Advisory Committee

moderated by Nosiku Siyumbwa

Good governance is important to the network and therefore there is need to have an Advisory Committee (AC). The purpose of this committee is to provide critical feedback on the activities conducted by AgriProFocus Zambia, to assess the strategic direction, and to advise the coordination team on the implementation of the annual plans.

The Advisory Committee composition is made up of selected individuals from the network key sectors (private sector, financial sector, development sector, farmer organizations, knowledge institutions and donor organizations). The Advisory Committee includes a Chairperson who leads the process, two observers and ex officio members from the country coordination. Peter J. Manda, CEO of Nutri Aid, will serve as the Chairperson for 2016. All the members of the committee can be found on the left, under "Who To Contact".

The Advisory Committee holds 2 to 3 meetings a year.

The minutes of the meetings can be found here

The Stakeholder Analysis and Needs Assessment for the AgriProFocus Zambia Network can be found here.

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