Knowledge Base

Below you find an overview of all the themes we're exploring as a global network. On the left you can find relevant agricultural knowledge bases and e-learning opportunities, selected by our network facilitators.

Inclusive Agribusiness

The network’s focus within inclusive agribusiness is on opportunities for: farmer-inclusive agribusiness, gender-inclusive agribusiness, and youth-led agribusiness. Check our network approach here!

Climate Smart Agribusiness

The primary interface between climate change and agricultural development is through agricultural production, but climate hazards also have impacts on the storage, processing and market access of produce. AgriProFocus members are looking for clear proven concepts (e.g. what is ‘smart’ about climate-smart), building on current practice.

Circular Economy Agribusiness

AgriProFocus members support initiatives, innovations, entrepreneurial farmers and agribusinesses that integrate the reduction of food losses in their business models, for example by exploring opportunities for post-harvest technologies and for making profitable new products from rest and by-products.

Nutrition Sensitive Agribusiness

An increasing number of interventions and programmes is being developed as well as research conducted to enhance so called Agriculture-to-Nutrition interventions. AgriProFocus members are initiating and involved in such interventions. The challenge for agripreneurs is to respond to the market demand for food products that have a high nutritional value and make this a driver for their business development.