Assistant Coordinator - APF Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda

About Me

Assistant Coordinator at AgriProFocus Rwanda.

Didier holds a Bachelor's of Science in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. He joined AgriProFocus in July 2013.

Responsible of operating the online platform, assisting the network partners in their initiatives to develop their businesses, facilitating Innovation Communities active under the AgriProFocus Network umbrella and ensuring a successful organisation of the network activities (events, workshops).

Hired by ICCO Rwanda, I am part of the AgriProFocus coordination triangle together with the AgriProFocus coordination team in Rwanda and the AgriProFocus network facilitator in Arnhem.

My responsibilities are:

Network development and coordination

• Operating the Online Platform (http://agriprofocus.com), keeping the on-line directory updated and providing the membership with up to date news, events and issues related to Agri Business;
• Pro-active marketing of the network to prospective new members (with a keen view on private sector) and media;
• Taking responsibility for developing good PR material (briefs, factsheets, etc) for the Agri Hub;
• Communication with the members on key network activities and supporting the team in organising events;
• Organising reviews and articles be made and published on the online-platform about events organised;
• Participating in and making minutes of coordination meetings;
• Handling any other APF related roles as delegated by the Coordinator.

Business and partnership brokering

• Assist the coordinator in supporting AgriProFocus partners in their initiatives to develop their businesses;

Innovation communities

• Assist the coordinator in facilitating the innovation communities which are active under the AgriProFocus umbrella;
• Simulate synergy and exchange between the AgriProFocus innovation communities and/ or other initiatives in the region.

Platform of debate and learning (http://agriprofocus.com/intro)

• Assist the AgriProFocus country coordinator in facilitating the debate and learning working groups which are active under the AgriProFocus umbrella;

Expertise areas: Agribusiness, Value Chain Development, Organic Certification, Entrepreneurship, Youth in Agriculture, ICT4Ag, Communication, Event Management, Online Marketing, Social Media

You can freely contact me (dmuyiramye@agriprofocus.com), if you need more information on AgriProFocus Rwanda services and our online platform

Skills and Expertise


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Opportunity for Training in Meat Processing 

The Marketplace for Nutritious Foods Rwanda has recently concluded the selection of grantees for its first and second call for proposals with 10 companies selected to receive investment grants for the implementation of several agricultural value addition projects including meat processing, flour blends and processing, egg production and Tilapia fish cage farming and physallis (gooseberry) production. The Marketplace project is now calling for applications from qualified companies or Individuals within meat processing to be provided with two day training. A maximum of 25 companies producing meat products will be selected by GAIN.


GAIN has hired a consultant to provide training to 25 selected meat processing companies. GAIN thereby wishes to invite eligible and interested meat processing companies in Rwanda to apply for this two training opportunity.

Outcome of the training

Company delegates will be trained on:

- How to p

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USAID/Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods CoP Meeting

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  02 March 2017, 08:30-15:35
  Lemigo Hotel

(From GAIN Rwanda Secretariat)

Dear Partner,

Re: Invitation to the fourth USAID/Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods Community of Practice Meeting

I am pleased to invite you to the 4th USAID/Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods Community of Practice meeting, which will take place on March 2nd, 2017 from 8.30 to 15.35 at Lemigo Hotel. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition is hosting the Community of Practice (COP) as part of the Marketplace for Nutritious Foods in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods project provides business planning, technical, and financial assistance to agri-based companies in Rwanda helping them to use local agriculture to contribute to the fight against malnutrition by producing nutritious foods available to low-income consumers across the country. By working with investable businesses to support innovations all along the agricultural value chain —from production, processing and food preparation to sales — the Marketplace for Nutritious Foods

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Job Opportunity: National Director at World Vision Rwanda

Deadline: 12 March 2017

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian, development and advocacy organisation devoted to improving the lives of children, families and their communities around the world. Our 45,000+ staff members working in more than 90 countries are united through our ethos, mission and shared desire for all individuals, especially children, to overcome poverty, inequality and injustice.

Here’s where you come in:

As National Director – Rwanda, you will oversee the development and strategy of all country operations. World Vision Rwanda was founded in 1994 and serves more than 600,000 children, their families and their communities across 29 programme areas. Currently the office has a team of 320 staff with 87,000 registered children through the World Vision sponsorship programme. The office has a budget of $ 39 USD million made up of Sponsorship and Grants.

You are a highly accomplished visionary leader who combines prov

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Flower exports gain momentum as NAEB mulls strategies to increase production

(Story from The NewTimes)

The long wait is over. Finally, after over three years of planned rose exports from Rwanda’s Gishari Flower Park in Rwamagana District, ‘encouraging’ flower shipments have made it to key European market.

