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The agri skill platform is established by the Strategic Partnership Convening and Convincing Program (SPCC) in Ethiopia. The project’s third pathway of ensuring small producers’ empowerment and access to markets includes convening and convincing of multi stakeholder groups regarding access to agri-skills learning from both public and private extension service providers as relates to our specific value chains of interest: malt barley and potato. SPCC project research findings indicate that malt barley and potato value chains do not effectively function in favor of small-scale farmers and often the small-scale farmers are insufficiently able to address their constraints in dialogue with value chain stakeholders; additionally, small-scale farmers in the malt barley and potato value chains in Oromia Region lack sustainable access to inputs, skills and financial services, which limits their access to and participation in markets. This agri-skills platform is established to bring stakeholders together to address these constraints and promote community development. Our focus areas are two places in Oromia region where the production of potato and malt barley is extensive: Ambo and Arsi respectively.

On this page we are going to post you different information (research articles from research centers,  summaries of community experience in the production process, etc.). If you have information on the potato and malt barley chains of Ethiopia, or on agri-skills access more generally, you are also welcome to share on this page.

Coming soon: AgriProFocus and SPCC Partners (OSRA, FC , EUCORD, Hunde & support organisations of ICCO, ECDD and others) are organizing two workshops on inclusive access to agri-skills and agri-inputs, with specific interest on malt barley and potato value chains, and particular concern for access by women, youth and persons with disabilities. These multi-stakeholder workshops will take place in Ambo and Arsi. Recent studies on the subject commissioned by SPCC will be presented, information from research centers regarding market and seed will be shared, and farmers and extended value chain actors will have a chance to share their experience. We are delighted to invite interested persons to contact us to participate.

For more information please contact lensa girma 0938227651email or Sarah Assefa 0919313031email

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Posted 4 January 2019 at 03:25

Don Bosco School honors top student farmers and Mr. Eskinder Mulugeta for developing school vegetable garden

Don Bosco School (Jemo 1, Addis Ababa) is a very special school dedicated to homeless boys living on the streets of Addis Ababa. "Loving kindness in education" is the institutional motto. The school has room to board 200 boys, and daily, a bus goes to the city center to pick up additional kids who live on the street so that they can take part in daytime activities. At the school, children are fed and cared for, provided basic education and the chance to develop vocational skills, such as mechanic skills, sewing, cooking and now gardening. 

Mr. Eskinder Mulugeta has a beautiful vision of a food secure Ethiopia, achieved through food secure schools. Travelling to Uganda for work, he noticed that it was very normal for schools in Uganda to have horticulture and poultry and dairy to supplement the education and diet of the school community, as well as to help manage the school running

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Posted 17 December 2018 at 05:41

SPCC visit to Jeldu Cooperative, producer of improved potato seed.

Jeldu is a place where potato seed tuber is one of the cash crops. Jeldu is located at 72km to the east of Ambo (Zonal town) and 115 km west of Addis Ababa, in this area there is a large number of people who are engaged in agricultural practice most of them are potato producers. The district is characterized by its mountain, plateau, and hills and has three types of soil such as nitosol, veritisol and sandysol. During our visit we got the chance to meet five farmer cooperatives From those cooperatives three of them are multipurpose cooperatives which facilitate; fertilizer, seed and other agricultural inputs for their members of the cooperatives during the on and off agri- season .

Farmers in this area face problems in input and market system when the input supply for agricultural production is absent or low, the productivity will decrease. At the same time, if the production and marketing system is inefficient, high produ

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Posted 11 October 2018 at 04:36

Assessment of Public and Private Agri-Skills and Agricultural Extension Services Delivery System in selected woredas in Arsi, West Arsi and West Shewa Zones in Oromia region in Ethiopia

The attached research presentation was made and delivered presented by Mr. Sebsibie Zuber in collaboration with Mr. Victor van der Linden at the September 3 and 5 SPCC validation workshops in Holeta and Asela on behalf of Fair and Sustainable Ethiopia.

For more information on Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia, for more information, please see their website:

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Posted 31 August 2018 at 01:45

SPCC Visit to the Melkasa Agricultural Research Center

Starting from 1984 E.C, Agricultural Implement and Research Center (AIRIC) began to carry out development and testing of farm tools and equipment appropriate for agricultural farmer’s condition in Ethiopia. AIRIC was then a program run by EIAR situated at Melkassa which is a birth place for agricultural mechanization. Since the inception of the mecha

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Posted 22 August 2018 at 08:20

Meat Industry Visit to Frigorifico Boran Foods PLC, subsidiary of Allana Foods in Tulu Dimtu, Ethiopia

As part of the Hawassa University's Nutrition and Agro-Inudstry Conference, a visit to the largest exporter of halal certified meat in Africa was organized on August 15th, 2018. Frigorifico Boran Foods is located in Tulu Dimtu, near Ziway. Having a capacity to slaughter 3,000 cattle and 6,000 goats daily, this Indian company represents an 80 Billion USD investment. The company decided to invest in Ethiopia because Ethiopia has the highest population of livestock in the continent, and the fourth largest livestock population in the world. Core products include chilled and frozen goat and cattle carcasses.

Annually Ethiopia exports millions of live animals, and with them, we export all the jobs and bi-products associated with animal slaughter. Local value addition in the meat sector is very important for jobs and foreign exchange. “At Frigorifico Boran Foods, our only un-used bi-product i

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Worku Janka Negawo Wow that is great thank you Sarah:) 

3 months 1 week ago

Worku Janka Negawo I watched the video of the plant and I am really very excited. I didn't think there was that big abattoir in Ethiopia. What a great investment:)!

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Posted 29 March 2018 at 03:30

DEADLINE EXTENDED to APRIL 16th - Seeking Research Consultant

Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia ( in collaboration with AgriProFocus, ICCO Cooperation and Edukans seek a consultant to assess and map agri-skills services in two parts of Oromia region (Arsi and West Shewa zones).

This person will be responsible to conduct a study on public and private agri-skills and agricultural extension services. The consultancy includes developing research tools, conducting field research, and reporting on results. 

Key competencies sought:

- At least 5 years of working experience in the agricultural sector in Ethiopia

- Knowledge of agricultural development; vocational training or skills development expertise and familiarity with the agricultural extension service and network is a pre

- Awareness of inclusive agriculture development challenges from the perspective of women, youth and persons with disabilities.

- Excellent research and report writing skills.

- Ability to collaborate and work j

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