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Call for applications

AgriProFocus is pleased to inform you that SNV Zambia and the IAP2 Project Team formally launched the IAP2 Challenge Fund in Zambia on the 28th of March 2017.

Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) is a specialized fund with the specific mandate to identify and support innovative inclusive business models that deliver developmental benefits for the low income population while being commercially sustainable. IAP is funded by SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) and managed by SNV Netherlands Development Organization in partnership with BoP Innovation Center and Inclusive Business Sweden.

Target sectors include WASH, Energy, Agriculture/Food and ICT. IAP will provide funding within the following range euro50, 000 up to euro 200,000. The funding will be grants and not loans, with pre conditions that have to be met.

The project is now calling for the private sector to submit applications for review and consideration. The process shall be a twostep process b

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Kaitano Mpulamasaka i don't seem to find the link to the application form. somebody help me. thanks

1 week 3 days ago

Betty Mbewe Boonen Same with me Leah can you help please.

1 week 3 days ago

Leah Banda The link is

1 week 3 days ago

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Fish Farming Business

Fish is a very healthy and nutritious protein which is popular around the world. Industrial fish farming, or aquaculture, provides almost half the seafood around the world and this is expected to increase.

Fish is a delicious and nutritious protein source that is also rich in nutrients like omega-3 Fatty acids that improves our heart health and lowers our blood cholesterol level. Farmed fish has been playing an important role in meeting global protein demands.

Rising fish at home could open up many profitable opportunities today. Home raised fish could easily be sold for profit around the neighbourhood or restaurants. There are people who want locally raised fish from organic farms. It could also supply you and your family with delicious fresh seafood. So, why not start your own home based fish farm?

Click the link below on how to start your home based fish farming business.


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Milk volumes drop in Uganda

Please find news about the dairy sector of Uganda in the Africa news – let us stay abreast with the news!

The fall in milk volumes has led to a hike in milk prices and supply shortages at processing plants; Get details by following the Link

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Online Platform Training

I am so glad to let you know that we had an online platform training at Agriprofocus Rwanda in Kigali office. It was so interesting and beneficial to us. I am so grateful to be part of this.

Didier MUYIRAMYE Dear Nkotanyi, it's been a while! welcome back. Looking forward to your contributions!

1 month 1 week ago


We are happy to be here ,there are more interested things in agribusiness.

1 month 1 week ago

Anne Marie Kortleve NIce to hear you enjoyed the training! Hope to see you more often here online Nkotanyi Francis Ngabirano

1 month 1 week ago

Nkotanyi Francis Ngabirano Anne Marie, don't hesitate about my availability. The program is so interesting and no one can intend to miss. With all of me, I promise to keep going.

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Imuka/Adansonia 2017 registration for participation is now in progress. A great opportunity for Entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas and business to the next level.


Opportunity take an online course on entrepreneurship for certification

All participants get to take a new six-week online course on entrepreneurship by Bocconi University and Venture Capitalists(Financiers). In the course, you will learn how to craft your business plan and how to apply for funding from local and international investors.

Make new connections fellow Entrepreneurs and get feedback

Discuss your business ideas with fellow entrepreneurs from other African countries and make new connections.

Opportunity to submit your proposal for financing and get funding

Pitch to local and international venture capitalists who are interested in funding African startups and SMEs.

Learn more at a top business school in Milan

The most innovative and engaged participants will have the opportunity to travel to Ital

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This is the powerpoint presentation used in the Information Sessions held in the Netherlands

See this link for more info: 

RICHARD MUSOKWA Good presentation love it

2 months 1 week ago

Fortunatus MLYANDENA Thanks to hear that 

1 month 4 weeks ago

Vinodsinh Solanki Presentation is Informative & useful for Dairy Farming Enterprises

1 month 4 days ago


Providing Food for The Hunger: Agrifood Issues and Solving

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  20 February 2017, 19:00-21:00
  Coworkinc. Kemang, Jl Kemang 1 No.7, Jakarta


Pangan untuk yang Lapar: Isu Agrifood and Ide Penyelesaian

Kelas ini adalah tempat di mana kamu bisa mengenal lebih dalam isu pangan dan pertanian, dan bertukar pikiran tentang ide bisnis untuk menjawab isu tersebut. Jika kamu berminat dengan sektor pangan dan pertanian, ingin melakukan sesuatu namun belum ada ide, acara in adalah tempat yang tepat. Para ahli bidang sosiald di sektor industri agrifood akan hadir di sini.



1. M. Taufiqul Mujib – Oxfam di Indonesia, Natural Resouce Management Coordinator

Ahli di isu pemberdayaan produsen pangan, terutama perempuan, dan transformasi pedesaan.

