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ICRA Courses for professionals working in higher education and outreach, agricultural research and agri-business

For application deadline and for detail information, click on the courses below:

- Linking research to inclusive development for food security - Facing rural innovation challenges, 15 May - 2 June 2017, Wageningen, the Netherlands

- Facing rural innovation challenges - Linking research to inclusive development for food security, 25 Sept - 13 Oct 2017

- Learning, action research and outreach – Making higher education boost food security, 6 to 24 November 2017

ICRA is an independent non-profit organization, founded in 1981 as the International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture. ICRA’s goal is to help end poverty and hunger and to promote sustainable resource use, through inclusive innovation partnerships and by the strengthening individual, organizational and institutional capacities required to make these partnerships work.

ICRA is a member of the Agr

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Ethiopia: Food Security Outlook Update - December 2016

31 Dec 2016
Report From Famine Early Warning System Network

Pastoral conditions deteriorate following very poor seasonal performance in southeastern areas


 - Food security outcomes have improved in many areas of Ethiopia as Meher harvests have improved household food access. However, emergency food assistance needs will remain high as poor seasonal rainfall in southern and southeastern pastoral areas and lowland cropping areas of eastern and central Oromia and Rift Valley areas of SNNPR lead to Crisis (IPC Phase 3) acute food insecurity through May 2017, or Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) in the presence of emergency assistance.

- Deyr/Hageya seasonal rainfall between October and December 2016 was very late and significantly below average across most of southern and southeastern Ethiopia. Livestock body conditions have started to decline, leading to low livestock productivity, decreasing livestock prices, and below-average

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Ethiopia: Auspicious Move to Ensure Food Security

. . . Being food secured is also not limited to stowing away enough food to meet nutritional needs of a community or a country. It is also linked with sustained food supply and creations of assets that will help to avail food and other personal and family needs related to livelihood.

Among other things, food security is also related to food habits, religious and cultural outlooks that could have stronger bearing on either enhancing or discouraging the promotion of food self-sufficiency and security.

Attaining food security cannot be measured only through the volume of food produced and distributed. Diversity in food production targeting disease preventing varieties and cash based production are also important factors. . . 

(Solomon Dibaba, The Ethiopian Herald)

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Agriculture CS issues warning on looming food scarcity

The country faces food scarcity because a majority of farmers are “old and dying” while the youth are not taking up farming, the government warned on Monday.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett said a survey of farmers in the country has shown that most are between 60 and 62 years old, which is a major concern since the country’s life expectancy is at 63.

The government, he said, had set aside Sh20 billion to support and rally youth into agriculture for the next five years to avert a crisis.

The government targets people in their 40s but youths will also be recruited, he said.


Mr Bett also noted that low levels of farm mechanisation had made agriculture labour-intensive and less attractive to youths.

He added that the sector was also grappling with challenges of high cost of production owing to costly inputs and low yields, limited access to affordable credit by farmers and land fragmentatio

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How to ensure access to food for all in a urbanising world

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  08 December 2016, 09:00-14:00

Seminar: How to ensure access to good food for all in a rapidly urbanising world

The world is becoming increasingly urban. Today, more of us live in cities than in rural areas. It is expected that by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Providing food and nutrition security for the rapidly expanding populations in the world’s urban areas is a pressing challenge, due to the increasingly interconnected challenges of resource scarcity, climate change and natural disasters which affect food systems globally. Against the background of these developments, achieving urban food and nutrition security calls for integrated and innovative solutions.

This seminar will take place in the Impulse building on the campus of Wageningen UR, from 09.00 to 14.00 hrs, including a lunch buffet. Participation is free.

For more information and online registration please visit our website:

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How to deal with the Challenges we face in our food & nutrition security programmes? On Tuesday November 15 we enjoyed a very interesting and effective EKN Learning Event. 

As Jan Willem Nibbering (EKN) said at the start: a challenge is not ’just’ a problem or an obstacle, but something you need to react to.

Four projects shared very openly their challenges and got experience based advice from their peers:

1. SBN- problem with access to inputs, no microfinance available; harvest goes to local money lenders

2. CASCAPE: how NOT to contribute to the 'dependency syndrome', farmers expecting free seeds and per diems for training

3. ICCO/Strategic Partnership Convening & Convincing (SPCC) project: How to involve in a dialogue with the government?

4.GAIN with 3 challenges

1. Health workers are overloaded – how do we deal with that? How to use an overburdened government system

2. Demand creation takes a long time; diet behaviour is a hard thing to change. Production is improving; dive

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Information about Dutch Business Instruments

The Kingdom of the Netherlands through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) a unit under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, administers business instruments to support entrepreneurs to grow their business in an innovative and sustainable approach.

On November 9th, RVO held an information session in Lusaka where they explained 3 business instruments:

Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) - financing of water infrastructure for economic development

Sustainable Food Security and Entrepreneurship Fund (FDOV) - financing collaborations that create sustainable value chains in agriculture and food.

PUM Senior Experts Facility (PUM) - technical assistance to public institutions and private enterprises.

