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Youth in Agribusiness Strategy Meeting:

In our new Global strategy, Youth is among the critical thematic areas the network would like to be more engaged in. As a way to enhance that, some of our youth in agribusiness thematic facilitators met in Nairobi last year November to develop our direction as a network on youth engagement in agribusiness. The objective of this meeting was to clearly define our approach on youth in agribusiness within the new strategy .Through sharing of experiences we have encountered in our countries in the past, we were able to develop a strategy on youth in agribusiness that includes well defined objectives (overall and specific) and a number of flagship projects.The flagship projects included Learning labs, Youth Caravan and Mapping.

Find Full Report here


2017 National Youth Entrepreneurs and Innovation Exhibition

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  09 March 2017, All Day Event
  New Government Complex Independence Avenue, Lusaka

The Ministry of Youth Sport & Child Development will be hosting a Youth Entrepreneurs & Innovation Exhibitions on the 9th & 10th March 2017 at the New Government Complex in Lusaka under the theme "Unity and Innovation for a Smart Zambia.”

The Main Objective of the Exhibition is to recognize the efforts of our youths who have established their own ventures and are contributing to wealth and employment creation in all walks of life.

The Exhibition will be an opportunity for government agencies and the private sector to learn more about the youth-led economy and find ways of harnessing its power in national development. This will enable those making a difference in their own right to have an opportunity to engage policy makers and other decision makers while having their achievements celebrated. Further, this is an unparalled platform for youths to address the barriers and opportunities in their respective arenas.

For details contact the Provincial Youth Development Office nearest to you o

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Bonjour Chers membres du réseau, nous avons le plaisir de partager avec vous la Vidéo de la 3ème édition de la caravane des jeunes pour l'entreprenariat agricole, qui s'est déroulée du 04 au 11 Novembre 2016 sur l'axe Bamako-Sikasso-Bobo Dioulasso. Le thème de cette édition " L'auto -emploi agricole ,passons à l'acte" Nous attendons avec impatience vos impressions !

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Watch out for these changemakers! Youth Caravan 2016. Mali

Very happy to share with you the video of the Youth Caravan that took place in Mali in November last year.  The caravan is a moment to learn, share and celebrate young entrepreneurs in agribusiness. While travelling from Bamako to Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina many entrepreneurs, organisations and farms were visited. A tight community of (future) changemakers was formed, that continues to meet and learn from each other today. 

Hilda Okoth Very interesting. OMARY A. MWAIMU, Juma Bruno Ngomuo, Marloes Philippo

1 day 1 hour ago

OMARY A. MWAIMU Very interesting 

22 hours 11 min ago

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Why We Need to Teach Agriculture in Schools

There is unease about the proposed translocation of agriculture and other vocational subjects from the secondary school curriculum to technical institutes. This comes at the dawn of growing youth unemployment and criticism of the school curriculum as being too elitist with no practical skills to equip learners for afterschool life. The rural exodus by school leavers is fuelling urban squalor and crime as young people who seek livelihoods in towns end up in crowded suburbs.

Most young people who come to town cannot find formal employment and end up in squalid suburbs. Wakiso District is probably home to many of these youths who are trapped between the rural life and the city.

Agriculture development requires movement of people into urban areas to create space for large scale mechanisation of farms and increase productivity per person. Urban migration also creates opportunities for agricultural markets which arise from increased demand for food by

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Why we need more youth in agriculture

On Friday, Namboole sports stadium was full of people from different walks of life to attend the Harvest Money Expo organised by the Vision Group.

I was one of the early birds to attend the three-day event for farmers, suppliers and experts in the agricultural sector, where they shared new technologies and how to farm during this period of climatic changes.

As I was walking to the training session, I met a gray-haired old man seated at the stadium stairs. He seemed to be in his 70s. He was sipping soda and eating mchomo. I asked him why he did not send his grand-children to learn and take back the information to him. He cleared his throat and told me, “you young people do not want to engage in farming”.

His response prompted me to ask Dr Diana Nambatya during her urban training session how we can attract young people to agriculture. In the queue waiting for my turn to ask, four out of the six people who asked questions had retired from the service

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Jimmy Ouni After the morning showers of Saturday, i patiently queued ready to attend the trainings at the Harvest Money expo, i was amazed by all the training and exhibitions, l learned a great deal and this very program and platform, this left me wandering how little this information has actually reached the target group. if only these trainings and information is disseminated down to farmers groups up in the farming areas, say village levels. i am looking forward to exhibiting next year.

