Inclusive Agribusiness

moderated by Rolf Schinkel

The network identified four overarching thematic areas that will guide us in the years 2018-2022: Inclusive agribusiness, Climate smart agribusiness, Circular economy agribusiness and Nutrition-sensitive agribusiness. These four themes are also closely aligned with the objectives of the Dutch development agenda regarding food security.

Around its thematic focus the AgriProFocus network will develop and implement network programmes, globally and in the country networks. The network’s focus within inclusive agribusiness is on opportunities for: gender-inclusive agribusiness, youth-led agribusiness and  farmer inclusive agribusiness

Within this thematic focus members in the Netherlands and in country networks have expressed a clear need to target the work of AgriProFocus to specific issues based upon the following criteria:

  • Zoom in on issues that currently block the development of a vibrant agripreneurs sector, and to opportunities to overcome this.

  • Choose those issues that various stakeholders encounter, but that no-one can solve individually - so-called ‘wicked problems’ or ‘complex problems’.

  • The networks joint solutions should be on sharing, co-creating and scaling-up practical action perspectives and business strategies for agripreneurs.

For 2018 AgriProFocus has selected, based on member interest, global ‘burning issues’ per theme.  On each issue/opportunity we will facilitate exchange and reflection on results, experiences and lessons learned of members. Every theme will lead to a ‘publication’ (print/video) for members and broader audiences. Our ambition is that these insights spark opportunities for further network activities, using our signature network solutions (Linking, Learning, Leadership) to create joint network programmes. 

 In addition to our gender program, the following burning issues will be tackled under our inclusive agribusiness theme in 2018:

  • ICT for farmer inclusive entrepreneurship: Current institutional arrangements often limit the ability of small and medium scale farmers and market agents to benefit from value-chain participation. ICT has a huge potential to counteract this, from empowering farmers to calculate their best feedmix to helping farmers get a fairer price for their produce. SMS applications, mobile banking and satellite data not only give agricultural stakeholders access to farm mapping, weather data, marketing tools, financial credit, advice, and social networks, but also transform (power) relationships in the value chain and can thus really be (system) disruptive technologies. Being capable of reaching hundreds of millions of small and medium scale farmers and stakeholders, these technologies can act as a catalyst for change and for achieving the SDGs. The AgriProFocus network will map the most promising mobile technologies and organize a business circle of Dutch tech startups to generate lessons learned on how to successfully develop and launch these technologies that boost inclusive agribusiness.

  • Youth Led Transformation - how entrepreneurial youth are changing food systems. Africa and South-East Asia have the youngest population in the world but the agri-food sector is generally not perceived as attractive by young men and women. Those interested to develop a successful businesses face many barriers: limited access to resources, improved technologies, practical skills, markets and other services. Those challenges also provide opportunities: the agri-food sector needs innovation and transformation to secure the availability and affordability of quality food products for a rapidly growing population. AgriProFocus members have articulated a strong wish for more youth to make a conscious choice for agribusiness, develop successful youth-led agri-enterprises and provide more spaces for youth to be involved in decision making processes. AgriProFocus will facilitate members to collaborate to transform the narrative from ‘youth is a problem’ to ‘youth is the solution’; this by building a joint evidence base that showcases innovative agribusinesses of young agripreneurs.

Keep an eye on this page for updates around these burning issues!

Global Lead Inclusive Agribusiness: Rolf Schinkel

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Carol Gribnau,  director of the Hivos global Green Energy and Green Food programs writes on IPC about

Joint Action Needed to Reform our Food System

Read the full article HERE.

Come 2030, we will not have healthy and affordable food if we continue with business as usual. But no one institution can single handedly change the course of our food system. The key to ensuring a sustainable food system is involving a diverse group of actors – from smallholder farmers to government – to generate ideas for change, together.

Everyone recognizes the need for multi-stakeholder collaboration, but it’s good to understand exactly what we’re talking about. 

Hivos applies a “Lab” approach in several countries. It allows for a tailored approach and helps the actors move from global to national and local platforms. Given the complexity of food systems, local platforms are likely to be the most effective. 

The transformation towards sustainable food systems requires involving key actors,

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Stephanie Lynch writes in SPORE magazine about 

Agriculture’s potential for peacebuilding

Read the full article here.

In recent years, agriculture has become increasingly recognised as an entry point for building peace and resilience in fragile states. With up to two-thirds of employment and one-third of GDP in countries experiencing prolonged crises linked to agriculture, investment in the sector can be transformative for the resilience of vulnerable populations. To prevent fragile situations descending into crises and ensure the sustainable recovery of vulnerable populations, rural communities need the capacity to monitor and predict crisis and disaster risks, as well as to develop strategies to help minimise the impact of such risks on food production.

