Workshop: Nutrition-Sensitive Ag. through Homegardening

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  31 May 2017, All Day Event
  EU Delegation (Across the street from Desalegn Hotel), Addis Ababa

The EU/AgriProFocus Innovation Community on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture invites you to the first workshop of this year to discuss the topic of homegardens. This first workshop will be organized in collaboration with the Homegardens Network. In the morning, we have different guest speakers talking about their experiences with homegarden projects and how homegardens can contribute to better nutrition while also talking about the success and failures in their implementations. Working group discussions will be held in the afternoon to exchange knowledge, best practices and challenges regarding homegardening and its impact on nutrition.

This full-day workshop will be held at the EU Delegation, on Wednesday 31 May from 9AM-4PM.

Since space is limited, we will allocate space for interested people on a first come, first serve basis.

If you would like to participate, please register with Ms. Ursula Truebswasser,, or with Mr. Pierre-Luc Van Haeverbeke, pierre-luc

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Aflatoxins and Extension in Zambia Webinar

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  26 April 2017, 15:30-16:30

Mark your calendars! You are invited to an INGENAES webinar focusing on how agricultural extension services can help support women’s strategies for reducing household exposure to aflatoxins.

Link to Invitation

When: April 26, 2017 at 8:30 AM Central

Time (US and Canada)/15:30 Central African Time (Zambia)

Topic and Background

  • What are the household-level factors that constrain Zambian women farmers’ ability to mitigate aflatoxin contamination of groundnuts?
  • What is the potential role of agricultural extension services (AES) for helping women decrease household mycotoxin exposure?

Dr. Alyson Young (University of Florida) will lead the discussion as we dive into this topic. Aflatoxin contamination of staple crops poses an important risk to nutrition security in sub-Saharan Africa. Reducing aflatoxin contamination is complicated by its ubiquity in staple foods and the need for multisectoral approaches to address contamination issues.

This presentation is an overview of research on women’s k

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Sustainable intensification in smallholder agriculture: An integrated systems research approach

Article from

Sustainable intensification has recently been developed and adopted as a key concept and driver for research and policy in sustainable agriculture. It includes ecological, economic and social dimensions, where food and nutrition security, gender and equity are crucial components. This book on Routledge by Ingrid Oborn, Bernard Vanlauwe, Michael Phillips, Richard Thomas, Willemien Brooijmans and Kwesi Atta-Krah, describes different aspects of systems research in agriculture in its broadest sense, where the focus is moved from farming systems to livelihoods systems and institutional innovation. Much of the work represents outputs of the three CGIAR Research Programs on Integrated Systems for the Humid Tropics, Aquatic Agricultural Systems and Dryland Systems. The chapters are based around four themes: the conceptual underpinnings of systems research; sustainable intens

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A new network and fresh perspectives on Nuffic Alumni food security event Yangon

On March 31 and April 1, MDF Myanmar, Holland Alumni Association Myanmar (HAAM), Golden Plain and AgriProFocus Myanmar organized a Nuffic Alumni event about food security in Yangon.

All Myanmar professionals that studied in the Netherlands or received training from a Dutch institution were invited to network and learn about hot topics related to food security. Furthermore, Dutch and Myanmar companies, NGO’s, farmers organizations and even members of parliament active in the food security sector attended the two day event.

On the first day, Ohnmar Khaing, Myanmar Program Manager at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), introduced the food security framework and current debates. Participants then were invited to share their own ideas about lessons learned and opportunities in shaping food security in Myanmar in a world cafe discussion.

Critical questions to the government


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Wim Goris thanks for the update. will you circulate presentations too?

1 month 2 weeks ago

Bente Meindertsma Yes, we sent around the presentations to all the participants. If you're interested, I can share them with you too. 

