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Ethiopia seeks to boost honey production

Industry experts say the beekeeping sector is still a long way from harvesting its full potential as it is hampered by outdated, low-yield techniques, periodic droughts and uncompetitive prices.

Read the reporting by Sarah Jones from TRT World


Learning Event #1

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  18 May 2017, 08:30-13:00 Coworking Space, Perkantoran Grand Panglima Polim Kav 90, Jalan Panglima Polim No. 16-17,

Innovative Production Technology for Agriculture : A lesson learned from Hack-a-Farm

AgriProFocus Indonesia, Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp chapter Indonesia, dan dengan gembira mengundang Anda untuk hadir dalam Learning Event “Innovative Production Technology for Agriculture : A lesson learned from Hack-a-Farm”.

Dalam acara ini dua tim pemenang Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp akan berbagi pembelajaran proses kreatif pembuatan teknologi teknologi pelayu vanili oleh Amazing Agriculture dan teknologi pengusir hama tikus berbasis sistem audio oleh Teknotani.

Proses pembelajaran akan didampingi mentor Hack-a-Farm:

Walesa Danto, | Tantyo Bangun, | Aryo Wiryawan, Indmira

Mengapa inovasi ini dibutuhkan? Apa saja tantangan yang dihadapi anak muda mewujudkan inovasi ini? Temukan jawabannya di acara ini.

Kamis, 18 Mei 2017 | 08.30 – 13.00 | di Coworking Space, Perkantoran Grand Panglima Polim Kav 90, Jalan Panglima Polim No. 16-17, Jakarta Sela

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Are you a business person in the agribusiness sector and wish to be linked to buyers, suppliers and/or investors in form of equity financing, commodity financing, grants, loans or wish to have your products access markets? Do you fulfill the following requirements?

- You have a registered business or organization

- Are you in the sectors of horticulture, dairy & livestock, oil seeds and coffee 

- Your business has been operational for at least 2 years

- You employ at least 10 people or work with at least 50 farmers

- Your cash flows are backed by a bank statement or audited books of accounts for the 2 years

- Your Annual return is above USD 30,000 (100,000,000 Ugx)

NB: For companies in the start up categories (have been in existence for less than 2 years) can also apply - for this category you will not need to submit your annual returns.

PAINT aims to bring together local, regional and international a

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Annual Agricultural Exhibition and Career expo

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  21 March 2017 to 23 March 2017 - All Day Event
  Makerere University, Kampala(Freedom square)

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) presents the biggest, most exciting and highly educative farmer event of the year. Come exhibit, network, market your product, share, learn new technologies etc. at the Annual Agricultural Exhibition and Career expo March 21st-23rd At the heart of Makerere University (Freedom square) guided by the theme *"The role of small holder farmers and the youth in agricultural transformation amidst changing climate and growing population"*.

Key Guests; Minister of youth and Children, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, the Executive director Enterprise Uganda, the Chief of party USAID feed the future YLA, MD CURAD LTD, Principal CAES and all lecturers of the college, Chairperson National Youth council, The country director AgriProFocus, MUCCRI Coordinator etc.

You are all invited for this exhibition with a facilitation fee of;

 150,000 UGX for a stall for three days (2m by 1m table, 3 chairs)

 70

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Invitation to Historical Campaign

Join Historical Campaign of seeing off/ preserving Yoke and Plough pulling to Museum.Anicytor: Carbon Emissions Free / Climate Smart Farm and Transportation Tool

- Our forefathers ploughed pairing two oxen; and sowed with hands, wed out with hands, and harvested with hands.

- However, Present generation made its own tool known as ‘Anicytor’ and using only one animal (camel, horse, mule, donkey so on) ploughs, sows, harvests, and transports. - No more pairing two oxen, no more youth migration to urban.

- The innovation is exhibited at COP 22 Marrakech, Morocco.


# Vð` k”u`” ¨Å S<²=¾U ¾TeÑvƒ; q]"© ²S‰” ÃÅÓñ::</p>

- ›v„‰‹” G

- ÃI ƒ¨

Products: Driver of all farm tools, seed row planter, organic fertilizer broadcaster, product transport, left and right reversible plough, so on. All are environment friendly.

