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A quoi sert le potassium en agriculture?



1. maintient la plante dressée.

2. Favorise la photosynthèse (port de feuilles bien vertes)

3. Désinfecte les cultures

4. Prévient les attaques de champignons, d'insectes, de bactéries et des virus.

5. Régule le cycle de l'eau (permettant une plus grande résistance aux écarts de la température)

6. Régule la circulation de la sève brute ascendante.

7. Régule le chargement des assimilas (sucre, acides aminés) dans la sève élaboré vers les racines et les organes de réserve (grains, fruits et tubercules...) C'est-à-dire donne le vrai goût au fruit.

Alors, pour votre potassium, nous vous proposons le *KLIMTOTAL*. "Source de potassium organique" .

Il peut être appliqué sur tout type de plante, arbre fruitier, plante ornementale et autres cultures.

KLIMTOTAL est certifié par SOHICERT pour son utilisation en agriculture biologique selon le règlement de la communauté européenne (CE) N°834/2007en vigueur.

Prix: 5000f cfa le litre.

Disponible toute de suite et maintenant chez nous à Groupe LANDE.

Informations et commandes: 94567067 (Appel et SMS) 67611755 (Whatsapp)

Avec Groupe LANDE, cultivons durablement !!!

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Thank you to everyone who has responded on our survey so far - and if you'd still like to answer we'd be delighted!


Kind regards,


Anne Marie Kortleve Good to hear you received responses! If you have final results, I'd like to hear them here as well!

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Dans le cadre de la coopération entre l’Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) et la Région de Bretagne en France, la Chambre Consulaire Régionale de l’UEMOA basée à Lomé (au TOGO) a mis en place un programme de formation qui allie management, organisation du travail, connaissance de l’entreprise et citoyenneté intitulé « PROJET TALENTS DU MONDE /UEMOA » au profit des Jeunes Opérateurs Économiques de l’Union.

A cet effet, le Président de la Commission de l’UEMOA et le Président de la Chambre Consulaire Régionale de l’UEMOA lancent le présent appel à candidatures relatif à la sélection des opérateurs économiques avérés ou potentiels susceptibles de participer au Programme. pour le compte de la 17ème Promotion.

*** Cette promotion est exclusivement réservée aux candidats dont les entreprises sont dans les secteurs de l'Agriculture et de l'Agroalimentaire. ***

L'ANPME, des PME compéti

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Aflatoxins and Extension in Zambia Webinar

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  26 April 2017, 15:30-16:30

Mark your calendars! You are invited to an INGENAES webinar focusing on how agricultural extension services can help support women’s strategies for reducing household exposure to aflatoxins.

Link to Invitation

When: April 26, 2017 at 8:30 AM Central

Time (US and Canada)/15:30 Central African Time (Zambia)

Topic and Background

  • What are the household-level factors that constrain Zambian women farmers’ ability to mitigate aflatoxin contamination of groundnuts?
  • What is the potential role of agricultural extension services (AES) for helping women decrease household mycotoxin exposure?

Dr. Alyson Young (University of Florida) will lead the discussion as we dive into this topic. Aflatoxin contamination of staple crops poses an important risk to nutrition security in sub-Saharan Africa. Reducing aflatoxin contamination is complicated by its ubiquity in staple foods and the need for multisectoral approaches to address contamination issues.

This presentation is an overview of research on women’s k

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What is Sustainability in Agriculture?

To sustain something means to maintain for an undetermined length of time. In reference to agriculture, it takes on the additional loaded meaning of conservation, preservation and safety. Consumers want to feel good about the food they eat, and the idea of sustainable farming gives them security and less guilt when they purchase food in the store. It gives them a comfortable position from which they live and feed their family. Sustainability is personal, emotional and eternal in its perception power.

Follow the link for more: LINK

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South-South Cooperation - Agribusiness, and African Agricultural Development: Brazil and China in Ghana and Mozambique

This report by highlights the contribution of Brazil and China in agricultural development in Ghana and Mozambique. The paper examines the extent to which the concept of South-South Cooperation is creating more scope and space for African development initiatives, and whether it is resulting in new paradigms of development that favor the poor, or is resulting in a further deepening of capitalist accumulation and competition on the African continent.

Download the full report here.

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Dutch government unveils Shs80b to support Uganda’s agriculture

Article by Mark Keith Muhumuza

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has launched two agriculture support programmes valued at €22m (Shs80b) for improved seed quality and market linkages for farmers.

The two programmes set to run for the next five years, are targeting the entire value chain in the agriculture sector right from seed distribution to linking farmers to the private sector buyers of the produce.


