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Few of the challenges humanity faces are as urgent and complex as food security. To meet the needs of a rapidly growing world population, an unparalleled, worldwide effort is required. Members of the AgriProFocus Network are dedicated to meeting this challenge in collaboration. By working together, learning from each other and unitedly pushing for change.

AgriProFocus brings together businesses, civil society, knowledge institutes and governments working towards food security. United in diversity, our members share the conviction that business and development are not mutually exclusive. This is why innovative 'agripreneurs' are at the heart of our strategy. AgriProFocus supports them in finding new, sustainable ways of doing business. Exchanging perspectives and expecting the unexpected. To accomplish more in a culture of collaboration. For people, planet and profit.

Navigating the network, AgriProFocus staff helps members find the right partners and the right information. Around specific questions, issues and opportunities. Rooted in the Netherlands, AgriProFocus is active in 12 countries in Africa and South-East Asia. Stretching from sprawling cities to remote, rural areas. Offering unique exchanges across cultures and disciplines. Cultivating collaboration.

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PUM launches app!

PUM’s impact within easy reach

The PUM app is live, so you can stay up to date with the latest news. In this digital version of PUMmagazine you can read interviews, reports and background stories about our contribution to the sustainable development of small and medium-sized companies in emerging markets – in some thirty countries worldwide.

PUM topics

Experts and entrepreneurs share their stories through the app, talking about factors for successful growth, improving business operations and creating employment. And we hear from experts and partners about the positive impact of sharing practical knowledge. In the app, we focus on relevant PUM topics such as incubator programmes, entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship, training and education, international corporate social responsibility, youth employment creation and aid & trade.

Our sustainable DNA

Fully in line with our sustainable DNA, the printed PUMmagazine has now made way for the app. We’ve been sharing stories

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Eggs Supply

Ready eggs Supply on order, 100 trays per week. Cash on delivery.

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Project Design & Grant Mgm’t-July Offer

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  24 July 2018 to 27 July 2018 - All Day Event

Dear Partner,

Asset Africa Institute, ( is pleased to announce the following subsidized workshop confirmed for July 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya

Workshop Title: Proposal Writing, Fund Raising and Grant Management-Subsidized Training

Date: 24th -27th July 2018

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Duration: 4 Full Days

Cost: USD 295

Workshop Introduction

The purpose of this workshop is to enable organizations identify and implement new, innovative strategies formulated on working models to not only get adequate resources for their programs, but to also demonstrate ability to manage those resources to donor expectations. Thus, the fees charged to this workshop has been purposely subsidized to enable as many staff as possible access the skills; further, organizations/consortia with 8-45 staffs have the training delivered in its entirety at venue on very favorable terms.

Complete course content and agenda available on request

Sample Feedback from one of the participan

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Seeking advisory support in ripening Ovacados. 

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EOWE publication series: Empowering women in agribusiness through social and behaviour change

The success of women in agribusiness is not only determined by the level of access to resources and business assets, but also by gendered-specific behaviour and roles, which influences women’s decision-making power and control around these resources and business assets. Tackling the inequalities that exist between men and women in many rural agricultural societies therefore also requires a change in the deeply entrenched gender norms that are at the root of these inequalities.

As an entry point to reflect on and transform restrictive gender norms and power relations, the EOWE programme of SNV Netherlands development Organisation organises facilitated Household Dialogues among targeted family and/or community members in Kenya and Vietnam to critically reflect and discuss around the key norms that prevent women from fully participating in and benefiting from economic activities.

The EOWE prog

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Shadrack Agaki This is an exemplary work by SNV, the communication model is simple but extremely effective. The communication model used here can be depended on to getting critical information on new technologies and innovations in agriculture to rural areas.  

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Program: Agriculture Value Chains Course

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Date: 23rd – 27th July 2018

Register as an Individual | Register as a group

NB: Discount of up to 25% for group registrations (3 or more participants).