Connecting farmers to markets

With increased capacity to grow surplus produce, farmers need access to finance and markets to add value to their products and further increase their incomes. However, in fragile states, neither f

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Shadrack Agaki Rolf Schinkel i have read through the whole article by Stephanie Lynch , in deed i believe agriculture is like a center bolt that would holds prosperity of the world. This conversation should be encouraged on this platform with a view of  finding the best way to lead the way in linking and providing critical information that would help in making agriculture work in countries the Network has presence.   

5 days 6 hours ago

Rolf Schinkel Thank you Shadrack Agaki for your reply and interst in the article. It is an important issue indeed. I know a bit about it from my own experience, or rather the experience of the AgriProFocus platform in DR Congo. Agriculture fairs were organised by the AgriProFocus team there, at places that knew for longtime only war and insecurity . Only having the fair and meeting other people involved in agribusiness was already something special and re-assuring for many people there. It brought the sense of revival.By the way, did you notice Stephanie has her profile on this platform: . 

5 days 1 hour ago

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Go Kenya! Kenyan Startups Dominate List Of Finalists In The Latest Edition Of Zambezi Prestigious Award

In a feat which has all the makings of an unprecedented coup, four Kenyan startups have been named in the final ten of the 2018 edition of the prestigious Zambezi Prize for Innovation in Financial Inclusion.

The competition is committed to recognizing and unearthing some of the most promising and innovative early-stage startups that are making significant strides in the area of promoting and advancing financial inclusion on the continent.

Four (4!) Kenyan startups are looking to dominate proceedings. They are Apollo Agriculture, Bidhaa Sasa, FarmDrive, and Tulaa. All four start-up providing services to rural areas. The rest of the top ten is made up of South Africa’s LanteOTC and Wala, Ghana’s Farmerline and OZE, and the duo of RecyclePoints and MaTontine from Nigeria and Senegal respectively. 

Read more HERE and also learn about the South African and West African startups that as well made the list.

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Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Government of Rwanda and the African Union, are co-organizing a regional conference on “Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa: Engaging through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Entrepreneurship” on 20 and 21 August 2018. 

Follow this link for more information.

The conference will focus on the three major cross-cutting themes related to youth issues:

Youth and Entrepreneurship focusing on youth entrepreneurship, particularly how to develop and sustain youth-led, or youth-focused, business products and services geared towards agriculture and ICTs.

Digital Innovation focusing on innovative solutions to support digital innovation and modern production technologies in agriculture, youth-focused networking and engagement around entrepreneurship, innovation and agr

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Strengthening Agribusiness ethics:

Agriculture is a science, art, practice and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years, and its development has been driven and defined by greatly different climates, cultures, and technologies. However, all farming generally relies on techniques to expand and maintain the lands suitable for raising domesticated species. Agriculture is the only culture on the earth which doesn't have an alternative. Which is why a research project on the Agribusiness community in Uganda has been launched under the theme: "Progress and Impact of AGRI-QUEST" 


The AGRI-QUEST project was premised on the foundation that despite the benefits of embracing ethical behaviour and quality standards in agri-businesses to strengthen competitiveness and sustainability for accelerated transformation, value chain actors (VCAs) in Uganda do not exhibit sufficient competence in e

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Agriterra & Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission joining forces

Agriterra & TCDC (Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to express willingness of both parties to cooperate in the effort of strengthening Agricultural Cooperative Societies in Tanzania.

Read more HERE !

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Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop at foodFIRST Conference

June 1st 2018

“Considering youth only as ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ no longer holds. They can be ‘Leaders of Today’ if they are given space and support. Key areas in this connection are training, incubation and financing mechanisms such as grants and loans.” - Dr Kwesi Atta-Krah, Director of Country Alignment and Systems Integration at IITA

On June 1, a large international foodFIRST conference was held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The conference focused on the challenges and opportunities for African farmers and agripreneurs, with as main question: How should the Dutch Diamond actors connect to these challenges and opportunities, establish partnerships for reinforcing rural-urban linkages, and develop the food chain?

AgriProFocus, The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) and the Young Expert Programmes (YEP Agrofood and YEP Water) organized a workshop during this  with a focus on youth entrepreneurship in agricult

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Mukamusoni Marie Louise Hi, thanks for information. we need a partner in agriculture of carrots. we have land ,seeds , we needs a partner who can support in workers payment. Thank you.

1 month 4 days ago

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From pineapple juice to agri-tech: Investors hungry for piece of Africa’s food industry

Africa’s agribusiness and food sector registered strong private equity deal activity during the past month of May 2018, according to industry information service Africa Private Equity News.

African and International investors are also getting in on the action. Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in food production and distribution – and venture capital investors are taking note.

See also [link]

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Very happy to share that we have worked for the past 3 days on the design of the new AgriProFocus Youth Program. Exciting to develop this program with our colleagues at the country platforms and see our network approach come to life! If you have suggestions on what value an AgriProFocus Youth Program could add for you or your organization, please let us know in the questions section of this post. 

