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Développer des chaînes de valeur sensibles au genre 

I am pleased to inform you that FAO publication titled Developing Gender-Sensitive Value Chains has been published in French: Développer des chaînes de valeur sensibles au genre.

The purpose of this publication, part of the FAO series on sustainable food value chain development, is to facilitate the systematic integration of gender equality dimensions into value chain development programmes and projects.

The publication is available at the URLs below:



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Gender Assessments in Dairy Value Chains

Integrating gender into dairy value chain development.  

FAO has recently published three assessments of  dairy value chains in selected sites in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya.  These assessments are based on evidence gathered through fieldwork complemented by a review of specialized background documentation.  The findings confirm that women's empowerment is vital for sustainable dairy value chain development and that projects supporting dairy production need to increase their efforts to be gender inclusive.  You can find the papers in the links below:

1. “Gender assessment of dairy value chains: evidence from Kenya”.

2. “Gender assessment of dairy value chains: evidence from Ethiopia”

3. “Gender assessment of dairy value chains: evidence from Rwanda”.

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Hello Agriprofocus community, 

Here is a training opportunity for agricultural researchers who would would want to enable #equitable outcomes. Registration for the #genderresponsive course on Cereal breeding is now open! 

Please find details at



Janine Schoeman Dear Elizabeth, thank you for sharing this on the platform. Would you be so kind to post it as an event? you can do this the same way as you have created this post, but than select the tab 'event'. Please include information about costs, who can register etc in the event post itself. When you post it as an event it will show up in the calendar as well. Kind Regards Janine

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Aflatoxins and Extension in Zambia Webinar

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  26 April 2017, 15:30-16:30

Mark your calendars! You are invited to an INGENAES webinar focusing on how agricultural extension services can help support women’s strategies for reducing household exposure to aflatoxins.

Link to Invitation

When: April 26, 2017 at 8:30 AM Central

Time (US and Canada)/15:30 Central African Time (Zambia)

Topic and Background

  • What are the household-level factors that constrain Zambian women farmers’ ability to mitigate aflatoxin contamination of groundnuts?
  • What is the potential role of agricultural extension services (AES) for helping women decrease household mycotoxin exposure?

Dr. Alyson Young (University of Florida) will lead the discussion as we dive into this topic. Aflatoxin contamination of staple crops poses an important risk to nutrition security in sub-Saharan Africa. Reducing aflatoxin contamination is complicated by its ubiquity in staple foods and the need for multisectoral approaches to address contamination issues.

This presentation is an overview of research on women’s k

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The business case for gender-smart solutions in the private sector

Executive briefing International Finance Cooperation (IFC)

Equality of economic opportunity between women and men drives productivity, profitability, and performance. This executive brief of IFC provides examples and figures showing how managing talent of people (men and women) in a company’s workforce and in its supply chain pays back, and how women form an interesting potential market.


How in Indonesia farmers’ coffee productivity increased by 92 percent, improving ECOM’s access to a key commodity, as a result of IFC’s partnership with ECOM Agroindustrial Corporation targeting women coffee farmers in Indonesia.

How in Nalt Enterprise, a Vietnamese garment manufacturer, staff turnover fell by one-third after the establishment of a women’s clinic and a daycare for employees’ children.

How in Papua New Guinea (were employees lose an average of 11.1 work days per year as a result of gender vi

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alassane bagayoko Coolll image and job!!!!!!

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PETER KOLAWOLE please how can I become a gender expert

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Idea Jam Eps.2 : The Women-in-Power Edition

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  18 April 2017, 19:00-21:00
  Coworkinc Wimo Building 3rd fl., Jl. Kemang 1/No 7 12730 Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi good people!

Is it possible to integrate gender perspective into a business model? How do women play their roles in sustainable business or impactful program? If any of those questions ever crossed your mind, you will find the answer in this workshop!

To commemorate the spirit of our very own heroine Kartini, this session is here to speak about women and sustainability! In this session, we will discuss about women's role in entrepreneurship and sustainable, impactful programs. Participants will be exposed to the panelists' solid track records in developing gender-friendly programs and businesses, particularly in textile and renewable energy sector. To complete the workshop, we will have a gender-tailored, business-model-canvas session, and participants will learn how to develop a more robust and gender-friendly business model.



Business Model Canvas Workshop: The Women In Power Edition


Lina Moeis - Yayasan Ruma

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A tool for assessing the gender-responsiveness of agribusiness initiatives

Evidence demonstrates that greater attention to addressing gender inequalities in the design and delivery of services or labour recruitment results in improved productivity and more sustainable outcomes. 

But, how to do this? Projects and companies can use the tool decribed in this blog in which Clare Bishop introduces a clear analytical tool with simple scores, spider diagrams, and comparisons, to help think through the spectrum from gender blindness to gender transformation when designing or assessing an intervention. 

