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Call for Applications: SWITCH Africa Green – SEED Awards 2017

SEED has opened the Call for Applications for the 2017 SWITCH Africa Green (SAG) – SEED Awards. The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is an annual awards scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies.


For the 2017 SAG-SEED Awards, the call for applications is open to enterprises within the six focus Countries; Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya and Mauritius South Africa active in the following four sectors:


Does your enterprise produce food in an unpredictable environment, while creating decent jobs and

preserving resources?


Does your enterprise produce goods or provide services for the manufacturing sector while ensuring

energy and water efficiency and providing employment opportunities?


Does your enterprise promote

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Apply for the Africa Green - SEED Awards!

The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is an annual awards scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies. 

Is your enterprise small, locally driven and eco-inclusive with an ambition to be in the vanguard of green and inclusive growth?
Does your enterprise need tailored support to grow to its full potential? Apply!

The Call for Applications for the 2017 SWITCH Africa Green-SEED Awards will end on 8 March 2017!

Who can participate?

For the 2017 SAG-SEED Awards, the call for application is open to enterprises within Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South-Africa and Uganda and are active in agriculture, waste management, tourism or manufacturing. 

What do you win?

No two enterprises are the same, either internally or as regards to their operating environment. SEED offers each SAG-SEED Award Winner a

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SEED Promoting Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

SEED is a global partnership for action on sustainable development and the green economy that was founded by the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme and the International Union for Conservation of Nature at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. SEED promotes eco-inclusive solutions for sustainable development by shaping a supportive ecosystem and increasing the resilience of small and growing enterprises in developing countries. Partners in SEED, in addition to the Founding Partners, are the governments of Flanders, Germany, India, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States of America; Conservation International; the European Union; SWITCH Africa Green; Hogan Lovells; UNIDO; UN Women and SEED’s Corporate Partner, Hisense. SEED is hosted by adelphi research gGmbH, based in Germany.

Three eco-enterprises from Uganda honoured with pre

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AgVerify Ltd ( Africa's Premier Inputs and Feed Verifier

Seeds, Grains, Pulses, Feeds Certification and Testing

Our world class ISTA accredited laboratory can provide consistent and accurate results, including Blue and Orange ISTA Certificates for Seed. We also provide quality testing for Grain, Pulses, Feeds.

Seed Business Services

We are specialists in seed business development, linkage with research, and entry into new markets. Product performance trials, variety release, early generation seed, genetics.

Organic Certification

We provide world class organic certification services and evaluations in compliance with EU, Japanese and North American standards.

Quality Management Systems

We provide QMS and ISO training and quality management system assessments including internal and third party audit.

Agri-Business Consulting

We provide agribusiness growth and development advisory services, including investment, partnership and legal advice, B2B, PPP and other services. We work to build African food value chains through local agribusiness development


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New Report from the ACB: Integration of small-scale farmers into formal seed production in South Africa

‘Integration of small-scale farmers into formal seed production in South Africa: A scoping report. ‘ Available here.

The report found that while there is extensive reference across government policies to indigenous knowledge and biodiversity conservation, economic development, transformation, job creation, and food security, government does not consider small-scale farmer involvement in seed production a priority. Integration of                           small-scale farmers into formal seed                           production in South Africa

Government policy and programmes accept that multinational corporations (MNCs) control seed production and there are very few public sector efforts to integrate black small-scale farmers into commercial seed production. Nevertheless the report does outline a few projects on community seed production, indigenous crops and black-owned private sector seed production efforts. These few efforts highlight important lessons for the support of small-scale farme

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Dear Ugandans, we are looking for eco-entrepreneurs who want to find solutions for one of the main challenges in Uganda: Sustainable agriculture, Manufacturing and Tourism. If you want to receive support to turn your idea into reality apply now with your team for the SAG-SEED Starter Months 2016 in Kampala, Uganda! Deadline: 1 May, more information:

Alex Byamukama Am looking for funds

9 months 2 weeks ago


Corporates Venturing into Inclusive Business - workshop

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  09 March 2016, All Day Event
  Munich, Germany

Capturing BoP Markets: Corporates Venturing into Inclusive Businesses

Practitioner Workshop

March 9, 2016, 9.00am till 6.00pm

Orange Bar, Green City Energy – Munich


How can companies get a foothold in emerging markets and make good social returns? Should it build a business that targets the low- and/or middle-income segment or buy into one? What are the risks and opportunities of investing in inclusive businesses? And what are potential investment vehicles?