6 days 3 min ago

BAJJA FRUIT FARM Ashiraf Thank you so much. Your observations are really timely and spot on. Uganda can not be proud of having a youth ( youngest) population when they are not productive. We can not also focus on the youth without them. I too visited the stall of Operation Wealth Creation & Ministry of Agriculture and found out that All the officers manning them were over 40 yrs creating a generation gap. For the Country to be able to lure the youth back into Agriculture, interventions must be for and by the youth. On a recent visit to our passion fruit farm, one of the youth leaders during the discussion said "Nothing for us without us" meaning, however- good the program can be, if it is without the target group, it can not succeed.
Visit us at our farm in Lukaya along Maska road (0785 012 674/0704 610376 whatsup)

5 days 22 hours ago

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Agri-business getting youth attention

(Story from The NewTimes)  

Rwanda’s agriculture and livestock sector has long been characterised by an ageing farming population whose average age is 55 years. As a result, innovation, creativity and technology adaptation as well as skills transfer has been slow, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and agricultural experts.

But lately, some youth have embraced the sector and committed to making it more vibrant in its entire supply chain.

The Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum was formed in May 2016 to bring together young people engaged in commercial farming in the country.

Unlike traditional farming, these youths’ focus is commercial farming.

Currently, the organisation has 1,265 members grouped into five clusters namely crop production, livestock production, agro-processing (animal and crops), other agro-services which include packaging, inputs, extension services, mechanissation, among others, and inf

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Kenyan youth second in seeking side hustles in Africa


In East Africa, youth are more likely to venture into Agriculture to get an extra shilling, followed by ICT, entertainment, online business and logistics./FILE

By MARGARET NJUGUNAH, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 15 – Kenya has the second highest number of youths with hustles at 40.8 percent, behind Nigeria at 44.4 percent according to GeoPoll Rapid.

In East Africa, youth are more likely to venture into Agriculture to get an extra shilling, followed by ICT, entertainment, online business and logistics.

In Nigeria and Ghana, the youth are into less conventional sectors than those mostly associated with the youth such as ICT, entertainment and online businesses. In South Africa, Food & Beverage is the more popular side hustle for many youth.

The report – which focuses on millennials in Sub-Saharan Africa – seeks to find out what makes African Millennials tick, also found out that, on average only 37 percent, have side businesses.

Apart from

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Dorina Prech This is very interesting Alphaxrd Gitau. Could you share the link to the report too? Thanks. 

6 days 22 hours ago

Alphaxrd Gitau
There is the link to the source of information Dorina. I am not sure there is a report about it.

6 days 6 min ago

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Vacancy at Uganda Youth Network (UYONET)

Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) is a leading national youth organization that works to mainstream young peoples’ engagement in development and governance processes in Uganda and East Africa. UYONET was started in 2002 to respond to the increasing demand for a collective platform for research, training and policy advocacy for young people by young people. UYONET is at an interesting stage of organization development and we are redefining our strategy and as such we are looking for an experienced executive director to provide leadership in strategic formulation and execution.

Job title: Executive Director
Employment typeFull time
City / Location: Kampala
Min. years of experience: 5 years
Minimum degreeMasters degree
Closing date: February 24, 2017 - 5pm

Reports to: Board of Directors

Contact/How to apply:

Please send your CV and cover letter with 3 work related referees to the address or e-mail below.

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Job Advert with Caritas Lira

Caritas Lira is a faith-based organisation operating in Lango Sub-region under the leadership of Lira Diocese. Its vision is to improve the standard of living of households in rural communities. Caritas Lira is implementing community targeted programmes such as livelihoods; social protection, environmental protection and economic empowerment targeting vulnerable people for example the orphans, widows and the marginalized among others.

