SAG-SEED starter Uganda 2017

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  23 March 2017 to 25 March 2017 - All Day Event
  Kampala, Uganda

4 days left to apply!
Want to set up your own eco-inclusive enterprise in Uganda?

Apply for our upcoming Starter Workshop in Kampala!

Do you want to become an eco-entrepreneur and find solutions for one of the key challenges your country is facing? Then the Starter is what you have been waiting for. Building an enterprise takes many different tasks, from stepping into the shoes of potential customers in order to design a product or service to running a marketing campaign. A single person, or even most teams of motivated people, can easily feel overwhelmed. The Starter shows future entrepreneurs where to start to turn their ideas into reality. By asking the right questions, it guides you through the process of setting up your enterprise. What it does not do is to offer ready-made solutions – with a bit of guidance you are about to discover the best solutions yourself!

How does it work?

During the application period for the SAG-SEED Starter Months future eco-entrepr

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Call for Proposals | SNV | Horti-LIFE

Submission Deadline: March 14, 2017, 6:00PM 

Netherland Development Organisation (SNV)
Grant Opportunities
Smallholder Chain Integration Projects in Fruit and Vegetable Sector


SNV Netherlands Development Organisation is a not-for-profit international organisation founded in the Netherlands SNV Ethiopia works in 310 woredas of Amhara, Oromia, SNNP and Tigray regions. Aligning with the priorities of the Government of Ethiopia in agriculture, energy and water, sanitation and hygiene, we implement innovative solutions to increase people's income and employment opportunities.

Currently, SNV Ethiopia implements a 3 year horticulture project called Horti-LIFE in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR) funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN). The overall goal of the project is to increase export and the food and nutritional securit

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Call for entries! All Africa Post-Harvest Technologies and Innovations Challenge. Deadline, 17th February 2017. 

+ Are you an individual or institution from or working in Africa? 
+ Are you working in the post-harvest agriculture space?
+ Do you have a technology or innovation at Testing or Market-ready stage? 

If you answered YES to the above questions, then this challenge is for you. Apply now, you may end up being among the top 10 finalists to pitch their innovations during the 1st All Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition on 31st March 2017. You will also part way with USD 35,000! If you make top 20, your work will be featured in a special booklet. 

Click here for guidelines for preparation and submission of entries. Deadline for submission of entries 17th February 2017. 

More information about the All Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition available here.

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The Organizers of the 1st All Africa Postharvest Congress and Exhibition, comprising of Global stakeholders in the Postharvest sector and other partners, are announcing the All Africa Postharvest Technologies and Innovations Challenge, 2017. The aim of the challenge is to document and showcase the best emerging postharvest technologies and innovations with potential for scale-up. Additionally the challenge seeks to establish and strengthen linkages between innovators and potential investors to facilitate up-scaling and out-scaling of their innovations with the ultimate goal of reducing postharvest food losses. The call is open to individuals and institutions from or working in Africa. The technologies/innovations should either be at Testing or Market-ready stages.  

Find more information HERE

Mekbib Hilegebrile Seife Thanks a lot Hilda Okoth for the information!

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East-West Seed launch agricultural scholarship program to celebrate 35th anniversary

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, vegetable seed company East-West Seed is launching a scholarship program that will enable 35 children of farmers to pursue undergraduate courses in agriculture.

The Simon Groot Scholarship will support farmers children that study agriculture related subjects. Named the "Simon Groot Scholarship Program for Agriculture", the program will provide an opportunity for 35 students - sons and daughters of farmers - to pursue an agriculture degree in public agriculture colleges and universities.

"Agricultural education is one of the most powerful investments we can make for the future,” says Simon Groot, founder of East-West Seed. "We must encourage farmers' children to carry on the their parents' legacy by equipping them with scientific and practical knowledge to turn farming into a thriving business and a sustainable source of livelihood for their communities."

The scholarship

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We are hiring! Business and Partnership Facilitator

AgriProFocus is a unique multi-stakeholder network that brings together institutions and professionals in the agri-food sector and agribusiness. Our membership comprises of private sector, public sector, farmer organisations, knowledge institutions including research, and the development sector. Established in the Netherlands in 2005, AgriProFocus network has expanded to 11 country networks in Africa and to Indonesia. The AgriProFocus Kenya network is part of the global AgriProFocus network since 2009. AgriProFocus Kenya has a membership of over 110 organizations and over 7,000 professionals.

Job context

One of the delivery areas within AgriProFocus Kenya network is business and partnership brokering. The network develops business linkages between members, coordinates the development of partnerships, provides a platform for partners and stakeholders to do business and manages the business networking and learning platforms within AgriPr

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Postgraduate course - Science and Leadership for Transforming Institutions.

