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The Agri BDS Network Association is a legally recognized body of Agri BDS practicing professionals. In collaboration with SPARK and AgriProFocus Rwanda, the Agri BDS Network was founded by 30 members with the aim of enhancing quality, standards, value, accessibility and profitability of the agribusiness development services in Rwanda. 

Why Agri-BDS?

Because of the high number of small holder farmers, the role of cooperatives, producer groups and small and medium enterprises (SME) is recognized by the government and donors as a pathway to poverty reduction, to increasing employment and to the development of the private sector. Therefore, the goal of BDS should be to create linkages between the supply and demand in efforts to promote sustainable growth. Additionally, support services offered are in the best interests of farmers and local entrepreneurs at different scales and levels of agriculture value chains. 

Why a network?

The overall goal of Agri BDSN is to build a sustainable agriculture business development services by empowering Agri BDS providers through a collective platform within which Agri BDS professionals can realize their full potential, enhance knowledge exchange and contribute to agricultural transformation and modernization.

In 2018, AgriProFocus Rwanda will work with different partners like Spark, CNFA(USA), ICCO,  Scope Insight, MINAGRI  and IFC to: 

  • Boost marketing of the network and
  • strengthen the business model of the Agri BDS network.

More information on the Agri BDS Network can be obtained by contacting:

1. Laurent ULIMUBENSHI - President of the Agri BDS Network

Tel: +250 788 309 638


2. Jean Bosco KABAGAMBE - Advisor of the Agri BDS Network
Tel: +250 788 429 460

3. Remy NIYUNGEKO - Secretary of the Agri BDS Network
Tel: +250 785 503 393

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Posted 13 September 2017 at 03:24

General Assembly of Agri BDS Network Members

On Friday, 08th September 2017, the Agri BDS Network ( held its General Assembly at Umubano Hotel to gather members' ideas in making a setup which can enhance the marketing and increase their visibility locally and internationally.

The objective of the workshop was to commonly improve the orientation of the network and discussing the registration of the Agri BDS Network.

During the workshop, the network members discussed the progress in the registration of Agri BDS Network in Rwanda Development Board (RDB). The president of Agri BDS Network , Laurent ULIMUBENSHI ( has explained the whole registration process as well as the required documents including the identity number of the network. He explained that Agri BDS Network doesn’t have ID number to be used in the registration due to the fact that it works as a social network, not as a company.

On the issue of registration,

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Posted 10 November 2016 at 01:06


On Friday November 04, 2016, SPARK, RICEM and AgriProFocus, organized a twofold event to celebrate official launch and graduation of Rwanda’s first Agri BDS Network and Course at Kigali Serena Hotel, in Rwanda.

SPARK in partnership with RICEM undertook a one-year capacity building pilot programme to a limited number of agri BDS providers wishing to offer professional BDS services to agricultural cooperatives and agri SMEs, which for years had been characterized by lack of agri BDS providers in the field . The first intake of 35 professionals completed a 9- month programme course consisting of 6 months devoted to an intensive course of 5 modules and 3 months to a field-based mentorship. Upon the completion of the training, these professionals produced reports, developed business plans and tested their business cases, likely to be funded. During the graduation ceremony, 3 graduates who outpe

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Agri-BDS Strategy validation workshop

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  08 September 2016, 09:00-15:00

It comes as a great pleasure to present the Agri BDS Network three year’s strategic plan.  This coming Thursday 8 September, 

The network was launched in 2016 in a collaborative effort between of Spark with AgriProFocus. From the on-set the organization’s development followed a systematic approach leading to legal recognition. The network started with 30 members who had the common and innovative vision of enhancing quality, standards, value, accessibility and profitability of the Agri Business and development services in Rwanda.

The establishment of this network is timely as the country seeks to use business driven approaches to meet current demand in country and to increase exports. In time the Agri BDS Network can help to fill gaps and support existing services in areas such as finance, inclusive markets, value chain costs structures and market distortions.

In July 2016 members of the network and partner organizations came together for a one day strategic planning works

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Posted 27 July 2016 at 04:14

Agri BDS Network Strategic Planning Workshop - Envisioning the network's future

On Tuesday, 26th July 2016, the Agri BDS Network held its strategic planning workshop at Great Seasons Hotel, to gather members' ideas in setting the network's final strategic plan.

The workshop's objectives were to commonly understand the Network's roles (in providing sustainable agriculture business development services) while building consensus on the network's future directions.

During the workshop, participants explored and discussed together the progress in developing the overall strategic plan, through a series of mind mapping exercises on defining AgriBDS Networks Organizational development needs and on priorities in achieving the network's ultimate dream for the coming year, 3 years and ... 10 years.

Facilitated by Three Stones Consulting Ltd, the workshop evolved a framework of the network’s Strategic Plan 2016-2019 which is to be presented by the consulting firm soon.

When opening the workshop, Mr. Lauren

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Depuis lundi  le  23 Mai 2016;je travaillais  à Kigali avec le facilitateur du réseau ;et au cours de la semaine j 'ai participé à un événement sur la présentation de l' outil 2-2 trade ;qui  a été faite par les experts provenant de CDI  au Pays Bas et d 'AgriProFocus Pays bas .A Cette occasion ;on a suivi également des présentations des cas concrets sur l' utlisation de l 'outil 2-2 Trade pour les entreprises et les coopératives du BURUNDI  et du RWANDA. Cet événement a rencontré la participation de plusieurs membres et partenaires  du réseau et surtout les membres du secteur privé

Nous  vous partageons les photos de certains membres et partenaires du réseau pour vivre en image le événement .

Rolf Schinkel Yes, Jean Paul, it was an interesting presentation!

2 years 7 months ago

NGENZI Thomas This event was real excited, and you may find more about it via this link

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Posted 6 April 2016 at 06:45

The Rwanda Agri BDS Network Association kicks off

The first of its kind of a professional body for Agri business services providers kicked off this Friday, the 1st April 2016 in Kigali in Rwanda during the 1st General Assembly which gathered 46 pioneers assembled to establish the legal framework of the network, electing legal Representatives and signing by laws in the presence of the Government Notary. This professional body was founded with an innovative aim of enhancing quality, accessibility and profitability of the Agri BDS.

The General Assembly approved Network’s By-Laws, declared officially the Establishment of the Network and voted publically Network organs as provided by By-Laws. Seven (7) members of the Board of Directors were elected together with Two (2) Account auditors and Three (3) members of the Conflict Resolution Committee.

Under the Cooperative Support Program (CSP), this initiative was backed up jointly by SPARK and by Agriprofocus Rwanda which engaged an agri BD

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Anatole Majyambere Congratulations to the newly established Agri-BDS network and to the elected committee

2 years 9 months ago

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Posted 12 March 2015 at 07:01

Job opportunity at SPARK Rwanda (Deadline: 15 March 2015)

Lead Researcher/Evaluator for a qualitative Impact Evaluation of SPARK Rwanda Cooperative Support Programme (CSP) in Rwanda. 

For more details read here