1 month 2 weeks ago

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4 Job opportunities at the international Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC)

The international Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is a Public international Organization governed by an international board of directors with representation from developed and developing nations. The nonprofit centre focuses on increasing and sustaining food and agricultural productivity in developing countries through the development and transfer of effective and environmentally sound crop nutrient technology and agribusiness expertise.

lFDC is recruiting staff tor a current call for proposal for a potential 46 month project, focusing on interventions in the potato value chain for the following positions;

Position 1: Nutrition and Communication Expert

Job Details and how to apply here

Position 2: Potato Expert & Team Leader

Job Details and how to apply here

Position 3: Short term Nutrition Expert

Job Details and how to apply here

Position 4: Short term Potato Expert

Job Details and how to ap

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Identifying opportunities in the agri-food and nutrition sector

The AgriProFocus network is working on developing business solutions for improving nutrition through learning platforms in 2017. Through these platforms, the network seeks to identify the gaps and opportunities in the agri-food and nutrition sector that can be addressed through agribusiness solutions. In February 2017, AgriProFocus conducted District Nutrition Learning Platforms in Chinsali and Isoka districts of Zambia. AgriProFocus is now organising a National Nutrition Learning Platform as a follow-up to the district platform meetings.

In order to identify the gaps and opportunities in the agri-food and nutrition sector, AgriProFocus will appreciate your contributions to the following questions;

1. Where do you see opportunities in the nutrition agribusiness sector?

2. Do you know of any companies/organisations or individuals who should attend the National Nutrition Learning Platform?

Read the report and presentations a

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MOOC Feeding a Hungry Planet: Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability

(starts on March 20th 2017)  

Dear Members,

This is to share the announcement of the new MOOC Feeding a Hungry Planet: Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability, which will start on Monday, March 20.

This 7-week long free online course from the SDG Academy highlights the global goal to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and ensure sustainable food production systems by 2030. They will explore the pressing challenges around agriculture and food systems, the central role of agriculture in the Sustainable Development Goals, and development pathways towards global food security and sustainable agriculture.

Global experts from Rothamsted Research, Wageningen UR, Cornell University, Tufts University, Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University will cover topics such as nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and rural development. The e-course features video lectures, interesting readings, a livel

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Superb

1 month 3 weeks ago

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Compendium of indicators for Nutrition-sensitive agriculture

Published by FAO, november 2016

This compendium (PDF) from the FAO is designed to assist officers responsible for designing nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture investments in selecting appropriate indicators to monitor if these investments are having an impact on nutrition and through which pathways. The guide is for those responsible for the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of investment projects in food and agriculture (including and in addition to value chains, social development, and rural development) that need to demonstrate that they lead to intermediary results toward improved nutrition. This compendium aims to gather the main existing nutrition-relevant indicators that can be used for M&E of food and agriculture investments, and to show for which type of investments each type of indicator is most appropriate.

Link to the compendium:

See for other interesting background articles on Nu

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Superb

1 month 3 weeks ago

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TOR for the GIZ Project: Promotion of nutrition-sensitive potato value chains in Uganda

German International Cooperation (GIZ) provides services worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development with over 50 years of experience in a wide variety of areas, including economic development and employment, energy and the environment, and peace and security. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is our main commissioning party, but we also work with the private sector, fostering successful interaction between development policy and foreign trade.

Overview of the potato sector in East Uganda

In Uganda the Irish potato (solanum tuberosum) is an important staple food. On a total area of 135.000 hectares farmers cultivate potatoes. The production areas are the highland areas of Uganda (1.500 – 3.000 meters aSI) and are located in the Southwest (Kigezi districts) and in the East around Mt. Elgon (districts of Mbale, Kapchor

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USAID/Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods CoP Meeting

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  02 March 2017, 08:30-15:35
  Lemigo Hotel

(From GAIN Rwanda Secretariat)

Dear Partner,

Re: Invitation to the fourth USAID/Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods Community of Practice Meeting

I am pleased to invite you to the 4th USAID/Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods Community of Practice meeting, which will take place on March 2nd, 2017 from 8.30 to 15.35 at Lemigo Hotel. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition is hosting the Community of Practice (COP) as part of the Marketplace for Nutritious Foods in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Marketplace for Nutritious Foods project provides business planning, technical, and financial assistance to agri-based companies in Rwanda helping them to use local agriculture to contribute to the fight against malnutrition by producing nutritious foods available to low-income consumers across the country. By working with investable businesses to support innovations all along the agricultural value chain —from production, processing and food preparation to sales — the Marketplace for Nutritious Foods

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AgriProFocus Kenya Annual Network Day 2016 - Highlights

Our annual network day held on the 19th October at Karura forest in Nairobi attracted a good number of delegates and exhibitors within the agriculture space. This annual event brings together actors in the public and private sectors to meet, reflect and collaboratively discuss future plans and aspirations as members of the network. This year's theme was "unlocking the business opportunities for food and nutrition security in the wake of climate change." This event comes at a time when as AgriProFocus, we are reflecting back to the 11 years of our existence -- what value we have created for our members and partners, what challenges we've overcome and opportunities ahead.