Hi all, I am just sharing about this course. Find further details at end of message :)

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in partnership with University of Dar es Salaam School of Business, the International Foundation for Science (IFS), and Regional Universities Forum (RUFORUM) invites you to participate in the course “Science and Leadership for Transforming Institutionsin Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 27 February through 10 March 2017. This course is part of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) 2015 -2020 Bilateral Capacity Building

Programme for Tanzania and other country programmes.

The overall objective of the course is to increase knowledge and competences in leadership and science to support young scientists in building more effective and robust institutions.

The course aims to give PhD students from African and European countries the opportunity to unders

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Call for proposals for the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) (4th)

Deadline for submission letter of Intent: 28 March 2017

NWO-WOTRO has launched the fourth call for proposals for the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP). GCP aims to generate research-based advanced understanding of 1) emerging key issues in food security and their impact on regional and local food security and 2) the role of private sector development. This fourth GCP call specifically focuses on contributing to business models, incentives and innovative finance for scaling Climate Smart Agriculture. The call is developed in close collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) and the CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

Transdisciplinary proposals can be submitted by teams of researchers and other (public/private) partners from both the Netherlands and from at least one Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC).


The Food & Bu

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Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Thanks Nicole, I will spread the news.

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Yieldwise - Request for concept notes 2017

AGRA has designated funds to support SMEs operating as regional and/or district maize buying and processing platforms reduce postharvest losses along the value chain in the Republic of Tanzania. Any suitable SME can develop a proposal and apply for this grant. If accepted, AGRA will support the project and the SME will contribute generally a 1:1 funding match to the project. Preferred co-financing includes SME’s own savings, and company cash contribution (e.g. cash acquired through current business operations, cash expected from the ongoing and future business operations), borrowed money (e.g. credit agreements with the banks or financial institutions, loan agreements) but excludes any other grants from AGRA. It is also important to note that own capital investment and materials are acceptable contribution towards the matching grant if these can be translated to cash equivalent. 


Find more information HERE

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Call for proposals for external auditors

Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa Expertise Centre (SECAEC) wishes to procure the services of an audit firm for the purpose of auditing its Uganda office Projects financial reports. The audit shall be carried out in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing and carried out by an external, independent and qualified auditor.

Deadline: 31st January, 2017

Find details here

Submission process

Interested firms should submit the following;

a) An expression of interest to provide the above mentioned consultancy services.

b) An organization profile including previous related experiences

c) Proposed detailed methodology to deliver required services

d) A work plan and budget for the activities and final deadline

The completed proposal in Hard copy and in a sealed envelope clearly marked should be submitted to:

Country Project Manager

SOLIDARIDAD Eastern & Central Africa Expertise Centre

Uganda Country office

Plot 21,Bazarab

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Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research — Grants for Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, and Field Days

Deadline: 01 October 2017

ACIAR offers sponsorship assistance to individuals wishing to attend a conference, seminar, workshop or field day that directly benefits agricultural research for development. ACIAR also supports organisations seeking sponsorships for this same objective. The priority is for events and sponsorships in ACIAR partner countries and related to ACIAR projects. However, direct involvement in an ACIAR project is not a prerequisite to apply for funding. The application deadlines are the first Wednesday of April and the last Wednesday of October in each calendar year. Link

Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Thank you Didier for sharing this opportunity :)

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Call for Applications: SWITCH Africa Green – SEED Awards 2017

SEED has opened the Call for Applications for the 2017 SWITCH Africa Green (SAG) – SEED Awards. The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is an annual awards scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies.


For the 2017 SAG-SEED Awards, the call for applications is open to enterprises within the six focus Countries; Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya and Mauritius South Africa active in the following four sectors:


Does your enterprise produce food in an unpredictable environment, while creating decent jobs and

preserving resources?


Does your enterprise produce goods or provide services for the manufacturing sector while ensuring

energy and water efficiency and providing employment opportunities?


Does your enterprise promote

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Open Call For Proposals: Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA)

The Field Attachment Program Award (FAPA) is a competitive grants program designed as graduate student internship to link thesis research findings and recommendations to application and use at community level. The FAPA grants are intended to provide opportunity for dissemination of research outputs with a view to inform policy development and hone students’ skills in working with communities to use the research outputs that have been generated.

The FAPA is exclusively targeting RUFORUM supported MSc students who are in the process of finalising (completed MSc thesis and submitted for examination) their MSc level training.

The Field Attachment Awards (FAPA) are designed to encourage students to follow through with the dissemination of their research and to enable them to link more closely with the agencies working in the area where their research was carried out. It is established for those students who have developed a usefu

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Apply for the Africa Green - SEED Awards!

The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is an annual awards scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies. 

Is your enterprise small, locally driven and eco-inclusive with an ambition to be in the vanguard of green and inclusive growth?
Does your enterprise need tailored support to grow to its full potential? Apply!