The tool helps to: (i) analyse their current performance on gender-related activities at the field level and in project management; and (ii) identify future areas for action. The results of the study piloting this tool will be available in a forthcoming issue.  I found this tool in the Newsletter: What is New in inclusive business part I Click here to download this N

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Gender Advisor Job opportunity at Trickle Up

Trickle Up has been a pioneer graduating people out of extreme poverty since 1979. They have helped more than one million of the poorest, most vulnerable people move to greater economic self-sufficiency and connection with their communities.

Trickle Up provide the very poorest people with seed capital grants, skills training and coaching, and the support they need to create small businesses. We connect them to savings groups where they save money and access credit with others, create plans for the future and enact change in their communities. We help people connect with others in their villages build self-confidence and find their voice because poverty is about more than just money—it’s about exclusion.


The organization reaches the extreme poor, those living on less than $1.90 a day, who are most economically and socially excluded. Their focus is helping women, people with disabilities, refugees and other vulnerable people wh

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Sustainable intensification in smallholder agriculture: An integrated systems research approach

Article from

Sustainable intensification has recently been developed and adopted as a key concept and driver for research and policy in sustainable agriculture. It includes ecological, economic and social dimensions, where food and nutrition security, gender and equity are crucial components. This book on Routledge by Ingrid Oborn, Bernard Vanlauwe, Michael Phillips, Richard Thomas, Willemien Brooijmans and Kwesi Atta-Krah, describes different aspects of systems research in agriculture in its broadest sense, where the focus is moved from farming systems to livelihoods systems and institutional innovation. Much of the work represents outputs of the three CGIAR Research Programs on Integrated Systems for the Humid Tropics, Aquatic Agricultural Systems and Dryland Systems. The chapters are based around four themes: the conceptual underpinnings of systems research; sustainable intens

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A new network and fresh perspectives on Nuffic Alumni food security event Yangon

On March 31 and April 1, MDF Myanmar, Holland Alumni Association Myanmar (HAAM), Golden Plain and AgriProFocus Myanmar organized a Nuffic Alumni event about food security in Yangon.

All Myanmar professionals that studied in the Netherlands or received training from a Dutch institution were invited to network and learn about hot topics related to food security. Furthermore, Dutch and Myanmar companies, NGO’s, farmers organizations and even members of parliament active in the food security sector attended the two day event.

On the first day, Ohnmar Khaing, Myanmar Program Manager at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), introduced the food security framework and current debates. Participants then were invited to share their own ideas about lessons learned and opportunities in shaping food security in Myanmar in a world cafe discussion.

Critical questions to the government


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Wim Goris thanks for the update. will you circulate presentations too?

3 weeks 1 day ago

Bente Meindertsma Yes, we sent around the presentations to all the participants. If you're interested, I can share them with you too. 

2 weeks 6 days ago

NEW Powerpoint Available on CASCAPE's Gender-Sensitive Activities

These additional powerpoint slides from the Third Forum Series of the ENGEA meeting on March 17, 2017, provide extra information on CASCAPE's current and previous activities regarding women-specific, labour-saving technologies.

Documents of the Third Forum Series ENGEA NOW Online!

CASCAPE & Labor-Saving Women Specific Agricultural Technologies

The Ethiopian Network for Gender Equality in Agriculture (ENGEA) organized the third forum in a series to raise awareness on gender issues on March 17, 2017 at BENEFIT-Partnership office in the morning. You can find the summary of this forum meeting here

The powerpoint presentation of CASCAPE provide an overview of CASCAPE's experience with the introduction and testing of homegarden practices, enset processing devices and row weeder technologies and the activities undertaken to mainstream gender in the project, as well as the main findings and recommendations of the gender analysis conducted, were highlighted.

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Launch of ‘Innovations Against Poverty’ challenge fund

Take the Challenge, Make the Change!

Kampala, Uganda. Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) launches its first call for proposals on 30th March 2017.

IAP is a specialised fund developed to identify and support innovative Inclusive Business ideas that deliver both commercial benefits for the private sector and developmental benefits for low income people, while advancing the inclusion and economic empowerment of women and youth. IAP is funded by Sida (Swedish International Development Agency) and managed by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in partnership with BoP Innovation Center and Inclusive Business Sweden.

Private companies have proven to be effective catalysts of change when it comes to creating opportunities for low income people to lift themselves out of poverty, through new job opportunities, increased income and access to basic goods and services. At the same time, low income markets represent a large busines

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Call for Applications

Women’s Empowerment Fund IV


The WEF seeks to scale the number of women energy entrepreneurs throughout the value chainusingwomen’s empowerment approaches in order to share lessons learned and build the evidence for effective, gender-informed business models. Target projects supported by WEF will scale women’s energy entrepreneurship and employment throughout their business models and the sector. This includes scaling existing,proven gender and empowerment approaches andstrengthening income-generating opportunities for women.The objective of the WEF is to make the business case for gender-informed approaches by demonstrating that there is a positive impact on business performance and social impact outcomes when women are engaged in the value chain. The Alliance encourages new partners to apply, particularlyorganizations that aim to incorporate clean cooking solutions into existing women’s empowerment and other development initiatives.