What problem to solve: Smallholder farmers technological needs, global excessive carbon emission, joblessness, rural youth migration

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Gizaw Legesse Dear Sitotaw, thank you for sharing! I see that the Amharic text you included in the post is not readable, could you please make it a unicode font, like Power Geez Unicode. Thanks!

3 months 3 weeks ago


E-Agri East Africa Summit

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  28 February 2017 to 01 March 2017 - All Day Event
  Hilton Hotel, Nairobi - Kenya

With 60% of uncultivated arable land untapped in Africa, agriculture is earmarked as an economic engine for the continent. Growing trade volumes in the East African region provides both opportunities and challenges.

A major obstacle facing the region’s agri sector is the use of innovative ways to utilise technology for improved production and increased productivity. E-agriculture offers a wide range of solutions to agricultural challenges and has great potential in promoting sustainability in the region.

It is against this background that the African Agri Council presents e-Agri East Africa Summit taking place 28 Feb – 1 March in Nairobi, Kenya. This is Africa’s only platform of its kind that brings together proven innovative e-agriculture solutions for preventing post-harvest losses, improved production and increased productivity to improve the supply chain process from farmer to market and to enhance food security in the region.

Event highlights / What to expect?


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December 2016 Launch Conference: The Global African Agribusiness Accelerator Platform will be launched in December of 2016 ( Tuesday 13th – Wednesday 14th) with an inaugural Session/ Workshop on Technology and Mechanization Adoption. The workshop will be convened at the new (2015 launch) AGCO Corporation Future Farm in Lusaka, Zambia. 

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Happening now! Promoting Agribusiness Investment, Networking and Trade (PAINT). Over 350 agribusiness stakeholders; 42agriprenuers, 11investors and 13 BDS

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Training Opportunity: ''Promoting Agriculture Technology to Improve Productivity and Net Returns for Smallholder Farmers''

The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) announces an international training program on ''Promoting Agriculture Technology to Improve Productivity and Net Returns for Smallholder Farmers'' 

Venue: Accra, Ghana Dates: December 12- 16, 2016


Program Fee:

Early Bird - Registration and Payment by October 21

      Regular - Registration and    Payment by November 21

Late - After November 21






· Youth and women in agriculture and innovative farmers.

· Agronomists, soil scientists, researchers, and extensionists from national and international agricultural research institutes and universities.

· Policymakers from governments and ministries in charge of agricultural productivity and planning.

· Executives and managers of fertilizer and agricultur

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Climate change, satellites and pastoralists

For thousands of years, the life of a pastoralist in Africa has barely changed. They travel from one place to another to find water and pastures for their herds, and to find markets that offer good prices for their animals — using traditional routes which they and their ancestors have used time and time again.

But what happens when these routes are no longer abundant with pastures and fresh water due to climate change? What happens when conflict makes it too dangerous to travel traditional journeys? Or if encroachment of farm land leads to enhanced fragmentation of grazing areas?

Knowing where best to travel with their herd is crucial for the livelihood of a pastoralist. However, this information is usually passed on by word-of-mouth and can sometimes be inaccurate or limited in its geographical reach.

This is where satellite and mobile technology can come into play, bringing the pastoralists' traditional way of life well into the 21st centur

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What is 'Anicytor'?

Most of developing country farmers are small farm land owners who can't afford for modern tractors due to its cost of fuel, driving skills, and maintenance. On the other hand, working with traditional means of farming is very tiresome and exposes to food insecurity. So the solution, Anicytor, has been developed in Ethiopia, Africa, to drive almost all farm implements like tractor.

The good side of this Farm Tools Driver is that it is carbon emission free, can be assembled at any local workshop, can work in muddy farm land, suitable for topographies like Ethiopian high lands, charges batteries so on. Its engineering is completed and ready for duplication.

