INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

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  23 January 2017 to 25 January 2017 - All Day Event

The INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange: Leveraging the strengths of agricultural extension to improve gender equity and nutrition by empowering women and engaging men.

How do we apply new knowledge and resources so extension services will provide more equitable support to both men and women farmers and contribute to improved nutrition? Does this question cause you to sit up and want to engage? Then read on because there is an upcoming opportunity to join us in Zambia in January 2017.

This is not your average symposium. It’s three days of sharing past experiences, human-centered design, and innovations in gender and nutrition issues in extension. Bring your questions, knowledge, enthusiasm, and even your skepticism. Leave with a holistic sense of the patterns and values of gender equity in agricultural extension and its connection to nutrition. In your “pocket” you will have new ideas, as well as the newly honed skills, access to resources and tools, and connections needed to put these ideas to work. Together we will build our confidence and be ready to implement specific improvements in our work.

Conference Day one will set the context with presentations, roundtables, and expert interviews with leaders in the field. We will prioritize needs and identify what has and has not worked. Days 2 and 3 will consist of hands-on workshops to consider the issues and needs, and prototype solutions to test in the context of your work. Expect to be fully engaged!

Is this event right for you? Are you….

  • …an agricultural development specialist or extensionist looking to understand how to integrate gender and/or nutrition into your current work?

  • …in a position to transform an organization? Influence policy?

  • …someone who has helped transform an organization to better serve both women and men farmers?

  • …questioning whether agricultural extension actually has a role to play in improving nutrition?

  • …someone who knows what competencies extension field staff need in order to address nutrition in their day-to-day work in the context of their region and their organizations?

  • …a person who wonders or knows how to get buy-in on nutrition and gender issues from men in households, both formally and informally?

If you answer positively to two or more of the previous questions, attending this conference is important for you!

Visit http://bit.ly/1XCwkr9 for more information, register here.