Caritas Lira in partnership with World Education/USAID is implementing Better Outcomes project in Adekokwok, Adyel, Ogur and Barr Sub Counties and are looking for a suitable person to fill the

Position of: Youth Technical Officer

Reports to: Project Coordinator

Project: Better Outcomes for Children and Youth in Eastern and Northern Uganda

Locations: Lira

Deadline: 10th February, 2017

Full Job details & how to apply here

How to apply

Interested applicants should send their resume by email to: caritaslira@yahoo.c

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Regional AgriProFocus Country Coordinators meeting - November 2016

On 28-30 November 2016, three AgriProFocus country coordinators (Rwanda, DR Congo & Burundi) met in Kigali to discuss progress in their countries and look for possibilities of organizing some cross country activities among the 3 country networks in 2017. Among the topics discussed, ‘’Youth’’ and ‘’Potato’’ emerged as possible regional programs the 3 countries can focus on.


Engagement of youth in agribusiness is currently high on the agenda of development cooperation and the network approach applied in Rwanda in 2016 turned out very effective. The AgriProFocus approach regarding Linking and Learning really came out as added value. There is a need for the young of the countries to exchange experiences, evaluate the start of their businesses, hear successes and challenges on a regional level.


The participation of the DRC and Burundi teams in the Potato Week  (funded by Agriterra a

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Janine Schoeman Great picture guys!

2 weeks 4 days ago

maureen munjua woooh i like this guys ... true team work 

1 week 3 days ago

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Focus on Youth

Q&A: Youth leaders on how to engage young people in development

By Amy Lieberman amylieberman

image A view of the Trusteeship Council Chamber during the United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum. This year's theme is “The Role of Youth in Poverty Eradication and Promoting Prosperity in a Changing World.” Photo by: Eskinder Debebe / U.N.

The United Nations routinely serves as a forum to discuss the needs and interests of the 1.2 billion young people worldwide. Less often, it opens its doors for those youths — a group aged between 15 and 24 that is expected to grow by nearly 7 percent by 2030 — to speak on what matters most to them and how best to engage them on development issues.

Last week, Alpha Sennon, 29, and Natasha Puri, 21, were among the speakers selected to present their development projects on health and well-being at the two-day Youth Forum, hosted by the U.N. Economic and Social Council,

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Annual Agricultural Exhibition and Career expo

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  21 March 2017 to 23 March 2017 - All Day Event
  Makerere University, Kampala(Freedom square)

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) presents the biggest, most exciting and highly educative farmer event of the year. Come exhibit, network, market your product, share, learn new technologies etc. at the Annual Agricultural Exhibition and Career expo March 21st-23rd At the heart of Makerere University (Freedom square) guided by the theme *"The role of small holder farmers and the youth in agricultural transformation amidst changing climate and growing population"*.

Key Guests; Minister of youth and Children, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, the Executive director Enterprise Uganda, the Chief of party USAID feed the future YLA, MD CURAD LTD, Principal CAES and all lecturers of the college, Chairperson National Youth council, The country director AgriProFocus, MUCCRI Coordinator etc.

You are all invited for this exhibition with a facilitation fee of;

 150,000 UGX for a stall for three days (2m by 1m table, 3 chairs)

 70

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Innovative and Inclusive Finance for Youth in Agriculture

Authors Lamon Rutten, Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) Sehomi Landry Fanou, Wageningen University, Netherlands. Africa Agriculture Status Report 2015

Rural and urban youth have the potential to contribute to food security, economic development, social inclusion and stability. But sadly, three of every four youths in Africa live on less than USD 2/day (African Economic Outlook 2013). Securing youth access to credit, savings, and insurance will unveil their talent for entrepreneurship, boost their self-esteem and allow them to have a positive transformative role in their society. Financing youth in agriculture is already happening, and where African youth have had this opportunity, they have found innovative and creative strategies to secure a future for themselves while contributing to the development of the private sector and social stability in their countries. 

Key Messages 


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FAO and EAC to address Youth Employment

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the East Africa Community (EAC) have signed a Grant Agreement intended to promote urban and rural agriculture and agribusiness to improve youth employment in the region. The total budget of the Grant is US$ 440,000 for one year.

The agreement, which took place on the margins of the 28th African Union Summit themed “Harnessing Africa’s Demographic Dividend by Investing in Youth”, was signed by Amb Libérat Mfumukeko, the Secretary General for EAC and Dr. Patrick Kormawa, the Subregional Coordinator for Eastern Africa and FAO Representative to the AU and UN Economic Commission for Africa. The EAC Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs, Mr. Charles Njoroge accompanied Amb. Mfumukeko during the brief ceremony held at the AU Headquarters.