Since production started in July, the project under Bella Flowers has shipped over 1.7 million stems of roses over the past months, Business Times has learnt. Only six hectares of the park are currently in production, officials have said.

The Rwf5.3 billion 35-hectare flower farm is expected to produce at least 44 million stems per year, according to Aurore Umubyeyi, the chief operating officer Bella Flowers. She said more than 65 per cent of the roses produced so far have been exported to Europe through the world’s leading flower market in the Netherlands.

She said the firm is, however, targeting other markets outside Europe, in Asia and Africa. “We have already sent samples to

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Agri-business getting youth attention

(Story from The NewTimes)  

Rwanda’s agriculture and livestock sector has long been characterised by an ageing farming population whose average age is 55 years. As a result, innovation, creativity and technology adaptation as well as skills transfer has been slow, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and agricultural experts.

But lately, some youth have embraced the sector and committed to making it more vibrant in its entire supply chain.

The Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum was formed in May 2016 to bring together young people engaged in commercial farming in the country.

Unlike traditional farming, these youths’ focus is commercial farming.

Currently, the organisation has 1,265 members grouped into five clusters namely crop production, livestock production, agro-processing (animal and crops), other agro-services which include packaging, inputs, extension services, mechanissation, among others, and inf

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Agro & Poultry East Africa

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  22 May 2017 to 24 May 2017 - All Day Event
  Jubilee Hall, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

12Th Agro & Poultry, International Trade Show on Agriculture, Farming, Poultry and Equipment Trade Exhibition. The exhibition will be held in Conjunction with Trade Africa 17 from 22 - 24 May 2017, at Diamond Jubilee Hall, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
12Th Agro & Poultry provides a unique opportunity to expand your brand in one of the most astonishing business destinations in Africa. Tanzania has a huge potential for Agriculture & its related products as it plays a vital role in country's growing economy. The Exhibition would attract exhibitors from around 18 countries.
12Th Agro & Poultry attracts visitor from different countries as a mass visitor campaign would be launced to make a prosper event as visiting countries include Kenya, South Africa, Congo, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Nigeria, Mali, Ethiopia, India, Egypt, UK, Germany etc.

Click here for more 


UR Scientific Conference Week 2017

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  13 June 2017 to 14 June 2017 - All Day Event
  Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village

The University of Rwanda (UR) is pleased to announce the UR Scientific Conference Week entitled: ‘Rebranding Research for Sustainable Development.’ The UR was established in 2013 by the Government of Rwanda from the merger of the nation’s seven (7) public Higher Learning Institutions ‘to deliver quality education and develop innovative teaching and research meant to address the problems of the population, the students, the nation, the region and the world.’ This conference provides an opportunity for scholars and stakeholders to reconsider the role of research in socio-economic transformation. In addressing the context of national and global developmental goals especially the SDGs, the UR aims to become both local in context and at the same time globally relevant.

This conference is expected to bring together over 1000 participants from around the world. Over 300 papers is expected to be presented.

Conference Themes

The conference main theme is "Rebranding Research for Sustainab

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Dairy Business Cocktail: offering a platform to connect rwandan dairy business actors

AgriProFocus Rwanda in cooperation with Agriterra organised a Dairy Business Cocktail on Friday, 25th November 2016. 

The objectives of this 2 hour networking event is to:

  • (1) Provide the key actors in the Rwandan Dairy Business Sector with a platform to network, share information and increase deal making
  • (2) To expand professional connections and opportunities in dairy sector

This cocktail was attended by 21 professionals (3 from farmer organisations, 4 from private companies, 4 from the Government, 10 from NGOs)

The cocktail followed a 2-day Dairy Learning Lab which was organised by AgriProFocus Rwanda in collaboration with Agriterra, Send a cow Rwanda and PUM in Rwamagana District on 23-24 November; it was mainly dedicated to animal feeding and feeds. 

The dairy learning lab is a network approach to boost the exchange and learning between dairy practitioners and professionals who work in su

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Regional AgriProFocus Country Coordinators meeting - November 2016

On 28-30 November 2016, three AgriProFocus country coordinators (Rwanda, DR Congo & Burundi) met in Kigali to discuss progress in their countries and look for possibilities of organizing some cross country activities among the 3 country networks in 2017. Among the topics discussed, ‘’Youth’’ and ‘’Potato’’ emerged as possible regional programs the 3 countries can focus on.


Engagement of youth in agribusiness is currently high on the agenda of development cooperation and the network approach applied in Rwanda in 2016 turned out very effective. The AgriProFocus approach regarding Linking and Learning really came out as added value. There is a need for the young of the countries to exchange experiences, evaluate the start of their businesses, hear successes and challenges on a regional level.


The participation of the DRC and Burundi teams in the Potato Week  (funded by Agriterra a

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Janine Schoeman Great picture guys!