The Call for Applications for the 2017 SWITCH Africa Green-SEED Awards will end on 8 March 2017!

Who can participate?

For the 2017 SAG-SEED Awards, the call for application is open to enterprises within Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South-Africa and Uganda and are active in agriculture, waste management, tourism or manufacturing. 

What do you win?

No two enterprises are the same, either internally or as regards to their operating environment. SEED offers each SAG-SEED Award Winner a

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I wish every body happy festivities, and hope to see you in 2017. Start the year with an opportunity for entrepreneurs support under TEEP, (, for tips on how to fill your application contact us on; or call 0752590802

Jacob Olanya Thank you Stephen, and Happy New year 2107

1 month 3 weeks ago

Ecwinyu Stephen Jacob Have you applied, it closes in Feb. Thank you all the best

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EU Innovative Agri-Food Chains: Unlocking the Potential for Competitiveness and Sustainability

Deadline: 14 February 2017

**Legal entities established in Tanzania are eligible to apply.

The European Commission is seeking applications for its program “Innovative Agri-Food Chains: Unlocking the Potential for Competitiveness and Sustainability” to provide in-depth insight into linkages and interactions between agri-food chain stakeholders, including understanding of their perception and behaviour with respect to sustainability objectives and cooperation, potentially resulting in the design of new processes within the agro-food chains and thus leading to new business models and better performing value chains.

The sustainability of food systems is challenged by various interrelated factors, such as the changing socio-economic and political context, the scarcity of natural resources, environmental degradation and climate change.

Funding Information

The Commission considers that pr

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Help us to have access in finance and access to attend annual meating plan for the all year. fortunatus mlyandena  P.O Box 21 Rombo Mkuu kilimanjaro Tanzania East Africa

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Future Agro Challenge: Inviting Entrepreneurs, Startups all Over the World

Deadline: 13 January 2017

The Global Championship is seeking applicants for its Future Agro Challenge (FAC), global competition that support agro visionaries, farmers, manufacturers, and distributors from countries across several continents.

Innovators have the opportunity to participate in sessions and hot discussions on the latest entrepreneurship trends & best practices, network with entrepreneurs, investors, startups, policy makers & stakeholders from all over the world and claim the title of “Agribusiness of the Year”!

FAC seeks ideas to advance Agtech, Agriculture Production and Processing, Nutrition & Health, Agriculture Biotech, Biofuels, Evergreen Practices, Robotics and Precision Agriculture, Agro Logistics, Farmer Incomes, Education, Agrotourism, Safety & Health, and Packaging.

Prize Information

The winner will have the opportunity to be awarded as the best agro innovator of the year and

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The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation Grant: Addressing Food and Health in the Developing World!

Deadline: 1 January 2017

The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation is currently seeking applications for its grant program with an aim to promote the conservation of natural resources, improve the production and distribution of food, and improve health in the developing world.

The foundation supports projects that demonstrate strong local leadership, promote professional development in the conservation, agricultural, and health sciences; develop the capacity of local organizations and address a particular problem in the field.

Food grants support focused efforts to improve access to food for consumption in developing countries. Areas of interest include projects that:

  • promote or develop specific sustainable agriculture practices with potential to advance science and practice in other countries
  • explore and refine innovative education and training interventions for small sca

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Thanks

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Applications for Ethiopian Young AgriPreneurs are open now!

Are you between 15-29 years old and do you have an innovative Agribusiness idea? Than you might be fit for the 4-month incubator program from February to May 2017!

BlueMoon is looking for amazing, out-of-the-box, highly innovative, scaleable, and potentially transformative ideas from youth interested in Ethiopian agribusiness. BlueMoon believes that, once in a blue moon, exceptional ideas can turn into great businesses that literally change the world. Once selected for the incubator program, BlueMoon takes a holistic approach to support young startups.

Click here to find more details on BlueMoon's program and the selection criteria. The application deadline is Friday January 6, 2017. For any questions regarding the application process, please contact BlueMoon by sending an e-mail to this e-mail address:



Food security in an urbanising society

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  04 September 2017 to 15 September 2017 - All Day Event
  The Netherlands

Today already more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this will be risen to two-thirds. The continuous increase of urban population is due to factors like rural-urban migration, natural disasters or livelihood insecurities. Providing food and nutrition security for the rapidly expanding populations in the world’s cities is a pressing challenge in this changing world. Delivering nutritious food to cities is a complex problem that is also challenged by natural resource scarcity, climate change, and population growth, which affect food systems globally.

For this events fellowships are available.

Practical information:
Course date: 4 - 15 September 2017
Deadline: 24 July 2017
NFP/MENA deadline: 21 March 2017

For more information and online registration please visit our website: