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“The Gold Standard: Exploring the added value of the Dutch knowledge platforms”

Article by Food & Business Knowledge Platform

The Dutch Knowledge Platforms are said to ‘have gold in their hands’. A recently launched learning review provides insight into the achievements and added value of the five Knowledge Platforms since their kick-off three years ago.

While the Knowledge Platforms are diverse in their organization and strategy, the reviewers identify common “gems”. These include the multi-stakeholder approach that lies at the core of their institutional strategy. The Platforms do not operate in a vacuum, they are positioned in a context of diverse actors (ministries, NGOs, research institutes, consultancies, businesses, etc.). This shows that their approach is not installed to fulfil only the needs of the Dutch government, but a meaningful way to take stock of multiple perspectives in order to achieve a greater good. Other achievements mentioned in the learning review are t

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Regional AgriProFocus Country Coordinators meeting - November 2016

On 28-30 November 2016, three AgriProFocus country coordinators (Rwanda, DR Congo & Burundi) met in Kigali to discuss progress in their countries and look for possibilities of organizing some cross country activities among the 3 country networks in 2017. Among the topics discussed, ‘’Youth’’ and ‘’Potato’’ emerged as possible regional programs the 3 countries can focus on.


Engagement of youth in agribusiness is currently high on the agenda of development cooperation and the network approach applied in Rwanda in 2016 turned out very effective. The AgriProFocus approach regarding Linking and Learning really came out as added value. There is a need for the young of the countries to exchange experiences, evaluate the start of their businesses, hear successes and challenges on a regional level.


The participation of the DRC and Burundi teams in the Potato Week  (funded by Agriterra a

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Janine Schoeman Great picture guys!

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maureen munjua woooh i like this guys ... true team work 

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District Nutrition Learning Platform

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  21 February 2017 to 23 February 2017 - All Day Event
  Chinsali and Isoka, Northern Zambia

AgriProFocus, in partnership with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, is organizing Nutrition Learning Platforms in 2017.  This activity will focus on bringing all stakeholders together that work on nutrition and agriculture as a way to build on existing networks and develop a more cohesive exchange for information, learning from experiences and creating innovations together. AgriProFocus in collaboration with SNV and other key nutrition players are organising district platforms (in Isoka and Chinsali) which will focus on sharing lessons learned and innovations and looking at innovative solutions to build on these experiences. These learning platforms will create an enabling environment for partnerships and policy dialogue.

For more information please contact Ms. Nosiku Siyumbwa - nsiyumbwa@agriprofocus.com

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Jadwal Acara AgriProFocus 2017

Informasi detail setiap acara akan diumumkan di online platform ini, pantau terus ya.


AgriProFocus events in 2017

More detailed information will be announce here. Do mot miss it.

Toto suryawan Untuk biayanya berapa yaa

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Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Hai Mas Toto, acara kami gratis, silakan tunggu pengumuman berikutnya untuk register. Salam.

2 months 1 week ago

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Tiga Pengalaman Mengintegrasikan Gender dalam Rantai Nilai

AgriProFocus Indonesia menyelenggarakan Network & Learning Event kedua di tahun 2016 dengan mengundang Hivos Hub SEA, Swisscontact, dan Oxfam di Indonesia untuk berbagi strategi mereka dalam mengintegrasikan gender dalam rantai nilai. Acara ini berlangsung tanggal 01 Desember 2017, di Hotel Sahati, Jakarta.

Peran gender dalam rantai produksi dalam sektor pertanian sering kali belum diperhatikan. Ini berdampak pada banyak hal, seperti kurang tepatnya target penerima manfaat dari program peningkatan produksi, hilangnya kesempatan bisnis, pengelolaan usaha yang kurang efektif, hingga rendahnya kesejahteraan produsen (petani). Agar kinerja rantai nilai lebih efektif dan bermanfaat bagi perempuan dan laki-laki, perspektif gender sangat diperlukan dalam merancang program-program pengembangan bisnisnya.

Dari komoditas Kakao, kita belajar dari pengalaman Swisscontact membangun pendekatan yang sensitif gender. Di lapangan, perempuan

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Missed the Event? Read the Poultry Masterclass Report Here!

AgriProFocus Zambia (in partnership with RVO, the Dutch Embassy, PAZ, LSCS and PUM Netherlands Senior Experts) organised Poultry Masterclasses in Kitwe and Lusaka last month. The aim of the Poultry Masterclass  was to improve agri-business skills in the poultry sector, specifically of Zambian farms, processors, marketing and export managers and other important stakeholders in the poultry sector in order to tackle the lack of knowledge and skills regarding commercial poultry production.  

Read the Full Report Here!

Want to learn what the participants learned, here are the presentations from the 3 days.

1. Bio Security (Disease Control) - Presentation
2. Feed making - Presentation
3. Feeding Broilers - Presentation
4. Learning Broiler Signals - Presentation (Part 1)
Learning Broiler Signals - Presentation (Part 2)

Click here to see pictures of the event

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Terhubung dan Belajar Bersama Jaringan AgriProFocus

Sekretariat AgriProFocus Indonesia mengadakan acara jejaring dan belajar bersama untuk anggota jaringan, Rabu 1 Juni yang lalu di Grand Cemara Hotel, Jakarta. Kali ini, VegImpact atau Fresh Dynamics Indonesia yang merupakan salah satu anggota jaringan, berbagi pengalaman mereka menerapkan pendekatan Product Market Combination (PMC) di sektor hortikultura. Menurut Noviyanto dan Marijn van der Laan, pembicara dari VegImpact, pendekatan ini cukup sederhana. Alih-alih menanam jenis sayuran berdasarkan insting, pendekatan ini mengajak petani melihat permintaan pasar terlebih dulu secara spesifik baru menanam sayuran yang diinginkan pasar. Ini memberi kepastian pasar dan harga yang stabil bagi petani. “Pembelajaran ini menarik dan akan saya bagi ke mahasiswa saya di kelas,” ujar Holidi, dosen dari Universitas Musi Rawas. Materi presentasi PMC bisa diunduh di sini.

Sebelum acara dimulai, peserta mengisi dinding Find Your Match untuk

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Latifahtun Nisa thank you, i wish i can join this event mabe next event :)

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Tina Napitupulu Semoga Mbak Latifa bisa ikut dalam kegiatan berikutnya. Saya lihat di profil, interestnya ke organik ya? Di acara kemarin ada usulan IC baru untuk benih lokal, kalau Mbak Latifa tertarik dengan hal ini, nanti bisa turut terlibat jika ada kegiatan di Malang.

10 months 2 weeks ago

Latifahtun Nisa makasih tanggapannya, iya nih kalau ke jakarta masih pikir2 ini kalau berangkat dari malang siap, di tunggu infonya

10 months 2 weeks ago

Tina Napitupulu Sip. Sembari menunggu info, kami tunggu postingan Mbak Latifa tentang pertanian di Malang ya :D

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INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

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  23 January 2017 to 25 January 2017 - All Day Event

The INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange: Leveraging the strengths of agricultural extension to improve gender equity and nutrition by empowering women and engaging men.

How do we apply new knowledge and resources so extension services will provide more equitable support to both men and women farmers and contribute to improved nutrition? Does this question cause you to sit up and want to engage? Then read on because there is an upcoming opportunity to join us in Zambia in January 2017.

This is not your average symposium. It’s three days of sharing past experiences, human-centered design, and innovations in gender and nutrition issues in extension. Bring your questions, knowledge, enthusiasm, and even your skepticism. Leave with a holistic sense of the patterns and values of gender equity in agricultural extension and its connection to nutrition. In your “pocket” you will have new ideas, as well as the newly honed skills, access to resources and tools, and connections ne

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RVO-EKN learning Event -- Report

Dear Partners;

With the links below find an insightful report from the RVO-EKN learning event held on 26-27th January 2016 and a video capturing key lessons.


As a knowledge network, we look forward to hosting more insightful knowledge sharing and experience sharing platforms.  

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Webinar: Why invest in young people? Launching the Banking on Change Youth Savings Group Model.

Did you know that whilst almost half of young people in sub-Saharan Africa say they save, 80% do not have a bank account? Young people aren’t joining traditional savings groups either; a survey in 2013 found that of 103 organisations that promote savings groups in 43 countries, only 22 per cent include youth or child-focused groups.

Why don’t young people join savings groups, and is it worth investing in them? Banking on Change, a partnership between Barclays, Plan International UK and CARE International UK, set out in 2013 to find out. Three years on, Banking on Change has formed 11,715 Youth Savings Groups (YSGs) with 245,000 members. Join this webinar to find out more about the Banking on Change approach and impacts - and why and how your organisation should consider investing in youth too.

The Banking on Change Youth Savings Group Model features 10 Principles which together make up a

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FRANCIS MUGISHA Thats a great opportunity for Youths and NGOs and other development organizations targeting youth livelihood enhancement because saving is critical as far as youth development is concerned. hope details on how join the Webinar will be provided. THANKS

1 year 1 month ago

Annette van Andel Thanks for sharing, interesting opportunity.

