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Posted 27 July 2016 at 04:14

Agri BDS Network Strategic Planning Workshop - Envisioning the network's future

On Tuesday, 26th July 2016, the Agri BDS Network held its strategic planning workshop at Great Seasons Hotel, to gather members' ideas in setting the network's final strategic plan.

The workshop's objectives were to commonly understand the Network's roles (in providing sustainable agriculture business development services) while building consensus on the network's future directions.

During the workshop, participants explored and discussed together the progress in developing the overall strategic plan, through a series of mind mapping exercises on defining AgriBDS Networks Organizational development needs and on priorities in achieving the network's ultimate dream for the coming year, 3 years and ... 10 years.

Facilitated by Three Stones Consulting Ltd, the workshop evolved a framework of the network’s Strategic Plan 2016-2019 which is to be presented by the consulting firm soon.

When opening the workshop, Mr. Laurent ULIMUBENSHI, the president of the network, stressed that it is very imperative for all the Agri BDS members to own the process and ensure they give the right direction to the network.

“Ever since we’ve officially launched our network on the 1st of April 2016 (when statutes were approved), the network has been keen on stepping forward in taking this network further. In April, we had only roots, but in the coming future we want this network to reap fruits. We are here on the 26th July to contribute in shaping a bright future of this important network. We are here because we believe there are many benefits of working more in a network than individually.'' , Laurent said.

Addressing her closing speech of the workshop, Mrs Marthe Paauwe, SPARK Rwanda Country representative, underlined the importance of developing a strategic plan to achieve long term goals, and cautioned the network members that everyone should be ready to give a hand to the network through any activity.

''This is a very big step we made today. The key questions: What do we want? What are the opportunities? What can we do? have helped us in gathering very concrete inputs which will be added to the final version of the strategic plan. What we have to do (or our desired results) must be an answer of what is happening around the agribusiness sector. It is very important to see the network in terms of the benefits each & everyone is gaining, but most importantly it should also be regarded in terms of everyone's contributions to its smooth running and its promotion. Our objectives should be set in a manner which allows all of our different kinds of expertise to interconnect, hence helping us to achieve better goals.

The workshop closed at 4:30 p.m.


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