For more information and contact details see:

PUM presentation here

Business instruments presentation here


AgriProFcus Ethiopia Annual Network Day 2016

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  02 December 2016, All Day Event
  AZZEMAN HOTEL, Addis Ababa

You are INVITED!

Dear Members and Partners,

You are cordially invited to attend the AgriProFocus Ethiopia Annual Network Day, to be held on Friday 2nd of December 2016 in AZZEMAN Hotel, Addis Ababa.

As you may recall, at the end of every year we organize this Annual Network Day to bring together our members and partners for exciting and fruitful activities:

  • We will learn new findings, developments and achievements in Ethiopian agriculture sector from Guest Presenters;
  • The AgriProFocus Ethiopia Coordination Team will highlight the 2016 activities of the network to its members and partners, and look forward to what we envision for 2017 together with you;
  • Members and Partners, in turn, will review and comment on the ending year activities, and indicate new topics of focus or new ways of networking methods to be incorporated in our 2017 Annual Plan;
  • Market Place by member and partner organizations who wish to reserve an exhibition boot

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Commercializing Food Security in Tanzania

Like many regions in East Africa, Northern Tanzania has the potential to become an agricultural powerhouse. A Public-Private Partnership of the FDOV meets the needs of maize producers around the city of Arusha. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has provided financial resources, shared technical knowledge and coordinated the contacts among the partners of this project.

Watch this film to see the results of this public-private partnership!

Partners in this PPP are: Quality Food Products in Arusha, East African Grain Council, Wageningen University and Research Centre,  Dutch Embassy in Tanzania, New Bogaloo Ltd, National Microfinance Bank in Tanzania, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and the Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture.

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October is gone and many areas in Uganda are failing to receive the required rainfall amounts and in areas where it has rained, many crops have been devastated, leaving many homeless and with no any other alternative source of livelihood. The question is: What is Government doing to avert the situation?

It is traditionally known that, Uganda's economy is largely dependent on Agriculture. Not only dependent, but also rain fed agriculture, where farmers have to wait upon God to send rain on the land for food.

Under normal circumstances, October is supposed to be the peak of rains but unfortunately; many areas are still experiencing severe sun shine that has caused crops to dry up thus rendering the second planting season a loss. The question is: how responsive is the National Disaster Preparedness and Management Policy in managing such disasters and the vulnerability of the affected population?

It is reported that, some people h

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AgriProFocus Kenya Annual Network Day 2016 - Highlights

Our annual network day held on the 19th October at Karura forest in Nairobi attracted a good number of delegates and exhibitors within the agriculture space. This annual event brings together actors in the public and private sectors to meet, reflect and collaboratively discuss future plans and aspirations as members of the network. This year's theme was "unlocking the business opportunities for food and nutrition security in the wake of climate change." This event comes at a time when as AgriProFocus, we are reflecting back to the 11 years of our existence -- what value we have created for our members and partners, what challenges we've overcome and opportunities ahead.

Some of our achievements for the year 2016: 

i) Learning platforms - experiences, lessons learned and innovations shared on our learning platforms.

ii) Cross-project learning - from all the Dutch projects in Kenya providing a multi-stakeholder sharing forum for D

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Dorina Prech Thank you Jacob! 

2 months 1 week ago

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From Rice Bowl to Food Basket; Myanmar Agricultural Reform White Paper

Last April, the Myanmar National Economic and Social Advisory Council (NESAC) developed a new vision for Myanmar’s Agricultural Development: From rice bowl to food basket; Three pillars for modernizing Myanmar’s agricultural and food sector.

'Myanmar is ready to seize that promise for its own future. But we must break away from a legacy of policies that have held back, rather than stimulated, our farmers’ potential', writes Tin Htut Oo, Chairman of the National Economic and Social Advisory Committee. 'A mind-set change is needed to step out of the Green Revolution, business-as-usual approach that focused on supply-led yield increases and domestic food self-sufficiency. We need to shift to an innovative new agricultural policy vision that centers on a demand-led approach driven by domestic consumers and foreign markets with increased productivity throughout the sector. To succeed in practice, we need to break do

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Brief Moment with:

Food Science & Nutrition Expert Melese Temesgen

"Many rural households in Ethiopia face food and nutrition insecurity not knowing that nutritious root crops are growing all around them"

Melese Temesgen is a PhD fellow of the Addis Ababa University in the area of Food Science & Nutrition. He has been involved in a variety of vital innovation projects, including the promotion of nutritious root crops and the reduction of post-harvest losses for tomatoes. Based on his expertise in these areas, he published more than 13 papers in different journals. Also, he is one of AgriProFocus most engaged and motivated members of the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture innovation community.

"Awareness creation is the key to increase the nutritional density of the diets of rural households"  

Read the full interview here.

Melese Temesgen Thank you Meskerem for the post that recognize my little works. I wish to contribute a lot for the introduction and promotion of nutrition sensitive agriculture in a wider areas of the country and every aspects of food and nutrition security in the future through hardworking and duty mindedness.