2. Silvana Margriet Paath – Hivos South East Asia, Regional Advocacy Officer for Sustainable Diets

Menggeluti isu sistem pangan terkini dan bagaimana menciptakan ruang diskusi produkif tentang isu tersebut.

3. Walesa Danto – Co founder

Ahli di bidang pengembangan produk, berpengalaman mengarsiteki produk teknologi untu

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Agritech Expo Zambia

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Zambia
  27 April 2017 to 29 April 2017 - All Day Event
  Chisamba, Zambia

Agritech Expo Zambia is a business-to-business platform for agricultural professionals, from small-scale farmers to commercial enterprises, to engage and conduct business with some of the world’s leading suppliers to the agricultural industry. From live crop trials and machinery demonstrations to technical and practical workshops for emerging farmers and VIP business lounges for commercial players, Agritech Expo is simply the only business event servicing the needs of the entire agri-value chain in Zambia and its neighbouring countries.  

Agritech Expo Zambia offers visitors a unique opportunity to meet some of the world's leading agricultural companies, network with agricultural professionals as well as government and union officials, gain take-home knowledge and skills from the free-to-attend technical workshops, and make informed decision on new products and farm supplies by comparing them side by side in one location.  

For more information:

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Why gender equality in doing business makes good economic sense


Women today represent about 50 percent of the world’s population and, for the past two decades, about 50 percent of the labor force. Yet there are stark differences in the outcomes they achieve: Women are only half as likely as men to have a full-time wage-earning job. The women who do have paid jobs earn as much as one-third less than men. Fewer women than men are involved in trade or own registered companies. And women are more likely to work in low-productivity activities or informal employment.

There are many reasons for these outcomes, including socio-cultural norms, access to high-quality jobs, the lack of transport and the lack of child-care facilities. In many countries, such differences also continue to be written in the law.

For the first time since it was launched in 2002, the World Bank Group’s annual Doing Business report this year added a gender dimension to its measures, i

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Angelica Senders Report 'Doing business 2017' Thanks you very much Gisew for sharing this post. I think the publication you are referring to is very relevan for many of our members. herewith the link for those who want to down load the full document: 

5 months 1 day ago


Expert seminar for SMEs on tax laws and financial planning

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Ethiopia
  15 November 2016, 14:00-18:00
  Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC), Kazanchiz, Nega City Mall, 3rd floor

Cordaid-R&D and The Entrepreneurship Development of Ethiopia (EDC) invite you to our expert seminar and networking session in the Global Entrepreneurship Week. The seminar will provide you, as business owner, with ideas on Ethiopian tax laws and practical issues that you should look out for in your financial planning to meet your financial goals and obligations. 

The invited guest speakers are experts in Ethiopian tax laws and regulations. Mr. Dawit Tadesse is an independent tax consultant and has shared his expertise with various Ethiopian companies, from small and medium enterprises to large firms. A representative of the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Agency (ERCA) will give detailed information about new tax laws and regulations.

After the presentations of the experts and an interactive discussion, there is time to network with fellow entrepreneurs, business development service providers and other stakeholders. While enjoying a drink and a snack, there is ample o

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Business Cocktail

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  03 November 2016, All Day Event

Le réseau AgriProFocus Mali organise un business cocktail le 03 novembre 2016 à l’hôtel Radisson Blu de Bamako à 17h 00.

Notre business cocktail est idéal pour favoriser les échanges professionnels entre acteurs de l'agro-business, les banques /IMF et les structures de développement  pouvant aboutir à une signature de contrat. Tout ceux ci dans un cadre convivial. Pour tout intérêt pour ce cocktail , contacter Mlle Mariam Sidibé pour les cartes d'invitations. Email: ou au tél: 75782314.

On est ensemble


The 4th annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Uganda
  29 November 2016 to 30 November 2016 - All Day Event
  Serena Hotel, Kampala

The East African region is an arena for agricultural growth and potential

After the 3 successful editions in Dar es Salaam, the 4th annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa moves to a new host nation in November, Kampala, Uganda.

With East African agriculture moving into the 21st century, this congress presents the ideal platform that brings together stakeholders from across the agri-value chain, to discuss pertinent topics that will drive the sector forward.

Take advantage of early bird rates and save on your conference pass. Register today or download the programme brochure to find out more hot topics and view the industry speakers that you will meet over the two days.

