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What Does It Take to Be a Successful Farmer?

To be successful, a farmer must know a great deal about his land and the products he plans to raise.

Every plant and animal is a complicated organism. He who wishes to succeed in the culture of wheat, rye, corn, tobacco, or cotton, for example, must be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of the plant, its germination and growth, the diseases and blights to which it is susceptible, and the methods of controlling them.

The dairy farmer and rancher must be acquainted with the characteristics of his cattle; their feed requirements, their breeding habits, and their common illnesses. Likewise, fruit farming requires expert knowledge of tree growth as well as grafting, pruning, spraying, and fertilizing.

After carefully weighing the pros and cons of farming versus other occupations and deciding in favor of the former, you are ready to consider the questions: Shall I buy or rent a farm? Where shall I farm? What kind of farming shall I undertake

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Accelerate Africa's Industrial Transformation by Unlocking African Entrepreneurs Potential - Africa Economic Outlook 2017

African governments need to integrate entrepreneurship more fully into their industrialisation strategies, according to the African Economic Outlook (AEO) 2017 released Monday, May 22 at the African Development Bank Group’s 52nd Annual Meetings.

In 2016, Africa’s economic growth slowed down to 2.2% from 3.4% in 2015 due to low commodity prices, weak global recovery and adverse weather conditions, which impacted on agriculture production in some regions. However, it is expected to rebound to 3.4% in 2017 and 4.3% in 2018. This assumes that as commodity prices recover, the world economy will be strengthened and domestic macroeconomic reforms are entrenched.

In fact, there are promising developments across the continent. Africa’s growth increasingly relies on domestic sources, as shown by dynamic private and government consumption that combined, accounted for 60% of

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Pre-selection for  training livestock value chain actors

AAIN in collaboration with AU IBAR are organizing a training targeting youth in livestock ventures in East and West Africa.

If you are between the age of 18-35 and are engaged in the livestock value chain at different levels training is for you. 

Fill in the form also on the link below whose info will be used to select final participants during the training which will take place in Dakar- Senegal in the third week of June 2017

Deadline for consideration is tomorrow the 24th May 2017  

NB/ the form is a Pre-selection tool and doesn’t guarantee your participation since we have limited slots.


The Agribusiness Youth Caravan, 2017.

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  19 August 2017 to 25 August 2017 - All Day Event
  Country wide

The Agribusiness Youth Caravan, 2017. 

AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness program in partnership with like minded organizations, Institutions, private sector companies and value actors; will create more platforms for joint actions on motivating youth into agribusiness through; peer 2 peer exchanges and learning from youth led agribusiness enterprises, exposure field visits within and across borders, promote being a part of the cooperatives, household learning, use of mass media and motivational talks. 

This will be a 7-day agribusiness learning caravan from one point to another, starting from Kampala, through the region and back to the national level as a climax, launching the agribusiness campaign (Feeding the world, changing lives). This caravan will draw participants from all regions of the country. Other successful value actors from different areas will be sharing their own experiences through question and answer approach. 

The caravan will involve the media houses as

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Northern Region Agribusiness Finance Fair - Summary report.  

Harriet Okunia, the Relationship Manager,Housing Finance Bank, Gulu Branch, confirmed that they have opened between 50-100 accounts for the youth in agribusiness during and after the agri finance fair. "Thank you AgriProFocus and partners for organizing this event “  

On the 26th and 27th of April 2017 AgriProFocus Uganda Innovation Communities on Access to Finance and Youth In Agribusiness (SNV, GIZ AGRUFIN) in collaboration with, the Northern Uganda partners; Technoserve, AVSI, Save the Children, Smart up, Action Aid, BOSCO – Uganda, WPDI-Gulu, NUYDC-LABRA, PELUM, YALI organized a two day Agribusiness Fair. It was intended to facilitate platforms for building business & market, brokering deals between youth Agri-preneurs and financial services providers and other value chain actors for improved agricultural production and productivity.  

The event attracted a total of 739 participants and 69 exhibitor

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An AVSI initiative sponsored by Embassy of Netherlands in collaboration with different implementing partners to provide a platform for knowledge transfer among the youth and gainful employment for sustainable income generation.