“Uganda’s agriculture sector has a great potential to transform the country and the livelihood of Ugandans. Using our Dutch experience and success in agriculture, we believe that by end of 2020, at least 350,000 households will be positively impacted by the projects,” said HE Henk Jan Bakker, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands told reporters on the sidelines of the launch at his residence in Kololo, Kampala on Wednesday evening.


The Integrated Seed Sector Development Plus (ISSD Plu

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Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) Fund Launch

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  28 March 2017, 09:00-14:00

Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) Fund Launch in Zambia

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, in partnership with BoP Innovation Center and Inclusive Business Sweden, has been selected by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) to manage the Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) Fund.

IAP is a specialised fund aimed to identify and support innovative inclusive business models that deliver both commercial benefits for the private sector and developmental benefit for the low income population, prioritising women and youth. The support provided by IAP includes a mix of advisory and non-reimbursable funding for up to EUR 200,000.

The IAP Fund launch is being held on 28th March 2017. The main objectives of the workshop are to:

1. Introduce the concept of innovative inclusive business and IAP

2. Introduce the application guidelines for the concept note.

3. Clarify any doubts or questions regarding the fund or application process.

Click here to read more about the IAP fund 

Want to atten

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Apply for the Innovations Against Poverty Fund today! (Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Cambodia)

Innovations Against Poverty challenges the private sector to develop products, services and business models that can contribute to the fight against poverty and climate change.

Through our advisory and non-reimbursable funding, we support innovative Inclusive Business models that deliver developmental benefits for the low income population in both rural and urban areas, while being commercially viable.

Who Can apply?

The program is designed for companies which are operational or plan to enter the market (with a local partner in case of foreign companies) in the following sectors:  ICT (Cambodia), Energy (Ethiopia), WASH (Uganda) and Agriculture and Food (Zambia)

The Fund

IAP provides advisory support and non-reimbursable funding for up to 49% of the total investment to selected projects through competitive open calls for proposals.  

Click the links below to learn more

IAP Website
IAP Brochure

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Humphrey Bwalya Kabamba If you have a viable concept on Product which you have tried, How may you bring in Partners to boast you product.

2 months 3 days ago

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World Water Day 2017: Why Waste Water?

Today, the world is marking the World Water Day whose theme is “Why Waste Water?” It is a time to reflect on how we are saving water as actors in the agriculture sector, which is considered one of the greatest users of water.

It is no doubt that access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation is an important part of the millennium development goals (MDGs). According to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation should be reduced in half by 2015. In fact, water and wastewater treatment is significant for the realization of the MDGs. For example, goal 1 (to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) is related to water treatment because the access to safe drinking water can save the time and cost to collect daily water, thus people may have more time to work and to get food.

MDG Goal 2 aims to achieve universal primary education. Some children cannot go

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What are Agriculture Best Management Practices?

Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) are practical, cost-effective actions that agricultural producers can take to conserve water and reduce the amount of pesticides, fertilizers, animal waste and other pollutants entering our water resources. BMPs are designed to benefit water quality and water conservation while maintaining or even enhancing agricultural production.

Typical practices include:

  • Nutrient management to determine nutrient needs and sources and manage nutrient applications (including manure) to minimize impacts to water resources.
  • Irrigation management to address the method and scheduling of irrigation to reduce water and nutrient losses to the environment.
  • Water resource protection using buffers, setbacks and swales to reduce or prevent the transport of sediments and nutrients from production areas to waterbodies.

Implementing BMPs benefits both the farmer and the

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Online Platform Training

I am so glad to let you know that we had an online platform training at Agriprofocus Rwanda in Kigali office. It was so interesting and beneficial to us. I am so grateful to be part of this.

Didier MUYIRAMYE Dear Nkotanyi, it's been a while! welcome back. Looking forward to your contributions!

2 months 1 week ago


We are happy to be here ,there are more interested things in agribusiness.

2 months 1 week ago

Anne Marie Kortleve NIce to hear you enjoyed the training! Hope to see you more often here online Nkotanyi Francis Ngabirano

2 months 1 week ago

Nkotanyi Francis Ngabirano Anne Marie, don't hesitate about my availability. The program is so interesting and no one can intend to miss. With all of me, I promise to keep going.

2 months 1 week ago

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MDF visit to Zwekabin SAI to conduct ICT assessment

I had visited to two  State Agriculture Institute( SAIs )  Tharyawady, Bago region and  Zwekabin, kayin State in February 22-23, 2017 in order to ICT assessment. This is the one of the mission of  NICHE project. If you want to know  more you can see my report with attach file.

Janine Schoeman Hi Aye Aye, Thank you for sharing this. The report is not attached, can you attach it please. Or if you have trouble doing this, you can send it to me and I can attach it for you.

