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Making Agribusiness Work for Development

Jaringan AgriProFocus adalah jaringan multi stakeholder internasional berakar di Belanda yang merepresentasikan petani wirausahawan, perusahaan dan unit bisnis, pemerintahan, institusi pengetahuan dan lembaga pendidikan, serta organisasi masyarakat sipil di sektor pertanian pangan.

Kami aktif di 13 negara Afrika dan Asia Tenggara dengan lebih dari 22.000 kontak para profesional di bidang agribisnis di seluruh dunia. Kami jaringan untuk wirausahawan inovatif di rantai nilai pertanian yang dapat menghubungkan secara efektif agribisnis dan pembangunan.

Yang kami tawarkan:

Saling Hubung

  • Ruang bagi pembuat perubahan memamerkan portofolio
  • Peta jaringan tentang tren spesifik, isu-isu, dan topik yang diidentifikasi oleh anggota dan donor
  • Acara dan kegiatan matchmaking yang menghubungkan jaringan dengan bisnis
  • Platform online dengan profil anggota dan database sumberdaya
  • Koalisi dan kemitraan anggota berdasarkan kesempatan yang teridentifiksi


  • Memonitor Pembangunan Agribisnis
  • Newsletter
  • Lab Inovasi
  • Sistem pemetaan dan analisis gap (celah persoalan, jurang perbedaan, dll)


  • Mengidentifikasi kebuntuan dan analisis bersama tentang apa yang berhasil dan tidak
  • Lab Inovasi yang mendorong perubahan tantangan utama pertanian melalui workshop reflektif dan perencanaan skenario
  • Meletakkan kebuntuan yang teridentifikasi dan kesempatan pada agenda (inter)nasional yang relevan
  • Kampanye bersama

Tim yang berdedikasi (lihat Who to Contact) mendukung jaringan dan siap menghubungkanmu dengan 25,000 wirausahawan di sektor agribisnis dari seluruh dunia. Kami bisa membantumu dengan informasi, kontak, dan membangun hubungan dengan unit bisnis and organisasi (inter)nasional dalam jaringan kami.

Silakan baca factsheet kami di sini


The AgriProFocus network is an international multi-stakeholder network with Dutch roots representing entrepreneurial farmers, private sector enterprises, governments, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations in the agrifood sector.

We are active in 13 countries in Africa and South East Asia, and link 22.000 agribusiness professionals worldwide. We are the go-to network for innovative entrepreneurs in agricultural value chains, that effectively link agribusiness and development. We offer:


+ Network maps on specific trends, issues, topics identified by members or donors
+ Business 2 Network matchmaking events and activities
+ Online platform with member profiles and resource databases
+ Member coalitions and member partnerships around identified opportunities


+ Innovation & Learning Labs
+ Newsletters
+ Agribusiness Monitor


+ Bottleneck identification and joint analysis of what works and doesn’t work
+ Change Labs on key challenges, with reflection workshops, and scenario planning
+ Putting identified bottlenecks and opportunities on relevant (inter)national agenda’s
+ Joint Campaigns

A dedicated team (see Who to Contact) supports the network and is ready to connect you to 22,000 entrepreneurial people from the agribusiness sector worldwide. We can help you with information, contacts and establish links with (inter)national businesses and organisations in our networks.

Our factsheet can be found here  

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Before making organic fertilizer, we should know what the product we want to produce, compost or organic fertilizer granules? And after this, we can make clear of the organic fertilizer machine we need.  And to decide which raw materials we plan to use is related to the organic fertilizer production line proposal.  

