AgriProFocus Network Day 2016

19th October 2016 Karura forest KFEET Grounds

moderated by maureen munjua

DELEGATES - KES 1,000 - This cost includes participation, conference materials, meals, tree seedling. 


Category A - KES. 7,000 - This cost includes a shared tent by 4 exhibitors, co-branding, table & chairs, power-access point, 2 vouchers for staff participation and a delegate pack

Category B - KES. 15,000 - This includes one exhibitor per 3m x 3m tent, your own branding, table & chairs, power-access point, 4 vouchers for staff participation and a delegate pack. 

The objective of the network day is to explore with institutions, companies, development partners and existing partnerships - where the business opportunities exists for food and nutrition security. The critical question we will be exploring during the day will be “What are the business models that will drive the change that we all desire - A food and nutrition secure nation? The theme of the day is “Unlocking business opportunities for food & nutrition security in the wake of climate change”. DETAILED PROGRAM 

Food and nutrition security – the undeniable link: Bringing together actors working on the nutrition theme, the session will deliberate on innovative models that present opportunities for business. Various actors including development partners, private sector and other actors will explore the business cases that nutrition presents towards achieving food and nutrition security objectives. The stakeholders will also explore opportunities for scaling up successful business initiatives addressing nutrition. READ MORE ON THE CONCEPT NOTE

Leverage on climate change financing to build sustainable business partnership addressing food security:-We are increasingly seeing partnerships and initiatives among stakeholders on climate change as well as food security. However, these partnerships are happening within the “silos” of climate change and food security, with many projects remaining disconnected. Yet climate change is a big contributor and driver of food security. There is a need for an integrated approach to explore the business opportunities – because until stakeholders develop a business case around climate change, then all these initiatives contributing sustainably towards food security might be futile. The session will provide a platform for the different actors to explore and develop these business cases. READ MORE ON THE CONCEPT NOTE

The Market place

Alongside the sessions there will be a market place that will be provided for members and partners to exhibit their products and services. Within the market place there will: The nutritious island, the baobab village and the general market place. 

Our Commitment - Tree planting

As part of the network’s contribution through partners and stakeholders, we would like to be part of the rehabilitation of Karura forest back to 100% indigenous trees. This year each of the participants will plant a tree contributing toward achieving this goal.

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AgriProFocus Kenya Annual Network Day 2016 - Highlights

Our annual network day held on the 19th October at Karura forest in Nairobi attracted a good number of delegates and exhibitors within the agriculture space. This annual event brings together actors in the public and private sectors to meet, reflect and collaboratively discuss future plans and aspirations as members of the network. This year's theme was "unlocking the business opportunities for food and nutrition security in the wake of climate change." This event comes at a time when as AgriProFocus, we are reflecting back to the 11 years of our existence -- what value we have created for our members and partners, what challenges we've overcome and opportunities ahead.

Some of our achievements for the year 2016: 

i) Learning platforms - experiences, lessons learned and innovations shared on our learning platforms.

ii) Cross-project learning - from all the Dutch projects in Kenya providing a multi-stakeholder sharing forum for Da

... Read more

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REGISTER HERE for the Network Day 2016 and select your preferred option: delegate or exhibitor. If you need any clarifications, email us at or Phone: +254 735145 307. 

Simon Wachieni Great. Have just registered. Looking forward for the day.

10 months 1 day ago

Dorina Prech That's wonderful Simon Wachieni! We look forward to hosting you too!

9 months 3 weeks ago

MARTIN AKETCH How should one make the payment? Is it in advance or at the gate ?

9 months 2 weeks ago

Dorina Prech If you are participating as a delegate, the payment will be made at the entrance. I see you have already registered for iShamba. Thank you, we look forward to hosting you.

9 months 2 weeks ago