2 weeks 4 days ago

maureen munjua woooh i like this guys ... true team work 

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The Hive Basic Beekeeping Training

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  18 February 2017, 08:00-17:00
  Nyarurama, Mt. Rebero, Kicukiro District

(Message from The Hive Rwanda Ltd)  

We would like to invite you, your colleagues or your beneficiaries to The Hive Basic Beekeeping Training scheduled on 18th February 2017 from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

The training will take place at our bee farm in Nyarurama, Mt. Rebero, Kicukiro District (see attached poster for more details).

The training will include a theoretical and practical session with our experienced apiarists.

Topics to be covered include;

1. Introduction of Commercial Beekeeping

2. Introduction to Bee science

3. Site selection

4. Bee Diseases and Pests

5. Colony Inspection and Division

6. How to produce high quality export-standard honey in Rwanda

7. Practical site selection

This training will have the following benefits;

1. You will understand how commercial beekeeping can be done as a business

2. Practical skills to run a beekeeping business, or supervise a beekeeping project

3. Awareness of the role of bees in food security and environmental protection through pollination

4. You will

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Invitation For Modern Beekeeping Training

(Message from The Hive Rwanda Ltd)

We would like to invite you, your colleagues or your beneficiaries to The Hive Basic Beekeeping Training scheduled on 18th February 2017 from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

The training will take place at our bee farm in Nyarurama, Mt. Rebero, Kicukiro District (see attached poster for more details).

The training will include a theoretical and practical session with our experienced apiarists.

Topics to be covered include;

1. Introduction of Commercial Beekeeping

2. Introduction to Bee science

3. Site selection

4. Bee Diseases and Pests

5. Colony Inspection and Division

6. How to produce high quality export-standard honey in Rwanda

7. Practical site selection

This training will have the following benefits;

1. You will understand how commercial beekeeping can be done as a business

2. Practical skills to run a beekeeping business, or supervise a beekeeping project

3. Awareness of the role of bees in food security and environmental protecti

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Janine Schoeman Hi Didier, thanks for sharing this event. Could you make an event post for this so it shows up in the calendar as well please? Thanks!

2 weeks 6 days ago

Didier MUYIRAMYE Dear Janine, thanks! I also posted it in our event's section. See: http://agriprofocus.com/post/58998efaa93f252eb1aac11a

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Final Report _ Potato Week (Musanze, November 29 - 1 December 2016)

The 6th edition of the "Potato Week" took place in Musanze/Northern Province of Rwanda, from November 29 to December 1, 2016 with “Market access and access to finance for potato producers in Great Lakes region” as the main theme. As usual, this annual event was jointly organized by Farmer Organizations involved in the potato value chain in the Great Lakes sub-region, with the support of their international partners.

For this 2016 edition, 12 Farmer Organizations from 4 countries in Great Lakes sub region were involved, including those from the Democratic Republic of Congo (FOPAC North Kivu, FOPAC South Kivu, LOFEPACO, UPDI, ASOP, COOCENKI and SYDIP), Uganda (Kisoro District Farmers, Mbarara District Farmers and UNSPPD), Burundi (CAPAD) and Imbaraga of Rwanda that led the organization and hosted the event.

Two Dutch organisations, Agriterra and AgriProFocus were also involved, and have funded the activities of the even

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Consultancy Opportunities at SPARK Rwanda / CSP Programme Evaluation   

1. Consultancy services for Final Program Evaluation Cooperative Support Program (CSP)

Deadline: 28 February 2017

SPARK is recruiting a qualified and experienced firm or independent associate consultants to make a final evaluation of the Cooperative Support Program (CSP) Implemented by SPARK – Rwanda.   

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2. Consultancy Services to document success stories and capitalize lessons learnt from the Cooperative Support Programme (CSP) through a professional E-booklet and audio visual tools

Deadline: 13 February 2017

SPARK is seeking the services of consultant (s) to document the project’s achievements through case studies, photography and e- videos compiled into a series of web articles and /or CSP e-booklet to capitalize lessons. 

The main objective of this assignment is to analyse, document, capitalize and share the knowledge gained in the Cooperative Support Programme in Rwanda

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Rwanda to export fortified foods

Rwanda will start exporting fortified foods, next month, thanks to a new modern factory recently launched. The Africa Improved Foods - Rwanda, based at Kigali Special Economic Zone Nyandungu, started production of fortified porridge flour yesterday.

The $45-million (about Rwf36 billion) factory is expected to produce 45,000 tonnes of fortified food annually, enough to help boost exports and prevent child malnutrition across country. Up to 60 per cent of its output is expected to be exported to regional and global markets.

The facility is a consortium of Royal DSM (the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company), the Dutch Development Bank, the DFID, the UK’s development financing institution under the Impact Acceleration Facility (managed by CDC Group Plc), and the International Finance Corporation, the investment arm of the World Bank.

