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Milk volumes drop in Uganda

Please find news about the dairy sector of Uganda in the Africa news – let us stay abreast with the news!

The fall in milk volumes has led to a hike in milk prices and supply shortages at processing plants; Get details by following the Link



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  05 October 2016 to 06 October 2016 - All Day Event

Promoting Agribusiness Investment, Networking and Trade (PAINT)

PAINT aims to bring together local, regional and international agribusinesses to build long term sustainable business relationships.

The initiative shall support the growth of the agribusiness sector by linking investable and profitable agribusinesses in the sectors of horticulture, coffee, oilseed, dairy & livestock to financing , technology, knowledge and markets.

Specific objective

1. To connect prequalified agribusinesses to financing

2. To link buyers to suppliers of inputs (commodities, equipment and services)

3. To link investors to investable businesses and opportunities

4. To facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology among businesses


We are currently receiving application from interested businesses in the sectors mentioned above who wish to participate in the trade and investment matchmaking event that will take place on 5th & 6th Octobe

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Dairy Development Authority shares about the Dairy Stakeholders' Event 2015; Visit DDA website here

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                                              THEME: "DRINK MILK FOR GOOD HEALTH"

Under the umbrella of AgriProFocus Uganda Network, Dairy Development Authority (DDA), Send a Cow, Heifer International/East African Dairy Development (EADD), Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), and Renaissance Livestock network (RELINE), Brookside Dairies/Sameer organized a two day dairy stakeholders’ event.

360 (279 males and 81 females) attended the event and these comprised of processors, input dealers for drugs, pasture management, agrochemicals and fertilizers; individual farmers, farmers’ organizations, dairy cooperatives, financial institutions, providers of agro-machinery, equipment

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The Dairy Stakeholders' Event 2015 as told by the Daily Monitor- Seeds of Gold Newspaper.

In summary, the writer collected quotes from participants on their perception of the event, gathering objectives, benefits and after event actions. Get the Full story..........

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Exhibitions at the Dairy Stakeholders' Event 2015 were lively with lots of interactions between service providers and clients.

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Dairy/Goat farmer asks DDA why goat milk is not taken seriously by Government yet it is also important. #DairyEvent2015UG

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Dairy Stakeholders' Event 2015 kicks off! #Drinkmilkforgoodhealth

Welcome remarks from the Chairman (Send a Cow).

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Milk Consumption Promotion Campaign

It's happening Now! Milk Consumption Promotion Campaign! Dairy Stakeholders' Event-2015 organizers are spearheading a campaign to promote the consumption of milk and milk products. The campaign is targeting the back to school shopping period. After engaging dairy processors: JESA Farm Dairy, Sameer/Brookside, Pearl Dairy and Mega Milk, these have agreed to promote and sell subsidized milk products. The campaign is running in the following supermarkets:

-Nakumatt (Oasis, Village Mall, Acacia),

-Capital Shoppers (Ntinda, Nakawa),

-Mega standard supermarket, Shoprite (central town, Lugogo),

-Turskys (Main gate MUK, Ntinda)

Results of this campaign and more will be shared during the Dairy stakeholder event 2015- 16th & 17th Sept. at UMA

The Campaign will run from today Friday to Sunday. Hurry to take advantage of the offer!

Event organizers: AgriProFocus Uganda, SNV, Send a Cow, Heifer International/EADD, Reline and Dairy Development Authority.

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Call for Essays

Herding for the Markets

Opportunities in Extensive Livestock Production

Join our essay competition and express your innovative solutions and ideas on extensive livestock!

Take this unique opportunity to contribute to the international expo and conference ‘Herding for the Markets’ and write an essay about your ideas on extensive livestock.

Winners will have the opportunity to present their ideas during the conference to an expert audience!

This call for essays is in the context of the Herding for the Markets Expo and Conference, taking place in Nairobi from 4-6 November 2015.

Essays can be entered by any individual up to 35 years old based in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. While this call is open to any individual in the countries above, Faculty members and post-graduate students affiliated to universities in the region are particularly encouraged to a

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Register Now! Dairy Stakeholder Event- 16th & 17th Septemeber, UMA Show grounds, Kampala!

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Programme out for antibiotics x dairy Uganda event next 31 March

Objectives Learning Event APF Uganda and Emotive / Natural Livestock Farming:

1. APF network Uganda and Emotive / Natural Livestock Farming get to know each other

2. Exchange on issues in dairy development in Ethiopia, Uganda, India and Netherlands relating to sustainable dairy farming, including use of local breeds, use of antibiotics, possibilities for using medicinal plants to treat dairy cow diseases, (and possibly exploring new marketing models that reward quality milk)

3. Explore possibilities for further cooperation between APF Uganda and Emotive / Natural Livestock Farming

4. online sharing of information, contacts, discussions, reports on this webpage

Find the full programme here

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The Milk Cup Championship - (using recreation to promote the dairy sector)

Promoting the cause of milk production and marketing through organising the milk cup championship. The championship is about promoting milk and milk products through organising sports events and championships. I will be adding details

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Improved Dairy Cows in Uganda: Pathways to Poverty Alleviation and Improved Child Nutrition 

"The introduction and dissemination of improved dairy cow breeds in Uganda is arguably the most significant step taken to develop a modern and commercial dairy industry in the country over the last two decades. This study uses a nationally representative sample of Ugandan households to rigorously examine the impact of adoption of improved dairy cow breeds on enterprise-, household-, and individual child-level nutrition outcomes." 

Link to the article and download

Julius. M

That's true,I remember last year out hybrid Friesian cow(brown and white) gave birth, we would get a 10 litre jerrican of milk every morning and a half in the evening. We sold to several buyers(3) in the neighbourhood on the monthly basis. a litre went for 600, but some took two litres. It brought on some income at the end of every month-enough to save on some necessities at home. That is when I realized diary farming is profitable, imagine if we have 3,5,7 cows.

3 years 1 month ago

Ludwig Ammer

Hi, I live in the region of this cattle: http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/breeds/cattle/pinzgauer/index.htm

I studied agriculture and made a milking diploma three decades ago, but we only worked with high yielder races of cattle, as it was since the 1930s. People here in Traunstein helped the Pinzgauer cattle to survive that time and brought it with Austrian farmers into tropic regions, where it is far more resistant as the high yielders and eats more roughage! You can make better cheese with Pinzgauer cattle, and there are esters in that cheese to prevent cancer. In Uganda the Pinzgauer might bring even higher yeilds than Friesian hybrids.

3 years 1 month ago

Samson Musimbi

Even with introduction and dissemination of improved breeds, there is still need to support in mobilizing and training of dairy groups on Milk quality and Dairy feed production. This will help them improve their on production and quality of milk. 

2 years 10 months ago