 Agromax is one of such implementing partners that is working with a number of youth to create meaningful impact on the individuals and their communities as a whole

Individual story of Kasozi James

James, aged 24 years, was born and raised up in Busula Village, Wakiso District in Central Uganda to parents who were practicing Agriculture at a subsistence level.

James grew up admiring Mr. Mulwana, a successful entrepreneur and farmer in the neighborhood and wanted to be like him. However, James’ dream came to a halt when after S.4, he couldn’t continue with his education due to financial hardships.” Being out of school was unbearable and tormenting to me’’, James recalls. “All the dreams and plans that I h

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Learning Event #1

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  18 May 2017, 08:30-13:00 Coworking Space, Perkantoran Grand Panglima Polim Kav 90, Jalan Panglima Polim No. 16-17,

Innovative Production Technology for Agriculture : A lesson learned from Hack-a-Farm

AgriProFocus Indonesia, Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp chapter Indonesia, dan dengan gembira mengundang Anda untuk hadir dalam Learning Event “Innovative Production Technology for Agriculture : A lesson learned from Hack-a-Farm”.

Dalam acara ini dua tim pemenang Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp akan berbagi pembelajaran proses kreatif pembuatan teknologi teknologi pelayu vanili oleh Amazing Agriculture dan teknologi pengusir hama tikus berbasis sistem audio oleh Teknotani.

Proses pembelajaran akan didampingi mentor Hack-a-Farm:

Walesa Danto, | Tantyo Bangun, | Aryo Wiryawan, Indmira

Mengapa inovasi ini dibutuhkan? Apa saja tantangan yang dihadapi anak muda mewujudkan inovasi ini? Temukan jawabannya di acara ini.

Kamis, 18 Mei 2017 | 08.30 – 13.00 | di Coworking Space, Perkantoran Grand Panglima Polim Kav 90, Jalan Panglima Polim No. 16-17, Jakarta Sela

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Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing issues in Tanzania. The number of young people who enter the labour force exceeds the available jobs. According to official data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2014, the economy created about 282,382 formal-sector jobs while an estimated 800,000 to one million youths enter the labour market at the same time. Yet, the number of job seekers is expected to double by 2030. According to the World Bank, the size of Tanzania’s youth, which was about 8.1 million in 2010, will rise to 11 million by 2020 and 15 million by 2030.

In the near absence of formal jobs, especially for entry-level positions, many educated young people are looking to agriculture and agribusiness for employment opportunities. From Dar es Salaam to Arusha up to the lake region in Mwanza, a growing number of educated youths are now investing in agriculture.

One of such people is Deborah Simon Malaba. After struggling to

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IITA Young AgriPreneurs Program

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) a non-profit institutions that generates agricultural innovations to meet Africa's most pressing challenges of hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and natural resource degradation embarked on empowering unemployed university graduates into commercial farmers, an initiative that will transform them into agripreneurs. An idea borrowed from Nigeria in 2012.

The IITA, Eastern Africa Hub Director, Dr Victor Manyong said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend that the programme with 15 participants was in its nascent stage until managed to finance agripreneurs.

"Banks want collateral while youth only have knowledge... we want to be the collateral and loans to the youth.”At moment discussion are under way with Africa Development Bank for such facility once we get that fund then we go full swing," Dr Manyong said.

The Director told journalists during the marking of IITA 50 years of transforming Africa Agricu

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Dans le cadre de contribuer à la création de l’emploi des jeunes et lutter contre l’insécurité alimentaire au Burundi, le réseau AgriProFocus Burundi a privilégié dans son programme de 2017 le soutien des jeunes en agro business pour qu’ils s’intéressent au secteur agricole porteur d’avenir et créateurs d’emplois dans notre pays. C'est dans ce contexte que le réseau a organisé le 22 mars 2017, à City Hill Hotel, un atelier de mise sur pied d'une communauté d’innovation “jeunes et agribusiness”


La Mise sur pied de cette communauté était une occasion de rassembler les jeunes intéressés par le secteur agricole et de mettre dans nos programmes l’inclusion des jeunes dans les chaînes de valeur. C’était une occasion de Partager les objectifs du Réseau AgriProFocus avec les différents acteurs intervenant sur la question de l’employabilité des Jeunes.