We are willing to provide organic fertilizer production technology and the whole fertilizer production line for u. You can visit our official website:

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puji syukur ke hadirat Tuhan Yang Maha Esa, paten inovasi pupuk organik kami telah kelar, tinggal menunggu sertifikatnya...sangat disayangkan penemunya ingin menjualnya, sapa tahu ada yang berminat, kalo saya pribadi seh inginnya kerjasama dalam pengembangan dan pemasaran. perlu diketahui inovasi ini kalo menurut saya sangat unik, karena sebagai pupuk bisa mempercepat umur panen, kalo diolah kebahan campuran pakan ikan jadi bagus juga mempercepat umur panen dan memaksialkan penetasan telur serta sanisitas air(terbukti waktu saya membina masyarakat timur leste yang menjadi warga baru indonesia dikupang), kegunaan yang lain juga terlihat pada ayam dan sapi,  masih banyak lagi manfaat yang lain seandainya dikembangkan. untuk perkebunan karet dalam mempercepat umur sadapan dan kualitas getah serta mengatasi JAP atau JAS, juga tanaman lada, masih banyak yang lainnya. silahklan bagi rekan yang tertarik tuk uji coba sejauh mana inovasi kami ini, bisa kontek email ata

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  04 October 2017 - 09:00 to 06 October 2017 - 15:45
  Dakar, Senegal

The largest spectacle and business platform in African incubation, the Africa Agribusiness Conference and Expo 2017 is set for Dakar, Senegal for another 3 days of pure business from the 4th to 6th of October.

High on the agenda is the role of agribusiness incubation and thematic side-events addressing existing bottlenecks to job creation for more youth through agribusiness development in Africa with the guiding theme of “Youth Engagement in Agribusiness Trade and Investment.”

Like the inaugural edition launched by among others HE Rhoda Peace Tumusiime, the then African Union Commisioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, the second 5th October Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day will be hosted by the youth at the centre with all events tailor-made for the youth.

From 450 delegates in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015 to 900 in Accra Ghana 2016, this business boosting spectacle is calling for more seats to accommodate the demand come October 2017 in Dakar.

Read more:

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Most of us have heard of a buzz word ''Artificial Intelligence'' or simply ''AI''; which is increasingly popular in tech circles. However, most people do not realise how AI is affecting their daily lives. 

If you have ever received a recommendation about what video to watch on Youtube or what song to listen to on Spotify, that's AI. While video and music recommendation services are rather simple when compared to other AI systems, they do accomplish a useful task: recommending music and videos based on interests you've expressed and judgements you've made in the past. The more personal preferences data you provide to these platforms, the better AI recommendations become. 

AI is here and it is poised to continue revolutionising how we access services. 

For sometime now, I have been involved with a British company developing artificial intelligent medical doctors. The prototype AI doctor has been proven to be more acc

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Anne Marie Kortleve Sounds good Pascal MUR MURASIRA, are you in contact with Anatole Majyambere as well on this matter?  

1 day 13 hours ago

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OK. Pangan Learning Program: Workshop Program

Indonesia Media Arts Festival OK. VIDEO 2017: OK. Pangan presents Workshop Program.

Workshop Program at Indonesia Media Arts Festival OK. Pangan of 2017 has the theme of "Survival". This theme is raised because the most basic food issue is the issue of basic human need for food to survive. This "Resilience" workshop seeks to restore food problems to the most basic level.

In collaboration with Warung Ramah dan Bakudapan, will explore food angles in alternative practices.

With the theme of "Survival", this workshop presupposes an ideal natural state, where everything in the world is only necessary. This natural condition occurs only at the conceptual levelit can't happen in real lifebut the workshop attempts to reconstruct the condition through a series of programs, so that we can better understand the necessary things in life.

Period: July 2017
Venue: Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jln. Pancoran Timur II, No. 4, Cikoko, Jakarta S

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Janine Schoeman Dear Nadine, thank you for posting these events. When you post them as an event, instead of a normal post like this one, they are also shown in the calendar which gives it more exposure. You can create an event the same way as creating a post, but than select the tab 'event'. If you need assitance my colleague Maula Paramitha Wulandaru can assist. Kind Regards Janine

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9 Applied Research Projects granted funding by NWO-WOTRO (9 Nouveaux projets de recherche appliquée)

In June 2017 nine proposals have been awarded funding in the second round of the third ARF Call. Please find below the titles and direct links to the projects per country (selection of countries with AgriProFocus network):

(FR: En juin 2017, neuf propositions de project ont été approuvées dans le cadre du Fonds de Recherche Appliquée ARF. Veuillez trouver les titres et les liens directs aux descriptions de projet par pays (selectionnés par pays avec réseau AgriProFocus)


