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Call to participate in the Gender in value chains Trajectory 2017 

It has been confirmed that; Gender equality increases productivity and credibility in companies and organizations. If women and youth were meaningfully participating in income generating activities, then Uganda would annually be earning 227 billion shillings [UNDP report 2016].

Women and youth play a significant role in food production and supply chain. Interventions that are gender aware are greatly and positively impacting on their constituencies.

AgriProFocus Ugandan collaboration with KIT, ICCO, HIVOS and F&S therefore; presents to you an opportunity to register and participate in the 5th coaching trajectory in gender and value chains development.

Click here to download the factsheet that has details on the application process.

Deadline for receiving applications is on 30th January 2017

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My experience with AgriProFocus 4th gender trajectory 2016.

I have gained a lot of knowledge from this gender trajectory for example I have learnt how to build a good case study, develop a Gender action plan, formulate a Gender policy and follow up on its indicators during and after program implementation.

I am sure this will go a long way in improvinig the performance of my organization in its effort to mainstream gender in barley and beans value chains in Kabale, Kanungu, Kisoro and Rubanda districts

Janine Schoeman Thanks Joventa for sharing your positive feedback! 

2 months 2 weeks ago

Angelica Senders Thank you very much Joventa for sharing this, I am very happy this coaaching trajectory was useful for you!!

2 months 2 weeks ago

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what Amathon Agri Uganda has benefited from the 4th Gender Trajectory 2016.

This is to thank AgriProfocus for taking us through the Gender trajectory 2016. As Amatheon we had an interest to integrate Gender perspective into our Value Chain Development but did not know where to start from. Having participated in the 4th Gender AgriProFocus Trajectory, the company has made a bold step towards integrating a gender perspective in our value chains. We have completed a situational analysis and developed a gender strategy to be implemented soon.

I would like to encourage and appeal to those who have not had an opportunity to participate in the 2016 trajectory to register for the upcoming one-2017. For there are lots of learning and experience sharing opportunities integrating gender in our organizational Value Chain interventions.

Ocheng Paul Ajal Way to go

2 months 2 weeks ago

Janine Schoeman Thanks Nancy for sharing this with us! 

2 months 2 weeks ago

Angelica Senders Thank you Nancy, I hope your apeal will imvite many to join the next gender in VC coaching trajectory


2 months 2 weeks ago

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The 2016 Gender in value chains coaching trajectory is enjoying its final workshop today and tomorrow at the agriProFocus office in Kampala. As one of two national gender coaches I have really enjoyed this year and looking forward to starting the fifth trajectory in 2017. Please join us.

Angelica Senders Thanks to you and Myriam this coaching trajectory was so successful, Pamela!! We are very happy with good coaches like you two! 

2 months 2 weeks ago

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Call for Zonal Officers – Global Institute for Women Empowerment (GIWE Group)

Country: Uganda

Position: Five (1 from each region of Uganda)

Areas of focus: Five regions of Uganda (Northern, Eastern, Central, Western and Southern)

Reports to: GIWE Country Representative-Uganda

Deadline: 10th October 2016

Full Job details here

Description: The Global Institute for Women Empowerment (GIWE) is an international think-and-do-tank Organization which focuses on promoting global Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, International Development, Peace and Security in the world, advancing economic, political and social change through gender policy. Our work in education, economic freedom and liberalism, human rights, peace and security, and policy trainings promotes choice and accountability across private and public sectors. We also work to translate gender policy in practice by engaging young people, women, policy and opinion leaders’ through research, policy debates, pilot

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Bernard Mugume Do men qualify for application?

4 months 3 weeks ago

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Gender discrimination has created huge disparity between men, women, girls and boys in all spheres of life often leading to poverty, marginalization of women and girls.

The role of women in Uganda’s back born for survival cannot be ignored yet little attention has been given to enable women have equal access to and control of resources.

I am glad to be a part of this Platform that will help me learn and share more with development professionals and to have participated in 4th Gender in Value Chain coaching trajectory organized by Agri-Pro-Focus Uganda. The trajectory has enhanced my knowledge on how to deconstruct harmful social constructs that constrain value chains in our Society.

CHARLES GUMIRA I have gained a deeper understanding of gender from knowing it as just male and female to appreciating the different roles men and women play and how they affect the value chains. Organizations therefore; need to employ a gender lens in designing, planning and implementation of programs/ interventions. Thanks to the Gender in Value Chain Coaching trajectory.

5 months 2 weeks ago

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Gender parity? Many challenges still remain

With gender parity the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, it is an opportunity to reflect on how international development has transformed the lives of many women across the world. Recent United Nations statistics reveal that two-thirds of countries in developing regions have now achieved gender parity in primary education. Of course, this is something that should be celebrated. But it is equally important that success isn’t solely quantified in values that may not resonate with local cultures.

At present, success is nearly always measured by common indicators, such as how many women are in the workplace or enrolled in schools. Yet an international development project can make great progress in achieving gender parity within a community, which is not necessarily reflected in the statistics. The perception of success in one community may be the opposite in another. Taking into account the requirements of each local community o

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Received via IFPRI and PAEPARD

Call for concept notes: Gender, Agriculture, and Assets Project (GAAP 2)

The International Food Policy Research Institute has received a second round of support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to adapt and validate a measure of women’s empowerment that agricultural development projects can use to diagnose key areas of women’s (and men’s) disempowerment, design appropriate strategies to address deficiencies, and monitor project outcomes related to women’s empowerment. This empowerment measure will be based on the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) developed by IFPRI, USAID, and OPHI (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative), but will be adapted for project use.

This second round, called GAAP2, will run for five years (2015-2020) and will build on the experience of the Gender, Agriculture and Assets Project (GAAP, 2010-2014), which worked with a set of agricultural development projects to incorporate gender into their M&

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On the 9th July 2015, AgriProFocus concluded a two day gender learning event in value chain development at Little Palace Hotel in Kitgum. The event was aimed at providing space for coachees that are part of the on-going AgriProFocus 3rd Gender Trajectory, to share their innovative methodologies, approaches and strategies, to improve gender mainstreaming in VCD interventions of organizations participating in the AgriProFocus gender in VCD coaching track 3 (2014/15).

The participating organizations that attended the learning event included; COW Foundation, Empowered Voices, Agency for Sustainable Rural Transformation (AFSRT), Christian HIV/AIDS Prevention and Support Organisation (CHAPS), International Solidarity Foundation (ISF).

The event had a twofold approach of learning; in-house sharing as well as a field visit to farmer groups who deal in Village Saving and Loan Association (VLSA) and apiculture as their source of livelihoods.


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Roel Snelder Hi Richard nice article, but is it August already in Uganda?

1 year 7 months ago

Mugisha Richard Thank you Roel for your comment, i have corrected it.

1 year 7 months ago

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Dear members 

Welcome to the AgriProFocus reloaded platform. I am pleased to share with you the progress of our 3rd Gender Value Chains Trajectory this year. We participated in the kick off workshop in which a total of 10 organisations attended, in late January. At Empowered Voices, We are now scheduled for our first face-to-face coaching session this Mid March. We are already benefiting from the Gender in Value Chains tool kit which is a guiding document in the process. Watch this space for more updates. 

Asiimwe Lucy Hi Julie Glad to know that it is going well for empowered voices. keep the updates coming in for our members who missed the chance to join this year.

1 year 10 months ago