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Philippe AKPAKI Félicitations. La communauté d'innovation jeunesse et entrepreneuriat du Bénin existe il y a de cela deux ans. on serait ravi de partager notre expérience en la matière avec vous

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Northern Uganda Agribusiness Finance Fair

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  26 April 2017 to 27 April 2017 - All Day Event
  Gulu District : Acholi Inn Hotel (workshop) and TAKS Centre (Exhibition)

Theme: Scaling up Financing of Youth Agribusinesses for Improved Livelihoods

The AgriProFocus Uganda Innovation Communities on Access to Finance and Youth In Agribusiness (i.e. SNV, GIZ AGRUFIN, The Hunger Project, Uhuru, AMFIU, ) in collaboration with, the Northern Uganda partners; Technoserve, VSO, AVSI, Save the Children, Straight Talk Foundation, BOSCO –Uganda, SOS, TASO Gulu, WPDI-Gulu, U-Touch Uganda, WORLD EDUCATION, CPA, NUYDC-LABRA, PELUM and GNED-G are organizing to convene a two day Agribusiness Fair with an overall objective of facilitating platforms for building business & market linkages and brokering deals between youth Agrepreneurs and financial services providers including insurance companies and other value chain actors for improved agricultural production and productivity.

Day 1: Will include: The Agribusiness workshop and Exhibitions.

Day 2: Exhibition continues and business linkages

The intended Agribusiness Linkages:

  • Financing Opportunities

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Circular economy inspires young people to change the world(From the Guardian)

From an aquaponics start-up to a pop up hospital design, schools and universities are engaging with circular economy principles

The circular economy presents a chance for young people to take charge of their lives by being creative, innovative and resourceful. Photograph: Photofusion/REX
Supported by

“So many of my classmates and other friends say ‘I want to change the world’. The amazing thing is that most of us believe we can.” Max Hornick, a 26-year-old student at Western Michigan University, is reflecting on how the circular economy is inspiring young people to work for the social good.

Together with a team of four other students at WMU, Hornick recently won the 2015 Wege Prize for sustainable thinking with Local Loop Farms, an aquaponics food production concept that has since evolved into a community agricultural start-up.

“One of the biggest s

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Launch of ‘Innovations Against Poverty’ challenge fund

Take the Challenge, Make the Change!

Kampala, Uganda. Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) launches its first call for proposals on 30th March 2017.

IAP is a specialised fund developed to identify and support innovative Inclusive Business ideas that deliver both commercial benefits for the private sector and developmental benefits for low income people, while advancing the inclusion and economic empowerment of women and youth. IAP is funded by Sida (Swedish International Development Agency) and managed by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in partnership with BoP Innovation Center and Inclusive Business Sweden.

Private companies have proven to be effective catalysts of change when it comes to creating opportunities for low income people to lift themselves out of poverty, through new job opportunities, increased income and access to basic goods and services. At the same time, low income markets represent a large busines

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Report: Youth in Agribusiness Roundtable meeting, 22 March 2017

AgriProFocus Kenya  hosted a Youth in Agribusiness stakeholders round table breakfast meeting on the 22nd of March at the Jacaranda Hotel in Nairobi. This meeting brought together stakeholders working in the youth in agribusiness space from development, private sector, research and academia, young entrepreneurs and government.

The objective of the meeting was to share our journey as a network on what we have been able to achieve, our plans for the future in light of the new strategy; and to have the various stakeholders share and learn from each others experiences and work.

Key from the meeting was the need for more collaborations and partnerships as well as more sharing of our work as stakeholders which reduces duplication of efforts. The stakeholders committed to supporting each other, as well as contributing to the success of the planned flagship projects for 2017. This includes learning labs, business t

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Nothing for the youth without the youth!

