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Dutch Partnership members 2017:

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Members Meet-Up the Netherlands

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  28 September 2017, 14:00-17:30
  Hotel de Bosrand, Ede, The Netherlands

We need you to shape the AgriProFocus agenda for 2018!

We are excited to invite you to the Members Meet-Up where not only the Dutch AgriProFocus team will be present but also our Country CoordinatorsWe have previously discussed that we want to jointly set our agenda, and this is the time! Don’t miss this opportunity!


+ Welcome by managing director Sander Mager

+ Introduction by Aaltje de Roos (DGIS)

Presentation by Ellen Mangnus (Utrecht University) on our mission ‘Making Agribusiness Work for      Development’, followed by participatory member session to reflect on key issues and challenges underneath  this mission.

+ Theme-oriented working groups with members on the 4 themes of AgriProFocus. Input for this session is the  outcome of member consultations in the countries and the survey send to Dutch members (Dutch outcome)  This session is to further zoom in on the 4 themes: What are the underlying challenges? What are the most  bur

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  18 September 2017 to 13 October 2017 - All Day Event

Du 18 septembre au 13 octobre 2017, sur demande de OXFAM/Bureau de Goma/Nord-KIVU, AGRIPROFOCUS RDC méne une étude des marchés pour les filières agricoles porteuses. 

Les activités d'analyse des filières agricoles, le cout de production agricole et enquete-marché se déroulent dans 7 communautés (Matanda,Bihambwe et Lusheberhe,Loashi, Buhombo, Nabyondo et Kaanja) du Territoire de Masisi, Province du Nord-Kivu, en RD Congo.


Please check our small electronic online catalogue link;

Making your own butter - very good investment

your money which you pay for machine, is going to return to you in very short time.

who wants to be dealer of our products ?

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#Vlog 7: Woord & Daad: Making Agribusiness work for Development in Bénin and Burkina Faso

Eddie Krooneman, Policy Advisor and Projectleader Employable Youth in Ethiopia, tells us in about 3 minutes what Woord & Daad does and shares an example of their work in the cashew sector in Bénin and Burkina Faso  

Meet the other Dutch member organisations and what they can do for you on THIS PAGE  


Borrel of the Pyramid meets Green Banana Food Company

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  03 October 2017, 19:30-22:00
  Impact Hub Amsterdam

A new Borrel is planned! (Borrel = social drinks)

The social enterprise 'Green Banana Food Company' invites you to discuss and brainstorm on their business case during an exclusive tasting event!

Again we have interesting and challenging case questions for you. This time we meet up with the social enterprise Green Banana Food Company (GBFC). GBFC is making the traditional Italian pasta healthier, more nutritious, and gluten-free by using green bananas, a fusion of other pulses, legumes and vegetables, all while positively impacting small-scale farmers in Uganda.

Sign up for the event here:

Extra feature: It will be an exclusive tasting event of GBFC's products. Be quick, only limited places available!

How can you help GBFC grow? 3 business case questions will be discussed:

1) Entry market channels

What market channels are suitable to sell GBFC's products? What is the best entry strategy?

2) Brand development (storytelling)

Tailoring main messages to customers why they should buy GBFC's products.


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Masterclass Voedseltransitie

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  30 October 2017, 15:00-17:00
  Nieuwspoort, Den Haag

Met de petitie VoedseltransitieNU aangeboden op 4 juli jl. deed AgriProFocus samen met alle ondertekenaars een oproep voor extra inzet en investering van het volgend kabinet op de voedseltransitie agenda. Deze voedseltransitie vraagt om innovatieve en duurzame oplossingen, om effectieve samenwerking én actie. Graag willen wij de aanwezige kennis en ervaring vanuit ons netwerk hierop delen en een aantal specifieke punten van de petitie verder uitdiepen. Daarom organiseren wij als netwerk voor Kamerleden en medewerkers een:

Masterclass Voedseltransitie

Datum: 30 oktober 2017
Tijd: 15:00 tot 17:00 uur
Locatie: Nieuwspoort


15:00   Prof. Dr. Ruerd Ruben (WUR) geeft een aftrap op de stand van zaken van onze voedselzekerheid, de facts& figures, behaalde resultaten en de burning issues van ons voedsel(zekerheid)beleid

15:45   Vragen en antwoorden aan netwerkpartners

16:15   Voedseltransitie als kans: 3 pitches op innovatieve oplossingen

16:25   Vragen

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Dutch Development Results - Website!

With this website, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents the results that the Netherlands, together with national and international partners, has achieved in the field of development co-operation in 2016.

Have a look at this very informative website, with information on country level, countries and themes:  

Inclusive sustainable development

Investing in inclusive sustainable development pays off. This was also apparent in 2016. The number of people living in extreme poverty has been further reduced to less than 10% of the world’s population. In 2010, this figure was 22% (and in 1990 it was 47%).

