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Posted 9 November 2015 at 11:40

Trendsetter Moment of the month: Focus on Jolly footprints

On Friday 6th November 2015, Kees Wantenaar - AgriProFocus Board chairperson and Gijs Aarts, accompanied by AgriProFocus staff went to visit a practical farm in Matasia, Kajiado County. Kees and Gijs came to Nairobi to attend the regional extensive livestock expo which took place from 4 - 6 November 2015.  In line with this, they saw the need to visit a practical farm. 2 years ago, Jolly footprints was discovered under the leadership of Teresiah Ng’ang’a. Jolly Footprints thrives in breeding and supply of Improved Kienyeji chicken commonly known as Kuroiler chicken.

This variety is a special species of chicken that takes about 4 months to mature and it tastes better than the common broiler chicken. As a master graduate from Wagenigen University, Teresiah has no regrets whatsoever venturing into agribusiness. She is a living example that youth can make up decisions to employ others and not chase the white collar jobs.

“Our market is a little bit different from the markets in Europe. You find that we have to produce then look for market unlike the Europe market where you look for the market then start producing. We are looking for those youth who can take such risks and be the future employers”. Mentioned Teresiah. As much as it sounds challenging to the rest of us, it is something that most people should pick from this young trendsetter.

Teresiah has more than 3000 chickens and she has been able to get market for her produce through the AgriProFocus forums.