Agricultural input supplier (seed- feed- fertilizer- agro-equipment)

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

About Us

CEON Chemicals, a leading agricultural and plant nutrition production company.

Currently, our wide range of products are being utilised by the agricultural sectors in the Balkans, Europe, Far East, Africa, Middle East and more recently Australia. Our products contribute greatly to farming production in these areas and as a result of our high quality, competitively priced and extensive product range, we have built a large portfolio of customers, since CEON Chemicals Company’s infancy in 2006 (please refer to our website for a full list of our current product range - website address below).

Our headquarters are based in Belfast, United Kingdom. Our large production factory is located in Aliaga district - Izmir, Turkey. Its operation spans over a 10,000 m2 facility with a 5000 m2 closed production factory area. The production operates 7 days per week, using the latest technology, in this organized industrial zone.

CEON Chemical Company has developed and distributed more than 258 product groups, including Drip Irrigation Fertilizers, Granule Fertilizers, Organic Products, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acids, Foliar Fertilizers, Micro Elements, Special Products (growth regulators). These are registered, licensed high standard product ranges. We also provide Sulphur Fertiliser 90% WDG(Water Dispersible Granule)

We also have bespoke registered product groups which have been specifically developed for various other countries throughout the world. These products include Ce-Force Max, Sigma, Algor, Butterfly etc., which have been endorsed by the receiving government authorities for that country. We have developed a special EUROvit-CEON product, designed 500 gram, 1 kg, 10 kg, and 20 kg packages, plus 1 ton sacks. We also design and provide bespoke packaging, depending on our customers’ needs.

So why choose our products?

CEON chemicals are high quality, reasonably priced products, with fast shipment time-scales, compared with other leading companies. CEON is a recognised brand in the overseas market and we are known for our efficient and quick turnaround, from the manufacturing process to the consumers / distributors.

All our other products are readily available in liquid form in 100 cc (ml), 250cc, 500cc and 1 litre containers and production rate is around 30,000 containers per day. We also produce 5 litre and 20 litre containers, at a daily production rate of 10,000 litres.

Similarly we produce powder products ranging from 100 gram to 5 kg. Daily we produce 25,000 packages / container of a powder product, depending on demand.

We also produce interstellar dust of quantities up to 2,500 units on a daily basis. This is available in quantities ranging from 10 – 25 kg.

Using our advanced, top of the range equipment and experience, we are able to manufacture high levels of our products 24/7, but we can also produce a bespoke range for our clients. We have assisted clients who have outsourced production to CEON, for filling, labelling and packaging processes. We can easily collaborate for these purposes to develop our business network.

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