support board monitoring of these participants and farmers in the pants. It is only on this condition that you can have the desired result '' participants' progress and farmers in the near future! ''. Cabinet GLOBAL NOVAT good continuty wish you agriprofocus 2016 activities

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Posted 1 year 2 months ago

Agricultural Goods Delivery Services

Are you outside Lusaka and need to buy Agricultural items/goods in Lusaka. No need to travel, contact SBM BUSINESS CONSULTANCY on: 0950 508057 and 0978 792483(text only) or email: Give them the details and they  will buy it on your behalf and send it to you without delay. 

Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Maumo, you can also post this in our marketplace. You can click on Advertise in Marketplace and post it there, it will generate more visibility. Good luck!

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