Knowledge Base

Below you find an overview of all the themes we're exploring as a global network. On the left you can find relevant agricultural knowledge bases and e-learning opportunities, selected by our network facilitators.

Gender in Value Chains

Gender in Value Chains is one of the global topics active under the AgriProFocus network. Its mission is to improve gender equity in agricultural value chain development. We have a worldwide platform and communities per country. All info can be found here!

Access to Finance

Farmers who produce for the market need financing to maintain and improve their agricultural production. Banks in developing countries are looking for business investment opportunities. But what is needed to match the interests of farmers and bankers? Find your info here!

Organised Farmers

The AgriProFocus network fosters exchange between professionals working with farmers' organisations worldwide. By sharing experiences and knowledge and through dialogue, we aim to increase inclusion of smallholder farmers in agricultural production chains. How? Find out here!

Youth in Agribusiness

AgriProFocus members worldwide recognize that involvement of young people in food production and agribusiness is essential for a healthy world food system. We offer a place where you can share your ideas, initatives, experiences and publications regarding this topic.

Dairy & Livestock

In Africa and Indonesia, demand for animal products is booming around the growing cities. In response, a specialised high input dairy and meat industry is developing. AgriProFocus promotes entrepreneurship in the animal husbandry, especially for smallholder animal production, which is multifunctional and has low use of inputs.


Our network wants to create a marketplace for agribusinesses in Horticulture to showcase and/or learn about new products and services available, find new markets and forge business partnership. We will advocate for an improved enabling trade environment and relations among the countries in the Eastern and Southern Africa region with respect to the smooth flow of products and services and the access of entrepreneurial farmers in horticulture to market opportunities across the region and beyond.

Sustainable Agriculture

The AgriProFocus network wants to provide different perspectives on agro-ecology and other approaches to promote sustainable agriculture, in the context of achieving food and nutrition security for all by 2030.