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Mobile app offers opportunity for agriculture in Myanmar

The usage of smartphones in Myanmar has skyrocketed over the past years. Impact Terra, founded by the Erwin Sikma from The Netherlands, developed the ‘Golden Paddy’ mobile application that offers local farmers and companies access to previously unattainable information.

Myanmar is one of the biggest countries in South-East Asia and is often called ‘The Garden of Asia’ because of its diverse climate zones and soils. These circumstances mean it is possible to cultivate almost any crop here; rice, grains, vegetables, legumes, flowers, fruits, coffee, tea and spices all belong to the possibilities. Also fodder (crops for cattle) can be planted. Myanmar was the world’s leading producer of many crops for a long time.

Regression for agriculture

Agriculture is still the countries’ biggest economic sector. It represents more than 40% of the Gross National Product and offers employment to more than 70% of the pop

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Notice: FSRE Innovation Fund Completion Seminar Postponed 

Dear Members and Partners,

A few days ago we announced that there will be the FSRE Innovation Fund Completion Seminar on 26-27 October 2016, which will also include a book launch and an innovation fair.

However, due to current circumstance we would like to inform you that the event is postponed until further notice. We will inform you any developments.


Gizaw Legesse

+251 (0)91 115 6248

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Strengthening the concept of Early Warning, Early Action in the area of food security

Call for Discussion Papers, deadline: 23rd October 2016

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Kenya office would like to invite practitioners, scholars and State and Non State institutions to submit discussion papers as per the topics in the attached paper. The objective of the Call is to bring out perspectives and ideas that may help to generate, refine or improve knowledge on early warning mechanisms at the national level and in the two counties of Baringo and West Pokot where KAS is currently implementing a Project dubbed “Crisis Prevention through the Promotion of Good Governance in the Area of Food Security. The project is supported under the special initiative framework of, One World, No Hunger.  

Benefit for participation 

KAS will award each of the paper that will be selected per topic of interest in the three areas of focus. The papers will form part of KAS’ publication in her Early Warnin

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Short Course on Wetlands, Water, and Food

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  05 June 2017 to 23 June 2017 - All Day Event
  The Netherlands


Wetlands, integrated water resources management and food security

Promoting the value of wetlands for conservation, food security and climate change resilience

Food security, water management and climate change call for a cross cutting and inclusive approach involving all relevant stakeholders and sectors. This requires persons who, next to technical knowledge, possess other skills such as facilitation, conflict management and negotiation skills, as well as the ability to advocate the important role of wetlands in integrated water resources management.

The course is based on the premise that stewards understand what integrated water resources management is, what wetlands are, the different types of wetlands, what services they provide and the role of the RAMSAR Convention. To be able to act as a water steward and to advocate for wetlands, you will also need to know how to facilitate multi-stakeholder p

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USAID's Emergency Fact Sheet on Agriculture

September 16, 2016

-- Emergency seed actors had distributed 93 percent of the more than 33,320 MT of seed supplies intended for meher planting to farming households in Afar, Amhara, Oromiya, SNNP, Somali, and Tigray regions as of September 9, according to the ESWG—co-led by the GoE and USAID/OFDA partner the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). USAID emergency seed partner CRS reports that implementing partners had distributed at least 96 percent of the 5,200 MT of allocated seeds to agricultural areas of Amhara, Oromiya, SNNP, and Tigray as of September 7 and reached nearly all beneficiary farmers prior to the end of local meher planting. The planting period—particularly for varieties of vine cuttings, seedlings, and other vegetable seeds—extends as late as mid-September in some districts.

-- Seed actors recently completed an ESWG post-distribution assessment, which launched on August 22, according to FAO. Preliminary assessment fi

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ICRA courses for professional in agricultural education and research  

ICRA organises two interesting courses in March and May 2017 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. These courses are highly valued by professionals working in agricultural higher education, research, outreach, and agribusiness.

Scholarship application is now open for two courses:

Learning, action research and outreach - Making higher education boost food security

13 - 31 March 2017, Wageningen, The Netherlands

For this course you can apply HERE.

Linking research to inclusive development for food security - Facing rural innovation challenges

15 May - 2 June 2017, Wageningen, The Netherlands

For this course you can apply HERE.


AgriProFocus Kenya Network Day 2016

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  19 October 2016, 07:00-18:00
  Karura Forest, Nairobi



Category A - KES. 7,000 - This cost includes a shared tent by 4 exhibitors, co-branding, table & chairs, power-access point, 2 vouchers for staff participation and a delegate pack. 

Category B - KES. 15,000 - This includes one exhibitor per 3m x 3m tent, your own branding, table and chairs, power -access point, 4 vouchers for staff participating and a delegate pack. 


The objective of the network day is to explore with institutions, companies, development partners and existing partnerships - where the business opportunities exists for food and nutrition security. The critical question we will be exploring during the day will be “What are the business models that will drive the change that we all desire - A food and nutrition secure nation? The theme of the day is “Unlocking business opportunities for food & nutrition security in the wake of climate change”. DETAILED PROGRAM

Food and nutrition security – the undeniable li

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