Value chains are a key framework for understanding how products move from the producers to the customers. The value chain perspective provides an important means to understand the business to business relationships, mechanisms for increasing efficiency, and ways to enable businesses to increase productivity and add value.

The workshop is aimed to provide intensive training that will cover the fundamental concepts and tools for scanning and improving AVC. By attending this course, the capacity of Development professionals who are actively engaged in the AVC related support activities in governmental and non-governmental organizations will be built/ enhanced

Who should attend?

This course is intended for various actors in the Agriculture value chain working

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What would it take to Build Top Africa Brands in Agribusiness and Food Category : Lessons from Africa Business Magazine

It is no doubt Africa is on upward trajectory towards being global powerhouse especially in the Agriculture sector. This is not only significant for Africa but also the world given that by 2050 there would be a crisis if we are not able to feed a world population of over 9 billion people.

The June 2018 Africa Business Magazine issue chose to feature Africa’s Best Brands 2018; perusing through one thing that catches my attention is the rarerity of brands in AgriBusiness  and Food category. This then means we need to really think of why this is so, given that the rise of Africa is hip-Jointed with development of Agriculture.

Does it mean we still have a long way to go before we realise prosperity in Agribusiness? The answer to this question is in the negative. This negative answer then should be a glimmer of hope to those who want to see drastic transformation in

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Program: Agro Entrepreneurship & Market Facilitation 

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Date: 16th – 20th July 2018

Register as an Individual | Register as a group

NB: Discount of up to 25% for group registrations (3 or more participants).

Working with smallholder farmers to design and set up new income-generating enterprise opportunities on the other hand is complex. It requires taking time and dedication to ensure success. This training programme aims at building the agro-enterprise capacity of rural development practitioners to enable them facilitate the market integration of the most vulnerable beneficiaries. The participants will be guided through participatory processes for identifying market opportunities and developing viable agro-enterprises that are sustainable and which are geared towards improving the incomes of rural farmers, processors, and traders.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for various actors in the Agriculture Extension (Agricultural extension officers,

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Program: Food Security in an Urbanizing Society Course

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Date: 9th – 13th July 2018

Register as an Individual | Register as a group

NB: Discount of up to 25% for group registrations (3 or more participants).


With growing urbanization, sustainable city-region agri-food systems are essential in ensuring food security. Food production and market systems should increasingly be integrated into a holistic, systemic and spatial manner. Urban population rely heavily on all sorts of markets for their daily food needs. These are supplied through overstressed, complex agro-logistical networks often at risk of failure. This training program focuses on how rural production and urban market systems can be integrated such that urban dwellers can be assured better access to adequate quantities of nutritious food while sustaining the viability of the production areas.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for various actors in the Agriculture Extension (Agric

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CoP Youth 22nd of May 2018

Changing food systems and the power of youth

How do youth organise themselves, and (how) can we support them?

On 22nd of May 2018, a Community of Practice (CoP) meetup around youth in agribusiness and food systems was facilitated by AgriProFocus and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP). The objective of the CoP is to share recent work on youth in food systems, provide feedback on each others’ work, identify knowledge questions and ideas for joint action, find innovative solutions for urgent issues, and to get to know other stakeholders working in this field as well as inspiration for collaboration.

Organizing of youth for changing food systems

This meetup zoomed in on how youth organise themselves around issues in the agriculture and food sector. In many development policies and programmes, there is a growing emphasis on the need to involve youth in agriculture in order to create employment, build up livelihood opportunities and engage in community deve

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Africa Agri-Finance Forum

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  25 September 2018, All Day Event
  Nairobi, Kenya

Adopting Best for Inclusive Lending For the Agricultural Value Chain

According to expert reports, agriculture sector in Africa is the least productive in the world. Small-scale and subsistence farmers, pastoralists, and fishermen produce most of the food consumed in this region, yet they continue to face a number of challenges. Lack of capital for investment contributes significantly to the lowering of small scale farmers’ productivity levels.

How can formal financial institutions provide agricultural credit that meets the unique demands of the entire agricultural?

“Agriculture in African countries is massively under-funded”.


