Advisory Comittee - Tanzania

moderated by Hilda Okoth

In order to enhance the governance of the AgriProFocus Tanzania network, an advisory committee made of various selected individuals from member organisation has been formed and mandated to provide advice to the network.

The advisory committee is made of 5 individuals from members organizations: Sia Charles (TCCIA), Laban Boaz (Fert), Juma Bruno Ngomuo (EAGC), Damian Sambuo (MuCOBS) and Martin Pius (MVIWATA Manyara).

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Be an active AgriProFocus ambassador: outside the AC meetings and the activities and events.

2. Support developing the AgriProFocus network, attract new partners and link AgriProFocus to their own networks.

3. Provide input for and advise on Annual Plan and Annual Report.

4. Contribute to resource mobilisation cash and/or in-kind: either general to AgriProFocus or for specific products and services.

5. Contribute to monitoring and evaluation processes and reports.

6. Support active information sharing in general and about opportunities and calls for product and service delivery in particular.

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