Taye Teshome We would be happy if we can collaborate with you Hands on Consultancy Service

2 months 3 weeks ago

julius aine iwil be happy to hear from you am julius from uganda am looking for someone who can help me with some support to my projects and here is my email

2 months 2 weeks ago

Muhindo Nasani Kahuju I will be the happiest if we can collaborate. otherwise we the youth we need support. Muhindo. Kasese Uganda .Goat farmer.

2 months 2 weeks ago

Godfrey Ssekabira I am implementing anew strategy called Rural Youth Extension Workers where selected rural based youths are given comprehensive training , sit for exams and passed out as certified rural based service providers. These provide their services for a fee to the small holders and the intention is to create income for the youths, interest them into agriculture while at the same time solving the challenge of law adoption by farmers because of either being busy, old age or being luzy to work on their farms. Would be glad to scale the program up and also share it with you members if interested.

2 months 2 weeks ago

Godfrey Ssekabira We are now establishing a network for these service providers that will guide their activities, code of conduct in addition to enabling them bid for any other business or support.

2 months 2 weeks ago

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The AgriProFocus Network, in close collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, facilitates the third Community of Practice (CoP) around Youth in Agribusiness and food systems.

Changing food systems and the power of youth

How do youth-led organisations organise themselves, and (how) can we support them?

In this 3rd Community of Practice meet-up, Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) shares insights of recent studies on youth involvement in food systems. How are young people organising themselves and how do they influence food systems?  Insights are shared and some questions the studies raised are discussed. Look here for more information about this meet-up.

Place: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Date: May 22nd, 2018


Changing food systems and the power of youth

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  22 May 2018, 16:00-18:00
  AgriProFocus, Utrecht

The AgriProFocus Network, in close collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, facilitates the third Community of Practice (CoP) around Youth in Agribusiness and food systems.   

Changing food systems and the power of youth

How do youth-led organisations organise themselves, and (how) can we support them?

Youth needs to be involved in agriculture, to create employment, build up livelihood opportunities and engage in community development. We all agree. The assumption is that youth can act as change makers within their communities. There is a host of interventions to support them, from developing their skills to getting them organised. Despite, barriers persist for young people to succeed in agriculture. However, what do we know about how young people organise themselves and try to change food systems and how they work? There is much we can learn from youth here, from the diversity, the creativity and the organisational approaches through which they work and contri

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Youth and Agripreneurship workshop during the Food First Conference - June 1st, 2018

The foodFIRST conference “Team Up with African Agripreneurs” is an international conference and takes place on Friday, June 1, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. During this conference, AgriProFocus, together with YEP and Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP)  will facilitate the workshop “Youth entrepreneurship in agricultural transformation”. 

The workshop starts at 11.00 with a macro perspective on the topic of 'youth agripreneurship in Africa'. This will be followed by a 'Youth Caravan', a Q&A session with several young entrepreneurs/ young professionals active in the field of agribusiness in Africa.

HERE You can register online for both the conference and the workshop and find more details about the programme. Be quick, because registrations are going fast! 

We hope to see you in Utrecht!

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Call for New Business Challenge Ghana 2018

Do you have international ambitions with your company, with a special interest in Ghana? Participation in the New Business Challenge (NBC) can be your chance to realize that ambition. The NBC is a business case competition in which 20 Dutch and 20 Ghanaian students and young professionals work together for 2 months on a business case of your company. The students work in mixed groups of 4 people. It is up to the teams to come up with the best solution that can be realized for your company.

For the 4th time in a row, Sustainable Motion is organizing the New Business Challenge on behalf of Previously, companies such as Phillips, Tony Chocolonely, Closing the Loop, Cargill and NileDutch have taken part in this Business Challenge.

More information

Detailed information about participation as a company and general information can be found on the New Business Challenge website.

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Competitiveness requires Inclusive and Sustainable Business Ecosystem.

During the 54th Jamhuri day celebrations President Kenyatta unveiled his government’s ‘big four’ agenda, which will support among other priorities local manufacturing.

The president singled out agro-processing and value addition for our agricultural produce. “Kenyans need to know that at present 70% of the value of our export produce goes to processors abroad” said the president. He continued to say that small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in our economy. He also acknowledged that, the bulk of employment comes from SMEs, which are an important contributor to our gross domestic product (GDP). He underscored with a rider that “my plan is to create an additional 1,000 SMEs focused on manufacturing”. With the president acknowledging that ‘big four requires brave steps’ policy makers and entrepreneurs should start discussions on strategies for strengthening the competitiven

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Collins Ngeera Well said Sir, agriculture transformation will be key.