Endeva’s Corporate Impact Venturing workshop will answer these and other questions with a practical, interactive introduction to investing in and partnering with inclusive businesses.

There you will meet emerging inclusive businesses from Bangladesh to Zimbabwe, compare notes with other corporations setting up venturing partnerships with inclusive businesses, and quiz financial intermediaries creating new investment instruments.

So please join us – Endeva, and its co-hosts Business Fights Poverty and SEED – in Munich on March

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3 Models of Corporate Impact Venturing

Wanna venture? You bet!

By Christina Tewes-Gradl & Sarah Worthing on Business Fights Poverty

Venture capital is undergoing a transformation. A term once only heard around the boardrooms of Silicon Valley, venture capital is now on the lips of development experts and social entrepreneurs in low-income markets around the world.

Corporate Impact Venturing (CIV), a subset of traditional venture capital, is proving to be an innovative financing tool for low-income markets. CIV is the practice of a corporate providing capital to a inclusive business with the expectation of financial, strategic and social and/or environmental returns. Rather than creating their own inclusive business models from scratch, corporates invest in field-tested models, providing much-needed finance and expertise to social entrepreneurs. The previous separate spheres of social impact and corporate strategic gains are united under this emerging financing practice. In Endeva’s fort

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Access to Seeds Index Report 2016 

Today, the first Access to Seeds Index has been published, which provides a unique insight into how the seed industry is making quality seeds of improved varieties available to smallholder farmers. Smallholder farmers are considered key actors in tackling global food insecurity. But their productivity is currently limited, in part by insufficient access to quality seeds of improved varieties. With core strengths in breeding and delivery, seed companies are thus a critical part of the solution. The Access to Seeds Index is not the first index to examine the ways in which an industry can help to solve a global challenge. It is, however, the first to assess regional companies alongside their global peers. By introducing a Regional Index, initially covering Eastern Africa, the Index shows that regional companies, too, play a distinctive and vital role in reaching smallholder farmers. The Index aims to present an objective picture o

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Dear stakeholders, please be informed of the availability of soya bean variety Maksoy 1N that is available from P'KWII at ugx 1,600. For more details please simply respond to the post. 

Enjoy your week

Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Rowena, did you see we have also have the option: advertise in the Marketplace? This will offer you more possibilities and visibility for your product. Good luck!

1 year 6 days ago

Mpiima Jamiru WHat quantity do you have? 0701257779

1 year 6 days ago


Agri-Finance and Seed fair

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  16 September 2015 - 08:00 to 17 September 2015 - 19:00

The AgriProFocus networks Rwanda and IFDC, in collaboration with Access to Finance Innovation community, organize the Agri-Finance and the seed fair event. 

 This two days event will be held in Musanze on September 16-17, 2015.

The event will bring together financial institutions, farmers, seed companies and researchers involved in seed. The event with both forums and exhibition will be held in Musanze at the stadium.

Quality seed is currently among the most important factor in increasing agriculture production. The yield can increase up to 30% when improved seeds are used. In Rwanda, the seed value chains are not well organized; some seed producers lack markets of their seeds while there end-users who don’t have information on where to source for quality seeds. On the other hand, the two groups (seed multipliers and buyers) have difficulties in accessing to finance which hinders their businesses.


The overall goal of the event is to stimulate access t

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Newsletter da Mozasem Sementes

Caros colegas, Os meus sinceros cumprimentos.

