Ethiopian Home Gardens Network

AKLDP / Tufts

moderated by Mestawet Gebru

The Home Gardens Network was launched on 13th January 2015 at a meeting attended by 36 participants from 29 different organizations. The Network was hosted by two USAID-funded implementing partners the Agriculture, Knowledge, Learning Development and Policy (AKLDP) project implemented by Tufts University and the Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) program implemented by Mercy Corps.

Despite a decade of impressive growth rates, levels of poverty and under-nutrition in Ethiopia remain amongst the highest in the world. The Home Gardens Network is committed to working with the government and its international development partners, civil society organisations, the private sector and the people of Ethiopia to reduce poverty and to improve household nutrition in particular for children and women.

The Network has grown to more than 150 individuals representing government departments, private initiatives and civil society organisations who meet quarterly to share information, knowledge and operational challenges and lessons learned and to organise visits and training events.

Purpose and Objectives

The primary purpose of the Network is sharing knowledge, learning and support the documentation of evidence-based good practice with a view to scale-up household-level fruit and vegetable production for improved nutrition and household income outcomes. The Steering Committee of the Home Gardens Network organizes quarterly Network meetings.

If you like to join the Ethiopian Homegardens Network, please fill out the registration form here. You will then automatically get a notice about upcoming activities and network meetings.  

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Meet Pheonah; a passionate farmer!

The work place as we know is where we spend the most productive time of our working lives. It is also a place of immense growth and learning, if we choose to learn. One of the SNV Uganda staff Pheonah Omach has chosen to learn. 

Every work day she is in the office by 7am where she dons on her work hat as the Human Resources & Operations Manager for SNV Uganda. At the end of the work day, Pheonah takes off her HR hat and reverts back to her farming lifestyle. 

You see, Pheonah has a secret passion – farming. Living on a one acre piece of land in Buwate, one of the suburbs around Kampala, Pheonah and her husband explored ways to optimise their land and make additional revenue. They decided to rear chicken for eggs as well as for meat.

Their enterprise while promising however, soon became a source of irritation not only to her family but her workers who month after month would leave after being hired. Her chicken droppings were stinking up the

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AgriProFocus Ethiopia Supported EKN in Promoting Healthy and Nutritious Diets

The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands (EKN) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, held a family day on 27 January 2018 for its staff members and their families. Next to a lot of sport and fun activities for young and old, the EKN asked AgriProFocus Ethiopia to organize an interactive session to promote ‘healthy and nutritious diets’.

AgriProFocus Ethiopia provided an 1-hour-long knowledge exchange session on how to make healthy food choices for yourself and for your household. For this interactive knowledge sharing session,  AgriProFocus Ethiopia worked together with one of its network members called Sara Antonio, who is a professional nutritionist.

The session started with a clear explanation of the food pyramid. The best way to understand what is exactly a healthy and balanced diet is to use this food pyramid as a guide. This food pyramid shows 7 layers of 7 different food groups. On each layer, we have

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Hydroponics system successful in an urban farm.Contact us at Smart Urban Farm Technologies to have one installed on +254724625568

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Looking Up: Vertical Farming in Addis

(22 Feb 2016, Addis Ababa)

Vertical Farming may not be a new or even a recent topic in relation to urban agriculture and sustainable food production. However, in Ethiopia, where cities are currently in continuous expansion, the need to look upwards besides sideways is becoming inevitable.

Our member, Dejene Adem, has started looking up. He is already harvesting fresh vegetables from the vertical farm he built just in front of his house as a pilot project. When scaled up successfully and practiced by residents in and surrounding big cities like Addis Ababa, he believes his idea of vertical farming will have a significant impact on food security – let alone on availability of fresh and nutrient food just around the corner.

He started the pilot project using a seed money he received from Reach for Change for being among the 20 shortlisted applicants out of 200 competitors in a social entrepreneurship competition. The Four finalists of this competition will be a

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Prosper KOUTCHAINOU I am interested in your practice. you have video documentary or document that can allow us to reproduce it in Benin

2 years 6 months ago

Dejene Adem Dear thank you for your interest. I will be happy to share my experience. Email:

2 years 6 months ago

morrison kivutih Dear sir ,very interesting would like to share with you,kindly make an invitation wish to learn more in Ethiopia,

2 years 6 months ago

Dejene Adem Dear Morrison, thanks a lot for your interest. I am very happy to share. My email:

2 years 6 months ago