Commercial Seed System for African Indigenous Vegetables in Uganda


Rainwater harvesting from roads for indigenous pasture production & improved rural livelihoods in Kenya (ROFIP)


Enhancing safety and quality of milk in Ethiopia



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Akibodé Djodji Merci Nicole pour ce partage, je viens de faire un tour sur le lien relatif au projet de recherche au Mali, c'est avec plaisir que j'ai donc retrouvé les membres du consortium dont  la Fondation Sassakawa , l'IPR, et surtout le KIT. C'est vraiment une bonne opportunité pour les producteurs du Mali.Avec une semence de qualité,on peut nourrir le monde.(Sécurité alimentaire). Le réseau se fera un grand plaisir d'accompagner le consortium et lui faciliter la vulgarisation des résultats de la recherche. La force du réseau c'est les membres, et la force des membres c'est le réseau. Restons  connectés

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Animal Feed

Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 230990)

We would like to offer: Animal Feed. Form: granule. Consist of: broiler feed, layer feed, breeder feed and concentrate feed. Especially for poultry farm. Packaging: nett. 50kg in PP woven bag with plastic inner liner. Produced under ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Product of Indonesia. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details. Thank you. Contact: +6285892224657 (whatsapp, viber).

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A look in the life of a Gender in Value Chains Coach

Knox Kalubi, gender coach in Zambia shares his experience as a gender in value chains coach. Currently implementing the fourth Gender in Value Chains Coach trajectory in Zambia, he tells us more about his view on Gender, the tools and he provides advice for potential coachee's. 

Loes van Dijk Great to hear you talking about passion and a change in mindset, Knox Kalubi.  That is what matters!

1 week 5 days ago

Akibodé Djodji Thanks for sharing. The video is to see and review because it is full of learning

1 week 3 days ago

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OK. Pangan Learning Program: Film Screening Program

OK. Pangan Learning Program is an effort to try to provide answers concerning art practice incollocation with food. If we ponder upon the extent of the tangential incision of food and theother aspect of lives. Learning Program limits its topics to “Food, Media Culture and Politics” as the main theme.

One of the activities of the Learning Program is the Film Screening Program curated by Manshur Zikri.

First of all, the attention of Film Screening Program is to invited related cultural subjects, including the audience (public audience) of the festival, to lay out the theme of "Food" as a contextual window in order to maximize the opportunity of exploring the point of view concerning the development of media technology, in films. Secondly, the Film Screening Program is about to emphasize that food issues are not just food issues or mere eating activities. The third, trying to accommodate the intentions of Foruminema—specifically

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From Farm to Table Expo

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  06 December 2017 to 09 December 2017 - All Day Event
  Indonesia Convention Exhibition ICE, BSD City Tangerang

From Farm To Table Expo 2017 is an International Exhibition on Farm and Agricultural Industry & Supply Expo that will be held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Tangerang, Indonesia on 6 – 9 December 2017.

With 400+ exhibitors from 14 countries, this expo is the meeting place for the entire agriculture and food processing industry. You can join this exhibition as a visitor or exhibitor. For more information click

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Mengenal Ekonomi Sirkuler di Indonesia

Penelitian Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Promosi Ekonomi Sirkular di Indonesia untuk Kebangkitan Kerjasama Agribisnis oleh Sahat M. Pasaribu

Konsep ekonomi sirkuler sebenarnya telah dilakukan sejak lama di Indonesia, khususnya pada industri besar dan menengah, namun belakangan ini perencanaan pembangunan ekonomi kurang memperhatikannya. Perusahaan-perusahaan pabrik kertas dan perkebunan besar termasuk diantara usaha ekonomi yang melaksanakan konsep ini. Pada skala ekonomi yang lebih kecil dalam bidang pertanian, kerjasama antara perusahaan besar dengan pertanian rakyat sudah berlangsung dengan baik, memberikan keuntungan ekonomi, memperbaiki kualitas lingkungan dan menjanjikan persaingan yang kompetitif. Masyarakat sebenarnya sudah menerapkan konsep ekonomi sirkuler pada sistem usahatani terintegrasi yang mereka lakukan, namun perkembangannya masih kurang memuaskan.