How many youth-related conferences have you been to where youth issues are being articulated by an older generation? For me, there have been so many I have lost count.

That’s why being at the Young Africa Works Summit 2017 was a breath of fresh young air. This Summit was a departure from the norm in four key ways:

The Youth Delegates

Fifty young people were invited to attend the conference either as speakers, delegates or session panelists and even more were attendees. At a Summit of more than 300 people, young people were well represented in a number of diverse roles.

The Keynote Addresses

Imagine being at an event where keynote addresses are delivered by young people and they introduce their peers. Now stop dreaming because that was the reality at the Young Africa Works Summit.

Youth co-hosts Laetitia Mukungu, Founder of Africa Rabbit Centre and Rita Kimani, the Co-founder and CEO of FarmDrive introduced the keynote speakers, thre

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Project Manager Youth Leadership Development Project Job at The international institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR)

The international institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) is a community development and hands-on training organization with more than 50 years of experience. IIRR has implemented people centered; sustainable development programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and today, maintain a strong presence in East Africa and South East Asia.

IRR believes in inspiring, building capacity, and supporting people to fight poverty in their own communities. To do this, we work directly with partners in the community to implement sustainable, community development projects, to test innovations, and to document and widely share our joint work through publications, videos, and conferences.

Vacancy title: Project Manager Youth Leadership Development Project

Deadline of this Job: Sunday March 26th, 2017

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

Job details can be found here

Job applicati

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GAAAP Module II: Finance & Resource Mobilization

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  04 April 2017 - 09:00 to 05 April 2017 - 17:30
  Nairobi, Kenya

Securing access to finance is one of the most repeated needs/challenges of young Agripreneurs. The second GAAAP module is focused on providing participants with an overview of the various types of finance available and insight about how to access these funds. The module will give delegates an opportunity to present their businesses and discuss their capital needs for expansion before a panel of financiers. 

Visit to register!

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Creating a sustainable replacement to wood and charcoal

I was born in a small village in southern Rwanda, where the majority of inhabitants rely on subsistence farming for their daily living. Given its far distance from the national grid, the village has no access to electricity, and biomass is the main source of fuel. As I grew up facing these challenges firsthand, I developed a passion for having a direct role in improving my livelihood and the livelihoods of my fellow villagers.

I started a company called Habona Ltd. that collects organic waste and turns it into products like briquettes, biogas, and organic fertilizers. Our briquettes are a sustainable replacement to the wood charcoal that people have been using for many years, which in turn helps to combat deforestation, and the indoor pollution caused by smoke emitted while burning wood as a cooking fuel.

The byproduct of the briquette and biogas production process is fresh fermented organic fertilizer that can be used in place of ch

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Reducing poverty and malnutrition: the CARL Group story

In 2014, a youth-led company, CARL Group, made up of four young entrepreneurs from Rwanda had an idea: to process orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSP) and turn them into baked goods. Hardworking, determined, passionate and business-minded, the company has added value by taking what was once considered a valueless crop and creating healthy, consumable vitamin A products.

My name is Clarisse and I’m the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of the CARL Group. I grew up in an area where sweet potatoes are grown extensively. Rwanda has been rated many times as one of the largest producers of sweet potatoes, growing approximately 80 kg per capita annually. They are farmed predominately by women.

Full story


Youth in Agribusiness Round table Meeting

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  22 March 2017, 07:00-10:00

AgriProFocus believes that the participation of youth in agri food sector is critical. In our new strategy on youth in agribusiness (2018-2022) , we recognize youth as key players in the sector. AgriProFocus aims to increase the number of successful youth led enterprises and the number of youth as key actors in the agrifood sector in decision making processes. As a way to enhance this, the participation of all stakeholders towards joint efforts and collaborations of supporting the youth is critical. It is against this background that AgriProFocus would like to bring together stakeholders (youth, private sector, development organizations, research and academia, government and international organizations) in the Youth in Agribusiness thematic area for a breakfast meeting. 

The aim of this meeting is to share our journey on youth in agribusiness, what we have been able to achieve so far, where we are and our aspirations for the future as a network. This will include sharing of knowle

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