Food & Business Knowledge Platform

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The Hague, Netherlands

About Us

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) seeks to facilitate a better understanding of how food systems work and how they can be strengthened. By developing a more focused knowledge agenda, the Platform aims to nourish practices and policies with solutions and business opportunities for sustainable food and nutrition security. The F&BKP is one of the five Knowledge Platforms initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is an open and independent initiative where representatives from international networks and organizations of business, science, civil society and policy come together. We share, critically reflect on, generate, deepen and improve (interdisciplinary) knowledge and feed practices and policies on food and nutrition security. We do so by identifying knowledge issues that are relevant now and in the future, we initiate action, learning and research, we disseminate lessons learned and we highlight promising innovations that will contribute to local and global food and nutrition security.

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