Faktor-faktor yang terkait dengan kelembagaan sangat berperan dalam mempromosikan

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VLOG #6! KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Meet Bart and Gabriela, they work for the Gender and Sustainable Economic Development Unit at KIT! In this vlog they share their experiences with our network, like the coopration around the Farmers Innovation Fair held in West-Africa. Check it out!

For more vlogs from our Dutch members, check: //

Bakary DIARRA Indeed, I listened to it is interesting!

1 week 6 days ago

Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you Bakary, that's nice to hear!

1 week 5 days ago

Loes van Dijk Very interesting to listen to this VLOG and read the Farmer Innovation Fair publication:

1 day 19 hours ago

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Our call to the next cabinet: Invest in Food Transition!

4th of July - Dutch Parliament - The Hague

A broad coalition of 45 parties urges the new Dutch cabinet in this manifesto to transition towards a sustainable food system, through which the Netherlands will contribute to green growth, healthy food for all, and a more peaceful world with less conflict and more stability. We ask the next government to invest in this, together with the private sector, consumers, civil society, farmers, education and science.

On July 4th a delegation of signatories presented the manifesto to the House of Representatives of the Committee on Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. You can watch the livestream (in Dutch) HERE.

Masterclass FoodTransition

The work does not stop here! This manifesto was an initiative of the Food Security Policy Group of the AgriProFocus network. In September we will organise a Masterclass FoodTransition for Members of Parliament. If you are interested to join, please contact Sander Mager (Chair of the Poli

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Loes van Dijk Great!

2 weeks 5 days ago

Sajji RYAKUNZE really great!

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Call for Application: The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund

Apakah Anda memiliki usaha di bidang agrikultur? Apakah usaha tersebut menciptakan dampak sosial dan lingkungan? Dapatkan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan pendanaan dan mentoring dari The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund.

The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund adalah pionir perdanaan di Indonesia yang menggabungkan sumber dana publik dan swasta. Berbentuk direct debt investment, dana ini dialokasikan kepada usaha-usaha sosial di bidang agrikultur untuk memperbesar potensi pasar dan dampak sosial mereka di Indonesia. The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund diinisiasi oleh UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), ANGIN (Angel Investment Indonesia), dan Challenger 88, serta didukung oleh pemerintah Kanada.

Klik di sini untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Klik di sini untuk mendaftar.


Call for Application: The Agro Market-Linkages SDG Fund

Do you have any business in agriculture sector? Does the business create social and environmental impacts? Try

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NEW BOOK: Managing for Sustainable Development Impact (M4SDI) - An Integrated Approach to Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

This guide shows leaders and development practitioners how to navigate complexity and manage their initiatives/organizations successfully towards sustainable development impact. It takes an integrated, results-oriented management approach, which can be used across a range of sectors and domains in a variety of contexts, and aims to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

‘This book is wise, practical and navigates complex dynamic systems. From contextual sensitivity to strategic design, from collaborative and participatory engagement to useful evaluation, from theories of change to scaling for impact, from generating evidence to communicating results, this book brings the latest research and insights to bear in service of sustainable development. In doing so, it stays focused on benefits to real people in the real world in real time. In all

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Learning, action research and outreach-in higher education

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  30 October 2017 to 17 November 2017 - All Day Event
  Wageningen, the Netherlands

ICRA course:  Learning, action research and outreach – Making higher education boost food security , from 30 October to 17 November 2017,  in The Netherlands.

Lecturers, trainers and researchers in tertiary agricultural education attend this course. Development of labour market responsive curricula is an important aspect.

After attending one participant said, “Since I apply methods from ICRA’s course in my classroom, my classes are always full”.

How can you benefit from the course? Listen to what our Alumni have to say here.

For application and information, see the course webpage       
Application is open until 5 September. 

Pay before 25 July and we offer a 10 % reduction on the tuition fee. 

