Gadissa Gobena Commercial Farm Products

CBO / producer group / farmer organisation

Ambo, Ethiopia

About Us

Gadissa Gobena Commercial Farm Products (GGCFP) PLC is a farm established in 1990 on dairy farm and apiculture. It has enlarged its scope of producing and multiplying improved seeds beginning from 2004. Currently, the firm has created a job opportunity for more than 150 individuals. GGCFP has envisions food secured society through the use of modern system cattle rearing and using of improved cattle breeds. Providing selected cattle breeds to the community, preparing and providing concentrated animal feed to the farmers, and designing different mechanisms of improving cattle is the mission of the company. GGCFP’s objectives are: - Availing quality and improved cattle breeds to the farmers, - Producing and availing modern beehives, - Availing honey and honey products in an improved manner, - Producing and providing concentrated animal feeds, - Creating job opportunities, and - Providing professional advisory service

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