EKN-FDOV Learning Events

moderated by Meskerem Niesette Ritmeester

On request of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Addis Ababa, AgriProFocus Ethiopia has taken the responsibility of organizing and facilitating EKN-FDOV Learning Events for Dutch government supported food security projects and programs in Ethiopia.

The purpose of these learning events is to create an opportunity for the food security projects to learn from each other, to share experiences and expertise. The learning events have helped the projects to present their achievements in improving food and nutrition security in Ethiopia. By forwarding existing challenges on implementations, they have shared and received lessons.

On the posts below, you will find summaries of what took place in each events. Also you will find important presentations from different projects presented on the Learning Events.

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Posted 28 September 2017 at 04:45

Critical review of the emerging research evidence on agricultural biodiversity, diet diversity, and nutritional status in low- and middle-income countries

An article on the Ag2Nut list was just released online for the October 2017 issue of the journal Nutrition Reviews. It is a critical review of the research evidence on the linkages between agricultural biodiversity, diet diversity, and nutritional status in low- and middle-income countries. 

The article's abstract is below:

The declining diversity of agricultural production and food supplies worldwide may have important implications for global diets. The primary objective of this review is to assess the nature and magnitude of the associations of agricultural biodiversity with diet quality and anthropometric outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. A comprehensive review of 5 databases using a priori exclusion criteria and application of a systematic, qualitative analysis of the findings of identified studies revealed that agri

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Posted 18 November 2016 at 01:03

How to deal with the Challenges we face in our food & nutrition security programmes? On Tuesday November 15 we enjoyed a very interesting and effective EKN Learning Event. 

As Jan Willem Nibbering (EKN) said at the start: a challenge is not ’just’ a problem or an obstacle, but something you need to react to.

Four projects shared very openly their challenges and got experience based advice from their peers:

1. SBN- problem with access to inputs, no microfinance available; harvest goes to local money lenders

2. CASCAPE: how NOT to contribute to the 'dependency syndrome', farmers expecting free seeds and per diems for training

3. ICCO/Strategic Partnership Convening & Convincing (SPCC) project: How to involve in a dialogue with the government?

4.GAIN with 3 challenges

1. Health workers are overloaded – how do we deal with that? How to use an overburdened government system

2. Demand creation takes a long time; diet behaviour is a hard thing to change. Production is improving; diversity at the farm is happening, bu

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Posted 27 June 2016 at 09:30

REPORT Gender Analysis Workshop available here.

This half-day workshop has been held on 13 May 2016 at the Dutch Embassy (EKN) and attracted a lot of organizations interested in learning how to implement a gender analysis in their program and/or project. It was an interactive session in which a gender analysis of the sesame value chain was done by the workshop participants jointly and in cooperation with representatives of the Sesame Business Network (SBN).

Please click here to access the PowerPoint presentation that briefly explains the importance of conducting a gender analysis for your project or program.

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Posted 6 June 2016 at 11:41

Gender-analysis of the sesame value chain

AgriProFocus Ethiopia organized a half-day Gender Analysis Event on May 13, 2016 at the Dutch Embassy (EKN), with the aim to highlight the importance of conducting a gender analysis for your program/project to make it more gender sensitive and ensure a successful program/project outcome.

It was an interactive morning in which the participants jointly and in groups made a gender analysis of the sesame value chain with the help of three representatives of the Sesame Business Network (SBN). By making a gender analysis of the sesame value chain, women were made visible as well as their challenges and their opportunities to overcome these challenges.

Click here to find the event report.

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Posted 26 February 2016 at 02:41

EKN Learning Event: On Gender

February 23 saw the first EKN Learning Event of this year. The purpose was explicitly to learn more about gender, what it is and how to integrate a gender equity approach in your programme. Subsequently the question was what sort of gender indicators are useful for reporting? We got some very good examples from Sosena Demissie, sharing her experience with gender in the AGP-Livestock Marketing Development Programme, and from Amleset Haile about gender in the CASCAPE progarmme. We worked in small groups on the main concerns: 1. How to reach and involve female farmers, 2. How to make a good gender strategy? 3. How to effectively monitor?

