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A Job Opportunity!

Are you a bold, proactive go-getter, quick learner, open minded, focused, self-motivated team player? Are you willing to grow your career and grab available career growth opportunities based on key performance indicators in a fast growing African company?

The Hive Rwanda Ltd, a subsidiary of The Hive Group, is looking for a unique Individual to serve as its PROJECTS OFFICER to provide leadership and direction to its projects’ initiative in Rwanda! This unique individual should meet the following requirements, although ATTITUDE is everything!

« A beekeeping/agriculture/agribusiness related degree with a solid experience of working in Rwanda’s beekeeping/honey/agribusiness sector. Additional qualifications and experience in project management will be an added advantage.

« A solid experience as a salesperson handling individuals, organizations (public, private sector and NGOS) farmer cooperatives and groups etc.

« A solid experience in handling or takin

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Brief Moment With: Honey Agripreneur Jony Girma

Click here to read AgriProFocus interview with Jony Girma about his honey agribusiness called APIS Agribusiness P.L.C., which not only aims to become the number one organic honey producer but which is also determined to contribute to rural youth employment, rural development and natural forest conservation in Ethiopia.

Jony Girma is a member of the Youth in Agribusiness Community of Practice that was launched in September 2016 to create a platform for all professionals working with youth agripreneurs to share expertise and experiences.

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Apiculture has been practiced across many generations in Rwanda and it plays a critical role in improving livelihoods. It does this in several ways where it is an income generating activity; honey (the main hive product) has numerous medicinal values. It supports and greatly contributes to several critical natural processes for example forest conservation and cross pollination.

Apiculture should be developed not only for the production of products that can be traded or used by the society, but also to promote the multiplication of bees that can pollinate 80% of crops in the country, mentioned by ministry of agriculture and animal resources in 2009.

There 8 gifts from honeybees:

· Honey

· Royal jelly

· Propolis

· Pollen

· Larval of bees

· Bee wax

· Bee venom

· Pollination



Beekeeping activities in Rwand

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Youth in Beekeeping: Learning through site visit exchanges

On the 7th June 2016, AgriProFocus Rwanda through its Beekeeping Innovation Community organized a successful site exchange visit for 17 young beekeepers in Muhanga district to facilitate more information exchange, discussion, and exploring new opportunities.

The Beeekeeping Innovation Community is a group of members of AgriProFocus Rwanda, practitioners from different organizations with the ambition to promote this sector. This group aims at promoting beekeeping in Rwanda, by contributing to the growth and development of the sector with an emphasis on youth and women. It also facilitates knowledge-sharing among members of the "Beekeeping" Innovation Community.

In an effort to engage more youth in the beekeeping business (as one of their priorities this year), the Beekeeping Innovation Community had planned this exchange visit early in the beginning of this year, after realizing that the beekeeping in Rwanda (in different

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API Expo Africa 2016

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  21 September 2016 to 26 September 2016 - All Day Event
  Kigali - Rwanda

ApiTrade Africa and National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) welcome you to the 5th All-Africa International honey industry exposition dubbed ApiExpo Africa 2016.

ApiExpo Africa 2016 will take place from the 21st to 26th September 2016 at Camp Kigali in the heart of Rwanda. This event is held under the theme “Driving socio-economic transformation in Africa: the role of commercial beekeeping”.

Several concurrent events which include conferences, exhibitions, B2B meetings, practical training workshops and bee-match (Beekeepers' Community football match) will take place at and around the same venue. As always, there will be technical tours to enable the visitors have a a feel of Rwanda's beauty in totality.

About 5000 delegates and exhibitors from Africa, and beyond are expected. This event will be a showcase of bee products, bee services, bee technologies and innovations, bee programs, bee brands among others.

The Conference will bring together diverse national, regional, co

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Supporting beekeeping around Nyungwe National Park

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  16 October 2015, All Day Event

AgriProFocus Rwanda has initiated many activities to improve agribusiness in Rwanda. Among them are Beekeeping activities through Beekeeping Innovation Community (BIC).

Early in the beginning of this year, the BIC has proposed an activity to support beekeeping around Nyungwe National Park as one their many planned activities, some of which have been already accomplished, others are still pending.

It is in that framework, that they have planned a one-day sensitization meeting/training to be held on 16/10/2015 in Nyamagabe district at Centre de Pastorale St Pierre and will be attended by 20 youth from Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe, Karongi, Nyamasheke (4 people per district).

RDB staff in charge of Conservation of the Nyungwe National Park helped a lot in the identification of candidates: These are the young people (Children from Beekeepers parents) who have accomplished secondary school, interested in entrepreneurship. 

More information on this event can be obtained by contacting

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 Union des Coopératives Apicoles du Kivu (UCA- ASALI Kivu )RD Congo

Créé le 29 mars 2002, UCA-ASALI Kivu (Union des Coopératives Apicoles du Kivu) a son siège social à Bukavu au N° 12 Kibombo en Commune d’Ibanda.