Making trade and investment flows sustainable is no easy feat in an unpredictable global economy. Climate change is not only leading to long-term drought but also to major flooding. And for truly equitable development to exist, attention must be paid to the disadvantaged position of women and girls. The Netherlands conti

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AgriProFocus Indonesia Great report, thank you!

5 days 9 min ago

Toto suryawan Good jobs

2 days 3 hours ago

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[VIDEO] End hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Watch this video to see what food security actions the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partners undertake in developing countries. This video shows the results of the past years as well as questions for the future.

Hadijah Ssekyondwa N. Thank you. Very informative video 

2 days 19 hours ago

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Our latest Newsletter is out!

Dear Members,

We are pleased to share our latest newsletter, there is a lot of interesting updates!

Through this newsletter, you will read about the agri-finance fair and market linkages event conducted in Muhanga district. You will also learn about the role of financial institutions vis-à-vis agriculture sector as well as some business deals made by the farmers during the fair.

While reading this newsletter, you will learn about the fruitful discussions from the round table meeting on organic certification for horticulture value chain in Rwanda. The participants of this workshop elected the steering committee which will moderate this activity in order to value the organic horticultural products and motivating the farmers as well.

Learn about the success stories from other model farmers, you will be inspired by the success of their farming projects.

Finally, there is also some job opportunities related to agriculture sector!!

Glad reading!!


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[Report] The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World

The vision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls on all countries and stakeholders to work together to end hunger and prevent all forms of malnutrition by 2030. This ambition can only be fulfilled if agriculture and food systems become sustainable, so that food supplies are stable and all people have access to adequate nutrition and health. The start of the 2030 Agenda coincided with the launch of the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition (2016–2025), adding impetus to these commitments by providing a time-bound, cohesive framework for action.

This year’s edition of The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World marks the beginning of a new era in monitoring the progress made towards achieving a world without hunger and malnutrition, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, the report will monitor progress towards

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Collective impact initiatives need an approach to performance measurement and evaluation that is as multi-faceted, responsive, and flexible as the initiatives themselves. 

As a multi-stakeholder initiative you probably want to work towards creating the same impact: shared impact! This also means thinking about a shared measurement of the impact, with learning as continuous underlying factor in this change process. FSG, re-imaging social change, presented Guide to Evaluating Collective Impact. 

 Top Takeaways

  1. Designing an evaluation for a collective impact initiative requires an understanding of the initiative’s maturity as well as the context.
  2. Collective impact is a problem-solving process; continuous learning is essential to its success.
  3. Different evaluation approaches are used at different stages of a collective impact initiative.

Source of the infographic below:  (The Collective Impact Forum, 2017)


2SCALE: incubating inclusive agribusiness in Africa

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  07 November 2017, All Day Event
  Social Impact Factory, Vredenburg 40, 3511 BD Utrecht, the Netherlands

What does it take to build an inclusive agribusiness in Africa?

Join the 2SCALE 2017 event and find out how 2SCALE, one of the largest incubators of inclusive agribusiness in Africa, built over 50 public-private partnerships in selected high-potential product groups in nine countries in Africa.

You will learn from the best: entrepreneurs, producer organizations, microfinance institutions, business coaches, SMEs and others will all share how they succeed in establishing new agribusinesses.

Besides sharing our lessons learned, we want to learn from you! During the break-out sessions we will dive deep in several topics that are essential to making inclusive agribusiness work.


09:30 Registration and coffee
10:00 Plenary sessions: What it takes to build an inclusive agribusiness

Key-note speaker: Ruth Kinoti – founder and CEO of Shalem investments

Other guest speakers representing inclusive agribusiness projects in Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Nigeria.

12:30 Speed-date with speakers

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Join the FREE online course on building your Inclusive Agribusiness!

Register here:

Learn from 2SCALE how partnerships and bottom-up innovations can help you build a profitable and inclusive agribusiness.

2SCALE is an agribusiness incubator aiming to improve rural livelihoods and food & nutrition security in Africa by accelerating inclusive business in agri-food industries. Through public-private partnerships, smallholder farmers and local agribusiness work together on organizing access to inputs, strengthening market intelligence and bargaining power, and other interventions to make their value chains more inclusive. In this course 2SCALE will present methodologies and practical tools used to build this inclusiveness.

Target Groups

  • Entrepreneurs in developing countries who would like to expand or improve their business for and with low-income communities;
  • Representatives of farmer organizations;
  • Staff of intermediary organisations working with local entrepreneurs, such as NGOs, business development servic

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I'd like to share some thoughts on the recent developments around Aquaponics and Hydroponics in Africa and Asia. Would love to hear your comments and experiences:

Aquaponics: A sustainable business model!?

“Talking with restaurant owners all around Ethiopia we picked up many frustrations about the supply of vegetables they were receiving. Often vegetables were out of stock for weeks, arriving half rotten or even delivered with traces of pesticides. After observing their response to our aquaponics vegetables, we realized that with aquaponics we had to key to solving many of these urban food supply issues.”  