The participants learned a lot. Please find a summary of the day HERE. The final report and the powerpoint presentations will appear (first week of March) under 'recommended reading' at //agriprofocus.com/ekn-fdov-learning-events

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Posted 24 December 2015 at 08:29

FSRE Fund Projects on EKN-FDOV Learning Event

On December 16, AgriProFocus Ethiopia organized the fourth EKN-FDOV Learning Event at Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa. EKN Learning Events have the aim of providing an opportunity for food security programs and projects that are being supported by the government of the Netherlands to learn from each other. Moreover, peer-review and experience sharing among the projects are their objectives. AgriProFocus Ethiopia has taken the mandate to organize four learning events in 2015 on an agreement with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Addis Ababa.

On this last learning event of 2015, which over 60 people attended, Food Security and Rural Entrepreneurship Fund (FSRE Fund) was the center of the agenda. FSRE Fund is a program financed by EKN and managed by ICCO Cooperation, on behalf of AgriProFocus. Read More on FSRE Fund: www.agriprofocus.com/fsre-fund

An exhibition of Projects’ activities and products was the unique session of the

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Nicole Metz Dear Ethiopia team, Happy New Year 2016! Thanks for having shared the outcomes of the EKN/FDOV Learning Event already. The links to the presentations are very useful

2 years 11 months ago

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Posted 24 October 2015 at 02:37

EKN-FDOV Workshop: Partnering in Food Security

On 13-14 October  we enjoyed a very fruitful and effective workshop "Partnering in Food Security". There were about 70 participants of 10 projects and Programmes funded through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and 9 projects sponsored by FDOV, also a Dutch fund. All projects contribute to Food security in Ethiopia.

Please read the journalist impression below.

Also here are the presentations:

First day, October 13

1st. presentation Netherlands Embassy on dutch policies for Food Security, click HERE

2d. presentation ATA on Ethiopian policies, click HERE

3d. presentation FDOV, click HERE

4th. presentation, IncoTec about setting up a PPP, click HERE

5th presentation, SNV-EDGET, on how to deal with training large groups of farmers, HERE

Second day, October 14

1st presentation, on Contract Farming, by Gerrit Holtland, click HERE

2d. presentation, access to markets, with focus on improved maize seed, n.a.

3d. presentation, Gender in Value Chains, please click HERE

4th presentation,

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Posted 16 June 2015 at 09:34

Happening Now (Updated):
EKN Learning Event

Today Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network is hosting the EKN Learning event Gullele Botanic Garden

HoAREC Staffs presented about their projects in Gambella and Central Rift Valley. They explained successes and challenges, and answered questions from the participants.

Now group discussions is underway based on three major questions.


EKN Learning Event is an ongoing learning and reviewing activity organized for food security projects supported by the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Ethiopia. The Agenda of the June 16, 2015 Learning Event was creating peer review opportunity among the food security projects. Accordingly, the host of the event - Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HoA-REC&N) – made a brief and detail presentation on their project and identified three major questions based on the challenges they are facing.

Presentation by HoA-REC&N

Their Project, Sustainable Development of t

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Posted 9 April 2015 at 01:09

Food Security Learning Event of EKN

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Addis Ababa is supporting a number of food security programs in Ethiopia, such as CASCAPE, ISSD, CBN, EDGET, ASPIRE, EPHEA, HoAREC, ABSF, and FSRE Fund.

In order to improve monitoring and learning of the programs, as well as for the purpose of experience sharing, peer review, and joint collaboration, EKN has organized three Learning Events, since 2013, with all food security programs while MDF did the facilitation.

The fourth Learning Event, facilitated by AgriProFocus Ethiopia, took place on April 8, 2015. 15 people (to women) representing the programs attended the Event.

EKN has proposed to have for the year 2015 four events, of which two of them will be on mutual learning, one focusing on reporting matters (indicators), and one on strategy development. On this event held last Wednesday reviewing EKN results framework was the main activity.

Jan Willem, from EKN, made interesting presentation which he indicated

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