Fort Portal Farmer's Expo

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  14 September 2016 to 16 September 2016 - All Day Event
  Fort Portal, Uganda

Whereas majority of farmers in Uganda are deprived of access to agricultural information due to low levels of education, knowledge exchange through exposition is known to break education and literacy barriers for the most ordinary farmers. These information and communication barriers similarly cause a divide along the production, supply, marketing, financing and other major segments of agricultural value chains. 

The Fort Portal Farmers’ Exposition aspires to provide a level learning field and open Agri-business opportunities for Farmers, Consumers, Processors, Transporters, Exporters, Manufactures, Financiers, and other key players in the Agriculture Sector. 

The EXPO, is first of its kind in the region and is expected to be visited by over 10,000 visitors will; 

a) Gather in one place, farmers from all corners of the region and agro-input dealers and manufacturers from outside Fort-Portal. 

b) Give an opportunity for farmers to share knowledge, and for the public to be exposed to new information and technology. It is a good moment for farmers, the public and agro-input dealers to exchange business information. 

c) Treat visitors to good practice experience in different agricultural subsectors. Willing farmers are invited at their own cost to join a Learning journey at a home of a prominent farmer near Fort-Portal Town. There will be a bus available for only farmers that subscribe way in advance to take part in the Learning Journey. For any further information related to the Expo, please contact the organizers below. 

The Expo will cover the following themes; 

Production, Markets and Value Addition | Food and Nutrition | Environmental Sanitation | Energy and Farming | Waste Management | Climate Change | Organic Agriculture 

Who is eligible to attend? 

Crop and animal farmers-both practising and those intending to join the industry | The private sector | Civil Society fraternity | Students | Financial institutions | Academic institutions | Organized farmer groups | Animal and crop health practitioners. 

To Attend or Book Space, Please Contact: E: T: +256 773-266996 / 773-598191 / 772-452945