Find out more information on why you should attend by visiting

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Liam Beckett on T: +27 21 700 3552 E:

To register for the conference please contact: Emmanuel Osung on T: +27 21 700 3540 E: emma

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E.A Business & Entrepreneurship Conference & Exhibition

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Uganda
  10 October 2016 to 13 October 2016 - All Day Event
  Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi

The East Africa Business and Entrepreneurship Conference and Exhibition is an annual event rotating in all partner states of the East African Community (EAC) in collaboration with the respective investment agencies. As Kenya is hosting this years’ edition, KenInvest is our strong partner on the ground!

This three-day conference will bring together high-level government and private sector decision makers from the EAC partner states as well as entrepreneurs and investors from abroad. BDI is EABC’s strong partner in Germany. Through their support also a high-level German participation is expected.

Why attend:

The objective of the East African Business and Entrepreneurship Conference and Exhibition is to provide an opportunity for business to business (B2B) and business to government (B2G) engagement, a platform for buyers and sellers and to strengthen entrepreneurship in the EAC from within the region and internationally by developing an annual one-stop center for investment and trade op

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  05 October 2016 to 06 October 2016 - All Day Event

Promoting Agribusiness Investment, Networking and Trade (PAINT)

PAINT aims to bring together local, regional and international agribusinesses to build long term sustainable business relationships.

The initiative shall support the growth of the agribusiness sector by linking investable and profitable agribusinesses in the sectors of horticulture, coffee, oilseed, dairy & livestock to financing , technology, knowledge and markets.

Specific objective

1. To connect prequalified agribusinesses to financing

2. To link buyers to suppliers of inputs (commodities, equipment and services)

3. To link investors to investable businesses and opportunities

4. To facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology among businesses


We are currently receiving application from interested businesses in the sectors mentioned above who wish to participate in the trade and investment matchmaking event that will take place on 5th & 6th Octobe

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Kisah Lewi Cuaca Membangun Bisnis Produk Premium

Click HERE to read the interview in english

AgriProFocus Indonesia terhubung dengan Lewi Cuaca di Workshop Nasional Pengembangan Industri Kecil Gula Kelapa dan Aren, Desember tahun lalu. Lewi, begitu ia biasa disapa, adalah CEO PT Profil Mitra Abadi (PMA) yang memiliki banyak mitra penderes nira di Purwokerto dan sekitarnya. Lewat PT PMA, Lewi mengekspor produk-produk premium Indonesia ke Eropa seperti gula semut kelapa, chips singkong, kacang lurik Flores, buah naga kering, kacang mete, selai kacang yang semuanya organik. AgriProFocus Indonesia mewawancarai Lewi untuk mengetahui bagaimana ia terjun ke bisnis premium , setelah sekian lama bekerja di perusahaan multinasional.

Mengapa Anda memutuskan untuk menjalankan usaha sendiri padahal sudah punya posisi yang mapan di Perusahaan?

Saya memutuskan keluar dari perusahaan ketika saya merasa bisa melakukan pekerjaan lebih baik. Saat itu saya pikir saya lebih pintar dari siapapun di perus

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AgVerify Ltd ( Africa's Premier Inputs and Feed Verifier

Seeds, Grains, Pulses, Feeds Certification and Testing

Our world class ISTA accredited laboratory can provide consistent and accurate results, including Blue and Orange ISTA Certificates for Seed. We also provide quality testing for Grain, Pulses, Feeds.

Seed Business Services

We are specialists in seed business development, linkage with research, and entry into new markets. Product performance trials, variety release, early generation seed, genetics.

Organic Certification

We provide world class organic certification services and evaluations in compliance with EU, Japanese and North American standards.

Quality Management Systems

We provide QMS and ISO training and quality management system assessments including internal and third party audit.

Agri-Business Consulting

We provide agribusiness growth and development advisory services, including investment, partnership and legal advice, B2B, PPP and other services. We work to build African food value chains through local agribusiness development


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Agrobusiness : Les opérateurs économiques maliens préparent la 3e mission vers les Pays-Bas

En prélude à la prochaine mission économique à laquelle elle prendra part du 28 au 31 août 2016 au Pays Bas, la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Mali a organisé, le mardi 03 mai 2016 à son siège, un séminaire d’information à l’intention des opérateurs économiques maliens. Les participants à ce séminaire ont été édifiés sur l’objectif de cette 3ème mission, qui sera consacré à l’agrobusiness sous l’égide de NABC (Netherlands-African Business Concil). C’était en présence du 1er vice président de la CCIM, Baba Sylla, des membres de la délégation des Pays Bas dont Marina Diboma, Faustine et des opérateurs économiques.

Dans son intervention, le 1er vice président de la chambre de commerce, Baba Sylla, a fait savoir que ce séminaire rentre dans le cadre des pré

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Tap into animal feeds business

Article by Paul Njuguna

There were three masons at a construction site. When asked, the first man said he was laying bricks. The second man said he was building a wall and quite interesting, the third man said he was busy building a cathedral. Without doubt, the third mason would be a visionary.