1 year 1 month ago

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Free online course Powering Agriculture-Sustainable Energy for Food

For those who like to learn more about powering agriculture: The global initiative “Powering Agriculture – An Energy Grand Challenge for Development” (PAEGC) is launching a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in cooperation with TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences. The 8-week course, which will run from February 1st to March 27th 2016, introduces challenges and solutions for sustainable energy use in the agriculture and food sector. Time investment is 3-4 hours/week.

See attachment for details  or register here

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The Joint Learning Platform: Learning and sharing experiences in the coffee sector

The Joint Learning Platform, organized by AgriproFocus Kenya was held on 27th October through to the 30th October in Muranga County. The participants of the platform were drawn from a number of organizations that included financial institutions, farmer cooperatives, government, development partners and private sector players. The team visited Coffee Farmer co-operatives, small holder farmers and a large coffee estate. The visits helped the team to learn the achievements and lessons, challenges & opportunities in the coffee sector.

The objective of the platform was to share experiences and learn from the 4s@scale and FOSEK programs being implemented in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

The key learning areas from the JLP were for increased resilience among coffee farmers, small holder farmers need to increase production. Gender empowerment was also highlighted as a trigger for resilience. The team establis

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Learning Event EKN Food and Nutrition Security Projects

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  13 October 2015 to 14 October 2015 - All Day Event

This workshop is part of the Learning Agenda of the Food Security Projects of the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia.  The workshop is on invitation only for the FDOV, PSI and EKN projects. We expect 60 people of over 20 projects.

The workshop is co-organised by EKN (Mr. Jan Willem Niberring) , FDOV (Mrs Ella Lammers) and APF. The objectives are to meet with the FDOV project partners and an exploration of common learning questions and approaches: where can projects support each other? Also, project partners will be informed about central and de-central support programmes from the Netherlands in Ethiopia.

More information with Gerrit Holtland


ICRA Course: Learning, action research and outreach for HE

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  29 February 2016, All Day Event
  Wageningen, the Netherlands

Learning, action research and outreach for inclusive development -
Boosting competencies in higher education, 29 Feb – 18 Mar 2016

The course is specially designed for people working in tertiary agricultural and rural education. Candidates should be proficient in English, have at least five years professional experience, preferably in tertiary agricultural and rural education and related fields.  

Link to course webpage for more information and application form.  

ICRA application deadline (for scholarships): 19 October 2015

Structure of the course:

Week 1: Interactive teaching and training skills for competency based education. Main topics: competency based learning, interactive teaching skills, dealing with difficult dynamics, session design;

Week 2: Learning in real-life contexts and creating meaningful community services. Main topics: multi-stakeholder approaches, problem based learning, academic consultancy training, science shop, assessment of real life learning;

Week 3

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AgKnowledge Innovation process share fair

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  25 May 2015 to 26 May 2015 - All Day Event
  ILRI, Addis Ababa

A two day event for people who enable and facilitate different types of participatory multi-actor events, processes, engagements. With a strong emphasis on interaction and rich participation.  We look for people to join to share and learn; also people who have a specific approach or experience they want to share, explain or improve.

Costs USD110 for both days, covering lunches and breaks and expert facilitation.

Follow this link for more info: http://ilri-events.wikispaces.com/2015_Process_ShareFair

Register:  https://aginnovation-sharefair.eventbrite.com

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Africa Celebrates Africa Environment Day and Life of Wangari Maathai - See more via this link 

This kind of dates of the political calender may be relevant for the AgriProFocus network to keep in mind when planning cross-country or national activities related to the theme Sustainable Agriculture, in some of our countries.

Do people have suggestions for key dates of international relevance, regarding ecological sustainability, climate, agro-ecology, in the course of 2015? Earlier suggestions were: Earth Day; meetings of the UNFCCC. Please let us all know. 


Dairy Learning Lab on Roughage

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  17 March 2015 to 18 March 2015 - All Day Event

A dairy learning lab is a two day session on one specific topic. This pilot in Zambia is about Roughage for dairy

The learning lab typically has the following elements:

a) Expert update on the topic with Q&A.

b) Peer review sessions on the existing training materials.

c) Field visit on the topic.

d) Exchange on practical training methods.

e) Compiling and validating toolkit of training materials and methods.

This session will be held at the GART Research Centre in Chisamba

Read more on the learning lab here: http://agriprofocus.com/dairy-learning-lab-zambia

And on roughage read here: http://agriprofocus.com/roughage-for-dairy-toolkit