Some of our achievements for the year 2016: 

i) Learning platforms - experiences, lessons learned and innovations shared on our learning platforms.

ii) Cross-project learning - from all the Dutch projects in Kenya providing a multi-stakeholder sharing forum for D

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A New Super Food to Combat Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a serious problem in the world today. Developing countries are mainly affected by under nutrition while developed countries are mostly faced by the challenge of over nutrition. Malnutrition all in all affects development of a nation by diminishing human capital . 

In most countries, malnutrition is as a result of insufficient advocacy strategies, inadequate resources, absence of  nutrition donor agencies and lack of effective coordination in the sector. However, in Zambia, the coming on board of many non governmental organizations to support the nutrition sector, the sector has taken a new shift. 

There is a lot of nutrition education taking place and identification of the most  nutritious foods for human consumption.  This has led into the introduction of new foods such as spirulina. 

 Spirulina is a food supplement (micro-algae)  which appears blue green in colour. It contains nutrients ( vita

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Nicole Metz

Thanks for posting Leah. Good you draw attention to Nutrition.
At the same time, the title of your article doesn't really seem to point in the right direction (and it also doesn't reflect the article's content, really). In my opinion, promoting particular 'Super Foods' is not what helps to generate sustainable solutions for malnutrition problems. I think the Zambian SUN movement (Scaling Up Nutrition) has produced lots of interesting recommendations to address Nutrition challenges. See e.g.

2 months 1 week ago

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Rwanda to export fortified foods

Rwanda will start exporting fortified foods, next month, thanks to a new modern factory recently launched. The Africa Improved Foods - Rwanda, based at Kigali Special Economic Zone Nyandungu, started production of fortified porridge flour yesterday.

The $45-million (about Rwf36 billion) factory is expected to produce 45,000 tonnes of fortified food annually, enough to help boost exports and prevent child malnutrition across country. Up to 60 per cent of its output is expected to be exported to regional and global markets.

The facility is a consortium of Royal DSM (the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences Company), the Dutch Development Bank, the DFID, the UK’s development financing institution under the Impact Acceleration Facility (managed by CDC Group Plc), and the International Finance Corporation, the investment arm of the World Bank.

In 2013, Rwanda launched the ‘1000 Days’ national campaign to combat malnutrition with an aim of

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District Nutrition Learning Platform

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  21 February 2017 to 23 February 2017 - All Day Event
  Chinsali and Isoka, Northern Zambia

AgriProFocus, in partnership with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, is organizing Nutrition Learning Platforms in 2017.  This activity will focus on bringing all stakeholders together that work on nutrition and agriculture as a way to build on existing networks and develop a more cohesive exchange for information, learning from experiences and creating innovations together. AgriProFocus in collaboration with SNV and other key nutrition players are organising district platforms (in Isoka and Chinsali) which will focus on sharing lessons learned and innovations and looking at innovative solutions to build on these experiences. These learning platforms will create an enabling environment for partnerships and policy dialogue.

For more information please contact Ms. Nosiku Siyumbwa -


Plant genetic resources and resilient seed systems for susta

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  23 October 2017 to 10 November 2017 - All Day Event

Fellowship opportunity

Loss of genetic resources has resulted in major concerns about future food and nutrition security. The vulnerability of agricultural systems towards pests, diseases and climate change makes the topic urgent, and has led to the development of a range of conservation strategies. Community Biodiversity Management (CBM) distinguishes itself from other conservation strategies by enhancing social interdependence, collaboration, adaptability and autonomy.