• S’impliquer dans la restauration de l’environnement par une gestion durable de la biodiversité ;

• Développer à la base, un cadre d’échanges, de concertation permettant l’émergence d’un mouvement syndical des paysans apiculteurs où les valeurs de travail en solidarité et en synergie sont promues à tous les niveaux ;

• Transférer aux membres les capacités techniques de production, de transformation, de conservation et de commercialisation du miel et autres dérivés de la ruche ;

Les membres sont régroupés au sein des Centres de Collecte des Produits Apicoles (CCPA)

• L’UCA-ASALI Kivu a 10 Centres de collecte des produits apicoles. L’appartenance de la Coopérative apicole à un CCPA est liée à la distance qui le s

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Beekeepers ready for the 2016 Api Trade Africa to be hosted by Rwanda

On Monday, June 08th 2015 AgriProFocus Rwanda through its Beekeeping Innovation Community organised a meeting with beekeepers. The meeting which took place during the last Agricultural Show was jointly organized by AgriProFocus Rwanda, FERWACAPI (Federation Rwandaise des Cooperatives d’Apiculteurs) and PSF (Private Sector Federation).

40 beekeepers attended this meeting. Beekeepers addressed some of the challenges they face in accessing funds from financial institutions. They stressed on the same thing: ‘’in most cases, this is mainly due to Financial Institutions which don’t understand the beekeeping business; the lack of financial products, suitable and affordable by beekeepers was also raised’’.

However, a representative from CLECAM Ejo Heza Kamonyi (a Microfinance Institution based in the Southern Province) who was also in the meeting explained more about the good initiatives taken by his institu

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Save the bees

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AWF Seeking Market Linkages Support for Honey

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is currently implementing a program in Kenya titled ‘Integrated Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Use for Human and Economic Benefit’. The program is being implemented in the Kajiado, Laikipia, Samburu and Mau Forest areas. Among the objectives of this program is to “Assess, re-direct and support selected socio-economic and financial drivers, tools and mechanisms for development of sustainable livelihoods and landscapes”. A critical component of this objective is to increase the income of local producers in selected, high-opportunity agriculture value chains in the program areas.

In view of this objective, AWF plans to support Samburu Bee Keepers Cooperative Society based in Maralal town with a goal of increasing incomes of Bee Keepers living in a five kilometer radius from Kirisia forest Samburu County through increasing productivity, cooperative strengthening and enhanc

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Eighth week " Yegibrina Admas" program on air on Uses of Green Vegetables for health especially vit A and Honey bee production part I. Next program on week of 24/1/2015 is about Introduction to climate change and Honey Bee production part II.

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Rwanda: Modern beehives help meet honey demand

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On 9th December, APF staff (Didier and Anatole) lead a delegation of 23 young beekeepers in study tour to Huye. This study tour is a one of the BIC activities.

The Beekeeping Innovation Community (BIC) in their annual plan, has made the involvement of women and young people in beekeeping one of their core activities. BIC members believe that the involvement of the above mentioned is one of the best way to promote beekeeping in Rwanda as this was traditional known as reserved for old men. To realize the envisioned dream, BIC members’ decided to start by involving young people and women whose parents are in beekeeping. The idea behind is that, first of all they have been seeing their parents keeping bees and they know the benefits at a certain level. Secondly, they may get support by their parents either by giving them the first beehive or technical support. Thirdly, and this may be the biggest change, their parents also learn the modern way of keeping bees.

The first activity has b

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Gizaw Legesse BIC, great job. Anatole, Nice to see the future generation inheriting their parents field in a modern way. Didier, nice picture.

2 years 1 month ago

Agri-ProFocus Rwanda Agri-Hub Thanks Gizaw

2 years 1 month ago

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Beekeeping is an important seasonal activity in most regions of Tanzania including Kagera Region. The activity plays a significant role in socio-economic development and environmental conservation of the country. Beekeeping has the multiple uses and benefits for beekeepers livelihoods as it is an essential source of food (including honey, pollen and brood); raw materials for various industries (including beeswax candles, lubricants); medicine including (honey, propolis, beeswax and bee venom); and source of income for beekeepers. The sector (in approximation) earns about US$ 1.7 million per annum from sales of honey and beeswax; and it employs about 2 million rural people. In addition, beekeeping is an imperative income generating activity with high potential for improving incomes, especially for communities leaving close to forests and woodlands. Moreover, it also plays a major role in improving biodiversity and increasing crop production through pollination.

Despite th

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Jasmine Mushi Well seams it has a good margin,developing it we first need a market,the awareness creation and capacity building too.Honey consumption has even increased because of life style changing so its us to make it business for small holders

2 years 1 month ago

Hance R. Melchior Thank you Jasmine Mushi for your contribution. I am really appreciating it as it is of great help for the development of beekeeping sector in Tanzania, Africa and the world at large. Therefore, we need to equip rural beekeepers to practice beekeeping as other businesses so that through it they can improve their nutrition, increase their incomes and job generation. It is in this way that they will contribute to poverty reduction strategies of our country and the world as well.

2 years 1 month ago

John Chesakit Thank you all for your contribution on the subject matter "Beekeeping" say in EAC, Africa and the world. I am saying the subject would have been "What is my role in the beekeeping sector", a producer, processor, consumer etc. Above all, given the benefits as mentioned by Hance, all of us must first love this beautiful insect that comes with great benefits. Did you know that a few bee sting is very health to your body? Products from bees include: Honey, wax, propolis, venom, pollination, etc. Each one of us can start with 1-5 hives to start with as a learning environment. There is a lot of materials on beekeeping online. The investment is low if you start small. I suggest you grow your colonies from your apiary by multiplication.

2 years 1 month ago

Hance Richard Melchior Thank you very much John Chesakit for your advice on how to develop beekeeping sector. The advice is taken.

2 years 1 month ago