1. Financial inclusion and innovation in Agriculture· Inclusive investment

2. Value chain financing· Building competitive commercial Value Chains

3.Doing Successful Agribusiness in Africa· 1) Enabling farmers to think like business people 2) Important Business initiatives and skills

4.Public-private partnerships· 1) Source of le

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Cross cultural integration boosts the quality and scalability of a business

A Brief moment: with young entrepreneur Leyat Ali

Could you please introduce yourself and Fayalo Technology to the APF network members in Ethiopia?

My name is Leyat Ali, co-founder and CEO of Fayalo technology. Currently, I am also serving as the president of Agora Speakers Club, a non-profit organization that is devoted to develop people’s leadership and public speaking skills. Fayalo technology was formed on February 2018. It is a startup with a vision to become the biggest mobile enabled animal advisory and support service provider in Ethiopia.

Could you share the big achievements of Fayalo Technology in Ethiopia?

Our startup provides the first in Ethiopia service of a multi-lingual mobile advisory referral service that connects animal owners with qualified professionals according to language, specialty and proximity preferences.

How difficult is it to be a successful entrepreneur in Ethiopia?

Being a successful entrepren

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Regional Youth Conference in Rwanda

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  20 August 2018 - 00:00 to 21 August 2018 - 23:59
  Kigali Convention Center (KCC)

Regional Youth Conference in Rwanda


Youth in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa: Engaging through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Entrepreneurship

Dates: 20 -21 August 2018

Venue: Kigali Convention Center (KCC)

Find more information HERE

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From pineapple juice to agri-tech: Investors hungry for piece of Africa’s food industry

Africa’s agribusiness and food sector registered strong private equity deal activity during the past month of May 2018, according to industry information service Africa Private Equity News.

African and International investors are also getting in on the action. Technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in food production and distribution – and venture capital investors are taking note.

See also [link]


Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment

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  02 July 2018 - 09:00 to 13 July 2018 - 17:00
  Kigali, Rwanda

Event: Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment of Food and Nutrition Security Programmes Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Kigali, Rwanda.

Event Date: 2nd – 13th July 2018.



INTRODUCTION This training programme aims to improve the effectiveness of Monitoring and Evaluation of Food Security and Nutrition programs through identifying and disseminating successful methods, tools and practices. This will, in turn, improve the monitoring and evaluation skills of the personnel implementing food security and nutrition programmes in the implementing agencies.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This is a general training is targeting variety of programme staff, management team members and thematic staff, Project Management Officials, government officials, programme managers; policy makers and programme implementers; development practitioners and activists and NGO and CSO members, Research organizations among others for Agriculture support activities.

DURATION 10 days

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Moving Agriculture Innovations and Technology Closer to Production Zones : Sure Way of Africa Feeding the World by 2050

There is urgent need to help rural Africa move from zones of economic misery to Zones of economic prosperity. This in turn would start turning the wheels of economic fortune of Africa since it would encourage urban - rural migration. Reading through Using Agriculture and Agribusiness to Bring About Industrialisation in Africa I am persuaded that this task is achievable but we have to be determined and deliberate.

How do we achieve the shifting of Innovation and technologies to production zones? And what would be the contribution of Communication for Agriculture development? Below i discuss a few issues i think if acted upon would answer the questions above:

Facilitating Agriculture Conversation with Local Actors

The recently concluded Mugie Ranch Livestock and Pastoralist show that happened in Laikipia county in Kenya facilitated by AgriProFocus together with other partners is a good

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Empowering women to start their own enterprises

Watch this new video telling the story of  Jennifer Nzioka Mutunga, a chicken farmer from Kenya, who turned chicken rearing from a household task into an enterprise with support from SNV's Enhancing Opportunities for Women's Enterprises (EOWE) programme

The video was developed by the EU delegation to Kenya as part of this year's European Development Days under the theme ‘Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development: protect, empower, invest.’

Vincent M. Akamandisa Yes excluding women is leaving half the population of your targeted beneficiary

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