Climate Smart Agriculture

moderated by Mwansa Lwanga

One of the reasons for the low rate of adoption and utilization of climate smart agricultural practices is the lack of perceived return on investment by farmers in terms of market access and availability.

AgriProFocus Zambia member SNV, under The Sustainable Integrated Land Management Solutions (SILMS) project, a consortium led by SNV with the support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA) is mandated to address such challenges among many, within their project. 

In order to address these challenges, the SILMS project has partnered with AgriProFocus Zambia who, drawing from its large network of key Agricultural stakeholders will lead by facilitating and coordinating partnerships to help increase market access for up to 15000 farmers in Lundazi and Katete that are currently practicing climate smart agriculture. 

Through this partnership, AgriProFocus will bring on board organisations to build the capacity of climate smart sensitive farmers and facilitate platforms to enhance linkages between farmers and the most available markets. 

This page will provide regular progress updates. 

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