The Allianc

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AgriProFocus Tanzania Seeking a Gender in Value Chain Analysis Consultant 

Deadline: 30/03/2017

SNV-Netherlands Development Organization is the lead organization in the implementation of the Inclusive Business in Sunflower Value Chain project with a consortium pf partners namely, Mbeya Sunflower Oil Processors Association(MBESOPA), Jackson Group, Women Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania ( WOPATA) and AgriProFocus Tanzania. 

The role of AgriProFocus in the project is to take lead on integrating a gender perspective in the sunflower value chain development. Consequently, AgriProFocus is currently seeking to hire a consultant to carry out an in-depth Sunflower Gender Value Chain analysis aimed at highlighting the specific roles of men and women throughout the value chain, and identify opportunities and challenges to balancing benefits in this chain between men and women.

Summary of the Assignment 

Assignment Name

Gender in Value chain Analysis

Value Ch

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A gender and value chains training, observations from a facilitator

I am currently in between facilitating two trainings on gender and value chains, one was in Ghana and one has just started in Ethiopia. These trainings are developed by AgriProFocus and F&S, for FAO.

While wrapping up the training in Ghana, two participants asked me if the consultants will also evaluate the training, from their perspective. I told them we normally write a report that includes such information, but later I realized that such reports will probably not be read by the participants, let alone by outsiders who would be interested in a similar training.

So, this is my attempt to write down some of my observations as a facilitator, to inform a wider audience and hopefully to attract more organizations to develop capacities on gender. Not a training report, but a few observations and maybe lessons.

Lessons and observations:

In Ghana, the cassava value chain was used as a case study throughout the w

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you for sharing your experiences with the community Els! Looking forward to hear more!

1 month 1 week ago

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Kick off workshop – Gender and Value Chain Coaching Track V – 13th to 15th March, 2017

Women play crucial roles in agricultural value chains. However, their contribution often remains invisible. For producers and other chain actors and supporters, this can lead to inefficient chains. In consequence, business opportunities may suffer and profits will be lower and/or unequally distributed. Moreover, existing gender inequities will be perpetuated. In short: fighting poverty becomes hard if one remains “gender-blind”. Evidence shows that enabling women to have equal access to inputs, services, and land improves yields. It also shows that female farmers often pay greater attention than men to crop quality and that productivity increases as a result of increasing their access to technical training.

With this background, I would like to take this opportunity to thank AgriProFocus Uganda for having organized this trajectory to really enlighten development organizations on the need t

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Mugisha Richard Thank you very much Johnson for sharing your lessons. Lets all go gender

1 month 1 week ago

Johnson Nuwagaba You are welcome.

1 month 1 week ago

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 Let me take the opportunity to thank our coaches for track V for starting us off  on this journey. It was indeed a kick off starting from the what, why and how the gender dimension in value chain development. I was personally impressed with the case studies we discussed to understand better the process of gender analysis, strategy formulation. 

Mugisha Richard Thank you very much Lydia for this post.

1 month 1 week ago

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The 'Mushroom Lady' is growing change in Tanzania

In Tanzania, women are the caretakers of the land. Dressed in vibrant African prints under the hot, unforgiving sun, day-after-day, they plant, weed and harvest the fields. With limited technology, these chores are time-intensive and exhausting. In the evenings, they carry home the day's harvest to prepare for the family’s dinner. They then sell what they can at the local market. The next morning, they start over again.

Even though farming here is a way of life, many rural villages in Tanzania lack nutritional diversity because they eat the same foods day-after-day, meal-after-meal. With their role in the field, women are the nutrition gatekeepers to these communities. And yet, too often, they are not land owners. They are not household decision-makers. They lack access to tools, financing and education needed to push forward. They are not empowered. Even worse, these gender customs are barriers to breaking the cycle of poverty and maln

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Thanks

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Men and women make way for gender equality in Tanzanian village – Land O’Lakes & USAID Initiative

Women dressed in vibrant African fabric are sprinkled across fields of tea, coffee and banana trees. This is Tanzania, and these women are the caretakers of the land – and of their families. 

And yet, for women like Isabella Mwile, hard work in the field and raising children doesn’t necessarily make her a partner at home. Traditionally in Tanzania, men are the decision makers. However, in Isabella’s village of Mbaka, in Rungwe district, these traditions are changing.

In January 2015, leaders of Mbaka village acknowledged Isabella’s leadership qualities and selected her to attend an Innovations in Gender Equality (IGE) training-of-trainers course on women’s’ and girls’ leadership in agriculture. With funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Land O’Lakes International Development, the IGE program facilitated this session wi

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