The agreement allows FAO and EAC to find a path for young people to secure decent work opportunities, as well as explore innovative e-b

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The First 2017 Business Drinks: How It Went

Last week, 26 January, we had our first Business Drinks of the year 2017. As usual, it has remarkably served members and partners to meet new people, chat about possible business opportunities, and introduce new agribusinesses.

More than 70 people attended the event, and we had the chance to listen interesting one-minute pitches.

Awot Berhane is a student at Addis Ababa University, and made a pitch about Green Innovation Hub, which he is a member. He told us that GIH is a student led initiative which channels youth ideas towards tackling climate change and promotes sustainable development.

Wendewesen Kebede is another young pitcher on our Business Drinks. He represents a group of Dairy Advisors who are well experienced on the dairy sector and have received practical trainings from well-known experts arranged by DairyBISS program and Fair and Sustainable Ethiopia. Wendewesen explained on his pitch that the Advisors group provides various d

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AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness Platform members are on air this afternoon!

Tune in to 104.7 fm at 4:00pm to hear about opportunities, challenges and trends facing youth in agribusiness in Ethiopia! Interviewees include members of Mintesenot Urban Ariculture and the AgriProFocus youth interns that conducted the Youth in Agribusiness Listening Project.

Wim Goris hope you can tape this for further use !

3 weeks 5 days ago

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blueMoon announces selection of #BegaBatch17 - top 6 youth agribusinesses

Addis Ababa, 25 January, 2017

blueMoon, Ethiopia’s first youth agribusiness incubator, today announced the results of its National Competition to select the top six youth agribusiness startup teams for its first incubator program batch, #BegaBatch17, that will start in February 2017.

“We selected 6 startup co-founder teams out of 122 applicants to our Call for Applications in early December, or a 4.9 % acceptance rate, which means it is already more difficult to get into our program than into Harvard or Stanford University,” stated Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin, founder and ceo of blueMoon, “it was an amazing and humbling experience to see the talent and energy coming out of Ethiopia’s youth today. As we had hoped, we got applicants across a broad range of agri-related businesses and from across Ethiopia, from Bahir Dar to Jimma to Benishangul-Gumuz to Jijiga to Hawassa, with ideas for various types of agro-indus

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Narrative Report on NICHE project at SAI Shwebo Township

State Agriculture Institute (Shwebo) situated on Shwebo- Yeu older road of Shwebo in Sagaing Region. It was opened dated on 18-1-1982. There is 488 students in Academic Year 2015-16, and number of staff 107 inclusion teachers. It is total land area 200 acres and cultivated land is low land ( Paddy) 56 acres and Upland 8.8 acres, Animal husbandry 22.6 acre including fish ponds, Horticulture 22,6 acres and Fallow land 48 acres and rest acres 42 acres is Building and road.

Current situation is there is one library but no facilities, laboratories are lack of facilities For example- In Chemistry Lab, They needs pH meter for soil test box , moisture test , event balance is very old. Multimedia class room also empty materials even no tables and chairs. Although there is 5 computers, they can used 3 computer for only office uses. One projector was used only demonstration.

This year total students are 573 and male students 375 and female stu

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Farming for Biodiversity Solutions Competition:

Unsustainable agricultural practices remain one of the greatest threats to ecosystems and biodiversity. As the global population grows, so too does the demand for food – requiring production increases and potentially even greater impacts on the environment. Widespread land use and agricultural practices must change to reduce these losses. Yet, behavior change in this field is often inhibited by lack of awareness of solutions and of biodiversity’s value for the agricultural sector.

Solution Search is designed to change that. Some innovative solutions have recently emerged that bring farming in harmony with the natural environments that surround. Some have increased the biodiversity of plants, animals, insects and more on the agricultural land itself. This contest seeks to identify, reward and spotlight those successful approaches. In doing so, Solution Search will also increase awareness of biodiversity, its value and the m

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Sarah Assefa Thanks for this, Alpha! Would it be possible to add the tags, Agroecology and the country Ethiopia on this post? Our Agroecology Innovation Community would be happy for this update! Best wishes, Sarah

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Alphaxrd Gitau Dear Sarah i am not sure how to do that but you could also maybe post it again and add the tags..

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Cibarani Cibarani Bonne chance, really engaging!

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