In 2013, Rwanda launched the ‘1000 Days’ national campaign to combat malnutrition with an aim of

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USAID/PSDAG - Annual Program Statement and Request for Applications

From: Private Sector Driven Agricultural Growth (PSDAG) 

Issuance Date: December 16,2016

Closing Date: September 30,2017

1.Overview of Private Sector Driven Agricultural Growth Project

The Rwanda Private Sector Driven Agriculture Growth (PSDAG) project is a 5-Year project funded by USAID Rwanda that started in August, 2014. The project is implemented by IRG, an Engility Company. The goal of PSDAG is to increase smallholder farmers’ incomes by promoting private sector investments that contribute to the Government of Rwanda’s (GoR’s) Vision 2020 aim of “transforming agriculture into a market-oriented, competitive, and high-value sector.” PSDAG has two main objectives: 1) Assist the GOR to Increase Private Sector Investment; and 2) Facilitate Increased Private Sector Investment in Upgrading Agricultural Value Chains. The project’s Private Sector Engagement Strategy is based on a fa

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[VIDEO] French beans present new prospect for agric exports

Proxifresh Rwanda Ltd, a company that has been exporting French beans since 2014. The company is based at Kigali Special Economic Zone. 

Proxifresh, a Mauritian company, is the first firm to engage in exporting Rwanda grown French beans, according to the National Agriculture Exports Development Board (NAEB).

For more, read http://www.newtimes.co.rw/section/article/2017-01-30/207552


Online Platform Training

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  23 February 2017 - 14:30 to 14 December 2017 - 17:00
  AgriProFocus Rwanda Office

In an effort of improving the online visibility of our members' businesses/activities/services (which is an important marketing tip in these increasing digital times), AgriProFocus Rwanda is organizing again similar trainings on the use of the online platform (on different dates). 

We will be providing this training (to a maximum of 14 participants/day) every Thursday of the week starting from 09th February 2017.

Online Platform

The AgriProFocus online platform is one of the main exchange and communication tool. With this tool, you can:

- Access useful local contacts through our Directory

- Market your products/services in our MarketPlace

- Market your organization/company

- Discuss agricultural issues with people from all over the world.

The online platform features new content on a daily basis with the latest news and information, an online marketplace to trade, a forum to discuss and an agribusiness directory where you can find all connected organisations and companies.

What will you le

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Validation workshop on Maize Value Chain Finance Analysis

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  06 February 2017, All Day Event

Participation by Invitation Only!

ICCO cooperation in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation is implementing the Strengthening African Rural Smallholders (STARS) program, in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Senegal.

Based on market potential and opportunities for sustainable change in the value chain, maize and rice value chains were selected as the two main value chains for the STARS program in Rwanda.

ICCO Cooperation is organizing a validation workshop of the maize value chain finance analysis. Value Chain Finance analysis implies that the relationships in the chain are identified, also the financial products and services that flow to or through any point in a value chain that enable investments that increase actors' returns and the growth and competitiveness of the chain.

The workshop will be held on Monday February 6th from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm. 


Best Farmers Award 2017 at agricultural expo Uganda

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  17 February 2017 to 19 February 2017 - All Day Event

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Uganda would like to inform you on the upcoming 'Best Farmers Award 2017' in Kampala, Uganda.

On 17 February 2017 the yearly Best Farmers Award event will be organized, a collaboration between the New Vision Media Group, KLM, dfcu/Rabobank and the Netherlands Embassy in Kampala. This popular event gets a lot of media attention. This year the event is combined with training sessions and an agricultural expo. This event and more specific the expo provides a very good opportunity for exposure of Dutch companies to the Ugandan Agribusinesses and the public.

If you are interested in participating in the expo please send an e-mail for more information to kig-lnv@minbuza.nl

See also http://www.theugandatoday.com/all-uganda-today-posts/2017/01/vision-group-to-host-farmers-expo/

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Rwanda - Job Opportunities (January - February 2017)

1.  Chief of Party – Dutch Embassy Value Chain Project, Rwanda

Closing Date for Application: N/A

The Value Chain Project is anticipated to start in 2017 and will seek to improve market engagement for market-oriented farmers, strengthen household resilience, and increase availability of agricultural services for farmers and businesses in select value chains, which are of strategic importance to both the Government of Rwanda and EKN. Working in select districts of Rwanda, the project will help rural smallholders move from subsistence farming to commercial farming and supply agricultural products for local, national, regional and international markets. The project will partner with national and multinational agro-food companies as drivers to increase productivity and to improve efficiency and sustainability of supported value chains. The project is anticipated to run between 4 and 5 years, with a total budget of about Euros

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