8 months 5 days ago

Tjeerd Rijpma Very interesting and promising policy. As Agriterra, a Dutch not for profit agricultural advisory organisation based in Nairobi, we are able to help organised small holder farmers and governments with this development.  If interested do not hesitate to contact us.

7 months 3 weeks ago



Event posted by in AgriProFocus Indonesia
  09 January 2018 - 14:00 to 13 February 2018 - 16:00

Entrepreneurship for Global Challenges in Emerging Markets

Learn how to start a business and build your network in various cultural and social contexts in emerging markets.

About this course

This course will introduce you to entrepreneurship for global challenges in emerging markets. You will get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs around you, and discover how institutions in your target region are working on innovation and entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur in an emerging market, you may be faced with many challenges that need to be solved. These might include scarcity of fossil fuels, climate change or water, food and health security. This Delft University of Technology course will provide you with examples from partner universities and affiliated entrepreneurs in emerging markets which explain the opportunities and obstacles that they faced as they established themselves and created value.

You will acquire a set of practical

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AgriProFocus Myanmar Network Day 2017 Full report

ၿမန္မာဘာသာၿဖင္႔လည္း ေအာက္တြင္ ဖတ္ရႈေလ႔လာနိုင္ပါသည္။

AgriProFocus Myanmar hosted its first Network Day on November 9, 2017, from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Inya Lake Hotel in Yangon. 50 participants from member organizations, local level members and several new interested companies and organizations attended the event. Furthermore, the event was attended by Sander Mager, our Managing Director, who was visiting from the Netherlands.

We focused on the theme Inclusive Agribusiness, to shape our future network agenda.

Together with our members, we explored how business solutions can improve the inclusiveness, durability and financial sustainability of relationships between small farmers and agribusiness.

Please, click here to read the full report including the outcomes of the group discussions.


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Making the case for Gender in Agrifood Value Chains

Members of AgriProFocus inspired for joint action 

On September 21st, members of AgriProFocus came together and jointly established an agenda for network actions on gender in value chains. During this meeting, they expressed their need for continuous attention for the case for gender at all levels in organisations and companies. There is a lot of action at the level of the members themselves, most of them implementing tools to strengthen the gender dimension of private sector investment or value chain work. Members confirm that collaborating with the network can enhance the impact of their work. To meet the needs of the network, AgriProFocus proposes to facilitate a conference in Spring 2018, to facilitate exchange meetings between members and to centralize available resources.

Many member organisations have included gender equality goals, women empowerment and/or female leadership within their organisational policy. Most members have de

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Nicole Metz Thanks for sharing Caroline. I think it is good for members (and other agencies reading news on this platform) to know that the conference will be organised a/o. in collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. For those who don't know yet, that Platform also has an interesting Portal that includes a page on gender

9 months 1 week ago

Adria NYIRANSENGIYUMVA i am interested in gender in value chains and i want to know more about it.

8 months 4 weeks ago

Nicole Metz Hi Adria, good to hear you are interested. Please visit the pages with the work of our network on Gender in Value Chains, to start with! If you have particular ideas or questions, feel free to post them!

8 months 3 weeks ago

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AgriProFocus signs MoA with MAN at first Network Day


On November 9, 2017 we facilitated our first AgriProFocus Myanmar Network Day about Inclusive Agribusiness. We were happy to welcome more than 50 agribusiness professionals from different sectors: government agencies, academia, private sector and NGOs. The event was opened by HE. Wouter Jurgens, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He said that ‘we need multi-stakeholder cooperation to innovate the agrifood system in Myanmar.' Furthermore, he stated: 'We are here in Myanmar to support political transition and sustainable economic development. We will be your partner not just today, tomorrow and the day after, we want to partner with you to promote the development sector. I am really glad AgriProFocus is here to support this’.

Mr. Sander Mager, Managing Director of AgriProFoc

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Nov 7 @ Utrecht (NL) Come see how #farmtotable initiatives offer the dignity of choice in markets across #Africa


Expert Meeting: Inclusive Agribusiness Programs

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  08 November 2017, 14:00-17:00
  RVO, The Hague

As a manager or implementer of inclusive agribusiness programs, your organisation probably encounters many challenges and issues. This is your chance to share your experiences from these programs and learn from other network members and partners who drive similar programs!

On request of network members, AgriProFocus organises a small-scale expert meeting (max 20 participants) on Wednesday November 8 from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs in The Hague.

The focus of the afternoon will be on mutual learning. You will be jointly providing solutions for critical, real life issues and challenges that all of you experience in the inclusive agribusiness programmes you (co)implement.

Expected outcomes:

+ You have learned from other members’ experiences in similar programs.
+ You have concrete ideas for solutions to tackle issues and challenges in your program(s).
+ You know with whom you can build on these ideas to improve performance in present or future programs.

This meeting is on invitation only.