A snapshot of the agricultural sector, according to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, reveals Uganda’s annual production of maize is 2.4 million metric tonnes. The problem is, this production is the combined effort of smallholder farmers and 90 per cent of it is set aside for local consumption and export.

The meagre 10 per cent balance is utilised for animal feeds. Most of the exported raw maize is destined to animal feeds companies based at the importer countries. Then, why not export animal feeds? Value addition on maize would rake in tonnes of money in export earnings from animal feeds and other by-products such as cooking oil. But how can this be turned around?


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Kampala Social Enterprise Happy Hour

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  03 May 2016, 18:00-20:30
  Big Mike's - 19 John Babiha (Acacia) Avenue, Kampala


Every year, an exclusive group of thrice-vetted companies we work with spends 5 weeks with us in Kampala, Uganda, during which we work intensively with them alongside our 80+ impressive mentors to get the company into the best possible shape to grow. We then expose and connect them to our network of 550+ funders so that they can raise funding. But it does not end there. We and the entire Unreasonable network continue to support our entrepreneurs for the life of their company and beyond. Learn more »

Unreasonable East Africa, SEGAL Family foundation and ONE ACRE FUND invites you at the May edition of the Kampala Social Enterprise Happy Hour. Come meet the fellows from the recently concluded Unreasonable East Africa lab program and find out what they are doing to tackle East Africa's toughest social and environmental problems




Tuesday, May 3, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30

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Mobility grants scheme: Networking opportunities for African stakeholders in brokerage events in Europe

The Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa (RINEA) is a project funded under Horizon 2020 aimed to strengthening synergies between research and business communities from the two regions. For more information about the project please visit

This funding scheme is designed to facilitate the participation of researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and other relevant stakeholders in networking and brokerage events organised in the context of RINEA and beyond.

Successful applicants under this grant scheme will receive financial support in order to participate in one of the following brokerage events:

Innovat&Match 2016, 9-10 June 2016, Bologna, Italy

IFAMA Matchmaking 2016, 21-22 June 2016, Aarhus, Denmark

Network and Consortium Building at CIGR-AgEng 2016, 28-29 June 2016, Aarhus, Denmark

The events are organised in the framework promote business, technological and r

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Daoulata MAIGA Proposition des bourses de mobilité : Possibilités de mettre en réseau les opérateurs africains dans les événements de courtage en Europe. Le Réseau de recherche et d'innovation pour l'Europe et l'Afrique ( RINEA ) est un projet financé par Horizon 2020 pour le renforcement des synergies entre les communautés de recherche et les entreprises des deux continents . Pour plus d'informations sur le projet vous pouvez visiter le site Web Ce programme de financement est destiné à faciliter la participation des chercheurs, les entrepreneurs, les innovateurs et les autres acteurs dans le réseautage et des événements de courtage organisés dans le cadre de RINEA et même au-delà. Les candidats retenus recevront un soutien financier afin de participer à l'un des événements de courtage suivants : Innovat & Match 2016, 9-10 Juin 2016, Bologne, Italie IFAMA Matchmaking 2016, 21-22 Juin 2016, Aarhus, Danemark Réseau et Consortium du bâtiment au CIGR-AgEng 2016, 28-29 Juin 2016, Aarhus, Danemark Les événements sont organisés dans le cadre de la promotion de partenariats d'affaires technologiques et de recherche. Les représentants des entreprises et de recherche des communautés auront l'occasion d'explorer les synergies possibles et de créer de nouveaux partenariats suite à un programme de réunion organisée à l'avance. Pour plus d'informations sur les événements mentionnés ci-dessus , les conditions de participation , les critères d'admissibilité et la procédure de demande ,veillez consulter les documents suivants : régime de subvention Termes de référence (PDF) Cliquez ce lien ( ) formulaire de demande de régime de subvention (DOC) Cliquez ce lien ( ) Date limite de dépôt des candidatures: 29 Avril 2016 CONTACT FORTH / PRAXI Réseau Mme Vaya Piteli,, +30 2310 552790-1 M. Dimitris Filippidis,, +30 210 3607690 JyU / UniPID Mme Melissa Plath,, +358 (0) 40 024 8075 -

1 year 6 days ago

Roel Snelder merci Doulata pour la traduccion

1 year 6 days ago

SAM OPOLOT thank for the offer, rapsado development initiative uganda community based organization ,lead by youth looks to apply but more information about the grant is missing

1 year 2 days ago