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Ni mara nyingi sana barani Afrika, mwananchi akapata fursa ya kusikilizwa na mashirikia au wadau wa maendeleo. Hii inasababisha ba umbali wa maeneo pamoja na ukosefu wa miundo mbinu ya kukusanya maoni ya wananchi. Hivi karibuni, shirika ilislo la kiserikali la Farm Radio International limeweza kushinda changamoto hizi na kuwasikiliza wananchi hasa wanaoishi vijijini kwa kutumia radio na simu za mkononi. Takribani watu 3000 waliweza kushirki kwenye kutoa maoni yao.

Mambo makuu yaliowakilishwa na wananchi ni:

1. Usalama wa kipato na chakula – Watanzania wengi walipendekeza kuwa uwekezaji kwenye kilimo, uvuvi na ufugaji ni njia inayoweza kuleta usalama wa chakula na kipato. Lakini pia msisitizo uliwekwa kwenye mafunzo na elimu.

2. Usawa wa kijinsia – Uboreshaji wa sharia za kijinsia ndio njia pekee ya kuporesha usawa wa kijinsia.

3. Kukabiliana na mabadiliko ya hali ya hewa – Kuotesha miti, upandaji wa mazao yanayostah

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Coffee Technology Expo

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  01 September 2016 to 03 September 2016 - All Day Event
  UMA Multi-purpose Hall, Lugogo

For Details, please contact Martha on +256783 565 681 or email her:



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  05 October 2016 to 06 October 2016 - All Day Event

Promoting Agribusiness Investment, Networking and Trade (PAINT)

PAINT aims to bring together local, regional and international agribusinesses to build long term sustainable business relationships.

The initiative shall support the growth of the agribusiness sector by linking investable and profitable agribusinesses in the sectors of horticulture, coffee, oilseed, dairy & livestock to financing , technology, knowledge and markets.

Specific objective

1. To connect prequalified agribusinesses to financing

2. To link buyers to suppliers of inputs (commodities, equipment and services)

3. To link investors to investable businesses and opportunities

4. To facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology among businesses


We are currently receiving application from interested businesses in the sectors mentioned above who wish to participate in the trade and investment matchmaking event that will take place on 5th & 6th Octobe

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Assessing Agricultural Technologies: Impacts on Gender & Nut

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  24 August 2016, 16:00-17:00

Please join us on August 24, 2016 for a webinar on

Assessing Agricultural Technologies for their Impacts on Gender Roles and Nutrition!


Designing and disseminating technologies through Agricultural Extension Services in a gender-responsive and nutrition-sensitive way can help extend the benefits of technologies like increased productivity, income, and food availability to both men and women. Join the Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services (INGENAES) webinar to learn about a new methodology to assess the degree to which agricultural technologies are gender-responsive and nutrition-sensitive in terms of their design, use, and dissemination. INGENAES will present the Technology Assessment approach to explain how technology developers and implementers can design agricultural technologies and distribution models to better reach men and women farmers. This discussion will draw on assessments of seven technologies in Bangladesh and Zambia.

Register at

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Teknologi untuk petani

Tahukah kita, 1 dari 20 orang di Indonesia merupakan seorang petani miskin?

Ada sekitar 13 juta petani di Indonesia yang kepemilikan lahannya dibawah 1 hektar hidup dengan pendapatan yang masih kurang. Cukup miris jika di pendidikan dasar kita selalu diajarkan bahwa kita adalah negara Agraris tapi petaninya hidup susah. 

Saya sendiri sebenarnya masih sangat baru untuk banyak berbicara di bidang pertanian, tapi saya termasuk satu dari orang IT yang banting setir di dunia pertanian. Saya bersama 2 teman saya mencoba membawa IT ke dunia pertanian dengan tujuan memotong rantai pasok makanan dengan membuat limakilo[dot]id.

Dari pengalaman saya melakukan pivot dari bidang Perangkat Lunak ke Pertanian di beberapa bulan terakhir dalam mengembangkan, saya mendapatkan sedikit data mengenai permasalahan yang ada di petani Indonesia. Beberapa hal yang dihadapi petani kita antara lain :

1. ketidakpastian harga dan akses pemasaran

2. akses ke pemodalan

3. hama d

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Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Mas Walesa, thanks sudah posting pengalaman limakilo di sektor bawang. Yang dilakukan limakilo sangat lengkap ya, mulai tutorial budidaya yang baik, akses modal, dan penataan distribusi. Menurut Mas Walesa, dari segi IT apakah komoditas tunggal seperti bawang lebih mudah dikembangkan teknologi distribusinya dibanding sayur-mayur misalnya?

