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Posted 23 April 2015 at 08:22

Food fairs revive local food and nutrition. Bernard Guri & Patricia Dianon

Food fairs are an important tool and space to promote food sovereignty as they take place in local public spaces and within people’s own socio-cultural settings. One excellent example was a food fair in Ghana, organised by the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development (CIKOD). Women farmers exhibited traditional crops and foods, emphasising their importance for local and national food and nutrition security. The fair reminded community and political leaders of the value of neglected traditional foods. Some years later, it can be seen how this and subsequent food fairs helped to ensure the improved integration of traditional foods and agroecological farming into national food security plans.

Read the full article about food fairs in Farming Matters magazine.

Question for AgriProFocus members and country teams: 

Do you think that some of the agro-fairs, which the AgriProFocus network organises, should and could integrate elements of the 'Food fair' approach described in the article?

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