AgriProFocus Rwanda


Kigali, Rwanda

About Us

AgriProFocus Rwanda is part of the AgriProFocus partnership; an initiative originating from the Netherlands that creates opportunities for multi-stakeholder action and learning for the enhancement of farmer entrepreneurship. The partnership currently consists of 35 member organisations and is operational in 12 countries in Africa, and in Indonesia. 

Agriculture in Rwanda is a crucial sector and constitutes the main economic activity for the rural households and remains their main source of income. AgriProFocus Rwanda's mission is to enhance innovation in agricultural development and to facilitate partnerships and deal-making between agri-businesses and farmer entrepreneurs. 

Our services include: 

• Networking services that provide easy access to agri-business contacts and resources. 

• Business brokering to connect agri-businesses on a local, regional and international scale. 

• Facilitated innovation communities that create new solutions for existing problems together with relevant stakeholder groups. 

• A platform for debate and learning to discuss, share, and find out about the latest innovations in agriculture and food security.

We specialise in