9 months 2 weeks ago

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From Planning to Execution: Using Value Chain Approach for Lending to Smallholder Farmers and Agribusiness

Based on an article by Sowmya Suryanarayanan

pour une traduction française de cet article, voir le bas de ce post

Given the uncertainty and risks, are financial institutions capable of extending credit that is low cost, less risky and highly accessible to agricultural value chain actors? Where most financial institutions see a challenge, we at Samunnati saw an opportunity in lending to smallholder farmers and agribusinesses in India. Drawing from years of experience in the banking and agriculture sector, we developed a multi-layered, lending solution to manage risk effectively. Some of the major product and process innovations we implemented include:

Value Chain Approach: While evaluating agribusinesses and smallholder farmers, it is essential to make decisions about financing based on the strength of the buyer-seller relationship. Before selecting our potential customers, we invest

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Design for Change Challenge

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  09 May 2016 - 09:00 to 01 July 2016 - 16:00

Una kerwa kutokana na changamoto zinazokukabili wewe na jamii yako – lakini huna uhakika na jinsi ya kuzitatua?

Unataka kujifunza jinsi mkulima mdogo alivyoanza kuongeza mapato yake, kutokana na matatizo ya rutuba ya udongo aliyoona hapa nchini Tanzania?

Karibu Twende kwa mafunzo ya kusisimua, warsha ya mkoni ya kipindi cha wiki nane (8) ya kutengeneza na kubuni suluhisho ya changamoto ya kila siku. Tunawakaribisha watu wapya na wazoefu, kama una shauku ya kuona Tanzania bora zaidi. Mafunzo yataanza tarehe 9 May, 2016 mpaka 1 July, 2016. Kwa kila mshiriki wiki ya kwanza ni lazima kuhudhuria bila kukosa kwa ajili utangulizi wa mafunzo, kisha kufuatiwa siku moja kwa wiki ya kuja Twende kuendeleza miradi kwa wiki saba zilizobaki.

Mtagawanywa kwenye makundi na mtapewa hela ya kununulia vifaa vya teknolojia mtakazobuni. Kikundi kitakacho kuwa na mradi bora zaidi baada ya wiki nane watashinda tuzo ya hela ya kuendeleza kazi ya mradi yao.

Email or call 0762612602 for m

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Design-Thinking Intro: Agriculture

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  23 April 2016, 10:00-12:00

Interested in design for social change?

To help spur ideas and collaborations, Twende (Nane Nane, Njiro) will be offering a free design-thinking introductory workshop on Saturday 23 April at 10am. Small-holder farmers and agricultural organizations & experts are especially welcome. We will be addressing the following:

How might we improve the livelihoods of small­-holder farmers by reducing food waste and spoilage?

Join the Agricultural Innovation Challenge and develop solutions to reduce the amount of food that goes to waste by improving access to markets, information and financial services for small scale farmers. The program is a collaboration between OpenIDEO (an open innovation platform), (a non profit) and DFID (the UK Aid Agency). A share of $500,000 plus design support will be provided to winning ideas.

Please email for more details and to reserve your spot.    

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Hack4Ag Uganda: Developing ICT Tools to Empower Smallholder Farmers

The Hackathon is a collaboration between the World Bank’s Agriculture Global Practice (GFADR), the Government of Uganda and the Government of South Korea to develop ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in Ugandan agriculture. #Hack4Ag aims to contribute to the transformation of the agricultural sector and youth engagement in agriculture through technology.  

Participating farmers will be given support to scale-up their use of modern inputs and become more effective in the marketing of their harvested products.   

Starting date: March or April, 2016

Deadline for Application: 29th February, 2016

Fine details here

Mugisha Richard This is timely and has come at the time when we are planning to convene a youth caravan. Part of the activities we plan to do is e-marketing and use of the ICT tools to do marketing. I would like to encourage the youth to apply and learn about the Hack4Ag.

1 year 3 months ago