Commercial aquaponics has rooted itself in the growing sustainable food movement in the west. Production numbers are increasing, improvements are made on organic pest management and nutrient control is being optimized. Despite these positive developments, profitability still is an issue for many western growers, but not so in emerging urban markets of Asia and A

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Gizaw Legesse A few months ago, we featured an entrepreneur who use plastic bottles to grow vegetables in a semi aquaponic system using Algae as source of nutrients. This member thinks, his project is cost effective, a means for achieving food security, a solution for getting healthy food, and a contribution for environment protection. Personally, I liked the idea - and sure would like to try it home. Dear Bouke, thank you for sharing this, and please take a look at this article about the project I mentioned above:

1 week 1 day ago

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Missie naar Ivoorkust met focus op tuinbouw, agrofood en veeteelt

Bent u werkzaam in agrofood, de tuinbouw en/of de veeteeltsector en wilt u zakendoen in Ivoorkust? Ga dan mee met de missie naar Ivoorkust van 18 tot en met 23 november 2017.

Nederland heeft de mogelijkheid om zich op de SARA 2017 (Salon de l'Agriculture et des Resources Animales) te presenteren als waardevolle handelspartner en expert op gebied van land- en tuinbouw en veeteelt. Deze tweejaarlijkse beurs is de belangrijkste beurs voor alle landbouw-, tuinbouw- en veeteelt-stakeholders uit de regio en wordt gehouden van 17 tot en met 26 november 2017. Deze beurs biedt een mooie kans om deze Nederlandse sectoren te positioneren.

Voor wie is deze missie interessant?

Deze missie is interessant voor bedrijven en kennisinstellingen die zich met name richten op agrofood, tuinbouw, veeteelt, industrialisering van producten op deze gebieden, bodemanalyse en bodemtechnologie ter verbetering van de vruchtbaarheid van land- en tuinbouwg

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On behalf of my colleagues Wouter Kleijn and Gabriela Quiroga I am happy to present the study KIT conducted for Plan International on Critical factors for skills-based youth employment programmes. Based on the experiences in the Youth Building the Future programme in Latin America.

This study provides an overview of the critical factors which must be taken into account to create successful and sustainable youth employment programmes.


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Bringing agricultural solutions to the farmers through Farmers' Field Days - Lessons from HortIMPACT business case 7

The Kenya Market-led Horticulture Programme (HortIMPACT) is a Dutch funded programme focused on the development of fruit, vegetable, and potato value chains. The programme capitalizes on opportunities in the Kenyan horticulture sector while addressing some of the challenges that persist in the sector. Through working with Dutch companies, the programme has provided opportunities for Kenyan farmers and companies to build on the Dutch expertise and knowledge through applying technologies and methods that support horticulture sector development. The programme does this by taking a business case approach. Companies (mainly Dutch and Kenyan) come up with at least 50% of the budget, while SNV co-invests the rest. All the business cases are led by companies that play an important role in supporting small and medium size commercial farmers to develop their business. The companies ar

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Youth in Agribusiness Community of Practice Kick-off 5 September at AgriProFocus Utrecht office

AgriProFocus, in collaboration with the Food & Business Knowledge Programme, hosted the first Community of Practice on Youth in Agribusiness. The objective of the CoP is to share recent work of members on Youth in Agribusiness, provide feedback on each others’ work, identify knowledge questions and ideas for joint action, find innovative solutions for urgent issues, and to get to know other members as well as inspiration for collaboration.

Members in the lead!

KIT presented last Tuesday the research results of a research they did for Plan International in El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil: Youth employment and entrepreneurship programs: critical factors for effective interventions.

During an interactive programme, Ingrid Flink and Gabriela Quiroga from KIT guided us through some critical questions with regard to youth employment and youth entrepreneurship programmes:

How to define youth employment and youth en

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Janine Schoeman Ingrid Flink thank you for Gabriella and your contribution! Hope to see you all next time.

2 weeks 2 days ago

Innocent SIMPUNGA  Dear Gabriella and KIT team, Let me take this occasion to express my warm thanks for the contribution and  work done and wish to meet you again. Dr. Innocent SIMPUNGA Rwanda 

1 week 5 days ago

CASTORY WILLIAM thank Gabriella and KIT team hope i will among of them next time

1 week 4 days ago

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Women in agriculture must be facilitated, panel hears

African Green Revolution Summit in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, 5 September 2017

Today’s technological advances and innovations in agriculture should touch every aspects of women’s lives in order for them to have the desired impact on African societies.

This was deliberated on Tuesday, September 5 at the 7th African Green Revolution Summit in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

In a session on “Women in Agriculture”, leaders in politics, business and civil society discussed how challenges to women in agriculture can be overcome and how young women can be facilitated to join the sector.

Read the full article here: