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Adapting to climate change: Dutch network members exchange

AgriProFocus Share-a-Slice meeting with network members - 20 April 2017

This informal gathering of AgriProFocus members was hosted by Heifer Netherlands and members exchanged experiences about their interventions to deal with the challenges of climate change in food and agriculture.


ScopeInsight’s Maryse Blom started with the statement that ‘professionalism is the key, also for climate smart agriculture’. ScopeInsight has developed several tools to assess the professional quality of agribusinesses (incl SMEs) and trains partners in LMICs to use these effectively. The organization is a business intelligence provider, scoring companies on 8 clearly defined dimensions. As a separate service, they facilitate aligned capacity building that is provided by a group of organisations in the AMEA alliance. This set of services to support capacity building of farmers and SMEs in the agrifood sector is key as a basis to also tac

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Prioritising climate-smart agricultural interventions at different scales

Published by Agricultural Systems, February 1st, 2017  

This special of Agricultural Systems focuses on prioritising climate-smart agricultural (CSA) interventions at different scales. Currently, there are few tools that can comprehensively evaluate the range of potential technologies and practices and their possible impacts on food production, environmental sustainability, and mitigation in any context. Therefore, what remains is the prioritization of interventions for investment and broad dissemination. There is a growing body of work by several CGIAR centres and their partners on tools and methods that can be used to prioritise CSA interventions and investments at a range of spatial and temporal scales. This special issue brings together nine papers describing a wide range of approaches and tools. One of the papers (PDF) by Notenbaert et al. describe a generic framework for evaluating and prioritising poten

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Call for Application: Geodata for Agriculture and Water

The Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility is a grant programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It falls under the policy priority of food security, which focuses on increasing and enhancing sustainable food production as well as achieving more efficient agricultural water use, particularly in irrigated areas and water basins in the G4AW partner countries.

Administrative rules have been published in the Dutch Government Gazette (Staatscourant No. 13493, March 17, 2017)


The available budget for the G4AW call of 2017-2018 is 19.8 million euro.

Application period

Requests for an advisory opinion can be submitted from 15 April to 15 June 2017.

Applications may be submitted until 15:00 CET on 14 September 2017. If the application is submitted less than two weeks before the deadline of 14 September 2017, the applicant runs the risk that, if it is incomplete, the Minister will not use his or her discretionary powers

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The Best Green Energy Farming Technology - Breakthrough

In my previous post, some readers inquired me to upload short video of the technology so that understanding will be created to duplicate and disseminate the new technology: Anicytor - Mechanical Driver of Farm Tools.

For the past ten years, though animal drawn/pulled farm and transportation tools have been playing great roles in socioeconomic aspects of the society, their efficiency and functions couldn't be satisfactory as the tools needed external force that creates friction and wheel grip.

On other hand, animals have powerful legs and body mass force which human being hasn't extracted and utilized appropriately.

In the case of tractors, they are not affordable by most of small land owners, need operation skills, have costs of fuel and maintenance, do not easily access all rural areas, and they emit carbon that pollute the environment.

Therefore, the technological needs of farmers (from land preparation to harvesting ) and globa

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Embassy of the Netherlands in Indonesia calls for climate adaptation and mitigation proposals!

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands partners with the Dutch private finance challenge ( for the ‘MoMo challenge Indonesia 2017’: a country wide competition of ideas how to attract private investment for mitigation or adaptation projects in Indonesia. The two most promising proposals of 2017 stand to win 25,000-Euro to further their business case.

MoMo4Climate is an initiative of IUCN Netherlands, ECN and the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and was started to bring climate ideas and private climate finance together. The bridge to private finance is a good business case. The initiative tests the business cases presented with financial experts, offers advice and awards grant support to the most promising ideas.

See for criteria and past winners.

Today the first of three calls is launched for climate ideas in Indonesia. The panel of experts will m

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€ 25.000 for the best climate business cases

The MoMo challenge 2017 has been launched! Also this year, organisations and companies that have an innovative business case focused on promoting either climate change mitigation or adaptation in a developing country can compete to receive € 25.000 seed finance for further developing their business case. Project proposals can be submitted on-line through this link. This round closes on 1 April.

MoMo is looking for promising projects that fulfill the following criteria:

* The project is focused on the clean tech, food, agro, or water sector

* The project’s intervention is aimed at a developing country

* The project contains the involvement of at least one Dutch organization

* The project is realistic and actionable

* The project is concrete and has potential for up-scaling

The Dutch private climate finance challenge ‘MoMo4Climate’ cal

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MoMo4Climate calls for fresh proposals  

Proposals that can attract private investors  

The Dutch private climate finance challenge ‘MoMo4Climate’ calls for fresh proposals. MoMo is interested in ideas that attract private investment for climate mitigation or adaptation programs. The challenge is to send a proposal that can attract private investors.

MoMo4Climate tests your business case through a panel of financial experts, offers advice to make your case more investable, and awards support to the most promising ideas. This year, the two best proposals of the challenge stand to win € 25,000 to further develop their business cases.

The Dutch Good Growth Fund will consider what proposals could be eligible for in-kind or financial assistance in technical support, capacity training or business case development.
In 2017, there will again be three calls for initiatives that involve a private sector company or financier in the Netherlands that proposes a climate interventi

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Coping with climate change in a key vulnerable continent

Article 2 february 2017 - Climate Observer

Focus Africa is a series of country-specific articles produced by Climate Policy Observer on the current and planned climate policies of over fifteen African states.

Outstanding polluters and climate influencers, such as Nigeria and Egypt, have been analyzed as long as green, promising small nations – some of which presented very ambitious pledges on the road to the 2015 Paris COP21. A great degree of complexity clearly emerges by comparing, for instance, the promising Kenyan solar market with oil-tied rentier nations as Algeria, or the low degree of electrification and electricity production of the smaller states with South Africa’s coal-reliant energy economy.

Starting from the Kingdom of Morocco, which hosted the 2016 COP22, the series also highlights some major social and economic data about each country. Data and informations were taken from official statistical

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Poultry Masterclass - Ndola

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  24 April 2017 to 26 April 2017 - All Day Event

Are you a poultry extension officer or trainer? Apply for our masterclasses today!

1. Biosecurity
2. Poultry Business Management
3. Feeding and Feed Formulation

Masterclasses are practical training sessions which aim to optimize various agricultural value chains via transfer of proven technology, capacity building and market access development to agriculture entrepreneurs and institutions. 

To apply, please contact Ms. Maumo Mubila -

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Invitation to Historical Campaign

Join Historical Campaign of seeing off/ preserving Yoke and Plough pulling to Museum.Anicytor: Carbon Emissions Free / Climate Smart Farm and Transportation Tool

- Our forefathers ploughed pairing two oxen; and sowed with hands, wed out with hands, and harvested with hands.

- However, Present generation made its own tool known as ‘Anicytor’ and using only one animal (camel, horse, mule, donkey so on) ploughs, sows, harvests, and transports. - No more pairing two oxen, no more youth migration to urban.

- The innovation is exhibited at COP 22 Marrakech, Morocco.


# Vð` k”u`” ¨Å S<²=¾U ¾TeÑvƒ; q]"© ²S‰” ÃÅÓñ::</p>

- ›v„‰‹” G

- ÃI ƒ¨

Products: Driver of all farm tools, seed row planter, organic fertilizer broadcaster, product transport, left and right reversible plough, so on. All are environment friendly.

What problem to solve: Smallholder farmers technological needs, global excessive carbon emission, joblessness, rural youth migration

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Call for proposals for the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) (4th)

Deadline for submission letter of Intent: 28 March 2017

NWO-WOTRO has launched the fourth call for proposals for the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP). GCP aims to generate research-based advanced understanding of 1) emerging key issues in food security and their impact on regional and local food security and 2) the role of private sector development. This fourth GCP call specifically focuses on contributing to business models, incentives and innovative finance for scaling Climate Smart Agriculture. The call is developed in close collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) and the CGIAR Research Programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).

Transdisciplinary proposals can be submitted by teams of researchers and other (public/private) partners from both the Netherlands and from at least one Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMIC).


The Food & Bu

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How to ensure access to food for all in a urbanising world

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  08 December 2016, 09:00-14:00

Seminar: How to ensure access to good food for all in a rapidly urbanising world

The world is becoming increasingly urban. Today, more of us live in cities than in rural areas. It is expected that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Providing food and nutrition security for the rapidly expanding populations in the world’s urban areas is a pressing challenge, due to the increasingly interconnected challenges of resource scarcity, climate change and natural disasters which affect food systems globally. Against the background of these developments, achieving urban food and nutrition security calls for integrated and innovative solutions.

This seminar will take place in the Impulse building on the campus of Wageningen UR, from 09.00 to 14.00 hrs, including a lunch buffet. Participation is free.

For more information and online registration please visit our website:

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Climate Change: Why Farming Will Increasingly Become Harder In Uganda

By Taddewo Senyonyi

My farming activities in newly created Kakumiro district (curved out together with Kagadi district from Kibaale district) has made me travel frequently from Kampala to Kakumiro for supervision purposes. However, overtime, I have observed a worrying trend; natural forests which I used to see along the road about 10 years ago, are no more. The rapid increase in population has exerted untold pressure on land so much that the once coveted natural forests have been destroyed. Shockingly, even protected forests have been destroyed by seemingly hopeless Ugandans from various parts of the country as government looks on! My last visit to my coffee and eucalyptus plantations on September 3, 2016 saw me have a burst-up with my neighbours. Why? They had cleared the forest near the River (Katerera) separating us up to its banks! While I left about 200 metres to the River, my fellow farmers didn’t see val