Check us out on:
LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | |

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Challenges & opportunities for women’s economic empowerment in agriculture

An article by SNV

Over the past several years, there has been increasing evidence regarding the importance of women’s economic participation, both for the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality, as well as for the economic well-being of families, communities, sectors and nations. Advancing women’s political participation, leadership and economic empowerment is central to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Women have a critical role to play in all of the SDGs, with many targets specifically recognising women’s equality and empowerment as both the objective and part of the solution. SDG5 is known as the stand-alone gender goal because it is dedicated to achieving these goals.

As Global Manager of SNV’s Enhancing Opportunities for Women’s Enterprises (EOWE) programme (funded by the Dutch government as part of the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) funding stream), I participated in th

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Semakin canggihnya kemajuan teknologi, dunia seakan berada di hadapan kita, tak ada jarak semua sudah terasa dekat, itu semua di akibatkan akses dunia maya yang mampu menjadikan kehidupan saat ini serba dekat.

Dari kemajuan tersebut mempermudah akses ilmu dan share pengetahuan pada dunia maya, sehingga menjadi mudah dan Gampang untuk di cari bagi pengguna dunia maya.

Bagi Generasi Millennial dunia maya bisa menjadi sumber ilmu, dunia maya bisa menjadi guru, dunia maya mampu mempermudah akses pengetahuan. Hal inilah menjadi kesempatan emas bagi pengembangan sector pertanian, karena ilmu – ilmu pertanian mudah ditemukan dan dipelajari.

Generasi Millennial juga di tantang untuk mampu memanfaatkan kemajuan teknologi tersebut, pertanian butuh trik dan disulap menjadi Era Pertanian yang modern, sehingga pemasaran semakin luas, karena petani mampu memanfaatkan dunia maya sebagai alat untuk memasarkan hasil pertanian secara o

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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform FAO publication titled Gender Sensitive value chain development. A guiding Framework is now available in Spanish.

You can find the English, French and Spanish version in the FDR and are available at the urls below.

FR: Développer des chaînes de valeur sensibles au genre

ES: Desarrollo de cadenas de valor sensibles al género

EN: Developing Gender-Sensitive Value Chains


Card URLs:


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Dorina Prech Many thanks for sharing these Alejandra Safa Barraza! 

3 weeks 5 days ago

Akibodé Djodji Merci chère Alejandra pour ce partage,ceci vient en complément des outils formidables que nous a transmis Angelica Sanders lors de la formation à Bamako. Nous profitons de l'occasion pour dire à nos membres que Mme  la Ministre de la Promotion de la femme, l'enfant et la famille va participer au débat en ligne via notre plateforme.Le thème du débat mensuel  prévu ce mardi 04 Juillet su la plateforme du Mali est " Autonomisation économique de la femme, défis et perspectives"  N'hésitez  pas à y participer. Nous faisons donc aux expertises de Caroline van der Molen et Angelica Senders pour échanger avec le cabinet du Ministre de la promotion de la femme au Mali. La force du réseau c'est les membres, et la force des membres c'est le réseau. On est ensemble

3 weeks 5 days ago

Akibodé Djodji


·         Thank you dear Alejandra for this sharing, this comes in addition to the great tools that Angelica Sanders has transmitted to us during the training in Bamako. We would like to take this opportunity to tell our members that the Minister for the Advancement of Women, Children and Families will participate in the online debate via our platform. The theme of the monthly debate scheduled for Tuesday 04 July Platform of Mali is "Economic empowerment of women, challenges and prospects" Do not hesitate to participate. We are therefore doing the assessments of Caroline van der Molen and Angelica Senders to discuss with the Cabinet of the Minister for the Advancement of Women in Mali. The strength of the network is the members, and the strength of the members is the network. We are together

3 weeks 5 days ago

Amavi Lys AGLINGLO Thanks dear alejandra for sharing

3 weeks 4 days ago

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Posted 28 June 2017 at 07:36

Meet Up Gender Coaches a success

12, 13 and 14 June 2017 a meet up was held in Kampala Uganda for Gender Coaches from all over the world. Organised by AgriProFocus for the coaches to share experiences, learn from each other and built the Gender Coaches community.

Presentations for but also by the participants, brainstorms were held and creative flip charts were made. There were lots of ideas and suggestions for the future to expand the community of coaches. 

If you want to know more about Gender Coaches trajectories or Gender in general, please contact