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Posted 23 June 2016 at 07:44

Taking the Dairy sector in Kenya to the next level! 

In May 2013,just a month after joining the network, i shared with one of our member organisations - SNV - dairy advisor about this innovative company in the Netherlands that i knew that offers dairy training courses at farm level - Cowsignals.  At the time it was a discussion around the corridors of whether there is a demand for such services in Kenya. SNV and its Dairy program have been working alot with Dutch expertise to improve the dairy sector at production and market and with a market led approach. Focus on quality is key but also with interventions on fodder to improve productivity. So this introduction at the time was to explore areas of synergy with their existing engagements. 

Proud to say the corridor discussion after three years has culminated in the development of CowSignals East Africa edition.  This is the 35th translation/adapted edition of the CowSignals book. The whole content has been revised and adapted to East Africa. Close to 100 illustrations have been changed with illustrations showing East African examples. 

As a network, we congratulate SNV, CowSignals, Performeter for this great step that will indeed take the Dairy sector in Kenya to the next level. This is indeed a true showcase of what we can achieve working together! The true power of networks

Eugene Ndwiga Hey Maureen, I want to raise funds for our SME which is venturing in agribusiness on this platform. How do I go about it?

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Wim Goris hi maureen, i just paged through this EAf edition. photography fit to context.

2 years 4 months ago