Fortunatus MLYANDENA

Vimamaya - Bush Sweet Potatoes

Arusha, Tanzania

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A farmer from Illboru, Arusha dealing with Vimamaya (bush sweet potatoes) farming. Vimamaya is a chaga name for local bush sweet potatoes found around the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This species is slowly becoming extinct and my vision is to bring back and promote this nutritious and medicinal (TIBA LISHE) ingenious variety of sweet potatoes around the world(global community).

I have preserved the seeds, distributed to other farmers and stakeholders and improved the farming techniques of these sweet potatoes. Through this around 150 farmers have benefited. Some of the outcomes is that this potatoes has been a life saver for diabetics,ulcers, heart attack and Hypertension patients. It is also a memory enhancer.
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Posted 10 months 2 weeks ago

Iam Fortunatus from KILIMANJARO Moshi i deal with vimamaya( chaga language -Bush sweat potatoes founded at the slope around mountain kilimanjaro) i hope to hear more from all at AgriProFocus i am Glad to be here. God is Good

Fortunatus MLYANDENA Hi all at SNV AFRICA and Europe especially Tanzanian Catherine and Hilda wellcome to kings assembly Ilboru Tomorow around 02.00 pm for Praise and Worship service sunday more information contract me Today.

10 months 1 week ago

Fortunatus MLYANDENA My mobile phone is +255(0)784 32 5 404, +255(0)745 200 488 East Africa - Ilboru Arusha Tanzania.

10 months 1 week ago

Hilda Okoth Dear Fortunatus, please add this contacts on your profile. You can do this by clicking Edit my Profile found on the wheel icon( on top of the page). On your left you will see a contact section. You can add your contact by clicking "Add contacts"

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Cibarani Cibarani Hi Fortunatus,
We're glad to be part of your network...

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA

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