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STEPHEN OBORE This is very true Tell you TESO region is affected as well and what worsened the situation are the heavy hailstorms that took place last week after the prolonged sunshine GOD have marcy

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Call For Funding Proposals: Initiatives That Promote The Mainstreaming Of Environmental Protection, Climate Change And Green Growth Into Rwanda’s Economy / FONERWA

Deadline: 14 October 2016

Opportunity Background


The impacts of climate change present a new set of challenges in our efforts to reduce poverty and promote social economic development. Changing temperatures, erratic rainfall, floods, landslides and droughts all have significant consequences for the livelihoods, health, food security, infrastructure and development in general, and of recent the effects of a changing climate are evident. There is need therefore, to understand how climate change affects a community – who is vulnerable to the effects, and why, and we need to apply this information in order to design programs that will reduce people’s vulnerabilities to risks.

In order to effectively support sustainable development, development programmes must be able to manage risks posed by both current and f

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INVITATION to attend EBAFOSA Tanzania National Branch Launch

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  26 August 2016, All Day Event

Greetings from EBAFOSA Tanzania Secretariat!

We very grateful to bring your kind attention the event of Official EBAFOSA Launch in Tanzania.

Kindly find the attached letter of invitation for your immediate response!
We are honoured to host you all at the event.
Let us (you and me) do whatever possible to make the event a success.

The event will take place on undefined and all stakeholders who have registered as EBAFOSA members will be invited to participate.

If you have not done so, please register your organization today via our website:

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Haramaya University has this year won a competitive World Bank grant amounting to 6,000,000 (six million) US Dollars to establish an African Center of Excellence in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation. This is good NEWS for Africa that disproportionately affected by climatic change and food insecurity. For more information

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Mobilising More

Finance for climate action (for Dutch organisations)

Mobilising More (in short: MoMo), a Dutch initiative from ECN, IUCN NL and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now calls for all entrepeneurs, NGOs, businesses, and innovators to submit their ideas for innovative climate business cases. MoMo aims to mobilise private finance for climate action in developing countries by matching innovative and inspiring ideas with existing and new funding opportunities in both the Netherlands and through international funding mechanisms.

Be part of MoMo! Deadline for submission: September 1st, 2016

Do you have an inspiring and innovative idea to mobilise private finance for climate change solutions in a developing country, and is your organisation Dutch, then go to and submit your idea before 1 September 2016. The proposal should be actionable (have a business plan) and have a direct impact (not be a conference or a report).

Why participate in MoMo?

By submitting you

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Marco Mihambo but basing on my understanding on this adverts, for us who are not having idea but residing out of Netherlands are not qualifying for this opportunity or am wrong?

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Marco Mihambo i mean for us who have an innovative idea but residing out of Netherlands, we are not qualifying for this opportunity or am wrong?

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Biodiversity is below safe levels across more than half of world's land 

16 July 2016

Habitat destruction has reduced the variety of plants and animals to the point that ecological systems could become unable to function properly, with risks for agriculture and human health, say scientists. Most of it is due to (development of) industrial agriculture rather than urbanization.

Read the full Article at the

Picture: Enormous swaths of dry forest in Paraguay’s sparsely populated Chaco Boreal region have been cleared for cattle ranching. Photograph: Planet


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Coffee and climate: The development imperative for smallholders

By Naki B. MendozaimageCoffee cherries grow in Cauca, Colombia. Across the world, coffee farmers are threatened by the impact of climate change on their trade, with smallholders facing especially daunting prospects. Photo by: Neil Palmer / CC BY-SA

When it comes to climate change, very little, if anything, is immune from its effects and one of the world’s most beloved crops is certainly no exception.

Across the world, coffee farmers are threatened by the impact of climate change on their trade, with smallholders facing especially daunting prospects.

The effects may be apparent within the industry, but recent studies have been putting the severity of the issue into focus for consumers. For example, a study last year by theInternational Center for Tropical Agriculture, projected that Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia — which combined account for 65 percent of global arabica bean production — will experience “severe los

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Annual Forum Global Alliance Climate Smart Agriculture 14- 17 June 2016

Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action

The Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture is now having its Annual Forum meeting in Rome. All information, the agenda, and background papers and videos are available via this link:

The theme of this year's Annual Forum is Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action.

GACSA’s ambitious future is based upon supporting and inspiring action. Farmers, fishers, foresters, and ranchers are at the center of this action, and therefore GACSA is devoting its Annual Forum to showcasing climate-smart agriculture in action.

The Forum will be a dynamic gathering, where the participants share solutions, discuss challenges, and build partnerships on climate-smart agriculture. We are seeking out action-oriented stakeholders to come to both share and learn at the GACSA Annual Forum.

To directly access the agenda:

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