Inclusive Agribusiness

moderated by Rolf Schinkel

The network identified four overarching thematic areas that will guide us in the years 2018-2022: Inclusive agribusiness, Climate smart agribusiness, Circular economy agribusiness and Nutrition-sensitive agribusiness. These four themes are also closely aligned with the objectives of the Dutch development agenda regarding food security.

Around its thematic focus the AgriProFocus network will develop and implement network programmes, globally and in the country networks. The network’s focus within inclusive agribusiness is on opportunities for: gender-inclusive agribusiness, youth-led agribusiness and  farmer inclusive agribusiness

Within this thematic focus members in the Netherlands and in country networks have expressed a clear need to target the work of AgriProFocus to specific issues based upon the following criteria:

  • Zoom in on issues that currently block the development of a vibrant agripreneurs sector, and to opportunities to overcome this.

  • Choose those issues that various stakeholders encounter, but that no-one can solve individually - so-called ‘wicked problems’ or ‘complex problems’.

  • The networks joint solutions should be on sharing, co-creating and scaling-up practical action perspectives and business strategies for agripreneurs.

For 2018 AgriProFocus has selected, based on member interest, global ‘burning issues’ per theme.  On each issue/opportunity we will facilitate exchange and reflection on results, experiences and lessons learned of members. Every theme will lead to a ‘publication’ (print/video) for members and broader audiences. Our ambition is that these insights spark opportunities for further network activities, using our signature network solutions (Linking, Learning, Leadership) to create joint network programmes. 

 In addition to our gender program, the following burning issues will be tackled under our inclusive agribusiness theme in 2018:

  • ICT for farmer inclusive entrepreneurship: Current institutional arrangements often limit the ability of small and medium scale farmers and market agents to benefit from value-chain participation. ICT has a huge potential to counteract this, from empowering farmers to calculate their best feedmix to helping farmers get a fairer price for their produce. SMS applications, mobile banking and satellite data not only give agricultural stakeholders access to farm mapping, weather data, marketing tools, financial credit, advice, and social networks, but also transform (power) relationships in the value chain and can thus really be (system) disruptive technologies. Being capable of reaching hundreds of millions of small and medium scale farmers and stakeholders, these technologies can act as a catalyst for change and for achieving the SDGs. The AgriProFocus network will map the most promising mobile technologies and organize a business circle of Dutch tech startups to generate lessons learned on how to successfully develop and launch these technologies that boost inclusive agribusiness.

  • Youth Led Transformation - how entrepreneurial youth are changing food systems. Africa and South-East Asia have the youngest population in the world but the agri-food sector is generally not perceived as attractive by young men and women. Those interested to develop a successful businesses face many barriers: limited access to resources, improved technologies, practical skills, markets and other services. Those challenges also provide opportunities: the agri-food sector needs innovation and transformation to secure the availability and affordability of quality food products for a rapidly growing population. AgriProFocus members have articulated a strong wish for more youth to make a conscious choice for agribusiness, develop successful youth-led agri-enterprises and provide more spaces for youth to be involved in decision making processes. AgriProFocus will facilitate members to collaborate to transform the narrative from ‘youth is a problem’ to ‘youth is the solution’; this by building a joint evidence base that showcases innovative agribusinesses of young agripreneurs.

Keep an eye on this page for updates around these burning issues!

Global Lead Inclusive Agribusiness: Rolf Schinkel

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Posted 8 January 2018 at 08:22

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