Queiram por favor verificar através do Link a Newsletter da Mozasem Sementes.

Alguma informação adicional, não hesitem por favor em contactar através deste email.


Newsletter Mozasem Sementes

Melhores Cumprimentos

Tiago Silva


Course ‘Integrated Seed Sector Development'

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  23 May 2016 - 09:00 to 10 June 2016 - 17:00
  Wageningen, The Netherlands

- NFP Fellowships available – apply before 20 October 2015 -

Creating vibrant, market oriented and pluralistic seed sectors

Seed is an essential input for crop production. Access of farmers to affordable quality seed of superior varieties is key in increasing agricultural production and productivity. ISSD recognizes that farmers obtain their seed from different sources or systems, and builds programmes upon a diversity of seed systems. ISSD programmes strengthen farmer and community based seed systems, businesses operating at local and national level, but also engage in partnerships with international companies producing seed or providing seed related services. In addition ISSD works on institutional bottlenecks and strengthens seed sector governance. Supporting the development of a vibrant and pluralistic seed sector can substantially contribute to increasing food security and prosperity in developing countries.

In this course participants can broaden their international

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Mozasem is sharing their newsletter in Portuguese

Queiram por favor verificar através do Link a Newsletter da Mozasem Sementes.

Alguma informação adicional, não hesitem por favor em contactar através deste email.

Melhores Cumprimentos

Tiago Silva



Departamento Comercial | Avenida Maguiguana, nrº 1637

Maputo, Moçambique

Tel: 844045844 | 844045845 | 21320962


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ISSD: TOR for Horticulture Sector Assessment

Deadline: 26th June, 2015 

The ISSD Uganda programme aims to support the development of a vibrant, pluralistic and market-oriented seed sector, providing smallholder farmers access to affordable quality seed of superior varieties. This will contribute to an increased income of small-scale farmers and an increased number of rural households that are seed and food secure. The government of Uganda prioritizes Agricultural development as the key approach for poverty reduction, food security and economic development. In its Agricultural strategy (DSIP), it focuses on enhancing agricultural production and productivity, access to markets, creating an enabling environment and institutional development

It is against this background that ISSD is looking for a consultant who can deliver on the following assignments;

1. Provide a general overview of Uganda’s horticultural sector

2. Describe the dominant farming systems (at farm

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Video de Technisem (sementes horticolas)

A Mozasem Sementes espera que se encontrem bem. A marca Francesa Technisem, líder de sementes hortícolas em África, especializada na criação, produção e distribuição de sementes hortícolas para climas tropicais é cada vez mais uma referência no mundo da agricultura, nomeadamente no Continente Africano. Technisem, não se limita a um simples negócio, contribui activamente para a melhoria das condições de vida das populações locais. Para isso, convidamo-lo assistir no link abaixo (Video Technisem) a um pequeno video de promoção da marca Technisem.

Video Technisem

This item was shared by Mozasem.

Contacto: Mozasem

Departamento Comercial | Avenida Maguiguana, nrº 1637

Maputo, Moçambique

Tel: 844045844 | 844045845 | 21320962


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Tanzania: New Drive to Fast Track Food Crop Production

The recent launch of Fast Tracking projects aims to assure farmers in Kagera Region of food security and timely availability of seedlings by planting improved cassava and sweet potatoes.

The Project Manager, Dr Kiddo Mtunda told participants in Bukoba Municipality that the project, which was jointly being implemented in Tanzania and Uganda, aimed to assure food security to hundreds of households in rural communities.

The project would cover several regions in the Lake Zone including Kagera, Mwanza and Shinyanga, Morogoro and Coast in Easten Zone and Unguja and Pemba in Zanzibar.

Read more here:

Hance Richard Melchior Dear Wim Goris, Thank you for sharing.

1 year 11 months ago

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Our big Open Field Day was held on January 31 2015, aimed at offering an “on the ground” demonstration of the potential of Hazera’s hybrid vegetable seeds.