To the website:

How to apply:

More on fellowships:


Guest Lecture Lawrence Haddad

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  25 January 2017, All Day Event
  Jalan Lingkar Kampus, Kampus IPB Darmaga,Bogor, 16680

In Commemoration of the National Nutrition Day 2107

Guest Lecture:

Strengths and Weakness of Food Policy for Improving Nutrition in Developing Countries

By Lawrence Haddad

Executive Director of GAIN

Former Director, Food Consumption and Nutrition Division, IFPRI

Former Director of the Institute of Development Studies

Time: Wednesday, January 25th 2017 | 14.00 – 17.000

Place : Auditorium GMSK, Departement of Community Nutrition, FEMA, IPB

The Theme of this event is "Strength and Weaknesses of Food Policy in Developing Countries for Improving Nutrition". The Speaker is Mr Lawrence Haddad Ph.D. He is Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition-GAIN, Former Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute-IFPRI, Former Director of the Institute of Development Studies.

Register here

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Hello, My name is Selamawit Firdissa. I'm a Gender and Nutrition for BENEFIT Partnership. 


The collaborative partnership, Bilateral Ethiopian Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade – BENEFIT, unites the four projects:

- The Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Ethiopia project

- Ethiopian-Netherlands Trade Facility for Agribusiness (EN-TAG)

- The Sesame Business Network Support Project (SBN-SP), and 

- The Capacity building for Scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production in Ethiopia (CASCAPE) project. 

These projects together sustainably improve agricultural production, farmers’ income and trade of agricultural commodities, resulting in a market effect on food and nutrition security of rural households in Ethiopia, more employment and local economic development. I hope this net-work will create an opportunity for us to link, share our experience and learn from others. 

Regards, Selam  

Gizaw Legesse Hi Selam, thank you for the information. I would like to mention to members also that ENTAG, one of the about projects is our partner in organizing the Bi-monthly Business Drinks!

5 months 2 weeks ago

Meskerem Niesette Ritmeester Thanks for sharing Selam!

5 months 1 week ago

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Myanmar: Civil Society Organisations come together to tackle malnutrition

Blog post on the Scaling Up Nutrition website.

For those with an interest in further news on nutrition, and nutrition interventions, the scaling up nutrition website and newsletter are recommended resources.


Second National Nutrition and Food Industries Conference

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  21 February 2017 to 24 February 2017 - All Day Event
  Hawassa University

Upcoming Event: Nutrition Conference

Call for Sponsors

Second National Nutrition and Food Industries Conference to be hosted by the Academic Center of Excellence for Human Nutrition in Ethiopia, Hawassa University in February 2017.

Title: "Capacity building, employment and job creation for better nutrition and sustainable development in Ethiopia" 21-24 February 2017.

The major themes of the conference are:

  1. Analysis of trends in Human Nutrition training in Ethiopia and curriculums: strength and gaps.
  2. Role of professional associations and network of scholars in Nutrition Security in Ethiopia
  3. Our curriculums and Demand of Food industries in Ethiopia
  4. Short Term trainings in addressing problems of malnutrition in Ethiopia
  5. Food safety and quality in Ethiopia: Role of Food industries, stakeholders and academic institutions
  6. The status of multi-sector approach to address malnutrition in Ethiopia

For More information, contact Fikadu Reta (click on the name) and read his post here: http://agr

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Upcoming Event: Nutrition Conference

Call for Sponsors

Second National Nutrition and Food Industries Conference to be hosted by the Academic Center of Excellence for Human Nutrition in Ethiopia, Hawassa University in February 2017.

Title: "Capacity building, employment and job creation for better nutrition and sustainable development in Ethiopia" 21-24 February 2017.

For the upcoming conference, Based on our experience from the first conference held in February 2016, we are paying less attention to presentation of research projects since most of the projects we have received were M.Sc. students’ thesis. We think that such large national audience should discuss issues beyond individual research projects conducted in short time with cross sectional study design. For most of our nutrition graduates, their career is limited by the kind of curriculum we have and the competencies included. Thus, it would be great to hear inputs from our stakeholders about the exiting curriculums. The

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Alem Greiling

Congraduation! Feckadu 
How nice is to discuss about human nutrition, research and  about the future jobs of our young generation who have graduated on this line.

5 months 5 days ago