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Foire Agropastorale du Haut-Katanga

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  22 April 2017 to 23 April 2017 - All Day Event

Le Monde Agropastoral à la fête

Sous le haut patronage du Gouverneur de la province et en collaboration avec le Ministère Provincial de l’Agriculture, Pêche et Elevage, la Fédération des Entreprises du Congo - FEC et la Société Coopérative Agropastorale du Katanga - SCAK, Made4U organise la Première Edition de la Foire Agropastorale du Haut-Katanga (FAHK).

Cette foire aura lieu en plein air à la Ferme Kamipini, les 22 et 23 avril 2017.

La FAHK rassemblera des producteurs locaux et régionaux de toutes tailles ainsi que de nombreux autres acteurs du monde agricole (fournisseurs d’intrants, fournisseurs de machineries agricoles, sociétés de logistique et transporteurs, banques et bien d’autres fournisseurs de produits et solutions technologiques).

Pourquoi participer à la FAHK ?

1. Une plateforme business to business unique avec :

La tenue de conférences, la présence d’experts/conseillers techniques pour découvrir, apprendre et échanger sur

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Taking Market Linkages to the Next Level Can Improve Agriculture in Africa

In Africa, agriculture accounts for two thirds of livelihoods and food accounts for two thirds of the household budgets of poor people. It makes up a very important part of the lives of African people.

However, the low productivity levels of agriculture in Africa have resulted in a worrisome scenario: it does not meet the growing demand for food. The region is increasingly dependent on food imports. For a continent with such a vast area, a booming young population and tropical climate, it is surprising that Africa is not a net exporter of agricultural products. In the 1970s, Africa provided 8% of the world’s total agricultural exports. Today this number has dropped to a negligible 2%.

A broader economic transformation is necessary to shift the current paradigm facing agriculture in Africa. In most of the cases, urbanization and economic growth have resulted in new opportunities for local agricultural producers. H

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Bénin: Peut-on rêver de la fin de la faim?

"Ils cultivent la terre, fournissent la matière première à des industries florissantes du marché mondial, mais sont incapables de manger sainement, et à leur faim. Pis, c’est parmi leur progéniture qu’on retrouve des enfants malnutris. Faites un tour dans les villages, et vous constaterez par vous-même la souffrance qu’endurent les paysans”. Enquête...

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15,000 Tanzania Farmers to Benefit From Rockwood-WVT Initiative

Arusha — More than 15,000 peasants stand to benefit from a new initiative that will see major agricultural transformation and poverty alleviation in the Northern Zone.

Denmark's Rockwool Foundation Research Community, through its partnership with Rural Initiative for Participatory Agricultural Transformation (RIPAT), a scheme for improving farming in rural areas, is partnering with World Vision Tanzania to transform the lives and production activities of more than 15,000 small-holder farmers in Tanga, Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions.

The project, to be executed through the now co-owned Research Community and Organisational Development Associates (RECODA), targets to reduce poverty, hunger, malnutrition through improved crop cultivation and better animal husbandry.

In line with that, an agreement to that effect was inked between World Vision Tanzania (WVT) country director, Mr Tim Andrews, and the Rockwool Foundation President

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G4AW information and matchmaking workshop

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  16 March 2017, All Day Event

By mid March 2017, a third call for proposals will be announced for the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) facility.  To inform all relevant stakeholders and support the setup of public-private partnerships for G4AW, Netherlands Space Office and AgriProFocus will organize a workshop in Yangon. If you are interested to join this workshop, please contact Bente Meindertsma by sending an email to

G4AW improves food security in developing countries by using satellite data. The facility promotes and supports private investments for large scale, demand driven and satellite based information services. It provides a platform for partnerships of public organisations, research institutes, private sector operators, NGO’s, farmer cooperatives, satellite data/service operators, businesses and transmission operators, developing space for food security.  Please find more information here. 

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Netherlands Space Office visits Myanmar to support food security

From January 25 to 27, AgriProFocus Myanmar, in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy, organized an inventory visit for Netherlands Space Office (NSO), the Dutch governmental agency for space. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned NSO to execute the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility. The purpose of the visit was to prepare for the third call for proposals for G4AW, which will open mid March, 2017 and will be announced via Dutch Governmental Gazette . (NSO will publish the official announcement on the G4AW website in due time.

G4AW improves food security in developing countries by using satellite data. The facility promotes and supports private investments for large scale, demand driven and satellite based information services. It provides a platform for partnerships of public organisations, research institutes, private sector operators, NGO’s, farmer cooperatives, satellite data/servic

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Are you looking for a small investment business opportunity requiring capital of only Ugx 50,000/- yet with a potential to give returns of up to Ugx 69 million when you follow the pay plan?

Would you like to access wonderful digital books in Agriculture that will help you set up viable Agricultural projects?

If so, then welcome to

If interested in knowing more about how to become part of this, please join the group and get more info at:

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