The site of the Field Day was located 525 km to the east of the capital Addis Ababa, and 10 Km from the Diredawa Administration Shenili Zone Agropeace Farm. The event was organized in collaboration with Greenlife Trading PLC, Dire Farmers Union and the Diredawa Administration Agriculture Bureau.

The event was attended by more than two hundred participants, ranging from farmers, agricultural professionals, extension workers, investors, media professionals, NGOs, University staff members – from the Dire Dawa Administration, Harare Region, Somalia region and East Harereghe Oromia region.undefined

Mr. Jawadat Badawieh, Hazera’s Head of the Middle East & Africa Commercial Division Business Unit from Israel, and Green Life PLC’s agronomist, showed growers t

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Gizaw Legesse Dear Nolawit, Thank you for the contribution, and please keep on informing us. For better use of this platform, you can also create your own organization page with all contacts and company profile. To do that please follow the instructions here:

1 year 11 months ago

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We are pleased to inform you that SEED has just launched the 2015 SEED Awards for innovative start-up enterprises that aim to generate environmental, social and economic benefits at the local level.

This year SEED celebrates 10 years of SEED Awards. During that time, we have recognised 175 SEED Winners from 37 countries and accompanied them in their initial scale-up. In this 2015 Award cycle, SEED will make available up to 29 SEED Awards to enterprises in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

Two SEED Awards are available to enterprises that are run or owned by women and prioritise women‘s empowerment; one of these is for an enterprise in any country that is not an OECD or EU member, the other to an enterprise in Kenya.

Candidates can apply from 02 February 2015 until 31 March 2015, 23:59 CET. For detailed information please refer to call for applications or to the SEED homepage.


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Marion Alyek Dear Joseph, This is a very good way for organizations to give back to the active members in the agricultural sector. I am happy that this will encourage especially the women with SMEs to apply!

1 year 11 months ago

ASIIMWE JOSEPH MAGAMBO Dear Marion, It is important that growth, development, prosperity is inclusive not forgetting women and young entrepreneurs. This is a Fundamental part of Green growth Agriculture.

1 year 11 months ago

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                     Agro-dealers urged to move services closer to onion and garlic farms.

On 5th February, 2015, actors along the onion and garlic value chains met to learn about the findings of a recent value chain study that was jointly commissioned by Trias, TAHA, MVIWATA and AgriProFocus Tanzania on Onion and Garlic value chains, specifically focusing on Manyara and Arusha production zones.

Among other objectives, the study aimed at Identifying; all (main) actors in the value chains, the main market outlets for the 2 value chains, the obstacles and needs that the different players in the chains face, requirements of the different VC actors, moreover it aimed at profiling the types and nature of relations between different actors along the 2 value chains and determining the main costs and expenses of each actor and their profit (simplified gross margin).

The study has incorporated the views and responses of different a

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Hance Richard Melchior Dear Katarina, Thank you for sharing the results of the workshop.

1 year 11 months ago

Nicole Metz Dear Katarina, Thank you for posting. We look forward to seeing the final report as well! It may be a source for the further cross-country learning agenda on the Fruit & Vegetables sector of AgriProFocus, as well as for the Food & Business Knowledge Platform . The following paper can be used as background material if you like to: 'Picking the Fruits' [copy-paste to your browser please: ]

1 year 11 months ago

Johnson Yessaya Mwambola Dear Katarina thanks for sharing this, I'm waiting for the report

1 year 11 months ago

Roel Snelder hey Katarina, nice report and looking forward to the full overview. I am interested to learn how the mobile survey worked out for collecting the data. I have added garlic and onion to the tags.

1 year 11 months ago

Katarina Mungure @Nicole: Thank you for the paper Nicole, I shall share it with my colleagues, @Roel: Thanks for the additional tags Roel, so far, we have had good feedback from the lead consultant on AKVO Flow, he was especially happy that he did not have to deal with a bulk of papers after data collection.

1 year 11 months ago